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personal - binhead blog

Welcome to the Binhead blog. The title seems apt. Whatever rubbish is in my head will appear in this blog. And what exactly is a blog? Well it's basically a journal that is available on the web.

picture of skip on a head - the binhead blog logo

The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." So this is the blog of a blogging binhead to speak! Postings are arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominently. Get it? Got it? Good!

One word of warning: The content may be graphic intensive so loading times for the blog may buck my usual trend of speed speed speed.


Wendy Sears's Facebook profile

26 May 2008 17:25


I have made a decision to use facebook as my online blogger instead of using the pages of this site. There are a number of reasons for this decision. The first is that it is much quicker to upload information to that site. The second is that the site has a greater degree of interactivity allowing others to comment on entries with greater ease. The third is that I simply have not had the time to update the onsite blog. Hopefully this will prove a useful method of communication. Welcome to the 21st century at long last. It's been a long time coming! The blog address for

02 March 2008 07:14

Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish my mother a happy mother's day. She's already been up for an hour preparing a meal. She works damn hard and I don't think she realises just how much she is appreciated. Love you mum!
picture of a mothers day card

01 March 2008 16:37

St David's Day

Happy St David's Day.
picture of a daffodil

26th February 2008 07:00


I was woken at 1am this morning by a rumbling which sounded like a truck going past the house. It was an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3. The tremor lasted about 10 seconds only. I opened my window to see if anyone else was out but didn't see anyone. Actually my parents slept though it.

18th February 2008 17:05

Ill again

Got a stupid stinking cold AGAIN!

10th February 2008 08:27

Old Sites

I remember creating two sites yonks ago for two of my colleagues. It's been some time since I visited these sites. They are very basic and were created using Frontpage and some free resources. They seem very dated and as rough as sandpaper but what a blast from my past! If you want to see the sites you can click on the links. No laughing please.

John Burdett website

pauline allen  website

21st January 2008 18:01

Half marathon training

Well my training isn't going too badly. I just can't muster sufficient speed to get below the 9 minute mile pace. So I have to try some speed work I the gym or on my estate. I want that good time! I want it I tell ye!

16th January 2008 18:00


I've just been introduced to Facebook. Looks interesting. The only negative is that it does encourage people to put a little too much personal information within its pages. Will have a play around with it and see if I can use it.

picture of facebook interface

3rd January 2008 11:40

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all. I hope to keep this blog going a bit better than I did last year. However, I can't promise anything.

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