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personal - GemStone IV diary


Diary - Volume 1Diary - Volume 2Diary - Volume ThreeDiary - Volume FourDiary - Volume FiveDiary - Volume SixDiary - Volume SevenScroll detailing the names of Bremerial's Friends, Foe and Acquaintances   

Diary - Volume EightDiary - Volume NineDiary - Volume TenDiary - Volume ElevenDiary - Volume TwelveDiary - Volume ThirteenDiary - Volume FourteenDiary - Volume Fifteen   Ghorsa Borthuum Chronicals

Some of these bandit insults are becoming funnier

A half-elven bandit glances at Bremerial and shouts, "Hey, lookit the sissy girl! Better run, sissy girl!"

You swing a battle-marred rune-etched claidhmore at a half-elven bandit!
AS: +480 vs DS: +367 with AvD: +40 + d100 roll: +89 = +242
... and hit for 80 points of damage!
Wild downward slash severs the half-elven bandit's right foot!
Bloody stump, anyone?
A half-elven bandit falls to the ground grasping his mangled right leg!
The half-elven bandit rolls over and dies.
A faint silvery glow fades from around a half-elven bandit.
A half-elven bandit seems a bit less imposing.
The guiding force leaves a half-elven bandit.

Not bad for a sissy girl eh? That's sissy WARRIOR girl to you!

I have for some time been concerned at my failure to speak the tongue of my race. This is to change on the day of the Huntress, day 15 of the month Lormestra. I intend to devote three months of my life to speaking the dwarven language only. I will inform as many people as possible of my intention before this day.

I met up with Talisker today who is assisting me in the perfection of my weapon salute. [ooc he is coordinating the EZscript for my claidhmore.]

For the first time ever, I have reinforced someone else's armor

You adjust Zzentar's green robe, reinforcing weak spots.
Roundtime: 5 sec.
Zzentar says, "Thank you."
You softly say, "No longer an armor reinforcing virginal warrior."

Even venerable warriors can make you laugh. Hunting today in the temple when I came across a hoard. Of course I was determined to get them all. A radical had other ideas and decided to teach me some temple etiquette. Drizzsdt came along at the right time.

Drizzsdt traces a simple rune while intoning a short, mystical phrase...
Drizzsdt gestures at a black bearskin cloak. Nothing happens.
You chuckle.
Drizzsdt chuckles.

And for today's testimonial we go to ...... Magnasco

You reach down and tenderly cradle Magnasco's lifeless hand in yours.
Your surroundings blur into a white fog . .
The ghostly voice of Magnasco says, "You are a one tough dwarf."

Hey... will take it when and where I can get it!

I have had modifications made to my weapon which allow me to undertake my warrior salute in time time old Ta'veknor tradition. My thanks to Talisker for his efforts in this matter.

I have wanted to honour my family by learning the time honoured craft of my clan in making weaponry. It is a laborious task, admittedly - much like the tasks of my guild. However it is time for me begin forging weapons. Of course, I am only a novice at present. However I did manage to craft my first forging hammer.

My life is mapped out for me for the next few months. I have begun learning the art of forging and am finding it best to accomplish this in Wehnimers. So I will be undertaking my training in the Landing for all but one day a week. Each Feastday I will return to my home to release more undead. The process of forging is a slow laborious one. But as my grandfather would say, "nothing worth achieving was ever achieved easily."

Today Storven visited the Wehnimer Warrior guild for over three hours to undertake some work. This was my first meeting with him. Not that I was alone of course. Over thirty other warriors were also there in the pavillion. I managed to get some work done on my flail. However it was the conversations with other warriors that was as memorable as the work. It was good to speak to so many forearm bashers at the same time. Actually one of the more astounding moments was hearing Klidel speak!

Description of Storven
You see Master Metalsmith Storven Fireflint.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He is average height and appears to be middle-aged. He has red-rimmed ale-brown eyes and golden brown skin. He has shoulder length, tousled chestnut hair worn in elaborate braids. He has a haggard face, a prominent nose and a thick mustache and singed beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a horned helm, a wolf pelt mantle, a sweat-stained leather weapon harness, a spiked wooden targe, some blackened triple-link chain, a small sundial on a mithril chain, some studded leather vambraces, some scorched leather work gloves, a flawless vultite forging- hammer, a dark grey leather tool satchel, some stained leather breeks, and some sturdy steel- toed boots.

Waiting warriors

Davamros, Great Lord Allentra, Kathralynn, Lord Scyphin, Sleevina, High Lord Davean, Squire Legionnaire Vilorcasdra, Great Lord Goldeath who is sitting, Cathlyn, Zaylen, Lord Bolvyne who is sitting, Cemb, Skrul, Draegar, Cromir, Jaqen, Great Lady Myrene, Vilkea, Bladell, Lady Azzreala, Zoleta, Reakwon who is kneeling, Valston, Mohrgan, Olgretien who is kneeling, Balinworn who is sitting, Idratheil, Crayaligus who is sitting, Ayas who is sitting, Sir Cryheart, Master Metalsmith Storven.

I am getting into the swing of forging. I am not very good at the moment and I am finding it hot, sweaty, grueling and extremely time intensive. However it will be worth it in the end. I can look my dwarven ancestors in the face when my time comes to meet them. I have decided to try and master crafting, and forging pole arms and brawling weapons. These are the weapons I will be using in the future. I may attempt to perfect one handed edge and blunt in the future but they are not a priority for now. I have resigned myself to that fact that hunting, even on a Feastday on the Isle, may now not take place for a while.

The more skill I acquire, the harder it is to get further skill in forging. It certainly is a time consuming process. However I know I will achieve results in the matter the time taken. That spurs me on.

I have publicly announced the warrior interviews in the landing today and have had some favourable feedback. However I think I may need to clarify that this is now just for the ancient. All warriors are welcome.
Good Morning. I am currently recording warrior interviews. The object is to record your lives through the answers to ten specific questions and then publish on public scrolls. Young or old... well trained or a virtual stranger to the Trainer - It matters not! All warrior interviewees are welcome. For those interested, let me know and I will point you to the public notice pinned to wall.

On a side note, I took time yesterday to buy a polearm weapon. It was an impulse buy but this wickedly barbed dwarven military fork just called out to me. Of course I won't be able to use it for a couple of years but it belongs in the hands of what I hope will be a gifted weaponsmith once day.

Work within the forge is continuing slowly. I have progressed to about 390 ranks of forging brawling weapons and 13 ranks of crafting. I am also continuing to encourage fellow warriors to submit to interview.

Forging in the landing is affording me time to speak to friends not seen since long time past and individuals with whom I have yet to be formally acquainted. One conversation was too amusing not to record.

Caiyus [General]: "Looking for a lockpicker."
Caiyus [General]: "And not that thief larton."
You [General]: "Larton can smell your desperation reflected in the prices. However there is a benefit to having a box picked with no explosion, gassing or other body mutilation occurring.."
Caiyus [General]: "I don't care about anyone else dying, I want my money and that's it."
You [General]: "Actually was thinking about you dying whilst it was picked ..."
You [General]: "But yours in an interesting perspective - ha-ha - unexpected but interesting."
Caiyus [General]: "I can't be responsible for any actions but my own, let me say this."
You [General]: "And I consider it well said and clearly heartily felt..."

Sometimes what we say and what we mean are two different things. However taking what he says on face value, I wouldn't want to be Caiyus's hunting partner any time soon!

Over a week of sweating in the forge and just can't get past 476 ranks of crafting. Will have to put my back into it. I wonder if I can craft this hammer head with my fingers crossed?

I am trying deperately to obtain my last rank in forging brawling weapons but it just won't come. The Highman Games will give me a little break from forging.

The Highman games. What a fantastic event. I have had to log the details in a special area of these logs. There is just not enough room in my diary to do it justice.

Well it's been a bit of a long haul but I have finally mastered the art of forging brawling weapons. However there is a distinction between mastering the skill and creating the perfect weapon. I will be working on my two hand weapon forging skill next.

Baelog showed me a Tavern today. The Seedy Inn. Hadn't been there before. Lets just say that the atmosphere is ... interesting. And they sure as heck don't like you stealing glasses. This is what happened after the third time I tried to 'borrow' a glass of ale.

You put the watery ale in your ebony cloak

. A surly voice interrupts your thoughts, "Whassa matter? Our brew ain't good enough for you?"
Looking up, you see a bald dwarf, with scarred and battered features and hands roughly the size of an anvil. Standing behind him are nearly a dozen more giants and dwarves, all looking as if they'd really enjoy a reason to start breaking bones and heads!

Although it's a tough choice, sometimes you just gotta suffer in this world. You pick up your watery ale, and pretend that you never meant to set it down. From all around the room, a chorus of voices chants, "That's three... again!"

With a frown on his ugly face, an enormous giantman says, "Da boss say if Bremerial don't leave, Wumpy can toss her."

An enormous giantman says, "Da boss says Wumpy haves to ask nice two times, then if Bremerial still here..." He shrugs and gives a big gap-toothed grin.

An enormous giantman growls and cuffs you behind the head, stunning you!
Wumpy takes the drink from your hand setting it on the floor, and says "Da boss don't like losing glasses."
Wumpy picks you up and gives you a heave, sending you flying through the door to land in the dirt outside!

In the skill of forging - crafting, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - two handed weapons, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - brawling weapons, you are a master with 500 ranks

Now all I have to do is to make that perfect hammer so I can begin on the perfect weapons ... *all* she says!

Well cover me in rolton dung and call me an elf!!! I made my perfect hammer yesterday! It was incredible unexpected. I made 10 handles and 14 hammer heads and on the tenth try made my hammer. Will be giving away the last four hammer heads.

You remove a perfect modwir-handled mithril forging-hammer from your leather wand belt.
You raise your mithril forging-hammer skyward!

This is now my third day of forging after creating my perfect hammer. I have crafted 8 perfect pick-handles and am working on the pick-heads. It's more laborious and time consuming than I thought but I felt a rush of blood when I made my first perfect pick-head. Seven more of those and I will try to fashion a perfect warpick.

I hate to say it, but I am so sick of forging. I just want to create my perfect war pick and it's time consuming just to even get close. I need to give it a break for a while and come back to it. I keep muttering to myself that nothing worth getting is ever easy. But this is soul destroying at the moment. I will rest from this task for a month and then try it again. Continuing with one task to the exclusion of all else is not such a good thing.

I picked up my giftbox today as a celebration of gemstone 20th Anniversary

You are Bremerial God'thor the Dwarf Warrior. Please use GIFTBOX CONFIRM if you want your gift box.

It is quite clear to me - and has been for some time - that the biggest danger to me stems from the puncture wounds sustained by some of the critters in the temple. I am forever being stunned by some hatchet weilding somthing or other. I thought today that I would use up some of my currently unused adventurers guild 'gifts' to purchase a potion that would allow me to experiement.

I removed all but one rank of my armor reinforcement skill and replaced it with the ability to fit my plate with high tier puncture proofing. The result was interesting. I did not get stunned once and individual puncture wounds were minimal. However, I found myself bleeding profusely after a while. I could not understand why this should be the case. After all I was losing 10 drops of blood here... 12 drops there. That was nothing. The answer was clear when I examined the wounds. They were in prime spots... head, back and abdomen. Indeed the so called minor hits were cumulating in the same spots, resulting in gushing bleeders, which i had difficulty in stemming.

This has left me with one conclusion. The benefits gained by armor reinforcement vastly outweigh the benefits of adding puncture fittings to my armor. I may be stunned occasionally, but that can be dealt with using my earned warrior skills. Profuse bleeding however, which comes through the stacking of wounds is more likely to result in my death, or early return to base for healing.

I will be using another potion to restore what once was and regain my skill in reinforcing my armor.

I failed to get a dwarven child safely home today. This is the first time in eons that I have failed. Damn hidden executioners!

A triton executioner leaps from hiding to attack!
A triton executioner swings a coral-hilted sharply tapered longsword at a young dwarven child!
AS: +433 vs DS: +77 with AvD: +41 + d100 roll: +23 = +420
... and hits for 166 points of damage!
Strong strike, punctures lung!
The child falls to the ground, dead!

[You have failed your current Adventurer's Guild task.]
A young dwarven child's body decays into compost.

I have utilised my fixskills to get rid of the CM coupdegrace, in favour of Mighty blow (2 ranks) and Staggering Blow (5 ranks) I have no idea why I didn't get these sooner. They are magnificent skills. Of course I had to reduce my armor training and max out in Cman training. But it was worth it.

Today I experienced the first Teras Invasion. The warning signs were clear upon waking:

The chaotic sounds around you indicate that the power of the law in this region is currently inactive! You would be wise to seek shelter elsewhere, as your safety cannot be guaranteed!

The first sign of something wrong was the emergence of swarms of fire ants in town. Then came the red-scaled thrak darts, first massing outside the gates and then daring to enter within. I saw Tdem fall, unprepared as he was. I joined forced with Lord Syberus to vanquish the Thrak but we knew that it was only a matter of time before greater hoards advanced upon us. Or so we thought. Nothing else happened. What an anti-climax!

I met up with Caleanon and Kystanne for the first time cince their marriage. It was good to see the two of them together and still happy. Caleanon said that they liked their wedding present from me which gladdened my heart. I may be a hard bitten warrior but it's still brings smile to my lips to see old friends.

Yesterday I decided to pay higher taxes for the first time and after some struggle worked out how to enter Four Winds Island. (One a personal note, one of the selling points was Thwandie who is just wonderful, reliable, approachable and just keeps people informed and excited about the Mist Harbor. I had to see if for myself.) So I made my first formal forage into the place.

Bremerial turns her cameo

With a gut-wrenching twist, you feel turned inside out as everything goes black. You feel disconnected from your body as you run towards a bright light at the end of a long tunnel and then realize you are elsewhere.
As seen by Tdem
Bremerial's eyes glaze over and she turns pale. In the space between moments, her body grows more and more translucent until you realize she is no longer there!

The first thing I intend to do is to check out the ale!!

Just finished hunting bandits with wataki. To say I got hit is an understatement:

She has minor bruises on her neck, some minor cuts and bruises on her right arm, a fractured and bleeding left arm, a fractured and bleeding right leg, a fractured and bleeding left leg, a fractured and bleeding right hand, some minor cuts and bruises on her left hand, deep lacerations across her chest, minor cuts and bruises on her abdominal area, deep lacerations across her back, a bruised right eye, and minor lacerations about the head and a possible mild concussion. She is bleeding badly from the right leg, from the left leg, profusely from the chest, slightly from the head, and slightly from the left arm.

Wear your wounds with pride woman warrior!!

I believe we have created a new game. The idea is simple.

1. One person must be dead
2. There must be one living participant.
3. The object is to identify as many uses for the dead person before he/she is raised
4. The challenge is to get as close to 100 ideas as possible
5. The raising of the person must not be deliberately delayed to increase the player's score
6. The game ceases when the deceased is raised.

Silversoft was willing to try out the game for us. She was dead good at it shall we say. An in her honour I have decided to name this game the "Silversoft '100 things to do with a dead person' game.

An example of this game in practice is attached. I can confirm that no empaths were hurt in the creation of this game...

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