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Assess risk
personal - GemStone IV EAST HARBOR FESTIVAL 5010


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Mist harbor Eastern harbor Street festival 5110

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It was in the wee small hours of the morning that I made my way to Grishom Stone's Island. I pedalled like a lunatic to get there and made my way to where a crowd of people were sitting waiting for him. I spent some time speaking to Ikazutchi, a conversation that turned into a warrior interview. Although he is a mage, it was interesting to gain his perspective on issues and to obtain answers to specific questions.

Ikazutchi was kind enough to create a portal back to the East Harbor for me and I made my way to various tents as always to check there was nothing that I had missed. I stumbled came upon activity in Festive Fabrics, with a long queue waiting for something. Adrowynne was going to do some work. She did arrive but did not select me for any work. I watched for a moment as she began her first job and then left to sit in the library.

It was a roguish merchant called Vemeon who provided me with my first alteration of the morning. I had ventured into the store called 'the rogue within', having received the heralded call to do so.

A raspy voice on the wind gets your attention, "Vemeon will be in his shop in the Eastern Harbor after his raffle draws to work on garrote items from The Rogue Within." The voice fades with a phlegmy cough.

You see Rogue Vemeon.
He appears to be a Human.
He is taller than average and appears to be middle-aged. He has piercing dark eyes and olive skin.
He has shoulder length, greasy grey-brown hair. He has a gaunt face, a prominent nose and thin lips.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an etched crystal scarab pendant, a long black cloth cloak with a deep hood, a grease- stained ruffled white cotton shirt with bleached bone buttons, a stained grey cloth pouch, some grey leather pants, and some dirt-caked leather boots.

Vemeon raspily says, "At this time I will work on garrote items from my shop. I can turn them into any normal item worn around the neck, but only certain nouns will actually work as a garrote."

Vemeon raspily says, "Nouns that work as a garrote are: belt, beltstrap, cord, lanyard, scarf, strap, tether, garrote, wire, and rope."

Vemeon raspily says, "I will spin for ten because there are an awful lot of you. If I have time, I will spin for ten more afterward."

Vemeon removes a thin vaalin ice pick from in his grey cloth pouch.

Vemeon raspily says, "If anyone is chosen who does not want work, well that's just one less person until I spin again."

Vemeon raspily says, "But it might behoove you to step out if you do not wish the service."

Vemeon raspily says, "To be clear, I am ONLY working on the items sold in my shop that come from the silver trunk."

Vemeon spins his vaalin ice pick.

{I was one of the ten selected}

The vaalin ice pick comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
The vaalin ice pick spins about, seeking for yet another...

I purchased a twisted black metal wire adorned with small onyx spheres and had it lovingly transformed into a contorted vaalin strap with blackened kobold-femur handle.

One of the benefits of getting this work done was that it allowed a whiling away of time before the start of the advertised 'toss a cherry' game. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this game did not take place. The gems host Bewick did not turn up. No explanation was provided and so tourists wandered about aimlessly asking: "do you know there the cherry toss will take place?" and "Have I missed the cherry toss?"


I played my first game of Whuid and seek. Now bear in mind that I didn't really know Whuid before today. But he has to be one of the funniest, hardworking people I have ever met. Cimmerina grabbed my hand and took me to Turtle Lane, where a group had amassed for Whuid.

Also here: Cimmorina, Great Lord Meeshach, Zoler who is sitting, Karibeth, Katry, Adrii, Atreau, Darqwolf, Kizalia, Kodachii, Fremie, Jodia, Telsas, High Lady Akoe, Hildin, Jeril, Faulkil who is sitting, Durai, Grand Lady Jeria, Eilithyia, Lady Kyaloria, Squire Legionnaire Nihrvanah, Huckster Whuid who is sitting, Attalia who is sitting, Maeriel, Koikai who is sitting, Great Lady Rendena, Lady Saevia, Squire Legionnaire Vilorcasdra

You see Huckster Whuid.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He is tiny and appears to be very young. He has brooding crystal blue eyes and olive skin. He has cropped, unruly auburn hair. He has a weathered face and a pronounced jawline.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a broad-brimmed red felt hat, a crystal amulet, a rich purple woolen backpack, a sleeveless beaded leather tunic, a tasselled beadwork pouch, some royal purple wool trousers, and a pair of felt-lined shoes.

Speaking politely in Elven to Whuid, Nihrvanah says something you don't understand. Whuid giggles.

Whuid walks towards Nihrvanah.

Whuid says, "Yuu speek funnies."

Whuid turns around.

Whuid asks, "So wat every ones doins taday?"

Whuid says, "Whuid glad ta see so many peeples."

Whuid says, "Whuid tired from workin so much."

Whuid says, "I been at da beach for last few days."

Whuid exclaims, "I likes it!"

Whuid says, "I visited Akela and Kynan's place."

Whuid says, "Tried ta teach me to sing, doh not too goods."

Whuid says, "Dey nice peeples."

Whuid asks, "Everyones like da place here?"

Speaking to Whuid, Kyaloria says, "The library is very nice."

Whuid says, "Oo, i have not been dere yet."

Whuid says, "Peeples so nice here, hard to not like it."

Whuid asks, "So where yuu peeples froms anyways?"

Whuid says, "Da elven places peeple mean ta Whuid."

Whuid sniffs.

Whuid says, "And peoples abouts dat human places steps on me and treat me like I lower den dems."

Whuid exclaims, "He ta tank for Whuid doin so much here!"

Whuid points at Vender.

Vender says, "I am starting to think, yer triplets or soemthing."

Whuid says, "Oh getting back my energy."

Whuid says, "Slowly."

Vender says, "Wow, I want to see yas at full power."

Whuid grins at Vender.

Whuid says, "Whuid knows good magicks, tries help peeples, but can defend himself and friends if I has tas."

Speaking to Whuid, Fleurs asks, "Will you show us some magicks?"

Whuid says, "Sure.."

Whuid says, "Okies folks stand back."

Whuid asks, "Ready?"

Fleurs nods to Whuid.

Fleurs exclaims, "Ready!"

Whuid flashes a wide grin.

Whuid cracks his knuckles!

Whuid glances at Fleurs with a devilish grin and claps his hands together causing a gust of wind to blow through and take her high up in the sky, then suddenly the wind dies down causing her to free fall towards those gathered at an amazing speed. Faster and faster she falls, until just a moment before impact Whuid snaps his fingers and she stops inches above the ground and is gently set down.

Whuid giggles.

Whuid exclaims, "Weee!"

Whuid snaps his fingers and a staff appears in a shower of sparks out of thin air and lands in Whuid's waiting hand.

Kyaloria removes some polished ivory dice with emerald green pips from in her grey wool dice bag.

Whuid accepts Kyaloria's ivory dice.

Whuid exclaims, "Dice!"

Whuid rattles his ivory dice and lets them fly! They ricochet and bounce off the ground, making quite a clatter. The dice finally settle and show a nine of swords, a king of sceptres, a ten of crowns, a ten of gems, and an eight of crowns. Whuid quickly scoops the dice back up into his hand.

>roshambo whui paper
You hold your hand out towards Whuid, palm upward and holding your other hand which is balled into a fist, inviting him to roshambo.
You and Whuid pound your fists in your open palms three times...

You make the symbol for paper!
Whuid makes the symbol for scissors!
...Whuid wins!
Whuid lets out a cheer!

A raspy voice whispers, "The new lockpick raffle has been set up in The Rogue Within, ticket price is five thousand silvers." The voice fades with a phlegmy cough.

Whuid exclaims, "Dere is the raffle!"

Whuid exclaims, "Hide and seek!"

Whuid stands up.

Whuid traces a series of glowing runes while chanting an arcane phrase...
Whuid gestures.
Whuid suddenly disappears.

[I confess to be useless at searching and spent 10 minutes looking for Whuid - I eventually stumbled on him.]

[Eastern Harbor, Sandy Peninsula]

Whuid exclaims, "Okies, got ta makes sure ya tag me!"

{{there followed multiple tapping of whuid}}

Whuid asks, "Where to hide?"

Whuid exclaims, "Okies Whuid gives ya a word ta say dat make him visible!"

Whuid rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Faulkil asks, "Tart?"

Speaking to Whuid, Faulkil says, "That's a good word."

Whuid exclaims, "Whuid will go some place and stay visible!"

Whuid says, "Dis time." Whuid says, "Okies, I go some place and tells ya when I am ready."

You softly say, "We're going to be saying 'tart' in every room - could get us into trouble."

{there then followed a hilarious 15 minutes of people going into every room saying 'Tart' - I found Whuid in the alley - after he gave us the clue.. 'I'm near an alley'}

You lightly tap Whuid on the shoulder.

Whuid giggles at you.

Whuid asks, "If Whuid decides ta do more, not saying he will, do yuu all tink if ya picked ya will know wats ya wants done right away?"

{Everyone nodded and we all joined Whuid who took us back to the beach}

Whuid spins his mistwood staff.
The mistwood staff comes to a stop pointing directly at Farliegh, Cappyn, Prion, Attalia and Corlyne!
Whuid recovers the mistwood staff and says, "Congratulations Farliegh, Cappyn, Prion, Attalia and Corlyne!"

{Whilst working, Tolomyn arrived}}

Speaking to Whuid, Tolomyn says, "Quite the crowd, it would seem."

Whuid giggles.

Whuid says, "Should seen earlier."

Tolomyn says, "I can only imagine."

Tolomyn says, "Strolling, for a few minutes still. Then I suppose we'll see."

Whuid says, "All dese folks be wanting Whuid ta works for ems, but only picked five and did a game for two who founds me."

Whuid says, "Oh, he does great tingies."

Speaking to Whuid, Tolomyn says, "Well, I certainly wouldn't want to take customers from your belt-pouch."

Whuid grins.

Whuid says, "Last two."

Tolomyn says, "When I finish my stroll then."

Tolomyn says, "I'll return shortly."

Whuid says, "Tanks yuu sir."

Lord Tolomyn just went northwest.

{Tolomyn returns 10 minutes later}

You see Lord Tolomyn Ifen Faendryl.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is very tall and appears to be young. He has small grey eyes and dusky hematite skin. He has long, silver-touched black hair that cascades down his back in tumbled waves. He has a delicate face and a chiseled bone structure.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a slender eahnor walking stick in his right hand.
He is wearing a grey silk cravat pinned with a tiny firestone heart, a black leather vest, a long-sleeved grey dress shirt, a pair of creased grey wool trousers, and some narrow black leather shoes.

Tolomyn leans on his walking stick, which sinks slightly into the sand. He frowns.

Whuid offers Corlyne a smoky obsidian chiffon gown linked across the open back with strands of hematite cabochons.

Speaking to Whuid, Tolomyn says, "That dress is too long for you."

Whuid giggles at Tolomyn.

Whuid says, "Was not fer me silly."

Speaking to Whuid, Tolomyn says, "I'm not judging, mind you."

Whuid says, "Mmhmmm."

Whuid says, "Time ta sleep."

Whuid nods to Tolomyn.

Whuid says, "Tanks yuu alss, good ta see yas."

{Whuid leaves...}

Tolomyn says, "I will be spinning in groups of fifteen. After that fifteen, I will announce prior to spinning. "

Tolomyn says, "Should I be accosted or derided by any customer, I will depart. This island and its environs have bad memories for me, and I won't stay where I feel I'm in danger again."

Tolomyn says, "I feel it better to tell you that in advance."

Tolomyn says, "All work costs a flat 10,000 silvers. I can draw from the various banks."

Tolomyn says, "To be clear, again, I work on almost anything, which means I can lighten, deepen, change how something looks, change how you look..."

{On the 11th spin the following happens...}

Tolomyn spins his eahnor walking stick.
The eahnor walking stick comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
The eahnor walking stick spins about, seeking for yet another...

Tolomyn recovers the eahnor walking stick and says, "Congratulations, all!"

{I cheer of course - am so excited.}

As I wait for my turn - near the end of the pecking order I hear the following:

Picture of Dice

You sense you have just won a raffle for "A set of "trick" dice.

You softly say, "Oh wow."

Fremie just arrived.
Fremie screams at you!
Fremie exclaims, "You won!"
You grin at Fremie.
Fremie leans on you.
Fremie sticks out his tongue and lets loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from his lips!

You softly say, "Well amazing." Fremie asks, "So when ya givin me those dice?"

Fremie snickers.

You softly ask, "Do they come to me?"

Fremie says, "No."

Speaking softly to Tolomyn, you ask, "Am I ok to get my raffle win?"

You softly say, "Don't wanna lose my spot."

Cimmorina says, "He said you could come and go, I believe."

Cimmorina nods to you.

{I wander to collect my prize}

[Eastern Harbor, Cormorant Lane]
Strong, acrid scents rise from the surf as it crashes against a low stone wall that separates the southern edge of the street from the waters of the harbor. Sandwiched between two buildings, a small alley provides quick access to the north, while a sandy pathway leads to the beaches in the east. Wild ducks, their sporadic quacking filling the air, swim in the cool waters and occassionally beg for treats. You also see a battered antique faewood crate, a raffle table with some stuff on it, a round celestial blue pavilion, an iron-banded driftwood cart with some stuff on it and a golden canvas tent.
Also here : Chump, Lucos, Zuzana, Gostahl, Eleanore, Stinkypaw, Great Lord Taverynn, Ravashaak, Lady Kyaloria, Durai, Eilithyia, Vidona, Lord Farliegh, Jerlon, Kateerina, Morchal, Faulkil who is sitting, Tayte, Ascaris, Aneris

>l gos

You see Gostahl Garamo the Swindling Gambler.
He appears to be a Human.
He is taller than average and appears to be in the spring of life. He has piercing grey eyes and pale skin. He has long, flowing platinum white hair which is slightly spiked. He has a vertical scar over his right eye.
He has an inked deck of cards tattoo displaying only four jesters on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a pair of black onyx dice in his right hand.
He is wearing a black velvet frock coat trimmed in gold and purple, a fitted white silk shirt, a purple silk hip-sash, a glossy ebonwood scabbard, a pair of black leather breeches, and a pair of white leather boots trimmed in purple. Gostahl whispers, "Know how you want them to look?"

You quietly whisper to Gostahl, "- is this ok? smooth kobold bone dice with vibrant quartz pips."

(OOC) Gostahl's player whispers to the group, "The verbs are RUB to change the dice' side, GRIP to roll one die. WHISPER DICE # # to load them. SHAKE to remove the loading."

Gostahl offers you a pair of smooth kobold bone dice with vibrant quartz pips.

You accept Gostahl's offer and are now holding a pair of smooth kobold bone dice with vibrant quartz pips.

You turn to Gostahl and cheer!

You quietly whisper to Gostahl, "My thanks."

Gostahl exclaims, "Where is our last winner!"

Gostahl grumbles.

{I return with time to spare to receive work from Tolomyn}

Tolomyn turns to face you.

You quietly whisper to Tolomyn, "- a feature alteration if you please - a healthy vibrance to her sun-tanned skin."

Tolomyn whispers, "I need you to take off your hair altering item, please."

You carefully remove your headband from your deep red hair and return it to its original style.

Tolomyn whispers, "Do you want that as your complexion, or as a distinguishing mark?"

You quietly whisper to Tolomyn, "As complexion please."

Tolomyn whispers, "Please blush?"

You blush a glowing shade of red.

Speaking to you, Tolomyn says, "Thank you, madam."

You smile at Tolomyn.

You position your headband on your head, careful to arrange your shoulder length deep red hair around it.

You remove a Mist Harbor promissory note from in your sage green bodice.

You offer your promissory note to Tolomyn, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer.

Tolomyn has declined the offer.

Speaking to you, Tolomyn says, "You're paid for."

{After playing with the dice a little I retired for the evening, smiling and elated.}

WHUID AGAIN - 23 of Phoenatos

One of the annoying things about getting an alteration to your features is not having a mirror to admire the handy work. So one of the first things I did upon rising on this day was to go to the nearest public mirror in shear delight to view my complexion..

You look at yourself carefully in the silver mirror...

....has deep-set dark eyes and a healthy vibrance to her sun-tanned skin. {perfect if I did say so myself}

The next thing I did was to mark all my nearly acquired items to prevent inadvertent selling to the pawnshop. Then I did the obligatory rounds around town. I am so glad that I did.

[Eastern Harbor, Approach]
Wide cobblestone steps fall in a gentle progression from the white picket fence that separates Mist Harbor proper from the Eastern Harbor to the streets below. Following the curve and contrast of the winding stairs are tile-inlaid planters, the vibrant vegetation filling them displayed in a rainbow pattern. Lamp posts wrought in the image of shepherd's crooks, their quiescent windows glinting in the sunlight, are evenly spaced amid the plants. You also see a long-haired pure white panther and a raven-hued angular tent.
Also here: Seashimmer, Huckster Whuid, Great Lady Rendena

You smile at Whuid.

Whuid waves to you.

Speaking softly to Whuid, you ask, "More games today?"

Whuid says, "Umm, Whuid do more games maybe later."

Whuid says, "She be nice ta Whuid."

Whuid says, "Dat on dere be wanting Whuid ta do nice tingies for."

You nod to Whuid.

Whuid asks, "Yuu knows her?"

Whuid peers quizzically at Seashimmer.

Speaking to Whuid, Seashimmer asks, "She's going to do nice things for you?"

Whuid says, "No no, she wants Whuid ta do nice tingies for hers."

Whuid giggles.

Seashimmer says, "Ah."

Seashimmer says, "No, I'm afraid we're not acquainted."

Whuid says, "Whuid needs ta finds someone who knows her doh."

Seashimmer curtsies to you.

Whuid says, "Cause he no works for meanies."

Seashimmer asks, "Oh?"

Seashimmer asks, "Ah, you're looking for a character reference?"

Whuid nods to Seashimmer.
Whuid nods to Seashimmer.

You take off a Warrior Guild Master pin.

You show Whuid your Master pin.

Whuid squints at you.

Whuid's jaw drops.

You softly say, "Identification."

Whuid exclaims, "Warriors!"

Whuid frets.

Whuid exclaims, "Dey try ta squish Whuid!"

Whuid quickly ducks behind Seashimmer.

Whuid sniffs.

Whuid exclaims, "Pwease do not let her squishes Whuid!"

You softly say, "Nay - am a Teras Isle Warrior - we all hold hands and skip nekked up the Volcano."

You softly say, "Ye safe."

Seashimmer vaguely says, "Well, she looks pleasant enough. Deep-set eyes, that's a sign of a thoughtful nature. Mud on her face, shows she's not afraid to get dirty. Tanned skin, a sign of clean, healthful living. Shows she wouldn't object to cleaning it off again."

Seashimmer nods to Whuid.

You grin at Seashimmer.

Whuid tilts his head up.

Whuid peers quizzically at Seashimmer.

Seashimmer dubiously says, "Skip. . .naked. . .up to the Volcano."

Whuid asks, "So she be okies ta do nice tingies fer?"

Speaking to you, Seashimmer says, "I'm not sure you're helping your case here."

Speaking solemnly to Whuid, Seashimmer says, "I think so."

Whuid steps out from behind Seashimmer and moves forward cautiously.

Whuid says, "Okies..."

You turn towards Seashimmer and render a sharp hand salute.

Seashimmer says, "But if she makes any sudden moves toward a volcano, I wouldn't follow her. Not unless your balance is very, very good."

Whuid says, "But I no working on anyting from da Warriors guild, dey got very mads with me last times."

Whuid agrees with Seashimmer.

Whuid giggles.

Whuid says, "Dem warriors in da, what did dat person call the place.."

Whuid ponders.

Whuid exclaims, "Da landing!"

Whuid says, "Dat was it."

Whuid exclaims, "Dey tried squishes Whuid!"

Whuid says, "So I useded my magicks on dems."

Whuid nods.
Whuid sniffs.
You rub Whuid.

Whuid says, "Okies Whuid do some work."

Seashimmer asks, "Ah, what sort of work?"

Whuid exclaims, "Whuid can do all sorts tingies!"

{whuid takes us all to his favourite spot}

Whuid waves to a surf.
Whuid breathes in slightly.
Whuid slowly empties his lungs.

Whuid exclaims, "I likes it here!"

Whuid sits down.

Whuid says, "Okies, yuu alls knows whats ya wants done? Get ya ideas readies."

Whuid exclaims, "We go quicks!"

You offer your oily rag to Whuid, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer.

Whuid giggles at you.

Whuid has accepted your offer and is now holding an oily rag.

You snicker.

Whuid says, "Could not wait any longer."

Whuid tickles you.

You quietly whisper to Whuid, "A sweat-stained oily rag with embedded with metal filaments."

You giggle at Whuid.

You softly say, "Was that fast enough."

Whuid giggles.

Speaking softly to Whuid, you say, "Ye have to play another game of Whuid and seek later though even if ye not doing work - that was fun."

Whuid giggles at you.

Whuid says, "Some folks no good at searching."

Speaking softly to Whuid, you say, "Just dont make ye hiding place require the use of a boat to find ye - I pedal like a rolton with one leg."

Whuid says, "I would not be means like dat."

Whuid nods to you.

Seashimmer says, "How well does a rolton with one leg pedal? I've never seen one."

Speaking softly to Seashimmer, you say, "Goes in circles."

Seashimmer asks, "Does a rolton with four legs pedal appreciably better?"

Whuid clasps his hands over the rag and blows into them causing a bright blue glow to form.
After a few moments the glow fades and Whuid opens his hands to show the rag has changed.
Whuid beams!

Whuid taps a sweat-stained oily rag embedded with tiny metal filaments, which is in his right hand.
Whuid taps a sweat-stained oily rag embedded with tiny metal filaments, which is in his right hand.

You softly say, "Yeay."

You remove a Mist Harbor promissory note from in your sage green bodice.
You offer your promissory note to Whuid, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer.

You softly say, "Thanks so much."

Whuid says, "No no, Whuid do dis round free."

You softly ask, "Then if ye nay take cash can I offer ye this...?"

You accept Whuid's offer and are now holding a sweat-stained oily rag embedded with tiny metal filaments.
You attach a sweat-stained oily rag embedded with tiny metal filaments to your leather wand belt.
You lightly tug the drawstrings on your pouch and widen the opening.
You remove a cloud-etched emerald from in your white linen pouch.

Whuid exclaims, "Ooo!"

You softly say, "First ever gem I did this to."

Seashimmer says, "That's lovely."

Whuid beams!

You softly say, "So has meaning to me."

You offer your emerald to Whuid, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer.

Whuid says, "Yuu keeps."

Whuid nods to you.

Whuid smiles.

You softly say, "Thanks - will look at this oily sweat-stained rag and think of you Whuid."

You softly say, "Wait... that didn't come out right."

Seashimmer blinks at you.

You grin at Whuid.

Seashimmer says, ". . .very kind of you."

You softly say, "Ye know what I mean."

Speaking softly to Whuid, you say, "Ye go great work - fine detail."

You softly say, "Oh and thanks for vouching for me."

You grin at Seashimmer.

Speaking dryly to you, Seashimmer says, "Try not to prove me wrong."

Whuid snaps his fingers and a flash of emerald light comes from within Bremerial's pouch.

Whuid giggles.

Whuid whispers, "Look at da emerald."

You remove a cloud-etched emerald from in your white linen pouch.

Looking closely at the emerald you barely notice what appears to be a tiny halfling waving back at you from atop the cloud.

You softly say, "Awww that's the best memory."

You grin at Whuid.

Whuid smiles.

Whuid exclaims, "Now ya can tink of Whuid too!"

Whuid says, "I always be close."

You nod to Whuid.

Whuid nods.

You softly ask, "Does this mean I always win the Whuid and seek games?"

Whuid giggles.

{I sit and watch the amazing Whuid at work for a while longer.}

Speaking softly to Whuid, you say, "Hope to see ye later after ye rested - gonna practice my searching skills."

Whuid nods to you.

You beam happily at Whuid!

Whuid exclaims, "Good lucks!"

You stand back up.

Myharl waves to you.
Darqwolf waves to you.

Darqwolf says, "Have a great morning."

{I take a stroll around the town, returning sometime later to find Whuid STILL working!! I purchase some icecream for him from

Whuid exclaims, "Ooo no no!"

Whuid says, "I eat dat, I will be riding da winds forever."

You softly say, "Ewww."

Whuid says, "No silly."

Whuid a gust of wind blows through the area.

Whuid says, "Dat."

You softly say, "Ahhhh."

You chuckle.

Whuid says, "Whuid goes now, but will be back this evening."

Whuid hugs you.
Whuid waves.
{{The rest of the day was spent relaxing and waiting... Although conversations had were stimulating, nothing else happened for the day apart from some hunting back on the Isle and I retired early.}}

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