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personal - GemStone IV diary


Diary - Volume 1Diary - Volume 2Diary - Volume ThreeDiary - Volume FourDiary - Volume FiveDiary - Volume SixDiary - Volume SevenScroll detailing the names of Bremerial's friends and acquaintances   

Diary - Volume EightDiary - Volume NineDiary - Volume TenDiary - Volume ElevenDiary - Volume TwelveDiary - Volume ThirteenDiary - Volume FourteenDiary - Volume Fifteen   Ghorsa Borthuum Chronicals

Well it was open house at the GM's home and what a memorable time I had. Met up with Kenstrom. Mariath, Sherlise, Qortaz, Tamuz, Vanah, Marstreforn & Finros.

But also managed :
*01 - To sit on one of the softest sofas ever in Jainna's home;
*02 - To view a cute sleeping puppy in Modrian's loft;
*03 - To find some disgusting elven brandy - oh Modrian! No!
*04 - To find the door to Narnia - so funny Modrian.
*05 - To find a carboard cutout of Wyrom - am told it is almost as animated as the real thing!
*06 - To be subjected to Scrimge playing fast and loose with my body: "You can feel yourself begin to lose your balance. You do a quick stumble forward in an attempt to regain your footing but end up overbalancing yourself in the process. Windmilling your arms like a madman, you fall backwards flat on your back knocking the wind out of yourself. "
*07 - To grab a frosted ladys finger from Lajway's Home - this gave birth to many jokes of which I am not proud - haha
*08 - To see first hand Mazville's obsession with the Pitsburgh Steelers - haha
*09 - To view the Contes De Fees, Rabbit Hole - Couldnt access the potion marked 'drink me' though!
*10 - To die twice in Mestys's impossible dungeon task - hehe

I was also given the following titles:

*a - Ale Specialist Bremerial the Warrior
*b - Mistress of Brew, Temptress of Droughtman! The Brave Bremerial the Warrior
*c - Can I Get a Bremerial the Warrior
*d - Brewmaster Bremerial the Warrior
*e - Juice-Maker Bremerial the Warrior
*f - Milk Appreciator Bremerial the Warrior
*g - Drinks Nothing But Water Bremerial the Warrior
*h - A big red stamp on her forehead reads, "GRAVY AFICIONADO!"

[Dragonspine and Imflass]
Also here: Callinar, Mistress Foxs who is set in stocks

I had to blink a few times. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone in stocks in Kharam-Dzu.

You blink at Foxs.
A city official shifts idly.

The city official says, "Well, Foxs, I hope you've learned your lesson now. You may go." With that, the official walks over to Foxs and sets her free.

The city official mutters something under his breath as two burly assistants come in and drag the set of wooden stocks and the basket away.

I had to ask what had happened. Seems that Callinar was involved. Enough said!

I killed my first ever scarab today. Not a big deal to many I know but a first for me.

A blood red teardrop-etched scarab suddenly pulses a bright crimson and drops away from Querthose!

>kill scarab

You swing a battle-marred vultite claidhmore at a blood red teardrop-etched scarab!
AS: +493 vs DS: +253 with AvD: +34 + d100 roll: +2 = +276
... and hit for 163 points of damage!
A mighty blow cleaves a swath through the teardrop-etched scarab's back, taking the spine with it.
The teardrop-etched scarab collapses to one side, then flips completely over, legs flailing weakly at the air before it expires.
Roundtime: 10 sec.

I had a visit to my local adventurer's guild.

Dayle looks annoyed and says, "I'm kind of busy right now, Bremerial. Come back in about fifteen minutes if you want another task."
Dayle adds, "If you're really in a hurry though, you can ASK me about EXPEDITING the task reassignment process."


Dayle says, "You don't seem to have any expedited task reassignment vouchers, Bremerial."
[You may purchase expedited task reassignment vouchers from the SimuCoins Store.]

I think this is the first bit of advertising i've seen in the game - haha

I love the new cman additions and have trained in Whirling Dervish and Griffin's voice. I wish I could use them together, but alas we are restricted to using them one at a time.

I love the Dervish though. I just have to watch my stamina levels

You are still a bit winded from your last flurry of attacks, but you focus to push the strain in your muscles from your mind.
You concentrate intently, focusing all your energies.
You explode into a fury of strikes and ripostes, moving with a singular purpose and will!
You swing a battle-marred vultite claidhmore at a human thief!
AS: +512 vs DS: +387 with AvD: +34 + d100 roll: +59 = +218
... and hit for 76 points of damage!
Tremendous blow crushes skull like a ripe melon.

[You have 6 kills remaining.]
The human thief rolls over and dies
. A faint silvery glow fades from around a human thief.

You deftly switch your ongoing attack towards a human marauder!

You swing a battle-marred vultite claidhmore at a human marauder!
AS: +512 vs DS: +243 with AvD: +37 + d100 roll: +83 = +389
... and hit for 95 points of damage!
Right hand severed at the wrist!
The marauder's handaxe falls to the ground.

You swing a battle-marred vultite claidhmore at a human marauder!
AS: +512 vs DS: +227 with AvD: +37 + d100 roll: +17 = +339
... and hit for 94 points of damage!
Lucky shot rips through bone and muscle sending right leg flying.
You swing a battle-marred vultite claidhmore at a human marauder!
AS: +512 vs DS: +220 with AvD: +37 + d100 roll: +9 = +338
... and hit for 84 points of damage!
Spinal cord damaged by smash to the back.
[You have 5 kills remaining.]
The human marauder rolls over and dies.
Your series of strikes and ripostes leaves you winded and out of position.
Roundtime: 12 sec.

I was seriously contemplating training in thrown weapons. I had placed a bid on a bandolier that Farmer was selling. Rolfard - god bless his cotton socks - allowed me to try his item and than goodness for it. I fixskilled my training to test it out and found that, fun as it was, it wasn't a very effective method of attack. Even for roleplay purposes, UAC and brawl is much better. So wont be doing any hurling.

Another red letter day. I used simucoin today to get my fixskill potion. Interesting. Irrespective of any thoughts I might have about this being a money making scheme, it is - I have to admit - a very effective way of getting my fixskills. I may check out other items on offer.

Attended the pickle fest and entered to poetry contest. Was a fantastic event. The people there are nuts! Won the contest and Rosilina gave me a medal and a gift of 30 minutes of her time to work on some of my items. Most unexpected!

More fun at the River Rest pickle fest. The pickle recipe contest was great - hehe. It confirmed what I thought the day before. The occupants of Rivers Rest are quirky!

I decided not to go participate in this year's Ebon Gate Festival. The village elders decided not to host the Deathly Dirges game and as this was my favourite event, I made the decision to forgo the pleasure of attending until next year when hopefully the event will be run again. Surprisingly, I am not missing the event. Perhaps it is because it came so close to the excellent convocation of the Field event.

On a more positive note, my divining rod, rag and warhorn are out of QC and ready to use. Will incorporate into scripts so they can be used more readily. I never seen the point of accumulating items, never to use them!

Thought i'd check out my bounty points - its been a while since I even bothered with those. This is what I have:

You have succeeded at the Kill Creatures task 442 times.
You have succeeded at the Retrieve Heirloom task 444 times.
You have succeeded at the Procure Skins task 329 times.
You have succeeded at the Procure Gems task 442 times.
You have succeeded at the Protect Traveller task 113 times and failed 8 times.
You have succeeded at the Procure Herbs task 90 times.
You have succeeded at the Kill Dangerous Creature task 451 times.
You have succeeded at the Rescue Child task 330 times and failed 47 times.
You have succeeded at the Kill Bandits task 612 times.
You have succeeded at the Help Kill Creatures task 14 times.
You have succeeded at the Help Kill Bandits task 278 times.

I wanted to know what enscrolling was all about and Krystanne kindly demonstrated the best way possible. Tier one for my flail!

Krystanne utters a light chant and raises her hands, beckoning the lesser spirits to her aid...

Krystanne gestures at an antique military flail.
The searing white light that was once imbedded in the military flail dissipates.

Krystanne begins drawing a faint, twisting symbol as she utters an arcane invocation in hushed tones...

Krystanne channels at an antique military flail.
Krystanne concentrates intently on her military flail for a moment.

Krystanne begins drawing a faint, twisting symbol as she utters an arcane invocation in hushed tones...

Krystanne channels at an antique military flail.
Krystanne concentrates intently on her military flail as she begins to channel necrotic energy at it.

After a few moments, Krystanne manages to penetrate the military flail's structure and fuse the necrotic energy into it!

Krystanne softly says, "Done."

Of course I had to test it out so went to the temple to slay some defenders

You swing an antique military flail at a spectral triton defender!
AS: +516 vs DS: +220 with AvD: +34 + d100 roll: +52 = +382
... and hit for 86 points of damage!
Good hit!
Left shoulder is ripped from its socket then wriggles back into place.

** Necrotic energy from your military flail overflows into you! **
You feel energized!

The oily sheen on the surface of the military flail fades slightly.
** As you hit, the edge of your military flail seems to fold inward upon itself drawing everything it touches along with it! **
... 15 points of damage!
Hit passes right through the midsection.
Nothing hurts like an empty stomach.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

The CCF event was fantastic. I prepared for it and was well rewarded for my efforts

Tier 1: Undead Bane on my Claidhmore (Ledirth)
Tier 2: Epic Deepening of my cloak (Artisan Liraquin Fyrsah)
Tier 3: Padding of my armor (Craftsman Thargion)
Tier 4: +5 Enchant of my claidhmore (Cidolfhus)
Tier 5: Polearm Flares added to a crit weighted polearm (Felthrop)

More detailed information has been provided.

I do love my stove, kettle and press. I managed to make a cup of coffee for Erienne and Drung today on Teras. A pefect antidote to the after efects of my ale consumption.

Got involved today with a Wehnimer's Landing Rescue Mission. This is the first quest that I've been involved with. It was great fun. Details of the quest have been included here.

Well...what a day! Felthrop established three raffles today. And I won two of them! The second win was for a swear verb - absolutely fantastic!!

Raffle One: You sense you have just won a raffle for "Felthrop will add his fancy moves (like the ones in this wagon) to a set of armor or a bow of the winner's choosing as long as it is unscripted. These will not be fully unlocked. Winners must arrive promptly to claim this prize." I gave this win away to Lord Seazarius free. It was a plasure to see him happy with the unexpected offering.

Raffle Two: A huckster begins to spin the ticket barrel. After a moment, he stops it and pulls out a ticket. He examines it for a moment then announces, "The winner is Bremerial!"
The huckster dumps the remaining tickets out of the barrel and yells, "That's all folks!"

Dayko tickles you.
Felthrop applauds you.
Rozy stares at you.
Kalrasan grins at you.
Morgahan laughs!
Gweneivia stares at you.
Galenblackbard tries to pull you to your feet, but you are too heavy.
Grhim glances suspiciously at you.
Tarakan says, "Two wins."
Seazarius turns to you and cheers!
Shinoo applauds you.
Krystanne laughs at you!
Verson pokes you in the ribs.
Durakar applauds you.
Dayko gives you a quick little smooch.
Vultieri yells, "FIX!"
Chambourcin stares at you.
Neathon starts chuckling at you!
Rozy exclaims, "Riggeded!"
Speaking to you, Felthrop exclaims, "Lucky today!"
Karaeira says, "Wow."
Jhaqob chuckles.
Speaking to you, Durakar says, "This is your lucky day."
Chambourcin says, "Wow." Rozy flings herself against you, bounces off you, and giggles madly!
Gweneivia softly says, "I shoulda rubbed it."
Krystanne rubs you.
You agree with Felthrop.
Gweneivia wails!
Krystanne rubs you.

Today I won an auction for a property on my beloved island. The auction for Nighthawk's workshop - otherwise known as  Modwir has been recorded.
Modwir private home and workshop
Since winning the auction I have been able to made some pretty nifty alterations to the property. This was a good day!

I escorted a traveller from Wehnimers to Ta'illistim today. I didn't get beyond the boundaries of Elf Town though. {shiver}. I have to say that that is 80 minutes of my life I wish I could get back. That was as boring as hell!

I purchased a contract to have items delivered to me from my locker. This was paid for through simucoins:
Bold calligraphy states, "This contract entitles the bearer to 60 uses of the runners of the Elanthian Merchants Guild. These runners are available in towns to deliver items to or retrieve items from the bearer's local locker.

I came second in the River's Rest Pickle Festival recipe contest today. Prize was 15 minutes alteration time

I absolutely love the array of creatures in and associated with my new home, Modwir. A tawny cat, a large, black-plumed hawk, A striped lizard, Two Squirrels / a flying squirrel, A shimmering cloud of playful butterflies, fluorescent-hued hummingbirds, a large dragonfly, a mouse, a large owl and even bees.

Busy day. Just completed the Troubled Waters quest. It was fun but oh the amount of stuff I left on the deck killed me!! Started a bit later than aniticipated also. May have been my fault.

Wow! I won the poetry contest at the Pickle Festival. 30 minutes alteration time!! This festival and indeed these contests are wonderful. OOC. Xayle is a great host for this event. Hope I have more dealings with her in the future.

Had great fun helping out a youngster in Wehnimers today. His name was Paum. Hope to see him around in years to come.

Helden Hall and Pheonix held the Lady Wanton tournament today as part of the Frontier Celebrations. Got killed three times but totally enjoyed myself.

Stupid stupid stupid! How many times have I told myself that I would not sit, stand, lie or otherwise wait in a queue for services from merchant. For some strange reason I did just that.  I was standing for over an hour, holding some silly little dress - which is a joke for me - waiting for a pocket to be deepened. Gotta' hate spinning merchants. Yet knowing better, I still waited. There came a point where, bored out of my brain, I wanted to leave. But having spent so much time just waiting, I felt compelled to stick it out. Better to waste 2 hours and get the damn dress a deeper pocket than to wait an hour and leave with nothing. That was the thinking. Stupid thinking. Sometimes cutting losses is preferable to waiting for something you don't really want anyway, on an item you are very unlikely to wear. The seamstresses in this case were Seamstress Thaluna, and Seamstress Sycira, who, with great respect, I will avoid like the plague...well any spinning merchants who spin 5 or 1 at a time and keep the rest of us hovering. Geez! Just spin for 20 already and let the rest of us get on with life at least!

Anyway, totally bored, and making no pretence of that fact, I hear the dulcet cries in the distance:
A stony voice calls out, "Foreman Hirgur and his construction crew will be at Land's End Road shortly to select customers for renovations to either local shops or homes. Lawful owners only, no partners or guests!"

Off I trundled to get the opportunity to get some work done on my home. However there was a snag. Let me recount the conversation:

Hirgur says, "Now, read the signs to see what you can get. Essentially, it's a single thing."

Hirgur says, "Choose wisely."

Speaking to Hirgur, you ask, "No flexibility regarding timescale for development of construction idea? 24 hours say?"

Speaking to you, Hirgur says, "No."

Hirgur says, "We're working now."

Hirgur asks, "Any other questions?"

You say, "Then that's me out - don't wanna' be rushed into changes in something so personal as my home - thanks though."

I mean! If I am going to spend a bundle on improving my property, I want to make a considered decision about the change! That lack of flexibility was totally unreasonable! Needless to say I went off to make a cup of tea in the Bakers Shop, transfer my locker back to Teras and get back on the Glaesen Star for my beloved Teras.

Essentially this has turned me off merchant activities totally, to the extent that I wont even be attending Ebon Gate this year. I have a lot of work that can be done through the merchant Sadie, so why should I go though this ever again? CCF - or comparable events withstanding - there will be no more merchant contact for me which requires queues....

Got a lovely gift of a skinning knife from Faulkil today. What a lovely person he his!

I managed to cull 22 sentries today. Died in the process but we can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs sometimes. Definitely a red letter day.

I did go to Ebon Gate this year and am glad that I did. My rubbish single experience at Frontier Days had a major impact on how I approached EG this year. Merchants were avoided for the most part as if I was a puritanical preacher and they were pox ridden women of easy virtue! (I'm sure there is a better analogy but I quite like this one.) However the few merchants I did visit were so professional and respectful of my time that I left with a good feeling. Perhaps I shouldn't let one bad a year have just a negative impact on my RPing life. Anyway, wil be writing my EG logs soon

Completed 8 Trouble Water quests today, the quests undertakn over a six day period. I kicked Krolvin butt but sunup to sundown and saved 23 slaves! Got enough Blackscrip to buy something decent when, with luck, the new list comes out!

I decided to cancel my premium membership for the last of my three accounts. Bremerial will now be standard tax payer within the game. Ironically this has nothing to do with the service the Jainna provides, which is still pretty top notch quality. But they get some of the simple things so wrong I'm afraid and I see no reason to pay as much if I'm not getting the service. GS4 excels on major projects - so Ebon Gate, CCF etc. However there is just not enough GM interaction in the 'provinces' in the lands. Everything is pretty ancialliary to the activities in Wehnimers, ith a few wisp-like tenuous links provided to make it appear that other areas are actually included. In reality, If you choose to live in Teras, you are essentially part of a inactive section of the game. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has done a cost benefit analysis and worked out that it just 'aint worth organising activities for folks on Teras for example because there are only 10 people there consistently. This I have found consistently annoying.

But its also consistency in making in-house promises that are just not met. I am talking here about the establishing of contests where the results are just not released without considerable pressure from customers - Actually as a contest officiando, this is something I have find particularly galling. (I am still waiting for the results of the Rivers Rest 'design a table for a brothel' contest and the 'hedgehog grooming' promised. (I won't hold my breath for either.)

If I had to give one word of advice to those in control of the game, it would be this:
"If you make commitments, meet them!
If you cannot meet those commitments within the agreed timeframe - or AT ALL, then simply let us know!"

I suspect I'd have retained all three premium accounts quite happily if the in-game communications systems were even half decent. In simple terms, had I felt like I'd been treated as a valued customer, then I'd have reciprocated with my custom at the high tax end of the scale. As it is, my accounts are reduced from three to two and all are at low tax levels.

Lets hope some lessons are learned for 2015.

Dont even get me started on the waste of time called Wordsmiths. Thats two years of my life I wont get back. I could devote a whole tome to that topic!

I used my roleplaying orb today. It is such a shame we cannot get these as prizes now. Le sigh!

>take orb
You collect the violet orb from a large compartment inside the keg-shaped kit.
>rub orb
As you go to rub your orb, you stop to ponder your actions.
[Rubbing this orb will grant you an experience bonus of some sort. If you're sure you want to do this, rub it again within 30 seconds.]
>rub orb
You rub your the violet orb in your hand and feel a power flow through you. It suddenly crumbles into dust.

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