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awardprogram winners

We have provided a list of all winners of our awards, past and present. Award winners are listed in chronological order, with details of the date the award was attained and the level of the award.

picture of a triumphant raised fist

Please note that this is now the definitive list of winners. Sites that failed to display the award attained, or that closed or introduced disqualifying material whilst the program was in operation, were removed from the following lists. Sites that failed to display the award after the award program closed, but are still active are listed but without a link and the reference 'naa' for no award displayed. Sites that closed subsequent to this award program closing are still referenced below. (If you believe that your details have been omitted then feel free to contact me.)

Winners List

Links last checked on: 01.01.13 a 08:11 gmt

01/05  (link)  The Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves  [silver]

01/05  (cld)  Witheridge  [bronze]

01/05  (cld)  Poetry of the Heart  [silver]

07/04  (cld)  My Link In Time  [silver]

07/04  (cld)  The Hurricane Watch Net  [silver]

06/04  (cld)  Its Wishcraft  [bronze]

06/04  (cld)  Elexica  [silver]

06/04  (cld)  Robatelie  [bronze]

05/04  (link)  Eutoda  [bronze]

05/04  (cld)  Day After Tomorrow Facts  [bronze]

05/04  (cld)  BV Lindenheuvel  [bronze]

05/04  (link)  Tim's Spider Corner  [silver]

04/04  (cld)  The Crystal Sea  [bronze]

04/04  (link)  JerryD's Site  [bronze]

04/04  (cld)  GOYAR2013  [silver]

09/03  (cld)  City Of Kerksdrop  [bronze]

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08/03  (link)  Great Barrier Reef Australia  [silver]

07/03  (cld)  Never Never Land  [silver]

07/03  (cld)  Marseille Prospective Lyons Club  [silver]

07/03  (link)  Euromania  [bronze]

06/03  (cld)  Clambakers Tour Stop + Chowder Kitchen  [silver]

06/03  (cld)  Delia School Of Canada  [bronze]

06/03  (link)  Reasons To Rock  [bronze]

06/03  (link)  Chicagology  [bronze]

05/03  (link)  Casey's Celtic Charm  [silver]

05/03  (cld)  Heart Thoughts  [bronze]

05/03  (nad)  The Schoberts  [bronze]

05/03  (nad)  About Korea  [gold]

04/03  (cld)  Mindless Perfection  [bronze]

04/03  (nad)  Teaching and Learning Resources  [gold]

04/03  (cld)  Bernies Disability Compliance  [bronze]

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04/03  (cld)  Art By Old Grinning Bear  [bronze]

04/03  (cld)  39th Flight Eagle  [bronze]

04/03  (cld)  Vision Site Design Awards  [silver]

03/03  (cld)  Hanssjoerg Scheid  [silver]

03/03  (cld)  CJ's Place Of Interest  [bronze]

03/03  (link)  Alliance For A Clean Environment  [bronze]

03/03  (cld)  HTML Help Online  [bronze]

01/03  (cld)  And Then A P Hill Came Up  [silver]

01/03  (cld)  The Maulers Paintball Club  [silver]

01/03  (link)  Safe Haven  [gold]

01/03  (cld)  Life Interrupted  [bronze]

01/03  (link)  4 Elements Award  [bronze]

01/03  (link)  NYC Photos Gallery  [bronze]

12/02  (cld)  Melton Ross And New Barnetby  [silver]

11/02  (cld)  Walking The Night  [silver]

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10/02  (cld)  Doug's World  [silver]

09/02  (cld)  Aljapaco  [gold]

09/02  (cld)  Phoxxe  [gold]

09/02  (cld)  The Zurrieq Portal  [silver]

08/02  (cld)  Depression Home Page  [silver]

07/02  (cld)  My Pet Pages  [silver]

07/02  (cld)  Glenn Page The marketing Voice  [silver]

07/02  (cld)    The Beeline  [silver]

07/02  (cld)  Sunset Surfers  [silver]

02/02  (cld)  Virtual Matchbox Labels Museum  [silver]

12/02  (cld)  Gone Missing UK  [bronze]

12/02  (link)  The Cleveland Memory Project  [bronze]

11/02  (link)  Obad's Bipolar Disorder  [bronze]

10/02  (cld)  The Cowichan  [bronze]

09/02  (cld)  Moortown St Malachy GAC  [bronze]

09/02  (cld)  Trial Lawyers For Public Justice  [bronze]

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09/02  (cld)  Shadow's New World  [gold]

07/02  (link)  Keidel Bath And Plumbing  [bronze]

07/02  (link)  Prow's Edge  [bronze]

06/02  (cld)  Litware  [bronze]

06/02  (cld)  Grafx Emporium  [bronze]

06/02  (link)  Ask The Internet Therapist  [bronze]

05/02  (cld)  Witheridge  [bronze]

04/02  (link)  Cool Bean Designs  [bronze]

03/02  (cld)  Sandra Miller  [bronze]

03/02  (cld)  Jim Phelps Guitarist  [bronze]

03/02  (link)  Luuks Travel Site  [bronze]

03/02  (link)  Network Services And Consulting  [merit]

02/02  (link)  Newtown School  [merit]

01/02  (cld)  Everything about the Giant Panda  [gold]

01/02  (cld)  Impossible FX  [silver]

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01/02  (cld)  Leine's 10 42 Hideaway  [silver]

01/02  (cld)  Art Of Gaming  [silver]

01/02  (link)  Webbnutts  [bronze]

01/02  (link)  Swart  [bronze]

01/02  (link)  Centrum Voor Psychotrinische Studies  [bronze]

01/02  (cld)  Stop4Art  [merit]

12/01  (cld)  A Scoff an' Scuff  [gold]

12/01  (link)  Heidi's Sammelsurium  [gold]

12/01  (link)  Shadow Poetry  [gold]

12/01  (link)  Midwest Family Mutual Insurance  [merit]

12/01  (link)  West Borough Primary School  [bronze]

12/01  (link)  The Game Puppet  [bronze]

12/01  (cld)  Afterhours Australian Shepherds  [bronze]

12/01  (cld)  Anonymomma's World  [silver]

12/01  (link)  Gene Gill Minatures  [silver]

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11/01  (link)  Pregnancy Birth And Beyond  [silver]

11/01  (link)  1876 Victorian England Revisited  [silver]

11/01  (link)  Grosh Theatre and Stage Backdrops  [bronze]

11/01  (cld)  Agriculture Association  [bronze]

11/01  (link)  Women's Health  [merit]

10/01  (link)  Sniper's Nest  [merit]

10/01  (link)  Lynch Country House  [bronze]

10/01  (link)  NC Outer Banks  [bronze]

10/01  (link)  SkyHawkFireHeart  [bronze]

10/01  (link)  LA Aluminum Casting Company  [bronze]

10/01  (cld)  Doc Jim's Help Page  [bronze]

10/01  (cld)  Fan Page In Honor Of Glen Taranto  [bronze]

09/01  (link)  Animation Central  [bronze]

09/01  (cld)  A Page4you  [merit]

09/01  (link)  Courteous Canines LLC  [merit]

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09/01  (cld)  Uraguay, A Spirit State  [merit]

09/01  (cld)  Timber Carver  [bronze]

09/01  (cld)  Altscape  [gold]

08/01  (link)  Optimal Thinking  [silver]

08/01  (cld)  Brian's Casio Calculator Corner  [bronze]

08/01  (cld)  Alex Bratu Photography  [bronze]

08/01  (link)  Vicki Designs  [bronze]

08/01  (link)  Texas Precancel Club  [merit]

08/01  (cld)  Arlana's Corner  [single]

07/01  (link)  Barbara Tampieri  [single]

07/01  (link)  The Michael O'Neil Singers  [single]

07/01  (link)  NY City Pictorial/Informational Site  [single]

07/01  (cld)  Alberto Paronetto  [single]

04/01  (cld)  The Authorised Graham Nash Site  [gold]

History Of Award Graphic

Sample of award graphic offered - 06/01 to 08/01   Sample of award graphic offered - 08/01 to 11/01   Sample of award graphic offered - 11/01 to 09/02  - GRAPHIC REDUCED   Sample of award graphic offered - 09/01 to 12/02   Sample of award graphic offered - 01/03 - 02/05

The above graphics have been reduced in size by approximately two thirds. The Celtic circle "Trisknot" that forms the centerpiece of the third award is copyrighted to Bradley W. Schenck at and was used with permission.

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