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personal - binhead blog

Welcome to the Binhead blog. The title seems apt. Whatever rubbish is in my head will appear in this blog. And what exactly is a blog? Well it's basically a journal that is available on the web.

picture of skip on a head - the binhead blog logo

The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." So this is the blog of a blogging binhead to speak! Postings are arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominently. Get it? Got it? Good!

One word of warning: The content may be graphic intensive so loading times for the blog may buck my usual trend of speed speed speed.

Archive Blog 2007

27th March 2007 17:02

Visitors to this site

You know when sometimes you have time on your hands and just for the hell of it you do something that you would not normally do? No? Well bear with me. I had one of those moments this morning. I decided to find out a bit about the people who visit this site. Basically having looked at 100 unique visitors to this site, I found that two thirds are still using MSIE and the other third is using Firefox. Actually that seems amazing considering the grip that Microsoft has on us - and that is not a judgmental comment, because I still use MSIE myself. However I am certain that the results would have been considerably different a few years ago. I suspect that had there been 5 or even 10 percent of of my visitors using Firefox, that would have been a lot back then!

Browser statistics of visitors to this site

26th March 2007 07:15

Another Half Marathon under my Belt

I ran another half marathon yesterday. To be honest, I would have loved a better time than 2 minutes, 11 minutes. However I enjoyed virtually every step of it. I am going to do it again next year!! Details are given in other pages of this site.

8th March 2007 23:12

Scouting extravaganza

Well that was definitely £6.50 well spent! I went out with a group of people from work to an evening of music, sketches and mirth all relating to scouting. It was a great evening.

Ticket Stub for musical event

4th March 2007 17:33


I went to see my cousin yesterday. It was a lovely day. I got to meet his partner, and my second cousins. I really should make more of an effort to see more of the family while I still have the chance.

1st March 2007 19.01

My First Self certificate

Well this is a week of firsts. This is the first time I have ever had to have more than a couple of days off from work as a result of illness. In addition this is the first time I have ever had to complete a sickness self certificate.

28th February 2007 22:18

Last Governors Meeting

I clerked my last governors meeting. In many ways it's very sad. I've been doing that at the school for the last 8 years or so. The governors gave me a little send off and a lovely little present. Very nice.

20th February 2007 18:21

Cough cough cough!

Well I am coughing my guts up at the moment. I am off work. I can't remember the last time I felt so bad. Although the shivers have eased - and god they were bad - the cough is still hacking. I've dosed myself up with vicks vapour rub, Veno's expectorant, neurofen cold and flu, lockets lozengers and daytime television.

16th February 2007 13:55

Skiing can be fun...Really!

Well I took 4 almost teenagers to Telford ice rink. Wow! How painful was that! It was the first time that I had been on ice-skates since i was around their age. It has to be one of the most painful experiences...but also one of the most funniest experiences that I have had for some time. The pain came from falling backwards on the ice! I managed to hurt my butt, my left arm and elbow and ended up with 'whiplash' type effects on my neck. However on the funny side, watching tens of people desperately attempt to stay upright by grabbing onto the nearest animate object, was soooooo funny!! The expression on some of the faces of those being grabbed was priceless... a mixture of panic and sheer terror on the face of the grabber and the grabbee. A very funny day. 

Picture of Telford Ice Rink

12th February 2007 07:22

Bird flu

The bird flu 'episode' involving the Bernard Matthew's farm seems to be under control. But I am taking no chances. My rubber duck is going into quarantine!

Picture of my rubber duck

9th February 2007 08:10

Stupid connection problems

I can't get onto the internet. last night I loaded my £60.00 2007 Norton Security and now I can't get on. I hate not having access to the net when I need it. I've contacted my cable company - via India, where else - and have a technician coming out in THREE DAYS since it appears the problem may be with the cable modem. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

default page showing lack of connection

8th February 2007 06:50

It's snow boys! Snow! Run for the hills!

It's so interesting listening to the new at the hysteria at the prospect of snow. Duh! Its winter.

7th February 2007 19:37

My second game of squash

Well I played Clive in a game of squash - or 5 games to be precise. He whooped my behind. 5:0! Revenge will be mine. Mhwuhaaaaaaa!

29th January 2007 18:22

My first game of squash

Les took me to play my first game of squash today. I loved it! I am going to play some more!!

Picture of a squash racket

2nd January 2007 08:45

Wireless Router - simple as ABC?

I have cable broadband with a modem that uses a USB port. On the face of it, getting a wireless setup should mean little more than getting a wireless router and a suitable adapter. But oh no. This is me we are talking about so things have to be complicated! Most of the wireless routers being sold seem to use an Ethernet connection. I am having to ring around to find a suitable router. Add to that the fact I paid for a ADSL wireless router by mistake, I am having a fine old time of it.

Picture of modem connections

1st January 2007 11:00

Happy New Year

I wonder what exciting things this year will bring?

Ummm somewhat pessimistic perhaps. But the world is becoming a nastier place it seems to me. Oh maybe it was always like this and I am just taking off my rose tinted glasses for the first time. I'll try and hope for the best but brace myself for the oncoming traffic of bad news.

Happy new year 2007

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