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personal - binhead blog

Archive Blog 2005

30th May 2005, 08:18

French Vote - NO

Well the French have voted against the European constitution. I am sure today is a momentous day...for some reason. Perhaps someone will explain it to me. Or perhaps I'll do some research. The vote was 44 % for and 56% against.

picture of french words C'est Non

29th May 2005, 17:25

French Referendum?

For the past few days, all news stations have been banging on about the French referendum on Europe and the implications for Europe if the French vote NO. To be honest, I don't have a clue what it's all about. Guess I have some reading to do before our own referendum next year. My inclination is to vote NO on anything that takes power out of the UK hands and puts it into the hands of faceless unaccountable beurocrats in Brussels!

picture of French flag

26th May 2005, 17:25

Mazda MX5 Arctic

I've just brought my car home. Wow! I do love it! it looks good and drives well. Snazzy! it's got an extremely good right up and everyone that I know who owns one has had nothing but good things to say about it. To hell with the Peugeot 206cc which leaks like a sieve. Will dump that car soon!

picture of my car

25th May 2005, 23:07

Liverpool European Champions

Well, Who would have believed it. Liverpool were 3:0 down at half time in the European championship match. Then, miracle of miracles, they clawed their way back to 3:3 and eventually WON on penalties. Even for an old Arsenal supporter like me....WHAT A GAME! The best comeback EVER - Even better than Manchester United against Bayern Munich 6 years ago! C'mon you reds! Great way to end the English Soccer season! For any of you that think: " what is so interesting about Soccer" or " I just don't get this game " - then watch reruns of this match. If you are in the US you'll get it on Cable no doubt. THIS GAME WILL ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT WHY SOCCER AT IT'S BEST IS SO WONDERFUL!

picture of Gerrard holding up cup

21st May 2005, 17:25

Go Arsenal Go!

Arsenal have won the FA Cup final against Manchester United. I didn't watch the game due to nerves, but I did see some of the penalty shootout. The goalkeeper saved a penalty and to be honest, was the star of the game.

picture of two arsenal players

20th May 2005, 15:10

Mazda MX5

Yeah baby yeah! Just bought a new car. Arctic 1.8i. Razor Blue. Will post a picture when I get one taken.

16th May 2005, 16:58

Soccer season ends with a bang!

What a fantastic end to the English soccer season. The relegation battle went to the wire. This is how the teams in 17th to 20th positions ended up.

17 West Brom      34  Stay Up!
18 Crystal Palace  33  Relegated
19 Norwich          33  Relegated
20 Southampton   32  Relegated

15th May 2005, 16:55

First Computer!

I recently came across details of my first computer. How times change! It was purchased on 15th June 1992 and had the following specifications:

386sx 20 machine
100 megabyte hard disk drive
2 megabytes of memory
a colour sVGA monitor (256 colours)
a mouse
DOS and Windows
a tower case
1 3.5" floppy disk drive.

Cost was £1154.90 (982.89 + VAT)

picture of word First Computer

12th May 2005, 18:44

British police do a wonderful job!

I got my first ever penalty parking fine today. I parked in a thirty minute zone for four hours and got the ticket two minutes before I came out to go to a meeting. Talk about bad luck! Gotta love the police, pacifying this nasty criminal leaving the world safe for muggers and killers to park freely. Ok so it's my own fault. But hey, if I can't sound off here, then where the heck can I sound off!

picture of parking ticket

10th May 2005, 16:44

Searching for a new car

I'm currently on the hunt for a new car. I have four in mind. BMW Z4, Toyota MR2, Mazda MX5 or Audi TT Roadster. I've been on two test drives and I am kinda' excited at the prospect of getting a new passion wagon.

06th May 2005, 04:29

Labour win - Reduced Majority

Well I've been awake for two hours now looking at the election results. Labour has won but with a reduced majority. Good luck to them. Incidentally my local Labour MP has got in again. Hurrah!

picture of word Labour Victory

30th April 2005, 07:55

Iraq - Could this be the decider?

I'm going to run a 10k race in three weeks. I need to get fit again after two weeks of pure laziness. I've put on 4 pounds.

28th April 2005, 07:21

Iraq - Could this be the decider?

All the political parties are talking about Iraq. Tony Blair is being criticised for taking the U.K. into the war based on dubious evidence; The opportunistic Tories are using this as evidence of Tony Blair's dishonesty; And the Liberal Democrats are hoping to pick up valuable votes as the only party that opposed the war. Will Iraq be a deciding factor? Nah! People made up their minds months ago about Iraq. They have dug into their argumentative bunkers and are deeply entrenched. No discussion now will affect votes I think.

picture of iraqi flag

24th April 2005, 17:18

No More Alcohol!

I went out to a charity party yesterday and drank 3 1/2 pints of Guinness. Never again! You most certainly do not need alcohol to have a good time. I will be going back to my former tea-total state!

picture of wendy drinking guinness

19th April 2005, 21:17

German Pope

Well we have a new pope. My first reaction on hearing who it was is not printable. Joseph Ratzinger has been named as the new Pope and will be known as Benedict XVI. We'll see where he leads the catholics of the world but anyone expecting a less authoritarian approach should not hold their breath for too long....

picture of cross in german colours

18th April 2005, 07:01

Wot! No Hayfever?

I hope I am not tempting fate here but this is the first year for many a year that I have not felt the aweful effects of hayfever. Perhaps it's the rain surpressing the pollen or perhaps - from my mouth to God's ear - I am now becoming desensetised to tree pollen. Either way, it's great!

picture of a summer flower

17th April 2005, 13:25

London Marathon 2005

Paula Radcliffe has completed the London Marathon in 2 hours 17 minutes. Contrast with my own attempt to run this morning. The aim was to run 9.9 miles. I managed three miles at a 9:30 pace, got shin spints and hobbled home.

picture of marathon medal

10th April 2005, 09:22

Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Mrs Camilla Bowles got married yesterday...and I was there to see it! I have to admit that I am glad I went to Windsor. I am not a royalist, but it is a nice story to tell in years to come..'The day I attended the royal wedding.' Not everyone gets to see the King and 'Queen' get married.

picture of charles and camilla

8th April 2005, 08:45

43rd you feel lucky...PUNK?

I woke to kisses from my parent and quickly opened my presents. Welcome to my 43rd year. Actually, the Euro Lottery Millions today is 43 million pounds? Coincidence or fate? Well, I'll be getting some tickets today and seeing if I can be lucky today.

picture of fake lottery results

5th April 2005, 07:33

General election called

Tony Blair went to see the queen yesterday to announce the election date. And the date is....May 5th. Let the electioneering begin! I wonder who will come up with the most fanciful promise before the election? Watch this space!

general election 2005

3rd April 2005, 09:22

Pope John Paul II Dies

Pope John Paul II died yesterday. His death is dominating the news. I actually saw him in Rome a few years back. I'm not particularly religious but recognise that many people will be feeling genuinely emotional at his passing. He seems to have been a pretty good least that's the general consensus.

pope john paul II dead

20th March 2005, 15:00

Half Marathon

Well I completed my half marathon in a time of 2 hours 5 minutes. To say I was tired is an understatement. I have pains in places I didn't even know existed. The time was disappointing but I made it! And, god help me, I am going to run it again next year.

picture of me finishing marathon

08th March 2005, 22:00

Peugeot 206 Coupe Cabriolet

I love the look of this car. It drives well and looks good. But the blasted thing leaks...I hate this aspect! Anything more than a light shower and I get as wet as my passengers. So I'm selling it. Next car? Mazda MX5.

picture of my car

2nd March 2005, 18:40

Tippy Tumbles

One of the first dolls my mother bought me was Tippy Tumbles. Not much of a doll by todays standards, but in the 1970's it was state of the art technology...certainly to a nine year old! So I could not resist buying a Tippy Tumbles when it came up for sale on Ebay. Ahhhh nostalgia.

picture of Tippy Tumbles doll

27th February 2005, 15:50

Baby teeth

My 10 year old nephew lost a tooth yesterday. No big deal I know. However I was there to see his little baby tooth pop out and a gaping hole appear. I even gave him a pound for the tooth, which I will keep to embarrass him when he brings his first girlfriend home.

picture of nephew with gap in tooth


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