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personal - GemStone IV diary


Diary - Volume 1Diary - Volume 2Diary - Volume ThreeDiary - Volume FourDiary - Volume FiveDiary - Volume SixDiary - Volume SevenScroll detailing the names of Bremerial's friends and acquaintances   

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The Spitfire is here.

The timbers of the Spitfire are crafted from a wood so dark, the sunlight seems to be absorbed rather than reflected. Three tall masts carry shrouds the color of a bloody setting sun. Even the figurehead's smile conveys an attitude of malicious glee. You get the distinct impression this ship might be up to no good.

It's been years since I was on this ship but I am looking forward to a few raffles and perhaps some unique items. It should be here for a week and although it is my intent to show a degree of self restraint, I suspect I will still manage to over-indulge myself.

I joined in a lovely tea party with Zieschka in Mist Harbor. I diary entry would not do justice to the enjoyment of that event so a separate entry has been created. Needless to say, a great time was had.

Another excellent tea party with Zieschka in Mist Harbor. I never knew tea and gossip could be so much fun until I started attending these tea parties.

A really interesting day today. Mist Harbor were all set to have their election for Council members, but there have been two petitions established: The first is to install Ilsola as a permanent Administrator for the Island. The second is to have the vote for the new council members. The petitions were established, with the agreement of Ilsola. She is just too nice. Needless to say I have been canvassing for votes for Ilsola to stay on as Administrator. Not that I need to canvass. People respect the work she does too much to make any other choice.

In addition today I obtained work from Weepy and Naelyne. The day culminated with an announcement in Mist Harbor by Ilsola. We were taken to the new cleric guild. It was beautiful. The first and last time I will ever see the inside of a cleric guild. More importantly perhaps, the tour culminated in Memnole's proposal to Kwithi. She said yes. The tour and proposal are recorded here.

I saw Cuttak die whilst raising. It's been a while since I've seen that.

Cuttak gestures at Lourraine.
As the last of Cuttak's life energy is drained into the effort of restoring life to Lourraine, he collapses!

* Cuttak drops dead at your feet!

The brilliant luminescence fades from around Cuttak.
The light blue glow leaves Cuttak.
Cuttak returns to normal color.
Cuttak becomes solid again.
Lourraine seems slightly different.

 Cuttak's body decays into compost..

Well quite a lot has happened in a relatively short period of time. I spend 200 million silvers on a number of items that I really wanted. The first was a preamblessed 10x returning hammer. The second was a vultite claid. The third - collectively - were a series of potions including a number of fixskills potions. The purpose was to test out different forms of attack. I have tried hunting with a blunt weapon and a shield and I love the defence the shield gives. However the attack with both the hammer as a blunt slogging weapon and as a throwing weapon is too weak, after years of claidh use. Additionally I unbonded from my previous claidh which in retrospect was a mistake. I tried bonding to my hammer but with so many possibilities for it to be lost in Nelemar, I couldn't hunt with any pleasure. I have now opted for the use of my vultite claid and am bonding to it nicely.

I've also refreshed my memory regarding the commands for bonding:

CMAN BOND {option}
PRAY - Attempt to bond to a weapon.
INFO - Get information on the status of your bonded weapon.
EFFECT {#} - Choose which special bonding effect you would prefer to occur.
Possible Effects:
1 - An attack that cannot be outright blocked or parried.
2 - An attack that does extra damage upon a successful hit.
3 - An attack that is harder to defend against.
4 - An attack that is quicker than normal.
5 - An attack that strikes your opponent twice.
CLEAR - Randomly do any effect available to you.

What a fantastic day. Whuid appeared on Kharam Dzu. I do love this halfling. There was a rustling of my hair as the wind blew and I knew that the soft breeze was him and his magic. I promptly removed my gem and my clasp and brandished them in recognition. Despite the length of time since his last appearance, it was as if he had never been away. He was his old playful self and recounted a tale of natural justice where one who was much larger than him, who had attempted to intimidate him, had got his comeuppance. The moral is not to judge a Whuid by his cover! He has suggested that he will be around more and I look forward to that. There is only one Whuid. OOC I had hoped to post an VERY edited log of his visit but alas the log did not record.

Was lucky enough to be selected - along with Tdem - for a lightening of my claidhmore. Fantastic.

The wooden toothpick comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
The wooden toothpick spins about, seeking for yet another...

And who did the work?

You see Metalsmith Felthrop.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He is short and appears to be past his prime. He has bloodshot stormy grey eyes and ruddy skin. He has shoulder length, shaggy grey hair. He has a weathered face and a beak-like nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a thin wooden toothpick in his right hand and some imflass scale mail in his left hand.
He is wearing a broken crystal shard pendant, some weathered dark leathers, a copious brown leather satchel, a polished leather scabbard, some patched brown and tan trousers, and some cuffed leather boots with tarnished silver buckles.

Yeay. I was accepted as a member of Helden Hall today. I am not going to document the process. This is a private matter. But the end result I will publish.

Yarx holds out his left hand and asks you for the initiation fee. You give Yarx the requested donation. Next, Yarx taps you on each shoulder.

"Arise, Sister Bremerial," he cries!

Yarx gives you a pat on the back, and takes you to the clerk.

"Oh Clerk of the Houses," Yarx says, "accept this initiation fee, and record forever more that Bremerial is joined unto our house!"

The clerk, satisfied that everything has been done according to traditions, deposits the initiation fee into the general funds account of the house, and records the name of Bremerial in the house records!

Picture of the crest of Helden Hall

Today I completed my first bounty involving the culling of sentrys. I was somewhat dubious when Dragsho suggested that I join him. Sentrys have a bad habit of rendering me somewhat dead. However using Voln skills I not only survived but prevailed. It was awesome. I may go out and do it again. haha.

Finally bonded to my weapon! and did it in style!

You swing a greyish blue vultite claidhmore at a greater water elemental!
AS: +534 vs DS: +360 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +55 = +261
... and hit for 116 points of damage!
You feel your spiritual bond with your blue vultite claidhmore strengthen.
The glimmer of some polished pink coral catches your eye as the water elemental gurgles eerily and collapses into the water.
A greater water elemental appears somehow different.
A greater water elemental glances around, looking a bit less confident.
The brilliant luminescence fades from around a greater water elemental.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Oh my! New bar in East Harbor with new ale. Thank you Plaitime for the Broken Stein!

Well we all make mistakes. I tend to use scripts to support the hunting process - e.g. ewave on command when needed. But not deactivating those scripts when resting in town can have a major imact on those about you. I will explain by recording events that proceeded my moment of uncontrolled idiocy.

Kronius asks, "Did you get hit by any fire stuff up there?"
Danticus gestures while calling upon the lesser spirits for aid...
Danticus says, "Not yet. Oh wait. Skayl. When I imploded that fire elemental. It worked beautifully. Boil."
Kronius says, "It casts fire weave."
Kronius says, "Ewave."

Alas my script casts ewave at the word ewave - ut oh!

[Leaving rest mode.]
You wake up from your daydream, and begin paying attention again.
You remove a carved wooden cutlass from in your pack.
You rub the wooden cutlass in your hand.
1d100: 47 + Modifiers: 272 == 319

A wave of dark ethereal ripples moves outward from you.

An agitated dwarf bounds off muttering, "Bremerial has committed endangering public safety!"

Danticus is buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, and is knocked to the ground.
Kronius is buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, and is knocked to the ground.
Refrain is buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, and is knocked to the ground.
Constal is buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, and is knocked to the ground.
Ambraisha is buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, and is knocked to the ground.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
You put a carved wooden cutlass in your pack.

Danticus says, "Oops."
Ambraisha stands up.
Kronius stands up.
The Dwarven deputy ambles in, with a number of axe-wielding dwarves behind him.
With great ease, the Dwarven deputy grabs you and shackles your wrists.
"Aha, rapscallion! I have you!" the Dwarven deputy cries out.
The Dwarven deputy then drags you off.

Arriving at the Deputy Commander's Office, the Dwarven deputy gestures to a nearby dwarven aide who strips you of your possessions. The Dwarven deputy then drags you downstairs where he quickly unlocks a steel door and throws you through it. "Enjoy your stay until the Commander is ready to talk to you!" he laughs gleefully.

With a dull thud and rattle of keys in a lock, the door closes and locks, leaving you trapped in the cell.

In the distance you hear the Dwarven deputy say, "There are clothes on the floor if you want them, but I expect them to be returned. You have two weeks time to clear out of here and collect your belongings. After two weeks I like to clean out the clutter in my office."

The inside of the cell is rank it seems even the rats have found better accomodations. Water drips from the ceiling, nurturing a foul-smelling mold on the walls and making the packed earth floor a sloppy mud. On closer inspection, a pile of red dust becomes the remnants of shackles long ago rusted, and you hesitate to inspect the puddle in the corner. You will certainly keep from breaking the law in this place, if only to never have to see this cell again. You also see a pair of bright orange trousers, a bright orange shirt and a steel door.

Obvious exits: none
You hear the metallic rattle of keys and a door suddenly swings open. A portly deputy then trundles into the room, deftly, catching you by the arm and throwing you into the midst of a formidable group of burly dwarves.

You are dragged up two flights of stairs, one bump at a time, and hauled before the island's supreme authority, the Militia Commander himself!

[Commander's Office]
Kiramon mandibles, troll hides and the pelt of a great, grey ape are mounted on the stone walls of this circular chamber. A battered mistwood desk sits below a small, square window. The fat dwarf perched behind the desk glares at you with his one good eye.

Obvious exits: down
The commander studies you for a moment, then motions toward a deputy who fiercely proclaims, "Bremerial stands accused of the following crimes..."

The deputy says, "Bremerial is charged with 1 count of endangering public safety. This 1 crime carries a total fine of 7796 silvers."

The commander glances at you and bellows, "Luckily for you, I won at dice last night and am in a good mood. For the time being, anyways. Now then, where were we? You thought you could get away with it, huh? That'll teach you we don't play around in Kharam-Dzu."

He continues, "In order to make reparations, you may settle your debt one of three ways. You may either pay the fine of 7796 silvers plus any other outstanding debts you may have, serve a total of 20 minutes of incarceration, or do 20 minutes of community service around town. You may ANSWER me either FINE, INCARCERATION, or SERVICE as your choice. But I digress. Choose quickly, now, lest I hold you in contempt of court for wasting my time."

>answer fine

The judge squints and says, "You had some bank notes in your possession when you were arrested and they were sufficient enough to pay your fine. You may now leave and retain your belongings. Now be away with you!

This was a hard lesson. I need to alter my script to end when I get back into town. I'd hate for a repetition!

Pulsegiver provided me with a bag of goodies from Zenaxa. What a wonderful thought!
In the gift bag you see a petite marzipan half moon, a mug of bat's toe brew, a stein of Moonstone Abbey brew, a cask of wicked coven ale, a cask of wicked Coven ale, a mug of sea heather honey mead, a mug of heavily spiced grog, a petite marzipan half moon, a golden baked witch-shaped crisp, a herb-stuffed mushroom, a herb-stuffed mushroom, a golden baked witch-shaped crisp, a glass of cloudy pale ale, a stein of Dragonsdraught ale, a stein of dark elven ale, a glass of diamonddraught, a mug of black Dragonspire stout, a mug of aged Sylvarraend porter, a mug of spiced Yander's cask ale, a mug of cloudy Ardenai pale ale, a mug of palest Erithian light beer, a mug of amber Loenthran wheat beer and a sheet of pale ivory parchment

>read parch
In the Common language, it reads: Greetin's Brem! Dese ales are from Ta'Vaalor an' Moonstone Abbey. Ta elf dat got ta fancy styled non-ales was sent in ta git juss ta ales but, canna fault much he bein elf an not dwarf. The Coven Wicked Ales: we keep ta stronger batch inside ta Abbey, ta other we send ta th Vaalor Annex. Ta Cloudy ale comes from Lily's Tavern at ta Ravelin. I included some finger foods.
Blessed Be! *Zenaxa.
~ Zenaxa
Restday, day 4 of Eorgaen, 5111

I will certainly have fun with this! Testing and savouring!

We had a welcome visit from Harstra in Kharam-Dzu with a little mini celebration as part of the feast of the immortals.

Well! I was assaulted today, mercilessly, and without provocation whilst sleeping in the inn on Kharam-Dzu!

Nebhrail leans against an ivy-covered iron barrel.
Nebhrail whistles tunelessly to himself.
Nebhrail says, "Nice evening, even on this rock...."

Nebhrail grins mischieviously and pulls out a snowball from behind his back, quickly he tosses it at you and connects with your face. You fall over in a daze.
Nebhrail snickers.

I will have my revenge! . Seasons greetings all! Even to you Nebhrail - haha! Good to almost see you by the way.

Been running tasks in Wehnimers. Found two interesting things out.

1: The escorted folk can self heal! Didn't know that.
A human scribe sits up and begins to apply some basic first aid to himself.
>l scr

The scribe appears to be a man of respectable means. He regards the surroundings warily, as though he is anxious to be elsewhere.
He has a fractured and bleeding left leg.

2: You can fail a task through stupidity. I took a traveller from Wehnimers to Icemule. I battled through three ambushes. Got the traveller to the gate but obviously ran through, lost the traveller who didn't follow me and didn't realise it. The consequences were dire.
After all this time, there's no telling what has become of the traveller. Hopefully she reached her destination safely, but it'll be no thanks to you. Report this failure to the Adventurer's Guild.

[You have failed your current Adventurer's Guild task.]

To be fair, I did get a number of warnings which, had I not been sleeping at a table, I would have noticed. ha-ha. Oh well. {le sigh}

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