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personal - GemStone IV diary


Diary - Volume 1Diary - Volume 2Diary - Volume ThreeDiary - Volume FourDiary - Volume FiveDiary - Volume SixDiary - Volume SevenScroll detailing the names of Bremerial's friends and acquaintances   

Diary - Volume EightDiary - Volume NineDiary - Volume TenDiary - Volume ElevenDiary - Volume TwelveDiary - Volume ThirteenDiary - Volume FourteenDiary - Volume Fifteen   Ghorsa Borthuum Chronicals

[Bremerial's Room]
You enter Bremerial's room. This is simple room, smelling faintly of stale coffee. It is sparsely decorated, with wooden floors and a stone wall, devoid of adornments, save a crude hand drawn map of the Landing Warrior Guild. In front of a small wooden desk are several simple chairs, presumably for guests.

On top of the coffee stained desk you see several volumes of Bremerial's personal diaries. Volumes 1-5 of the diaries relate to to pre-cap activities and all other volumes relate to post cap issues and activities. You also see upon the desk  scrolls containing a list of the most memorable contacts made. Somewhat out of place in one corner of the room is an intricately carved bookcase, roughly the height of a dwarf, with three books upon the top shelf. Peering at the books you notice the titles are 'Useful reference guides for warriors. You also see a bucket and shabby curtain.

Obvious exits: out

I've got the assistance of Volcanis to complete some of my training. He is a warrior much older than I but has mastered in tackle and warcry which should be of considerable help. I will begin saving the metal boxes I find from critters too. Batter skill requires me to open more and more metal boxes and I am finding that they are surprisingly as rare as hen's teeth.

Well I've gone from hunting in the Secluded Valley where the moaning spirits reside, to the Pookas. I have been lucky to find two people who have been kind enough to give me advice. Thanks Hamehela and Seerende. Current train is 29.

You attempt to kick a ghostly pooka!
MB: 206 vs MB: 30 = 176 -- Gain advantage!
Hard to follow! Fantastic position.
THT 62, d100 roll: 97, modified: 273
and hits for 42 points of damage!
... +25 extra hits. Double spin flying roundhouse shatters skull and turns brain to jelly. Foe dies instantly!
You hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separates itself from the ghostly pooka's body as it rises, disappearing into the heavens.
The ghostly pooka ceases all attempts at movement.
The dim aura fades from around a ghostly pooka.

This is a sound that you certainly don't want to hear!
You hear a loud *POP* come from your muscles!

It's basically the sound of my muscle popping whilst tackling. I must remember to watch my stamina when tackling!

I am just beginning to realise that my training is going quite well. I can hunt in offensive stance 90% of the time which is great for guild work. I think that is primarily due to damage reduction -(REDUX). The damage I receive is minimal compared to the risks I take, and I think the benefits of REDUX are only 'just' starting to kick in.

Whilst standing.......

A spectral miner eyes flare with evil red light!

A spectral miner swings a mining pick at you!
AS: +346 vs DS: +268 with AvD: +37 + d100 roll: +89 = +204
... and hits for 17 points of damage!
Jarring blow to your back.

Whilst Prone.....

A spectral miner swings a mining pick at you!
AS: +261 vs DS: +179 with AvD: +37 + d100 roll: +90 = +209
... and hits for 19 points of damage!
Blow leaves an imprint on your chest!

With a bit of stance dancing thrown in I could do even better.

Well I took a very short break from hunting and guild work to submit to the town council my own plans for the redesign of the Thrax room. I am no architect of course but hopefully the plans will meet with the approval of the town council. it would be wonderful to sit in a room of my own design.

I've made a decision to purchase some imflass plate armor. At 52 pounds (minimum), I suspect that I won't be wearing it anytime soon. However, it's good to plan for the future. I reckon that 140 ranks in armor train should more than do it.

Well they say that first impressions are important. Just met an idiot called Prine who moaned about my smoking on the miners ledge.

Well I have mastered my first skill. Am now a tackle master!

You ask Bertrandt about getting promoted to your next rank in Tackle.
Bertrandt completes the promotion ritual and says, "Congratulations, Bremerial, for mastering this skill!".

Today I also bonded with my weapon for the first time.

" You hold your vultite dwarven warblade up in offering and mutter some prayers to Lorminstra. After a moment of silence, a pure golden shaft of light springs forth from your vultite dwarven warblade and bathes you in its glow. Images of the vultite dwarven warblade from its moment of creation to the present flash before your eyes in quick succession. As the images and shaft of light fade away, you feel heavily drained but somehow more spiritually attuned to the vultite dwarven warblade."

Murgin nominates you for the office of Guild Master.
Warex nominates you for the office of Guild Master.
Bernadette nominates you for the office of Guild Master.
Shirkon nominates you for the office of Guild Master.
Burak nominates you for the office of Guild Master.

You ask Bertrandt about getting promoted to Guild Master.

Bertrandt completes the promotion ritual and says, "Congratulations, Bremerial, for achieving Guild Master status! We trust you'll serve your guild well."

Thrak's Inn Trophy Room Contest Winners!

I can't believe it! I looked on the boards to confirm the following:
As announced by Mayor Stennis at last night's town assembly meeting, the winners of the Thrak's Inn Trophy Room remodeling contest are:

Grand Prize winner: Opheleeah
Alternate Prize winners: Bremerial, Zabarieth, Missoni, and Satira.
Each winner will be contacted regarding their prize. The construction crews will begin their work very soon, once the proper measurements and preparations have been made.

I was on my way to the old Pooks to do some bounty work when suddenly 'POOF' ... I get the message:

SEND[Talisker] Hi, Bremerial. I'm available for your Trophy Room contest alteration, if you're ready. Please use REPORT to respond.

Well, having rushed at great pace to the Thrax Inn to think about the alteration - and with some considerable assistance from Talisker - I arrived at what is my first alteration.

"...a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves...". Just what every dwarven ale guzzling female needs!!

First Troll King Experience

[Darkstone, Winding Tunnel]
A cold damp breeze blows across your face, carrying the scent of decay. You notice the walls are riddled with notches serving as ducts for the foul aroma. You also see a massive troll king and a massive troll king.
Also here: the body of Killashandre who is lying down
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest
You reach down and hold onto Killashandre's lifeless body.
The ghostly voice of Killashandre says, "Still here .. not much of me left though."

A massive troll king suddenly screams in rage and begins frothing at the mouth!
A massive troll king claws at you!
AS: +486 vs DS: +353 with AvD: +19 + d100 roll: +88 = +240
... and hits for 14 points of damage!
Minor strike under the right eye, that was close!

> A massive troll king cackles with glee as he reaches down and claws into Killashandre's helpless body!
The troll king rakes its claws down Killashandre's back, ripping off large strips of flesh.
Your surroundings blur into a white fog . . .

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It's getting exciting

I've begun to bond with my weapon. It's a great experience. I've only trained three time in cman bonding and wspec1 to date but already the benefits are beginning to take hold. Will go to bonding 5 when cman points allow.

On a seperate note I attained mastery in the guild skill batter today.

You ask Bertrandt about getting promoted to your next rank in Batter Barriers.
Bertrandt completes the promotion ritual and says, "Congratulations, Bremerial, for mastering this skill!"
(You earn 200 exp. and 50 fame.)

Will work on warcry and tricks now, alternating between the two.

Hunting with Full Plate

Ok. So I don't have the requisite 140 ranks to use full plate without any guild penalties. [Roll result: 97 (open d100: 20) Penalties: 8] Nevertheless, I tried it today with 129 ranks and at least I can hunt without any negative penalties when using a weapon. So it's plate from today onwards.

Bashing Forearms

I spent an awfully long time today trying to work out how to bash forearms with fellow warriors. I changed my demeanor to others to try and achieve the "You bash forearms with [name] in greeting" greeting. I tried a warm demeanor, friendly demeanor and even changed my demeanor to all warriors to friendly. No joy. However I have discovered that the issue is not actually my demeanor or the demeanor of my fellow warriors. It depends - it seems (and feel free to correct me) - on whether the warrior shows his/her title.

  • Type 'title'
  • Select 'title show' which will tell you if your title is showing. If not showing..
  • Select 'title list' and select your required title
  • Select 'title show' again to reveal how that title is displayed.

You can bash your forearms with your fellow warriors...well at least with those that have their own titles showing. It has to be a two way thing. No title for any one of the parties, then only a nod rather than bruised forearms.

The bad news however is that forearm bashing is apparently not demeanor sensitive. So if you are the grumpiest, most antisocial warrior who would gladly chop off the hands of anyone who dared to invade your body space, you will nevertheless still find yourself having your forearms bashed with others that may be greeting you. The only way to avoid this? Don't show your title. This game mechanics may change in the future but for now... you have been warned.

Dragonfly Festival diversion

I spent a couple of days at the dragonfly festival. Some nice shops. However I made the mistake of waiting in a queue for an alterer... something that I swore I would never do. Never again though. Waiting in a queue for an alterer is the most boring activity I can think of. I'm going back to the Landing for some hunting fun.

Lyneri spins her imflass moth.

The shimmering image of a lunar moth rises in mirror from the metal, spreading its ghostly wings. It flutters and flickers out of sight as the artificial insect comes to a rest.

The imflass moth comes to a stop pointing directly at anyone but Bremerial!

Lyneri recovers the imflass moth and says, "Congratulations you lucky sod!"

Cman changes bite

From April 9th there are to be changes to some of the cman skills. To be honest it is the surge of strength that will have the most impact on Bremerial's hunting.

Stamina Cost: 30, with a cooldown period during which the reactivation cost doubles to 60. At Rank 1, the cooldown period is 5 minutes, Rank 2 is 4 minutes, Rank 3 is 3 minutes, Rank 4 is 2.5 minutes, and Rank 5 is 2 minutes.

At least was get a fix skills option on the 9th to readjust our training.

Cman doesn't bite so much!

Well I have reduced surge of strength from 3 trains to 1 train. However the 5 minute cooldown period is a non-issue. My stamina recovers quickly even when I operate surge within the cooldown period. The way to manage it is to highlight the following texts:

Today I am bonded to my weapon

I have been hunting Storm Giants till my fingers bleed just so that I can feel myself finally fully bond with my weapon. Today that bonding occurred.

You feel your spiritual bond with your silver-hilted blade strengthen.
What does this mean?
Basically I now have - not quite at my command as the effects are random - the full range of enchanced skills that come with bonding. More importantly, I have acquired this skill:

[Roll result: 121 (open d100: 43)]
Opponent swings his short sword at your silver-hilted blade and connects!
Your silver-hilted blade is knocked to the ground!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

A gnarled silver-hilted blade rises from the floor and flies back to your waiting hand!

In case I didn't mention it, bonding is simple enough.

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Scarab etiquette

I decided to get some boxes picked by locksmiths in the East Tower and was informed politely that:

"It's custom to let the picker keep it, jus' lettin' ya know."

What absolute nonsense. Do not be fooled into believing this is custom. IT IS NOT! If some locksmiths choose to exercise their self-imposed right to keep the contents of your box - and the scarab IS part of the content of your box even if it is a defensive mechanism - then challenge the locksmith. And don't be intimidated. It doesn't matter how old the locksmith is. Don't let him/her get away with it. Don't just sit there and just accept what you are told.

I have heard locksmiths say:

Well my response is simple

On a good note, I have found that even those locksmiths that do believe this myth take a "just letting you know this is my policy but not a big issue" approach. My advice? Make a list of those that take a more aggressive approach and give them a wide birth.

Hunting Sentinels

Well life is getting more interesting... and just a little more dangerous. I am hunting banshees and sentinels. Admittedly I am not foolish enough to hunt them without an armor of spells but life is interesting indeed.

Injuries are coming thick and fast. Below is a graphical (Stormfront) and text indication of how battered I am becoming.

Graphical dipiction of injuries sustained as seen using Stormfront Interface

Text Version

You have minor bruises on your neck, a fractured and bleeding left arm, a fractured and bleeding right leg, some minor cuts and bruises on your left leg, minor cuts and bruises on your chest, deep lacerations across your abdominal area, deep lacerations across your back, a bruised left eye, and a case of uncontrollable convulsions. You have several painful-looking scars across your abdominal area, and several painful-looking scars across your back.

Area        Health per Round
Abdomen          4
Left arm          1
Right leg          2

Maximum Health Points: 175
Remaining Health Points: 42
You are feeling faint.


My hunt for a Claidhmore

My annual fixskill is due in four days and I have been contemplating changes to my hunting style. I have discounted two weapon combat as a possibility - for now - but having hunted with Ranil for a while, I have realised the advantages of hunting with a two handed weapon. Sure, there is a lower defence, but that can be compensated for by increased dodge training, parry master Cman, not skimping on physical training and using the guild skill feint.

However I have been searching for a claidhmore, which - lets face it - is probably the best THW you can get. Getting one is proving to be near impossible, although I did manage to pick up an Invar item.

My knowledge about claidhmores was sadly lacking but I received an excellent lesson, a summary of which is below this entry. I suspect that since I cannot get what I want that I may just stick to my sword and shield approach for now, perhaps dropping brawl and increasing dodge so I can take a few more hunting risks.

About Claidhmores

Personal Comment: I tend to agree with a colleague that with some good trading and patience, a person could pick up a glaes claidhmore for 25-30 mil. Alas I have neither patience, nor trading skills ...nor it would seem a glaes claidhmore!

Addendum: Today is Restday, day 17 of the month Lumnea in the year 5107. This will demonstrate the AvD difference. Bremerial is wielding an old style claid and Ranil is wielding a new style.

You swing a razor-sharp mithril claidhmore at a stone troll!
AS: +334 vs DS: +146 with AvD: +36 + d100 roll: +8 = +232
... and hit for 76 points of damage!
Left leg ripped from socket at the knee!
A stone troll falls to the ground grasping his mangled left leg!
The stone troll is stunned!

Ranil swings an ivory-hilted mithril claidhmore at a stone troll!
AS: +394 vs DS: +78 with AvD: +26 + d100 roll: +42 = +384
... and hits for 124 points of damage!
Strong slash to the stone troll's right leg!
Muscles exposed!
Not a pretty sight.

Mastered Tricks Today

I mastered tricks today. Will be going for warcry next as this is the hardest of the three that are left. I can warcry storm giants at my age so that is useful

Circle damage hunting sentinels

I have recently been receiving a lot of damage from exploding circles in sentinels. If hunting there, be careful. I have highlighted, in Stormfront, the words:

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Bonding with a claidhmore

I bought a Claidhmore from Ranil for 11.5mil. It's a beautiful weapon but to maximize its potential I am now bonding to it. This is going to be a laborious process but needs must when the devil drives! The crit kills doesn't exactly lend itself to speedy bonding, but I'd be an idiot to maon about that. Incidentally, I've decided to use the flail as the weapon of choice against the undead.

Dealing with untrusting idiots

Goobles (Focused) [General]: "I've got a pearl."

You (Focused to Goobles) [General]: "Excellent - gemshop?"

You (Focused to Goobles) [General]: "Coming?"

Goobles (Focused) [General]: "Aye, I just finished with a hunt."

Goobles just arrived.

Goobles just opened a backpack.

Goobles just closed a voluminous black stalking cloak.

Goobles removes a medium grey pearl from in his backpack.

Lady Emelyn's group just arrived.

Goobles shows you a medium grey pearl, which he is holding in his right hand. You see nothing unusual.

Goobles asks, "You need these?"

You nod.

You softly say, "Indeed."

Goobles offers you his grey pearl for 5000 silvers. Click ACCEPT CONFIRM to pay the silvers and accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You softly ask, "Ye not really doing an accept and confirm on one gem are ye?"

You softly say, "Talk about lack of trust."

Emelyn laughs at you!

You shake your head.

Goobles asks, "What's the problem?"

Goobles asks, "Do you not have the coin?"

Goobles's offer to you has expired.

Goobles says, "I don't trust anyone I haven't done business with before."

You softly say, "Take a leap of faith."

You softly say, "I don't cheat anyone."

Goobles asks, "Then you shouldn't have a problem exchanging then would you?"

Goobles says, "Swallow your pride mate, you'll get what you need and I'll get what I need."

Goobles offers you his grey pearl for 5000 silvers. Click ACCEPT CONFIRM to pay the silvers and accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You softly say, "Tell ye what - stick it where the sun don't shine."

You go shop

[Gemcutter's, Front Room]
Inside the Gemcutter's shop, you see two glass showcases holding jewelry and precious stones. Directly ahead of you is a low desk with several racks holding tools of the Gemcutter's trade. You also see the Goobles disk, the gem dealer and a narrow door.
Also here: Vyyre, Goobles
Obvious exits: east, out

You turn to Vyyre and cheer!

Goobles asks, "Change your mind?"

Goobles peers quizzically at you.

Vyyre offers you a large grey pearl. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You softly say, "Hardly."

You accept Vyyre's offer and are now holding a large grey pearl.

Goobles just went out.

Goobles (Focused) [General]: "Give me one reason I'm to trust someone I've never encountered before."

(I decline to answer on the grounds that expletives may get me banned from the game.)


Been a while since I made entry so here is the update. Got to my 50th Train two days ago. Still hunting in DS but also hunting in Stone Valley. Tackled a shaman, and then a mastiff and mystic in Stonghold two days ago, as part of a group. Won't be going there on my own for a long while. The Claidhmore I am using rocks! I've bonded to the third level with it. Can't wait for full bonding to take effect. Am supplementing my hunting with cash from bounties.

Big brother is Watching You

Sometimes I get some immersed in the game that I forget that there are big brother peeping toms overseeing our activities. Case in point:

You [General]: "Anyone need a slab of iron - just made some on my lonesome and feeling pretty damn pleased with myself - freebies."

You [General]: "Grin."

SEND[Host Perezz] Hello, Please refrain from using OOC comments "emoticons" such as...cough, smile, grin, etc. on the ESP network. Thank you and have a great day!

Yeah! Way to go to put the dampener on my achievement. And why is it that people think that adding the words 'Have a nice day' helps in any way? Have a nice day? Well I was until you stuck your oar in mate! "

[Diary Book II]

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