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safetyzone - managing health and safety

Why bother to manage health and safety?

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The five steps to managing safety are:

Establishing an effective safety policy.

The safety policy is the organisation's safety bible. It should provide all relevant information about health and safety issues and management

Organising staff.

To make your health and safety policy effective you need to get your staff involved and committed. This is often referred to as "health and safety culture":

Planning and setting standards.

Planning is the key. It involves setting objective, identifying hazards, assessing risks, implementing standards of performance and developing a positive safety culture.

Plans should be written and should include:

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Measuring Performance.

Employers MUST treat safety systems like patients in a hospital. Monitor their condition. Are they healthy? If not, then diagnose the problem by carrying out a re-assessment.

There are two types of monitoring: Active and Reactive


Safety inspections - Safety inspections are an excellent way for you to identify those areas within an organisation with uncontrolled risks. When deciding how often to have safety inspections take into consideration:

Inspections should be:


This is about learning from events after they have happened. Examining accident reports, for example, to identify trends.

Establishing a system of audit and review.

Audits identify failings in safety systems. They are more in-depth than inspections. An inspection would spot the hole in the ground. The audit would identify the systems in place for spotting the hold in the ground.

Employers should carry out a periodic review of the health and safety policy, paying particular attention to:

These indicators will show you where you need to improve.

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