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personal - binhead blog

Archive Blog 2006

30th December 2006 11:00

Sadam Hussein Executed today

Sadam Hussein was hung today. I have misgivings about the whole process of 'justice' that resulted in his execution, including the unseemly haste of if all. But it's done now. Not sure what the implications will be for the conflict in Iraq. On a personal note, I am still against the death penalty.

28th December 2006 14:45

I haven't kicked the bucket!

Well so much for me keeping my blog up-to-date! To be honest I was just generally fed up. Job Evaluation has a lot to do with that feeling if I am totally honest. Just made me wonder what they hell I was putting in the effort at work for. Anyway, will try to keep up to date with things.

Oh ye'...Merry Christmas and all that!
picture of a christmas tree

28th October 2006 08:44

Great Chinese meal!

18 of us went to the Oriental Garden Chinese restaurant to see off Sue Emery in style before her move to Surrey. A good time was had by all!

Picture of Sue

07th October 2006 07:46

The hottest curry ever!

I went out with a group of friends last night to see off a colleague and friend who is going to live in France. I made the mistake of ordering a vindaloo. Now, bear in mind that I actually love hot things. THIS however was just too hot. I could only eat about 1/3 of it. And I am suffering now. let's just say, that I will be distinctly antisocial for the next 10 hours! We'll say no more.

Sharon Wetton's leaving do    Sharon Wetton's leaving do

02nd October 2006 21:01

Badger culling

I felt awful yesterday. I was driving from Abbots Bromley to Burton on Trent, taking a country road. Suddenly I saw a badger in front of me. I hit it. I have no idea whether it was already dead but it was incredibly shocking! The thought of killing something is abhorrent to me. I don't even like killing flies! Not a good day yesterday.

29th September 2006 19:03

Fed up

I am totally fed up at the moment. I'm dealing with a number of issues with a so incredibly mind-numbingly boring, but time consuming, that to coin a phrase 'it's doing my head in!' I think I'll put a few long hours in at work to see if I can reduce the long and ever increasing list of reports that need to be written up.

21st September 2006 06:01

Internet on my mobile phone

I confess that I thought using the small screen on a mobile to view the internet was a load of BS. No one would spend time peering at such a small screen. Yet, there was I on holiday, doing just that! It's not ideal... but it is convenient. Which makes me wonder whether people will be prepared to watch videos on their mobiles. I think it will catch on. In this fast moving world where everyone wants everything yesterday, many people will forgo the luxury of a large TV screen for the convenience of a hand-held screen, even if the size is a small at that on a mobile!

Picture of mobile

20th September 2006 06:21

I must be getting old!

I drove home from Tamworth yesterday having listened to some Italian as a prelude to my Italian lesson. I was just a tad fed up with that and thought i'd put the radio on. Of course Radio 1 came to mind straight away and I turned that dial to listen. All I can say is what a load of rubbish. For the first time I actually thought 'what the hell am I listening too?' It was a cacophony of loud tuneless noise as far as I was concerned. I moved the dial again to BBC Radio 2 and found myself humming and tapping to the music. So the evidence is clear. I have migrated from the young hip cool category to the old fogie category. Ok that analysis is over-dramatic perhaps but when you realise that the comments coming out of your mouth about Radio 1 music are the same as those uttered by your parents 20 years before, then you know that you're no longer a pert young thang! Oh well. I'll always be 16 in my head at least!

Picture of two radios

15th September 2006 22:19

pride in simple things

I'm top of the leader board in this game. The only way is down from here. I think i'l stop playing this game now!

Picture of leaderboard for game

13th September 2006 18:07

Really p'd off today

I woke up tired, went to work tired and have spent a whole day really p'd off. I can't even explain why. Ummm. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

11th September 2006 06:38


Remember the victims of 9-11

9th September 2006 09:59

Fantasy Football 2006

I don't know what it is about fantasy football. I'm not exactly what you'd call obsessed but I do like the prospect of doing well in my work's league. Anyway at the moment I am middle of the table. Hopefully my transfers will enable me to reach more dizzier heights.

Picture of fantasy football league table

8th September 2006 21:19

Celebrating with live music!

I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing better than live music. You can have the best musicians with their music digitally perfected and that still doesn't give the same vibe as music played on real instrument by people giving it some welly. I went out to celebrate Ian Connelly's 50th Birthday. He was part of a band and was playing guitar. It was a fantastic atmosphere. Ok so there were some bum notes in there...but you know what...that didn't matter at all. People were getting up, dancing and the 'imperfections' in the music (not that there were many...) made it real....fantastic.

thumbnail of Ian on guitar

2nd September 2006 19:23

Google love me!

I undertook a search of my own name and found that I was numero uno on the search engine! Let's hear it for Google!

Picture of results of google search

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