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personal - Italy Tour - 2009

Itinerary for Day 6 according to the brochure.

picture of my suitcase

Day 6: Amalfi Coastal Drive

A chance to experience one of Europe's most stunning stretches of coastline, with its cliffs that plunge dramatically into the seas below. You’ll pass through pretty orchards and gardens where olives, grapes, figs and lemons flourish, before calling at the popular resort of Amalfi and then the colourful town of Ravello, at the foot of a deep ravine.

Personal Commentary

Day Nine

This was an incredibly interesting day I have to say. We took a long drive down the Amalfi coast. This was a beautiful coastal drive, with a number of vista stops. We stopped in Positano to view some of the scenery and then carried onwards to Amalfi where we viewed a beautiful church. I practiced some of my Italian by ordering a sandwich for myself and Jabeen. We carried onwards, visiting the town of Ravello where I took a group photograph of us sitting on a wall. Then we made our way back to Sorrento, via the town of Cortarro. I would highly recommend a trip up the Amalfi coast to anyone in this area of Italy.


Tourist trap on Amalfi Road    Sorrento evening view    Positano    Positano
Amalfi    Amalfi water    Our driver in Amalfi    Ravello
Amalfi    Ravello    Ravello    Hotel in Rome

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