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The closure of the award program

"....success depends in a very large measure upon individual initiative and exertion, and cannot be achieved except by dint of hard work. " Anna Pavlova (1881 - 1931)

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On February 12th 2005 our award program closed after over three years of successful operation. The non commercial award program - run principally by a single Awards Manager - offered awards to websites that met the somewhat exacting criteria.

Our Philosophy

The program's philosophy was a simple one. It believed that where the efforts, initiatives and exertions of webmasters resulted in the production of quality sites, then that should be recognised.

The criteria represented the program's vision of the main attributes of a quality site and websites that met or even exceeded the criteria earned an award.

The program's creation was the culmination of a collaboration of effort. The decision to close the program was not made lightly and it was done in the belief that it had fulfilled it's main function. The closure was undertaken in the full knowledge that there are other programs that do or will currently surpass the achievements of this it should be.

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