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personal - Italy Tour - 2009

Itinerary for Day 2 according to the brochure.

picture of my suitcase

Day 2: Rome

A full day to explore the Eternal City, with an included guided tour of St Peter's Basilica and the stunning Sistine Chapel, all guarded by the colourful Swiss Army. The rest of the day is yours to see the endless sights of this wonderfully romantic place, including the Vatican, the huge Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, where you can toss in a coin for good luck.

Personal Commentary

Day One

I slept like a baby. I think Jabeen was slightly more restless. In any event we rose, breakfasted and met two of out fellow travellers - Kate & Scott - as well as Allesandro (our tour guide) and Giovanni (our driver). We were taken on our coach to the centre of Rome where we were dropped off at the Collisseum and left to wander. We took pictures and entered the forum for a quick tour around. Far too much to see in the allocated time and the mosquitoes were doing their best to find every portion of bare flesh.

We were then taken to a spot near Vatican City where we were ate a pannini at the Blues Cafe. After about an hour stuffing our faces we were taken to the Sistine Chapel and the adjoining museum where one of our party feinted. (Isobel). This gave us some time to introduce ourselves to Sara and her mother Helen as well as Steve and Sharon. The tour of the Sistine chapel was exhausting.

We were taken to the hotel where we freshened up, were fed and watered and then took a night tour of some of Rome's highlights . Without doubt, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities by night. We saw the Trevi fountain, Spanish steps and also the Vatican by night.


Colosseum Rome    Colosseum Rome    Arch in Forum    Arch in Forum
Rome Forum    St Pauls Cathedral    Rome    Hotel in Rome
Sistine Chapel    Sistine Chapel    Sistine Chapel    Hotel in Rome
Some church - goodness knows    Night view of Vatican City    British Airways Plane to Rome    Hotel in Rome
Night view of vatican city    Sistine Chapel    Sistine Chapel    Sistine Chapel
British Airways Plane to Rome    Vatican City    Vatican City    Vatican City
View from the Spanish Steps    View from Spanish Steps    View from Spanish Steps    Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain    Trevi Fountain

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