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personal - binhead blog

Archive Blog 2005

29th October  2005, 12:40

False Teeth - Good grief!

I've had some dental work carried out. This has resulted in a temporary covering on three teeth. I guess strictly speaking today is the first full day that I sport false teeth! Gah! Luckily they will be off in three weeks!

Distorted picture of my teeth

28th october  2005, 21:20


My colleague Sue is the first person I have ever met who has bothered to carve a pumpkin! Nice.

Picture of a pumpkin carved by my colleague

26th october  2005, 22:22

London rip-off!

Well! I took my nephew and neice to London. Talk about a rip off tourist trap! It's a major bummer when visiting your own capital city is more expensive than flying abroad! One amazing find secret really... The Science Museum! Free and exciting from first to last!

24th october  2005, 10:39

My mother is so funny

Mum's just switched on some daytime TV show where the presenter has announced that the program will reveal all about Jennifer Aniston's new boyfriend. Mum's response was short and to the point.
" I don't want to hear about Jennifer Aniston's new boyfriend! Why is that news? " Hear hear mum! That isn't news! disgruntled smilie

23rd october  2005, 22:32

Birmingham Riots

There were riots on the streets of Birmingham today. So called disaffected 'youf'! Apparently the riots were sparked by the rumour that a black girl has been sexually assaulted by a gang of Asians. As far as I can see it's an excuse for lawless lazy lay-about thugs to makes some easy money robbing stores, instead of getting off their lazy arses and earning a decent wage! I'm getting sick of the lawlessness! let the police deal with any crime. This lawlessness masquerading as vigilantism does no one any good and the community a lot of harm!

19th october  2005, 06:42

Saddam on Trial

Today is the first day of the trial of Saddam. Will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

18th october  2005, 21:00

Clarke Out

Kenneth Clarke has lost his final chance to be leader of his party. In a ballot, he was rejected. I quite like the guy!

16th october  2005, 06:22

Bird Flu!

The press are banging on about bird flu. Personally I think this is scare mongering.

15th october  2005, 07:50

Unfit bugger!

I've just come back from a 4.5 mile run and feel like crap! To think, I used to do this so easily 7 months ago!!

13th october  2005, 22:09

Colleague upset

One of my colleagues at work was very upset. She really needs some damn good luck. She's such a nice's about time something great happened for her. Here's hoping..

12th october  2005, 19:02


I know in the scheme of things this may seem minor but I think I am getting arthritis. Second finger on my left hand is showing signs of it. God, that and my few grey hairs are signs that time is catching up with me!

11th october  2005, 06:22


Major earthquake in Pakistan. Thousands dead!

9th october  2005, 16:45

Just not looking forward to it!

Not looking forward to work tomorrow. First time I have ever said that about this place. Strange how one incident can totally change your attitude. sad smilie

8th october  2005, 12:30

Cats and dogs

Bad weather caused me to postpone a trip to Wales. Guess I'll do some Italian instead!

7th october  2005, 19:45

Pant! Pant!

I went for a 5 mile run with Stafford Harriers. God I am unfit. But that was just the kick up the backside I needed to get me into the fitness regime again. They were a great bunch. Will go out again I think!

6th october  2005, 21:55

What a day!

I had a sh*te day at work today. Not going to give all the details here. Needless to say I was VERY upset. I've not told anyone about it yet. May not bother. Too upsetting to talk about it. sad smilie I'll see how it goes. On a better note, got the next stage of vehicle modifications completed. Most look good too!

5th october  2005, 23:09

Yip sang soo shang..whatever!

Personally I thought all this hype about Earl Grey tea and the like was a load of soggy tea bags! But having tried about 8 varieties of tea recently I have to say...they 'aint half bad. Still, not quite my cup of tea though.

picture of tea bags

4th october  2005, 07:01

Damn cheap ancilliary equipment!

As much as I love my SatNav, I hate the cheap plastic holder that's come with it. The blasted thing has broken already and I refuse to pay 32 pounds for another one! sad smilie

picture of broken equipment

1st October  2005, 18:28

October already?

I can't believe it's October already. What's more depressing is that the Christmas stuff is coming out in the shops. Remember the days when Christmas preparations didn't even begin until December? No neither can I!

28th September  2005, 22:10

Stupid weather

I wish the weather would make up it's mind. Rain then sun then rain then sun. No wonder I've got the sniffles. sad smilie

22nd September  2005, 08:41

New modifications for car

Opted for more modifications. I think I am getting a bit carried away. May have to rein in some of my more exuberant modifications.

19th september  2005, 18:01

First in the Fantasy Football

I can't believe I am at the top of the league in the fantasy football competition at work. After all these years, I may just get into the top 10 at the end of the season. "A blooming miracle" as Dick van Dyke might say....

15th september  2005, 08:22


Yep, you guessed it! I am learning Italian at night school. I quite like the flow of the language. I really will have to find time to do some homework though!

11th september  2005, 17:48

Car modifications

I am enjoying modifying my car. I really don't want to think about the amount of money that I am spending on it. But I think the work that I am doing to it justifies a spot within these pages. So I will create a section dedicated to my MK2.5 MX5!

4th september  2005, 22:01

Let the adventure begin

It's actually quite amazing how adventurous I am becoming. I am not sure if it's just about the new car or if it's something more. But I am enjoying trips out to Wales and other places. It's just nice to get out of the house and see parts of the UK I haven't bothered to visit before.

30th august  2005, 06:57

Laser Eye Surgery

Well I went and did it. I have had laser eye surgery. My eyesight is currently 20/16, much better than I could have hoped. I went to a company called Ultralase after doing some considerable research, not only about them but about the procedure involved. I had Lasek treatment which took 30 minutes in total, including the prep time. I am very impressed with the results! No more glasses!!

14th august  2005, 07:19

tom tom go 300

Sat Nav! What ever did I do before it? Oh yes...I got lost a lot!

picture of SatNav system

06th August 2005, 08:11

Reading 'aint that easy

I started reading this book on holiday. I need to make time to finish it. Robert E Vardeman - The keys to paradise.

picture of my novel

04th Aug 2005, 19.44

MX5 Obsession

I'm currently obsessed with my car. I think by the end of next month, I would have spent over 1K on modifications. Good grief!


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