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personal - GemStone IV Grawood Farmstead's Spring Festival


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Grawood Farm Spring Festival


On the Day of the Huntress,14 Ivastaen, 5110 the township of Grawood opened itself up to revellers from far and wide. This was the beginning of a week long celebration entitled the Grawood Farmstead's Spring Festival. I spotted a ragged poster hanging precariously to one of the town boards on Teras.

Welcome to Grawood Farmstead's Spring Festival!

Hop down off the wagon, stretch your legs for a spell, and get yourself a nice glass of lemonade. The whole town's here and glad to see you. It's a special time, you know. The crops are ripening, the flowers are blooming, and marriage is in the air! Grab a seat by the bonfire to watch the romance unfold as the groom decides between his FOUR (yes, four ... you can feel sorry for him) potential brides, and they vie for his affections. Can you even imagine!?

If it gets too hot for you around the bonfire, you can spend your time rolling in the hay (but watch out for the needles), trying to out-climb the other climbers of the maypole, kiss a frog to find your own prince or princess, or you can even take a dip in the dunking booths. There's no shortage of fun to be had! Games, romance, and plenty of alcohol for the sampling at the distillery. Come on down to the farm and join in!

Grawood Festival  Map - Copyright @ Simutronics 2010

Making the Decision to Go to the festival

I have to admit that I was not particuarly interested in travelling to River Rest for this festival. This was a town I have never visited and had no interest in visiting. I sat and thought about whether I should attend. On Feastday 15 Ivastaen, I wandered to my normal spot on Dragonspine and Krodera and noted that there were still quite a number of people lounging by the statue.

You softly say, "Surprised to see so many still here."
Shimmerain raspily says, "Waiting to hear if its worth it."

A few hunts later, having mulled over the idea a little more I went to see what time the ship sailed for Wehnimer. Three hours! I thought for a moment and then decided I might pay the festival a visit. I mused openingly about my intentions.

You softly say, "I've got three hours then taking the boat to that festival."
Aloula blinks.
You softly say, "Who wants to bet I miss the boat due to death."
Aloula asks, "Festival?"
Aloula works her fingers under her silk wizard's hat and scratches her head.
You softly say, "There's a festival by Rivers Rest."
Aloula says, "Ooh that's a long trek."
Aloula grins.
You chuckle.
You softly say, "Tell me about it. Isle to boat, boat to landing, Landing to Solhaven, Solhaven to boat, boat to Rivers Rest, Rivers Rest to cart, Cart to festival."
You chuckle.
Aloula says, "Well, hopefully it'll be worth it..."
You softly say, "Well will spend a day there at least."
You grin.
You softly say, "Am going for the ale."
Aloula exclaims, "You have to, after such a long trip!"
Aloula chuckles.

And when that conversation was ended I hunted until I  heard the dockworkers call for boarding. I made my way to the Glaesen Star to begin the journey to the festival.

Making the Decision to Go to the festival

[Wehnimer's, South Wharf] - Feastday, day 15 of Ivastaen
I arrived the the Landing with some degree of excitement I must confess. This had been my home for a considerable number of years and the prospect of returning was somewhat exciting. I had intended to listen in to public conversations and to gain a sense of my old town. However as i wandered the streets and alleys I became acutely aware that I was a stranger here. Many of the people whom I had known, had long since gone. I was no longer a part of the town. It was a shame.. but there it was.

I ventured to the bank for some money - how strange it was to have a note and not a script - and made my way to the gate to begin the walk to Solhaven.

Quite by chance I stumbled on Drung,  an old old friend. Drung introduced me to a member of his expanding family - Saati. It was good to see a familiar face. We talked briefly and then parted with a hug and a wave. I then stepped through the north gates and began my way to Solhaven.

I had only been to Solhaven a couple of times in my life. However the way there was as clear to me as it had been all those years ago. Indeed, the journey seemed shorter than I had remembered. Within no time at all I was standing on the Bayside Road. However I had no idea where to get the boat to River Rest.

I rubbed my crystal amulet gingerly and let the thoughts of others flood my mind. Well that was the idea at least. It was as quiet as the grave. I called for assistance. None came. I waited a moment and called again. Still no assistance. I uttered a few curses .. something about the ancestry of Solhaven inhabitants and asked for the third time. This time Gasparr came to my assistance, giving me the information I needed and doing much more. He took me to where I needed to catch the boat. Only a warrior could be so generous!

I have to say that I was disgusted at the price of travel. Twenty four thousand silvers for a poxy boat ride! But having come so far, it would have been churlish to have not paid the ticket price. And so I waited with others - Tdem, Gasparr, Wintrel, Cimmorina, Sir Cryheart, Ichiko, and Ravaidin - at Glok's pier for the boat to arrive. The boat ride was interesting, only because it was my first boat trip to Rivers Rest. Betting on cockroaches and listening to the songs of the sailors helped to pass the time. Although my mind was focussed somewhat on my participation at a festival I did have time to have some fun at the expense of the ship's crew.

You glance at the smuggler Knaydl.
You softly ask, "Is it true ye have a sheep in every port?"
Cryheart laughs at you!
You grin.
Cryheart says, "Dinnae upset the captain. Ye might get thrown overboard."
Cryheart nods to you.
You softly say, "Actually dat is goot advice."
Cryheart glances at the smuggler Knaydl.

How long were we on the boat? 10 minutes - 20? More. I have no idea. However the dropping of the anchor heralded our arrival at Rivers Rest. I disembarked with my fellows and followed them through reeds and over a bridge to the assembly area for Grawood. I have to admit that Rivers Rest at first sight, seemed a very parochial town. Quite quaint really with it's little rivers, roads and shady paths..

I stood with Cryheart in a forested area near to a hitching post, endeavouring to find out how to summon the cart to the festival. The suddenly in a moment of inspiration I found myself in a wagon.

As you step aboard the wagon, the driver turns toward you, grinning as he says, "Hey, neighbor! How ya doin'? Why don-t-cha just go on and get cozy back there, since we ain't stopping 'til we get ta where we're going. Time to move!" He winks with an overabundant zeal, then turns his head away and clicks his tongue loudly, snapping the reins in his hands as he does so. Within seconds, you feel the wagon jolt forward.

The journey was relatively short. I remember straw, jolts from the wagon and the sense that all the scenery was merging into one big sea of green.

Your sense of time is all askew, especially now that everything you pass looks the same -- grassy prairie stretching as far as the eye can see in every single direction. A few copses of trees and the intermittent tiny village or lone cottage are all that break the tedium of passage. Still, the wagon moves forward, the driver now humming a quick-paced, jaunty melody. As the wagon comes to a halt, two rugged men dressed as farmhands reach out their hands and pull you out from between the mounds of hay. They call up to the driver, "Your charge is out! You can make another run now!" The driver looks back at you and waves before snapping the reins and moving away.

After an incredibly long journey, I had arrived. I was here. In Grawood!

Arrival at the festival

[Grawood Farmstead, Meadow]

The first sight to greet me was a long wooden hitching post, adorned at its ends by wreaths of bright flowers and ribbons that fluttered in the slightest breeze. I glanced about me, my thoughts being interrupted as those with whom I had travelled on the cutter were helped off their respective carts. I began to walk east - which seemed the only obvious route - past goats and meandering meadows. It was amazing how many wild flowers there were. I genuinely cannot remember seeing so many flowers in one place, anywhere. My eyes wandered to a skillfully built sign edged in scrollwork and supported by a pair of painted wooden posts.

"Grawood Farmstead Est. 4869 Population: 526,"

Although the sign was neat and tidy, someone had marked out 526 and replaced it beneath with 528 in sloppy black paint that was unlikely to be the writing of the sign's original craftsman. I couldn't help but chuckle. Not to be disparaging of my former Wehnimer colleagues, but I found it amazing that no one had actually defaced the sign by now. Still, this was only the second day of the festival. There was still time.

I made my way north-east, and was on the outskirts of the town. I then began to explore, searching barns, and shops and handling corn dolls and lengths of rope. Very rural. Almost by chance I came across an area with a raffle table and hoards of people seated around it.

[Grawood Farmstead, Meadow]
Sections of split-rail fence create an enclosure with openings that lead to the very heart of the town. Sitting very near several of the openings are large, iron-bound barrels full of water. Smaller buckets sit stacked beside each, apparently kept in the interest of safety as even here, the scent of wood smoke You also see see a raffle table with some stuff on it, a painted modwir sign and a battered oak wagon painted with heraldic crests. Also here: Great Lord Lykalaq, Great Lord Brambultalc, Jadrie, Antalya, Rendena, Zermese, Laku, Wintrel, Captain Harkogin, Lady Alimarri, Finnygan, Futtilo, Mystiarra, Lady Aielwyn, Jennora, Lady Kiesha, Archales, Avalera, Vrairdrick, Xdo, Great Lord Bonespirit, Shimeria, Telsas, Jodia, Sthos, Maleisse, Nadale, Lord Vandraxas, Lady Fernalee, Vender, Jorvil, Greng, Great Lord Meeshach, Myztyk, Philomel, Halimeda, Lady Misun, Guarrin, Lord Raju, Caitachal
Obvious paths: northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest

I read the wording on one of the tickets to gain some sense of what was happening here.

The raffle is for "A self-contained recurrence loop with 3 separate forms, provided the item in question does not have magic that would interfere with it.".
The tickets sell for 1000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 1 hour and 9 minutes for 1 winner.

I confess that I had no idea what this meant and sought some clarification. Then came a response that set the tone for the festival for me.

You softly ask, "Ok what's a reoccurrence loop?"
Speaking to you, Harkogin exclaims, "What's a damn sign!"
Harkogin grumbles.
Harkogin says, "I hate cityfolk."

I know it is wrong to base your opinion of a whole on a single experience. However that rude taciturn response changed anticipation of a festival to a desire to leave. And they say City Folk are rude! I lingered for a moment and then left the area, extremely annoyed.

My exploration of the town after that was somewhat cursory. I saw the maypole and glanced at the scores attained by people who had tried to climb it.

You read carefully the scoreboard.
*** The Current Standings ***
| ____ The Current Round ____ |
| Taebaek ________ 9.3 |
| Rlen ___________ 9.2 |
| Kizun __________ 9.2 |
| Vender _________ 9.2 |
| Safphire ________ 9.2 |
| Ayas __________ 9.2 |
| Kethore ________ 9.1 |
| Oddr __________ 9.1 |
| Jodia __________ 9.1 |
| Helsfeld ________ 9.0 |
| Rusteek ________ 9.0 |
| Kyaloria ________ 9.0 |
| Chisandra ______ 9.0 |
| Zuzana ________ 8.8 |
| Theram ________ 8.8 |
| Arkalm ________ 8.8 |
| Kout __________ 8.7 |
| Hypolita _______ 8.6 |
| Vandraxas ______ 8.6 |
| Drigore ________ 8.3 |

I did manage to find a pub with some ale in it and sat in the pub drowning my sorrows. That is about all I remember of that day. I wallowed in ale until I eventually passed out in the loft of the Pitchfork Pub.

Last shopping day at the Festival

When I awoke it was with a sense of optimism about the coming day. I was determined my to allow my previous day's experience with one person, affect the rest of my day. That being said, I could not think of anything to keep me from going back to my cherished Isle. I decided to have a wander again around the town and began my final day's investigation of stores and tents and cottages and barns. My intent was to leave with a souvenir of my time here. I was tempted to purchase some fishing gear but decided against it. I eventually bought a blanket, a cylindrical case and a new journal to recount my continuing story.

One thing that I am glad about it that  I tried to climb the maypole. I was far to heavy to exercise any skill but I think that would have been a regret had I left without an attempt.

You approach the pole with an air of confidence. With one mighty leap you scale the first third. Suddenly friction gives way, sending you sliding back down to the ground.
A small chuckle flurries through the crowd.
The judges make some quick notes and hold up their scorecards...

2.9, 2.5, 3.2, 3.7, 3.3
Average is 3.1
Roundtime: 20 sec

That was my final act at the festival. I made my way west back to the hitching post and took the first cart available back to Rivers Rest. My festival was over.

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