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awardprogram articles

We have produced a number of articles of interest to award givers and award seekers alike. We also accept articles for publication. Any article used will be credited to the author.

Award Sites Published Author     Website Awards Published Author - website now closed

(link)  Sorry I only speak one language!

(link)  Statistics and status pages

(link)  Award organisations

(link)  A mother's pride and joy

(link)  Five reasons not to give an award

(link)  Self Tests: Useful or useless?

(link)  Help us to help you

(link)  Mother's little horror

(link)  Is there merit in a merit award?

Ask The Experts

The purpose of Website Awards' "ASK THE EXPERTS" was to provide timely answers to common questions about awards and running award programs. Below is a list of 'our' responses to some of those questions.

Our Responses To Ask The Experts

(link)  Why do some award programs get more applications than others?

(link)  How can I make people read the criteria for my awards?

(link)  What can I do to entice top webmasters to apply for my award?

(link)  What is the first thing you look for when you visit an applicant's site?

(link)  How long and detailed should the criteria for an award be?

(link)  Are status pages helpful and what details should they include?

(link)  What is the optimum size and weight for an award graphic?

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