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personal - binhead blog

Archive Blog 2005

25th December  2005, 07:03

Merry Christmas

I feel particularly lazy. As always my parents are doing all the work for Christmas. I should be helping but I suspect I'd just get in the way. Perhaps that's just an excuse to justify my indolence on this day.
picture of a snowman picture of Rudolph picture of a snowman

20th December  2005, 06:24

Best Christmas Songs

This is for me beyond doubt the best Christmas Song ever. I am not talking about Christmas carols, but POPular songs that made the charts - and continue to so do - at Christmas. The best of the rest for me are as follows:

My list of 'worst' songs is actually not that long.

19th December  2005, 20:03

Christmas Cards

I sent an email through to the BBC about Christmas cards. They not only read it out but posted it on their site. link to BBC site In case the link is removed in future, this is 'wot I wote'!

This year I have received 18 emails saying "I am not sending a card this year. I am donating the money to charity." A rough translation is: " I am too lazy to write out over 40 cards this year. " Sending cards and donating to charity are not mutually exclusive folks. There is something wonderful about getting a personal Christmas Card.

I'm a saddo really for writing in the first place and for being so excited that they read it out! get a life Wendy!
picture of my doodles

14th December  2005, 19:40


I wonder what a psychologist would say about these doodles. They were made during a team meeting that was actually quite interesting and to which I contributed. Mood was happy...Ummm. Answers on a postcard!

picture of my doodles

10th December  2005, 09:31

Five singers that make me cringe

09th December  2005, 21:40

World Cup Draw


Trinidad & Tobago

We should get through to the next round with Sweden in theory. I'd love to get tickets for at least one England match....but maybe not. Perhaps I'll save for tickets for the Olympics in the UK instead!

4th December  2005, 08:57

Peter Crouch scores; Carol Thatcher impresses

If you don't follow soccer - ahem, I mean football - then Peter Crouch scoring will mean nothing to you. I've just watched Match of the Day on BBC and was almost ecstatic watching him score twice for Liverpool FC after an enormous goal drought! Well done lad! Never say die! Never surrender! Great attitude you have!

Again if you do not watch 'Get me out of here, I'm a celebrity' then you won't know about Carol Thatcher's antics. I confess that I dislike the Tory Twits with a passion, mainly because of her mother. However I am VERY impressed with Carol Thatcher, who has been prepared to muck in, be part of the group and has shown a fortitude and vulnerability that I have found endearing. It's reminded me that all people are individuals and should not be tainted by association... I'll try to remember that EVEN in relation to the Tory Twits. C'mon Carol! Hope you get through to the last Three!!!!

3rd December  2005, 23:11

Do you Robert, take you Richard....

From Monday, same sex couples will be able to go through a civil ceremony - not dissimilar to a marriage - under the Civil Partnership Act 2004 (CPA). This will at last afford them much the same rights as a married couple, especially when it comes to inheritance. I have no doubt that this will lead to heterosexual couples moaning that they should have similar rights. To the moaners I say " You do have such rights. It's called Marriage! Duh!" It's about time the rights of those in same sex relationships were more secured. Even better, it's good to see a civil - if not yet religious - process that allows two people to publically commit to one another.

Same sex civil ceremonies now legal

2nd December  2005, 17:21

Woman gets new face

A woman in France whose face was badly mauled by a dog has had reconstructive surgery using parts from a donor's face. In effect she has partially been given a face transplant. It's amazing where technology is taking us.

1st December  2005, 07:20

World Aids Day

Today is world aids day. More generic drugs for and education on Aids please!

World Aids Day

1st December  2005, 07:07

Anthony Walker - Justice

The two racist thugs found guilty of the murder of Anthony Walker, will be sentenced today. They should both get life imprisonment and rightly so! I have never been an advocate for capital punishment but I hope in their cases life means at least 30 years behind bars!

The dignity of Anthony's mother shone through for the world to see. She stated that she forgave the killers. I suppose that is perhaps the mark of a true christian...
addendum:They have been given 40 years for their crimes. Read more on the BBC Website

28th November  2005, 20:02

It's cold!

Boring to talk about the weather I know, but it's freezing. Sub zero temperatures. What amazes me is that there are so many people moaning about getting stuck in their cars after making journeys in areas where heavy snow has been forecast. If that's not bad enough, they never seem to take responsibility for their own actions. It's always the fault of the weather people, or the councils and their lack of gritters...To these people I have one thing to ask. "Are you thick or what you morons! to the weather forecast! And for goodness sake TAKE RESPONSIBILITY when you screw up through your own stupidity!"

Picture of assessrisk website on 16th November 2005

26th November  2005, 14:25

Whoops! Think I forgot something!

I logged onto my site to find a totally different site staring back at me. Guess who forgot to reregister her domain name! Yep me! Having owned this site for over 6 years it would have been a shame to lose it!

Picture of assessrisk website on 16th November 2005

26th November  2005, 11:07

Little Britain

Without doubt the best comedy on UK terrestial TV at the moment is Little Britain. I also believe that I have seen the best sketch ever since Monty Python's dead parrot sketch - Series III, episode II. Mr. Mann and Roy. Transcript

If you haven't seen any of what Little Britain have to offer then go buy the video for Series 1. Do it today! Well...what are you waiting for?"

Little Britain - find out more!

25th November  2005, 22:02

George Best dies

George Best died today. Perhaps the press can now let this story rest! Best wishes to his family and the bird to all the hangers on getting publicity on the back of his death.

24th November  2005, 19:02

TV to die for!

There are certain TV programs that I would go out of my way to watch. Heck, i'd even go the whole hog and buy the DVDs!

Actually, if I analyse these programs they have something in common. Strong women, always filled with self doubt, and with a vulnerability but with reserves of strength that see them through in life and eventually in love. Umm not sure if I identify with them or wish I identified with them.

shrugging smilie

23rd November  2005, 22:21

Guten Tag Frau Merkel

Angela Merkel is officially Germany's first female Chancellor. I remember when Thatcher became the first woman prime minister. I actually thought that the world was full of endless possibilities and that a woman at the helm would herald a brave new world. How naive was I!!?!! I hope that Merkel does better for the Germans than Thatcher did for us. I suspect that being the head of a coalition of parties will limit her options.

German Flag

20th November  2005, 09:33

Yap yap jabber jabber!

I took my niece to see Harry Potter in Birmingham and was subjected to over two hours of endless chatter from idiots behind and to the side of me. This group, paid their money to see a film and then spent hours holding a conversation in my left ear! I was so p'd off!

angry smilie

17th November  2005, 15:07

RIP James D Binegar

Jame D Binegar died yesterday. I only knew him a little as a colleague in the awards community. He had recently received a new set of lungs to stave off the ravages of cystic fibrosis. He finally succombed yesterday. His 'never give up' attitude and constant optimism, despite everything he was going through, is a lesson to us all.

In the words of his family "..Jesus stepped into his room and healed him completely. James is now breathing celestial air and he does have new lungs.." Thanks for being part of our lives James and allowing us to be part of yours!

16th November  2005, 15:07

Stem Cell Research

I was reading of a Dutch company that is using stem cell research for the benefit of patients suffering neurological diseases.

" Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which have the unique potential to produce any kind of cell in the body and self-renewal capacity. Medical researchers believe stem cells have the potential to change the face of human disease by being used to repair specific tissues or to grow organs. Stem cell research is expected to impact advances in curing diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, diabetes, spinal cord injury, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and cancer. "

I know that this research is controversial and I believe that treatment using such cells is banned in the UK at the moment. However for personal reasons, this is one form of research that I would not only endorse and encourage, but would actively promote if asked to! If we have the capability of saving lives, we have to take that opportunity!

Further information

14th November  2005, 15:07

Final eye test

I went to Brummy land to get my final eye examination. 16/20 vision!

12th November  2005, 19:07

Lord Lichfield Dies

Lord Lichfield has died. I quite liked him. It's good to see members of the royal family working rather than sponging. By all accounts he was a very nice bloke.

6th November  2005, 09:02

Lest we forget

As we commemorate the sacrifice of soldiers in all wars, it is perhaps a good time to remember the sacrifice of black soldiers in our wars. There are not many stories told of their treatment, service, bravery, and hardship after the war. Some information can be found via the links below...very educative!

Picture of a poppy

11th November  2005, 21:45

Paris Riots

There are riots in Paris. I think this is the tenth day of those riots. It stemmed from an allegation that the death of two young men had occurred as they were hiding from police; However there are probably more deep routed issues. Somewhat selfishly I can't help thinking 'better there than here.' However i hope they resolve their issues. Rioting tends to be detrimental to those that need the most help. Do you notice how rioters always destroy their own infrastructure. How can burning the local shops and schools that serve your own community ever be of help to you??

3rd November  2005, 22:01

Rosa Parks

The recent death of Rosa Parks made headline news. I confess that I had never heard of her, but having listened to those who talked about this quiet unassuming woman, I find myself wondering what my own legacy to this world will be. Please take the time to read these links to Rosa.


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