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Assess risk
personal - GemStone IV EAST HARBOR FESTIVAL 5010


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Mist harbor Eastern harbor Street festival 5110

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Page 10  | Page 11


I do not remember when I fell asleep the night before. I remember the storm - [OOC the game crashed] and then nothing. I do know that awoke I was face to face (well strictly speaking, toe to face) with a sleek brown mouse.

A sleek black mouse exclaims, "Come quick!"

A sleek black mouse says, "Trizlan's at the commons working on metal."

You softly ask, "Where?"

A sleek black mouse says, "Gardenia Commons."

It is difficult to remember a time that I ran faster... possibly when being hunted by a Sentry on Teras Isle. However within a moment I was within the Commons. The mouse has spoken the truth - not that I am in the habit of being lied to by mice. There in front of me was Trizlan. Unfortunately, there also were over thirty souls all gazing with love in their eyes for the Metalsmith. I took my sit next to Fleurs, who I was certain was the owner of the mouse and thanked her profusely.

Also here: Rlen, Giantphang, Daiyon, Great Lord Vanhadenthor, Desire, Baru, Fleurs, Brute, Great Lady Melisani, Faitedeiona, Haohmaru, Squire Legionnaire Laermeluion, Oscilla, Great Lord Bevo, Lord Zzentar who is sitting, Squire Legionnaire Taulramil, High Lord Stillson, Issirum, Lord Miaplacidas, Kynseiyn, Memoya, Acarin, Lady Kyaloria, Eugenides, Lady Lysistrata, High Lady Rohese, Rexious, Cappyn, High Lord Drung, Takeela, Lord Balantine, Soledat, High Lord Baelog, Mystra, Judahh, Temujin, Xorlith, Lord Strydyr, Fremie who is sitting, Gardeth, Metalsmith Trizlan.

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
~+~ Metalsmithing Services Available ~+~
I can make your metal objects weigh less, probably!
Or I can change how they appear at first glance (no showy details, though!)
I'm skilled with weapons, armor, shields, jewelry and small metallic knick knacks you may have found.

Luck was with me - after about no more than 20 minutes I was selected to experience to skill of the metalsmith.

Trizlan spins his mithril forging hammer.
The mithril forging hammer comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
Trizlan recovers the mithril forging hammer and says, "Congratulations Bremerial!"

I chose to have my secondary weapon lightened and Trizian accommodated this whim.

Fleurs whispers, "Glad you woke up in time."

You quietly whisper to Fleurs, "Me too."

Shortly after this Trizian retired for the evening and Fleurs whisked me off to where Evlissa was working but alas Evlissa was at the end of a long and arduous period of work and was leaving. As Fleurs drifted gently into a state of unconsciousness for the evening, I sat with her and dreamt about the events to come. I confess that I did little more for the day. I did however feel the need to go hunting and perhaps reacquaint myself with the forge. I vowed that I would do that the following week after two more days of involvement in the festival.

It seems to me that a lot of time was spent waiting.. waiting for events... waiting for merchants... waiting for the sake of waiting. This is not to say that the waiting itself was tedious when in the company of friends with whom I could converse and interact. Gradually all thoughts of hunting seemed to drain from me. I went out again to shop... to peer every item in every shop for the umpteenth time. I walked over to the library to look at the raffle taking place there for which I had already purchased a ticket and wondered if I could be lucky enough to win a raffle

The raffle is for "Irinail is raffling off a fully unlocked hat customizable by the winner for 2 lucky winners!".
The tickets sell for 15000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 1 hour and 55 minutes for 2 winners.

>l on table
On the raffle table you see some raffle tickets, a raffle ticket barrel, a warning sign, a silk-banded tawny leather hat and a crisp black leather hat.

The raffles with in fact won by Baelog and Desire. Having congratulated them, I transported to Teras Isle to offload some items, and then acquired my first ever bankbook from the Mist harbor bank, amazed to find I had money in banks in towns I had not visited for years.

RAGWUR AND AUCTIONS - 21st of Phoenatos

The 21st of Phoenatos was spent in relative quiet. I walked around the town a couple of times but soon realised that to sustain the level of activity, I needed rest. So rested for most of the morning. By the afternoon I continued my routine of checking for new raffles. I wandered into the Festival tent and found the first new raffle

>l ticket
The raffle is for "This raffle is for a Twinned Gladius and Falchion. Donated by a wealthy elven family, the Twinned Gladius and Falchion are held in a polished case of kakore. Bards working for the Merchant Council of Mist Harbor have stated that the pieces speak of a bond between an elf and a halfling during the time of the Great Undead Wars. The items are on the table for display.".
The tickets sell for 10000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 8 hours and 27 minutes for 1 winner.

I purchased a ticket. At last.. a prize worthy of a warrior! Fleurs grabbed me on the road and took me to where Whuid was working. She confirmed that he had been working for 7 hours continuously. I sat and waiting in anticipation of some work. Unfortunately Whuid was retiring for the evening.

You see Huckster Whuid.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He is tiny and appears to be very young. He has brooding crystal blue eyes and olive skin. He has cropped, unruly auburn hair. He has a weathered face and a pronounced jawline.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a broad-brimmed red felt hat, a crystal amulet, a rich purple woolen backpack, a sleeveless beaded leather tunic, a tasselled beadwork pouch, some royal purple wool trousers, and a pair of felt-lined shoes.

I waved goodbye to Whuid and then spent several hours wandering the town. The meandering ceased momentarily as a high-pitched voice announced, "Trizlan will be in Mist Harbor shortly, and plans to work with weaponry and armor!"

There then began a frantic search for Trizlan. I tried to grab Fleurs but that proved impossible. So I began to wander about looking for Trizlan, bumping into Sorrowon and Akoe who agreed to split forces in the search. There followed what can only be called one of the most bizarre games of cat and mouse I have ever played, with Trizzlan providing vague clues as to his location. He made a reference to a boat and Sorrowson, Akoe and I rowed to the middle of the East Harbor, only to find that he was in the Western harbor. We pedaled back frantically and obtained directions to a place called Silken Mist. Unfortunately many others had found it before us. I turned to my companions and muttered that if we were to be attended to in room order then we were not likely to get work. (I phrased it slightly stronger than this.)

[Silken Mist, Map Room]
A huge map of the ocean has been pinned to one wall, and while most of it makes sense, there is a considerable amount of undecipherable numbers and symbols scribbled upon it as well. You also see the Brute disk, the Riend disk, the Galenblackbard disk, the Daiyon disk and a large and colorful sign.
Also here: Brute, Skewerit, Faiyth, Fidessa, Lord Giogionni, Sevastien, Tameri, Koikai, Great Lady Rendena, Jodia, Attalia who is sitting, Vender, Desire, Judahh, Principessa, Rexious, Alnwick, Atreau, Jaehson, Lady Demianna, Kynseiyn, Lissanne, Tayte, Cimmorina, Fleurs, Beldin, Darqwolf, Lady Orpius, Ariyanaa, Ruines, Zoler who is sitting, Katry, Lord Chivalrous, Krystala, Riend, Fremie who is sitting, Colynn, Galenblackbard who is sitting, Vrairdrick, Great Lady Starcrye, Mikoguchi, Laekln, Daegandal, Djinn, Daiyon, Kilthal, Magister Raelee, Halimeda, Taebaek, Metalsmith Trizlan

To my utter amazement, Trizlan confirmed that he would assist us all with our work! Within a relatively short time I received a lightened antique military flail. After my group had received their work, we went back to the East Harbor, via the bank, and purchased a ticket for another couple of raffles.

>l ticket
The raffle is for "A set of "trick" dice.".
The tickets sell for 1000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 24 hours and 33 minutes for 3 winners.

>l ticket
The raffle is for "Winner will receive the third of five lockpick sashes with a set of lockpicks inside. Current set: a gold-edged green silk sash containing an emerald-green veniom lockpick etched with vines, a twig-brown golvern lockpick capped with a malachite leaf, and a gnarled rolaren lockpick with carved jade leaves protruding.".
The tickets sell for 3000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 19 hours and 51 minutes for 1 winner.

Satisfied with ourselves we wandered around the harbor again, taking in the views and searching for any activity that might suggest alterers on the prowl. A sleek red-tailed hawk asked, "Anything going on?" We confirmed that there were two new raffles and the hawk flew off. We then sat in what - for some reason - has become our chosen room of rest - Nutters and Cutters. Great Lady Rendena, Fleurs, High Lady Akoe, Cimmorina and I were in the middle of discussion the merits of attending the upcoming auction when we heard the following:

A loud, hoarse voice shouts, "Rawgur will be selecting ten people to have their shields become more interesting. Rawgur is inside Island Arms on Crane Lane. Hurry, he will pick the first five that show up and let his forging-hammer select the others!"

We rushed to the place specified but could not find it immediately. By the time we arrived it was clear that there were more than five people in place and that our selection would be at the whim of Rawgur's forging hammer. What occurred next can only be described as comical.

Rawgur says, "I will be selecting the other five in just a moment.

You whisper, "- I don't own a shield but take me along - if I get picked I get work for one of ye." to your group.

Fleurs whispers to the group, "Well I don't have any shields to be worked on."

Akoe whispers to the group, "My shield is in the Landing and I don't even use it. I really should get my buckler though.."

Rendena removes an ornate spiked steel shield from in her velveteen cloak.

Akoe whispers to the group, "I wonder if he let's people run to their lockers.."

Fleurs whispers to the group, "Probably if you get picked."

You whisper, "Anyone of our group need work doing - in case I get picked? Otherwise I just pass." to your group.

Akoe's player whispers to the group, "Nope, I'd have to run to my locker.

Rawgur says, "Okay, let me show you what I am doing, then I will let my forging-hammer pick the rest."

You whisper, "Then ye need to have what ye need and the item ready in case I am selected - just hand me the item and tell me what set ye want." to your group.

Rawgur exclaims, "Here goes!"

Rawgur spins his golvern forging-hammer.
The golvern forging-hammer comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
Rawgur recovers the golvern forging-hammer and says, "Congratulations Bremerial!"

You whisper, "Ok someone pass me a shield." to your group.

You accept Fleurs's offer and are now holding a golvern-bound silvery rolaren battle shield.

{Others picked before get their work done.}

You quietly whisper to Rendena, "If Fleur's shield can't be done for any reason get yours ready - what set of zests would you like if it can't be done?

Rendena whispers, "2nd

Rawgur points at you!

{I pass over Fleur's shield}
Rawgur has accepted your offer and is now holding a golvern-bound silvery rolaren battle shield.

Rawgur whispers, "This is already scripted."

You accept Rendena's offer and are now holding a simply carved glowbark shield.

{I pass over Rendena's shield}
Rawgur whispers, "This too is already scripted."

Fleurs asks, "Do you have yours?"
Fleurs smiles at Akoe.
{No response}
Speaking to you, Rawgur asks, "Do you wish to let me spin for a replacement then?"

You softly say, "Oh now - have another."

You accept Rendena's offer and are now holding an ornate spiked steel shield.

{I pass over Rendena's shield}
Rawgur says, "This shield is sort of, well, worthless."

Rendena softly says, "Spin for another."

Rawgur asks, "You sure?"

Rawgur says, "You can go find one, if you need to."

Speaking to you, Rawgur asks, "Going to find another or am I spinning?"

You softly ask, "Would ye wait for me to get another?"

Rawgur nods.

Rawgur says, "Go get it."

You softly say, "Ok then."

Now the question was what was I going to do? I did not own a shield. I rose walked out of the room, teleporting to Teras Isle. I rushed to the bank and withdraw 100K and then walked to the pawnshop. Looking on the table I saw the following:

On the armor table you see an old mithril buckler, a shield, some gold-lined white cotton robes, a vultite aventail, a polished ora shield, some scratched glaes leg greaves, a thick imflass aventail, an ornate mithril shield, an etched vultite helm, some tooled reinforced leather, an invar greathelm, an imflass helm, a scratched ora buckler, a vaalorn aegis, some old vultite arm greaves, an etched ora aegis, some fringed green silk robes, some thick imflass leg greaves, some flowing orange velvet robes and some gleaming vultite leg greaves.

I tried to buy the buckler but was too heavy to take it. I wondered why and then realised I had withdraw 100K in silvers. I dashed back to the bank, depositing my cash and withdrawing a note. I withdrew a note and bought the buckler. I attempted to transport back to Mist harbor.

>turn cameo
Your onyx banded cameo feels cold and lifeless. Perhaps it needs a few minutes to recover.

I screamed and tapped my foot impatiently. I tried again. Still no transportation back.! I waited and waited, having images of ragwur cursing my name and other taking bets on whether I would arrive back in time. Then suddenly I turned it and it worked. I rushed back but could not find the room immediately. More delays. GAH! Amazingly, more by luck than judgment, I found the correct room!

You softly say, "Sorry about that."

Rawgur nods to you.

{I gave Rawgur the buckler and he worked with it.}

You accept Rawgur's offer and are now holding an old mithril buckler.

Rawgur says, "There you are."

You softly say, "My thanks Rawgur."

We moved out to our now normal resting place and I tested the buckler whilst recounting the tale of my trials and tribulations and tribulations. The time ticked on... until the hour of the talked about auctions.

A crier rushes past, his voice loud and clear as he delivers his message. "Lady Ilsola will be starting the Auction in just a few seconds. If you are going, you better get there!" Continuing on, the crier repeats his message further away.


[Festival Gathering, Entry]
Patterned with blue, red, and purple tropical flowers, the oilcloth tent is fashioned of bright green and supported by a frame of polished bamboo poles. Chairs and cushions line the edges of the spacious structure amid a pair of wooden arches leading into other rooms. You also see a sturdy hardwood table with some stuff on it, a raffle table with some stuff on it and a large wooden sign.
Also here: Ganolen, Lord Queleri, Eilithyia, Gavret, Naitalya, Vikks, Telsas, Kilthal, High Lord Stillson, Ravinold, Kynseiyn, Memoya who is sitting, Deitas, Wallbeard, Lady Deuter, Jodia, Berylla, Attalia who is sitting, High Lady Phever, Lissanne, Great Lord Koops, Karibeth, Lord Strydyr, Ruineye, Emislity, Taebaek, Kretan, Lady Karly, Lady Ilsola, Lord Farliegh who is sitting, Lady Maharah, Kizalia, Jeril, Galenblackbard, Kasia, Nilandia, Atreau, Lady Orpius, Darqwolf, Trahorn, Nordaak, Kragdruk, Aneris, Beldin, Trissah, Irinn, Sacru, Livn, Dunathen, Zoler, Katry, Nindon, Rhaegal, Ascaris, Jymamon who is sitting, Ausek, High Lady Akoe, Fleurs, Khystra, Lady Arwen, Ardwen, Halimeda, Magister Raelee, Sir Aydan, Vender, Ariyanaa, Trallihn, Mikoguchi, Desire, Laphrael, Vrairdrick, Riend, Fremie, Giantphang, Corlyne, Corlith, Great Lady Ganelle, Lady Kyaloria, Great Lord Taverynn, Stinkypaw, Eleanore, Ravashaak, Maeriel, Notable, Chump, Lucos
Obvious exits: out

Lady Ilsola just arrived.

Ilsola waves.

Ilsola recites: "If I could have your attention."

Ilsola recites:
"If you have a bird, silence it
If you have a lizard, put it to sleep.
If you have a fishbowl, close it
This goes for your crickets, too."

Ilsola recites: "If your body is beleagued by tattoos that wander, tell them to stay in your underwear."

Ilsola recites: "If there is some creature in your pouch or bag, then it must also be silenced."

Ilsola recites: "As cute as the puppets are, I will burn them if they speak out of turn. Keep that in mind."

Ilsola recites: "If you have a crate, nail it to the ground."

Ilsola recites: "If you have a music stand, tell the poor puppy to go take a nap"

lsola recites: "Spirit servants should be released"

Ilsola recites: "Familiars should be partying somewhere else"

Ilsola recites: "If you are lyrical, Stop it or I'll bury you alive in a box"

Ilsola says, "This room is a safe haven."

Ilsola says, "If you have questions, please reserve them for the particular item you have questions for."

Ilsola recites:

"I want this to be fun, not foul.
If you can't play nice, then I will scowl.
Be kind, be playful and carefree.
If you can't then the jail walls you'll see.
If you have not the coin on your body
Then fret not, I don't think your shoddy.
As long as its in your account,
And you, of course, have the proper amount,
Then a crier will be sent for the funds,
{cough} {cough}..."

Ilsola just couldn't recite that much in one breath.
Ilsola stares off into space.

Ilsola recites: "But keep in mind, there are no REFUNDS"

Ilsola says, "Not one of my better ones....But it will do for on the fly."

Ilsola grins.

Ilsola recites: "Lastly, and please pay attention, these are locker items and I've no idea what is in them.... It could be dust for all I know. There are no guarantees that is of any value. For your convenience, we've provided a sign."

Ilsola recites: "Once you've bid on the box, and you pay for it, I will hand you both the box and a key"

Ilsola recites: "Last item for bid will be the Villa, I will open questions up about it before it goes up. I will check three times to ensure no one has questions"

Ilsola recites: "Bid with your own coin. I don't want to hear that Aunt Gertie in the Landing has the coins and you'll be right back. If I can't send a crier NOW to collect the coins, then you can't have it."

Ilsola recites: "You may only win one item in this raffle. One. That is it. If your cousin comes in and says, "But I didn't know" then the item will go back up for bid."

Ilsola recites: "I meant auction"

Ilsola recites: "Remember, too, you MUST stay Premium to keep your home. It does not leave the Mist Harbor area."

Ilsola recites: "Yes, this is a deed property."

Ilsola recites: "I'm going to be ooc for this one sentence, so let me get it out and then we can have fun, If you own a property it is account wide. Don't try to sneak in."

Ilsola recites: "Now for some fun!"

Ilsola recites: "Okay, so I have to be ooc again, your Soul (the guy that pays the bills), can only own one house"

Ilsola says, "There. Done. Now for fun."


Ilsola recites: "The first box we have for auction belonged to someone named Coco Welter'jell"

> Ilsola recites: "It is locker number 9313"

Ilsola recites: "I will open the bid for ..."

Ilsola recites: "100,000 silvers"

Taebaek huskily exclaims, "100k!"
Vender asks, "1 million silvers!?"
Giantphang exclaims, "90,000 silver!"
Laphrael says, "1.5 million."
Kragdruk says, "2 million silvers."
Ascaris says, "3 million."
You softly say, "5 million."
Fleurs gawks at you.
Ilsola says, "You guys crack me up...."
Livn says, "Five million and sixty seven silver."
Ascaris says, "6 million."

Ilsola recites: "Six Million to Ascaris..."

Livn says, "Six and a half million."
Kragdruk says, "7 million silvers."
Vrairdrick says, "10M."
Ilsola recites: "Ten million to Vrairdrick"

Ilsola recites: "Ten million to Vrairdrick, twice"

You softly say, "11 million."
Fleurs pokes you in the ribs

Ilsola recites: "11 million to Bremeriel, once"

Ilsola recites: "11 million to Bremeriel, twice"

Ilsola recites: "11 million to Bremeriel, thrice and sold!"

11000000 silvers have been added to your Kharam Dzu bank account. New balance: {nobody's business}.

You accept Ilsola's offer and are now holding a heavy steel locker box labeled with a copper plaque.
>weigh my box
You carefully examine the locker box and determine that the weight is about 160 pounds.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Ilsola says, "It IS a steel box."

You accept Ilsola's offer and are now holding a steel locker key etched with numbers.

Ilsola nods to you.

Ilsola says, "You are welcome."


Ilsola says, "Next up we have the lockerbox owned by Gelid Elkring, number 392."

Ilsola recites: "Opening bid is 100,000 silvers"

Vender exclaims, "1.5 million silvers!"
Kragdruk says, "5 million silvers."
Jymamon says, "8 million silvers."
Kragdruk says, "12 million silvers."

Ilsola recites: "Thirteen Million to Giantphang, once"

Kragdruk says, "14 million silvers."
Giantphang says, "Fifteen."

Ilsola recites: "15 million to Giantphang, once"

Jymamon says, "17 million silvers."

Ilsola recites: "17 million silvers to Jymamon, once"

Giantphang says, "20."
Ilsola says, "20 million to Giantphang, once."

Ilsola says, "20 million to Giantphang, twice."

Ilsola exclaims, "20 million to Giantphang, thrice and sold!"

Giantphang says, "Me will opening it."

Giantphang says, "Hope is full of claidhmores and warfly armor."

Giantphang accepts Ilsola's locker box.
Giantphang gawks at a heavy steel locker box labeled with a copper plaque.
Giantphang accepts Ilsola's locker key.
You hear a click as Giantphang unlocks a heavy steel locker box labeled with a copper plaque.

Giantphang removes a coiled braided blonde bracelet from in his locker box.

Giantphang says, "A tunic."

Giantphang removes a faded blood-stained tunic from in his locker box.

Giantphang removes a narrow oiled leather sheath embossed with shells from in his locker box.

Giantphang says, "It gots a sheath."

Ilsola asks, "A bloody tunic?"

Giantphang says, "Inside sheath is dagger."

Giantphang removes a silver filigree signet ring from in his locker box.

Giantphang slides a silver filigree signet ring onto his finger.

Giantphang says, "Also gots a diary page."

Giantphang removes a torn white diary page from in his locker box.

Ilsola ponders.

Giantphang recites: "She'll be alone tonight and maybe I can convince her to give me the map. I don't know, the fever clearly has me, but I just need to find the treasure. Why must she taunt me with hints of it?! I have been good to her, done all she's asked, but she holds the map over me like a lord holding a prized title. Tonight, I will approach her and plead my case. Surely she will understand!"

Ilsola says, "So... bloody shirt...."

Ilsola says, "Diary page...."

Ilsola says, "Knife..."

Ilsola asks, "And a ring?"

Ilsola asks, "Of hair?"

Ilsola says, "We have a no ask, no tell policy."


Ilsola recites: "The next box up for auction...."

Ilsola recites: "Belonged to one Florae Trigsol and is number 7636"

Ilsola recites: "Opening bid is 100,000 silvers"

Trallihn exclaims, "I'll go 1.27 million!"
Jymamon says, "5 million silvers."
Livn says, "Six."
Riend melodically says, "Seven million."
Ascaris says, "8mil."
Jymamon says, "10 million silvers."
Riend melodically says, "Eleven million..."

Ilsola recites: "11 million to Riend, Once"

Jymamon says, "15 million silvers."

Ilsola recites: "15 million to Jymamon, once"

Ilsola recites: "15.5 million to Riend, once"

Ilsola recites: "15.5 million to Riend, twice"

Ilsola recites: "16 million to Jymamon, once"

Riend melodically says, "Sixteen and a half million."
Jymamon says, "20 million silvers."
Ilsola recites: "10 million to Jyamon, once"

Ilsola recites: "20 million to Jymamon, twice"

Ilsola recites: "20 million to Jymamon, thrice and sold!"

Ilsola removes a steel locker key etched with numbers from in her oiled leather bag.
Ilsola offers Jymamon a steel locker key etched with numbers.
Jymamon says, "164 for those who are curious."
Jymamon declines to open his box... just yet


Ilsola recites: "The next box up for auction is.... Caravel Leifs"

Ilsola recites: "Box number 5236"

Ilsola recites: "Opening bid is 100,000."

Vender exclaims, "1.5 million silvers!"
Berylla says, "2 million."
Faulkil says, "Bid three million."
Aneris says, "10 million."
Lucos quietly says, "Fifteen million silvers."

Ilsola recites: "15 million to Lucos, once."

Ilsola recites: "15 million to Lucos, twice"

Aneris exclaims, "16 million!"
Lucos quietly says, "18 million."

Ilsola recites: "18 million to Lucos, once"

Ilsola recites: "18 million to Lucos, twice"

Ilsola recites: "18 million to Lucos, thrice and sold"

Lucos accepts Ilsola's locker box.


Ilsola recites: "The next box is..."

Ilsola recites: "Tram Boudoirs, box number 0351"

Ilsola recites: "Opening bid of 100,000, which has already been outbid to 16 million"

Ardwen says, "20 million."

Ilsola recites: "20 million to Ardwen, once"

Ilsola recites: "20 million to Ardwen, twice"

Ilsola recites: "20 million to Ardwen, thrice and sold"

Ilsola offers Ardwen a heavy steel locker box labeled with a copper plaque.
Ilsola offers Ardwen a steel locker key etched with numbers.


Ilsola says, "Last box up.."

Ilsola recites: "We have Madres Henthe"

Aneris exclaims, "1 million!"
Emislity says, "Two million."
Vrairdrick says, "15M."
Ilsola recites: "Box number 1919"

Ilsola recites: "Opening bid 100,000 silvers"

Ruineye says, "Twenty-five million."
Beldin says, "30."

Ilsola recites: "30 million to Beldin, once"

Ruineye says, "Thirty-five million."

Ilsola recites: "35 million to Ruineye, once"

Ilsola recites: "35 million to Ruineye, twice"

Beldin says, "40."

Ilsola recites: "40 million to Beldin, thrice"

Beldin accepts Ilsola's locker box.
Beldin accepts Ilsola's locker key.

A well-dressed elven crier enters and declares, "Lord Grishom Stone will be offering his services in the garden on his island, off of Eastern Harbor. Men must bring money, women need only their smiles."

{At this point some of the spectators leave to see Grishom.}


Ilsola recites: "Last up. Coral Villa...."

Ilsola recites: "Ask your questions now."

Ilsola recites: "No questions?"

{{a few questions are asked and answered.}}

Ilsola recites: "The Villa has a public dock and a public front yard. The front yard is where the rent box is"

Ilsola recites: "You have a private living room, a private kitchen, a private master bedroom, a private guest room, a private garden, and a private beach with access to a swimming cove"

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you say, "Can keys/access be given to specified friends."

Speaking to you, Ilsola says, "Yes."

Arwen asks, "How many keys?"

Ilsola says, "I can give seven keys now."

Ilsola recites: "Last chance for questions"

Ilsola recites: "I'm going to open the bid at 10 million silvers."

Vrairdrick exclaims, "Oh, just for fun 20m!"
You softly say, "30 mil."
Vrairdrick says, "40M."

Ausek glances at you.

Spenster says, "50m."
Giantphang snickers at you!
Ilsola says, "Uhm, guys, you bought something."
You softly say, "Oh darn."
Ilsola says, "One second."
Ilsola says, "Bid is at 20 million, Vrairdrick."
Spenster says, "25m."
Vrairdrick says, "40M."

Speaking to you, Ilsola says, "Was pretty clear, I'm sorry."

Livn says, "FIfty five million."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you say, "Not a problem - my mistake so not to worry."

Spenster says, "I'll go 60m."
Ilsola recites: "60 million to Spenster, once"
Arwen says, "65 million."
Spenster says, "70."

Ilsola recites: "70 million to Spenster, once."

Ilsola recites: "70 million to Spenster, twice"

Koops says, "100m."
You softly say, "Koops scoops and he swoops."

Ilsola recites: "100 million to Koops, once"

Spenster says, "105m."

Ilsola recites: "105 million to Spenster, once"

Koops says, "150m."

Ilsola recites: "150 million to Koops, once"

Ilsola recites: "150 million to Koops, twice"

Ilsola recites: "150 million to Koops, thrice and sold"

Koops says, "I declare Coral Island will now be known as Death Island, and trespassers will be killed."
Ilsola nods to Koops.

Ilsola says, "And that concludes tonights auction."

Ilsola recites: "I thank you all for taking your time."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you say, "Well officiated and thoroughly enjoyable."

Ilsola says, "Thank you."

Ilsola says, "If you will excuse me, I will be traveling with Koops for a brief tour of his new property."

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