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personal - Italy Tour - 2009

Itinerary for Day 8 according to the brochure.

picture of my suitcase

Day 8: Rome to UK

Transfers to the airport and flights back to the UK

Personal Commentary

Day Twelve

This was the day when we said goodbye to our travelling companions. One by one they left to get in their respective taxi's to the airport. Jabeen and I were not scheduled to leave until mid-afternoon so we decided to make one last trip into the city. We wandered leisurely around the city ensuring that we did not stray too far from the bus stop back the the hotel. We took a few photographs and then spent the rest of the day sitting in the lounge and chatting with our remaining companions. 


Castel Sant' Angelo    Castel Sant' Angelo    Castel Sant' Angelo    Rome Architecture
Rome Architecture    Even the most beautiful cities have graffiti

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