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personal - Italy Tour - 2009

In 2009 myself and my best friend from school decided to visit Italy on a Shearings coach trip.

Graphic of a sunset beach

Now you would have thought I would have learned my lesson. The last time I booked a holiday with Shearings, the dates were changed twice and we ended up going on a different holiday to the one intended. But surely this could not happen again! Oh foolish me!!

Having paid for a holiday to commence on 28th July 2009, we received a '...we regret to advise you that due to low bookings...' letter canceling our holiday and offering us the same itinerary but on 11th August. Not wanting to miss out on our holiday, the new date was accepted.

The chosen holiday was advertised as follows:

Unlike other records I have made of my holidays abroad, this one will be more of a pictography than a written report. I used my nifty sony DSLR camera for the first time, taking over 400 pictures. I have selected a few pictures from each day that I really like.

TOUR DATES: 28th July 2009 to 04th August 2009 |  11th August 2009 to 18th August 2009


TOUR NAME: Rome and Sorrento Twin Centre


Itinerary for Day 1 according to the brochure.

picture of my suitcase

Day 1: UK to Rome

Fly to Italy's capital and a transfer to the 3* Hotel Torre Rossa Park (or similar) on the city's outskirts for dinner and a chance to meet fellow travellers.

Day One

Jabeen and I had made the decision the night before to stay at a hotel near Heathrow. Given our early morning flight the next day it was a wise decision. We arrived at the airport at 06:30, checked in using the somewhat complicated - or so it seemed - British Airways automated check in service. Then we sat and waited in the departure lounge for our plane. I got frisked going through security. Damn that metal belt!

Picture of me in the Forum in Rome

The plane ride was slightly bumpy to say the least. How I hate turbulence. However we met a young Italian girl - with an American accent - called Enrica, with whom I practiced my Italian. She even provided us with her telephone number in case we had any problems in Rome. Very kind of her.

We arrived at Rome's Fumicino airport and waited an age for our luggage. Enrica was kind enough to wait with us. We were met by a Shearings representative - called Marco - and taken with one of our fellow travellers, Nigel, to the hotel Torre Rossa Park, about 20 minutes away. The vehicle was baking hot alas.

The hotel itself was quite nice. We were taken to our rooms, unpacked, showered and then toured the grounds of the hotel. After sitting and chatting for a while outside, we got changed for our evening meal. We met Kim, Mark, Poppy and Shannon at the meal and I introduced myself to Janice and Doreen


British Airways Plane to Rome    Hotel in Rome   

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