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personal - Italy Tour - 2009

Itinerary for Day 5 according to the brochure.

picture of my suitcase

Day 5: Sorrento

A free day to relax and do as you please in your resort base before the evening's entertainment of Neapolitan music. An optional excursion is offered to the beautiful island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples.

Personal Commentary

Day Eight

An early start this morning for a boat ride to Capri. The boat trip was uneventful and not everyone took it. Some people opted to save their money and hang around Sorrento or alternatively to visit other areas of Italy. 

I had already visited Capri in the past so knew what to expect. I have to admit that the sights were amazing. I wasn't particularly interested in hearing about the marvels of Gracie Fields who lived on the Island, but the antics of the Emperor Tiberius was very interesting. We walked about in the heat for what seemed an eternity, being left to our own devices for a while after the long long long walking tour. Jabeen and I decided to take the chair lift to the top of the Island. I forgot how beautiful the view was here. Definitely worth the revisit.

After the chair-lift we took a boat trip around the island with other members of the group and then desperately searched for somewhere to sit in the heat, whilst waiting for the boat trip back. In the evening, we went and saw a show called the: "Tarantello Show". It was.... interesting shall we say. And no, I don't mean that!

I did read some bumpf about this show after the event and it made a little more sense to me after that:
"The fabulous neapolitan show, an incredible journey through the ages from 1558 until today. The performance revolves around the most important stories of Sorrento and the Kingdom of Naples in the last 500 years."


Capri    Capri    Capri    Capri
Capri    Capri    Capri    Tarantello Show in Sorrento
Tarantello Show in Sorrento    Capri    Capri    Capri
Capri    Capri    Capri    Capri

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