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personal - Italy Tour - 2006

In 2005 myself and two friends decided to visit Italy at some point in 2006.

picture of my shearings brochure

As my friends are ever so slightly aerophobic, we decided to take a coach tour. I had considered drugging them like BA Baracus in the 'A' team and then convincing them that we had actually taken the TGV, however I'm reliably informed that that is probably illegal!

There's good news and there's bad news!

The coach tour detailed within these pages was not the original tour we requested. We originally booked a Classical Italy tour, which would have taken us on a 9 day tour of Italy.

However we received a '...we regret to advise you that due to low bookings...' letter cancelling our holiday and offering us a longer 14 day holiday at the same cost. Having accepted this holiday, sweet talking our boss and changing our insurance details, we received yet another '...we regret to advise you that due to low bookings...' letter cancelling that holiday and offering us the same holiday but at an earlier date. I think we were beginning to wonder if this company were capable of organising a p*ss up in a brewery. However we accepted the holiday.

As it happens, this coach tour we purchased looked fantastic on paper. The question was, had we been given a taster of what is to come or would the holiday live up to the information within the glossy brochure? Read these pages and find out.

TOUR DATES: 15th July 2006 to 23rd July 2006 | 09th July 2006 to 22nd July 2006 | 25th June 2006 to 8th July 2006


TOUR NAME: Grand Italian Tour GT




Each page contains pictures of the holiday below my personal commentary. Each picture will be labelled with what is believed to be correct information.

If you believe that place names and descriptions are inaccurate, please email me.

Useful Italian

It's amazing what you can get away with with a few hand and facial gestures. But how nice it would be to say thank you in Italian rather than just giving a thumbs up. Here are a few basic words. Learning them won't make a native from a tourist, but they may pave the way to better understanding....

English                      Italian

Hello ---------------------> buon giorno
Goodbye -----------------> arrivederci
Please -------------------> per favore
Yes ----------------------> si
No -----------------------> non
Sorry --------------------> scusi
Thankyou ----------------> grazie
I don't understand ---------> non capisco
I don't speak Italian -------> non parlo italiano
I am English ---------------> sono inglese
Do you speak English -------> parla inglese
A beer ---------------------> una birra
Tea please ----------------> te per favore
Water please --------------> acqua per favore
Coffee please --------------> caffe per favore
Where is... -----------------> dove
    .The telephone --------->il telefono
    .The toilet -------------> la toletta
    .The hospital -----------> l'ospedale
    .The restaurant --------> il ristorante
    .The bar ---------------> il bar
I'm lost --------------------> sono perso
I'd like --------------------> vorrei
    .The bill ---------------> il conto

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