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The Safety Zone

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The creation of this site would have been far more difficult without the assistance, guidance and support of people who were willing to give up their time to provide direct assistance, or who were willing to provide accessible resources for indirect assistance..

picture of various resource books

Pauline Allen ~ Proof Reader. Thanks mate.

Don Chisholm ~ For his support, encouragement, and for publishing my work.

My family ~ For their patience and indulgence.

Tobias Strand and Carlos Paula Simões


A List Apart ~Useful and innovative CSS Solutions
Andy Budd:: Blography ~ Great CSS et al advice and information
BlueRobot ~ For the now manipulated style sheet
Bravenet ~ Free general resources
CSS ~ CSS resources.
Dynamic Drive ~ Excellent source for scripts ~ Advice on CSS layout techniques
Jessett ~Advice on website creation
Lynx Viewer ~ View your site through Lynx text browser
Quirksmode ~ Some nifty CSS hacks
Stop Design ~ Fantastic design tips
Styling Hr ~ Article on hr styling - very useful
The SSI Developer ~ CSS and XHTML resources
W3 Compliant sites~ ..just good to see other compliant sites
W3 Schools ~ Excellent XHTML advice and support
W3C tips and tricks~ CSS tips and tricks
Webtips ~ Good articles on CSS
Web design workshop ~ Stimulating articles

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