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This page has been altered time after time as I begin training and then cease that training. I have been running half marathons for a while now, with limited success. The trouble is that I just do not have the dedication to do all the training needed. I find excuses not to run and use those excuses to explain poor performance. To add insult to injury,  I was injured one week before a half marathon in 2008, having actually undertaken some decent training. That was it! I had decided to give up running altogether, but having seen my weight increase from 10 stone 7 to nearly 12 stone over a three year period of total inactivity I decided to give it one last try!! My goal is to run a half marathon in under 2 hours.

picture of a random pair of trainers

I work about 7 hours 30 minutes per day as a minimum, Monday to Friday so my training will have to fit in with this. I do not drink alcohol or smoke but have a poor diet, taking every opportunity to snack on crisps and sweets. Breaking this habit is going to to be one heck of a challenge in itself.  My hope is:

Bear in mind this is not the log of a super professional Olympic athlete but that of a late 40 something, slightly overweight woman who will record her trials and tribulations as honestly as possible. I'll record successes and failures. Prepare for a laugh, and hopefully cause for a cheer! Details of previous training undertaken has been documented by me.


I am 5 foot 6 1/2 inches and weigh 11 stone 13 pounds, which puts me into the obese category. That is my starting point. I have purchased a crosstrainer which is currently taking up space in my bedroom and being used as a clothes hanger. I have an expensive gym membership which I have not not utilised. Additionally I became a member of an athletics club and have not attended that club once. I can no longer - I suspect - run 6 miles in 1 hour, ... possibly I can manage it in  80 minutes, with some puffing and panting, stopping and starting.  I think I have  recovered from an undiagnosed pain on the right hand side of my left foot which was so debilitating that I was hobbling for a while. (Time and some considerable pounding will confirm whether my foot has totally recovered.) Depending on what body mass index calculator you use, I am overweight. However I am working on how 'I' feel and at the moment I do not feel comfortable. I believe that reducing calorie intake can help to lose weight, as long as sensible eating prevails. Therein lies a problem. I love my food. Eating sensibly is going to be hard. I will try to cut down on sweets and crisps thought and, social event withstanding, I will try to avoid eating after 7pm each evening.


I will be running in a pair of Reebox Premier Ultra running shoes, with a transitional bridge and dmx foam sole for shock absorbency. Looking at soles it is clear that I run on the outside of my feet. That may be contributing to the foot problems being experienced.

Picture of the bottoms of my trainers

I will be wearing cotton tee-shirts and trackie bottoms for any running undertaken outside. However the trackie bottoms will be replaced with loose fitting shorts for gym work. I will carry a water bottle for all training. I will run with a stop watch to time runs.


Most of the training will consist of running in the morning, which is crucial. However this will be supplemented with some work in the gym and some combat aerobic classes which are high intensity. Road running worries me a little as I tend to run on paving. This is high impact which is risky and probably is the reason for past injuries. However I hate running on grass or up dirt tracks as I am paranoid about twisting my ankle. There are three routes I am most familiar with and will combine those routes to create varied flat, hill and speed running. Variety is the operative word here! In addition I have purchased a cross trainer to add some light training. And I also have a Davina Macall DVD which I can use on occasion. The only additional training will involve occasional walking up and down stairs as additional aerobic exercise. As part of my training regime I do not intend to log food intake, BUT will keep calories down to below 1500 per day and try to keep my meals balanced. I know that cutting out snacks and sweets is going to be impossible to begin with so I will simply moderate what I eat and when I eat it. This to me is a practical approach.


My progress and  personal comments will also be recorded in a weekly comments about training.

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