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personal - GemStone IV diary


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Had a wierd OOC adjustment of mana.

Maximum mana recalculated. New maximum: 327.
..followed 10 seconds later by...
Maximum mana recalculated. New maximum: 229.
I demand a recount!

..and then the big fog descended and blackened the sky. And then there was nothingness.. for hours!

Yep, seems the system went down on new years day and we had a bunch of drooling addicted players seeking solice in other forums with like minded drooling addicted players. Haha. Host problem apparently.

It's open house at the GMs home in the crossroads. I have to pick one area of interest only so this is it.

The expansive dome-shaped chamber centers around a towering center console of bronze metal, its haphazard collection of wires and switches illuminated by a vivid aquamarine glow. Orbs inlaid into hexagonal indentations glisten from the rough walls of paneled bronze material. Lengths of the same stuff sprout from the walls like organic growths, connecting them to the base of the grated disk hosting the console. You also see a pretty blonde girl, a spiky-haired slender fellow and a cerulean wooden door.
Also here: Gten, I'll Kiss Anyone for a Silver Jara, Jack Andoff
Obvious exits: none

I've made a suggestion for a celebration for Kharam-Dzu. To be honest i'll be disappointed if something doesn't happen in this place this year!

I'm currently going through the process of selling off lockers and lockers of items I rarely use. I am not a natural hoarder and although access to a greater number of lockers gives me scope to retain more items, I see little point in doing so. The process of selling items is tiring in the extreme but will be worth it, leaving a more streamlined me.


An ethereal triton sentry points an ethereal, clawed finger toward you!
CS: +451 - TD: +355 + CvA: -21 + d100: +84 - +15 == +144
Warding failed!
You feel a surge of intense energy suddenly tear violently at your body! You feel drained!
... and hits for 22 points of damage!
... 5 points of damage!
Minor burns to head. That hurt a bit.
... 30 points of damage!
Icy blast to neck freezes your words in mid-speech and leaves you speechless...permanently!
The deep blue glow leaves you.
Deep blue motes swirl away from you and fade.
You feel the extra courage wane.
The layer of protection fades away.
The glowing specks of energy surrounding you suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
The bright luminescence fades from around you.
The light blue glow leaves you.
The brilliant luminescence fades from around you.
You become solid again.
A faint silvery glow fades from around you.
You feel your extra strength departing.
The silvery luminescence fades from around you.

Just walked into the room and *POW*

I completed Droughtman challenge today. No success of course but it was great fun!

I got some work done to my claidhmore by Ceidric. Some zests which I will continue to improve upon I hope. I also also used a fix skills potion to be try and test out my bow use. So far am liking the use of the bow as a secondary method of attack although I have had to sacrafice brawl training for it. Quite frankly, if i'm not going to use brawl, then I may need to reconsider voln membership.

You draw back the string on your thick ruic long bow and a straight ruic arrow shimmers into view.
You fire a straight ruic arrow at a spectral triton defender!
AS: +440 vs DS: +293 with AvD: +20 + d100 roll: +61 = +228
... and hit for 30 points of damage!
Light strike to the triton defender's head.
A wisp of vapor trickles earthward.

** As your ruic arrow hits a spectral triton defender, it gives off an electric shock! **
... 5 points of damage!
Quick blow to the head.
Swirls of vapor dance around the triton defender's head.
The arrow splinters into tiny slivers.
Roundtime: 3 sec.
Roundtime changed to 1 second.

[Roll result: 104 (open d100: 84)]
A spectral triton defender swings a lackluster blue steel harpoon at your thick ruic long bow and connects!
Your thick ruic long bow is knocked to the ground!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

A spectral triton defender drops his blue steel harpoon and snatches up a wide-grained thick ruic long bow!

The chase is on! It takes a while to find the defender as it scampers away from me!

l def
You see a fairly typical triton defender.
He appears to be in good shape.
He has a wide-grained thick ruic long bow and a thick canvas sling (worn).

ou swing an antique military flail at a spectral triton defender!
AS: +511 vs DS: +227 with AvD: +34 + d100 roll: +98 = +416
... and hit for 93 points of damage!
Good hit!
Left shoulder is ripped from its socket then wriggles back into place.
The spectral form of the triton defender tenses in agony as he begins to dissolve from the bottom up!
The warm glow fades from around a spectral triton defender.
Roundtime: 5 sec

You search the triton defender.
He had a wide-grained thick ruic long bow.
You discard the defender's remaining useless equipment.
He didn't carry any silver.
He had nothing of interest.
The triton defender fades into transparency, his remnants rapidly dissolving into the air.

You pick up a wide-grained thick ruic long bow.

You put a wide-grained thick ruic long bow in your pack.

Decision made. I am selling this e-bow. Not going through that again!!


You raise your driftwood rod skyward!
1d100: 26 + Modifiers: 225 == 251

A wave of dark ethereal ripples moves outward from you.
Someone mutters, "Endangering public safety by Bremerial! Call the Dwarven deputy!"

Nearly killed Erienne today - actually that's a lie. She's damn hard to kill it seems! Don't worry. She's a friend. This is what happened

Whilst hunting Grim and bandits she became calmed.

Erienne is enraged by your attack!
You swing a closed fist at Erienne!
By amazing chance, Erienne evades the attack!
Roundtime: 3 sec.

That should have been the end of it. Except when a brigand entered the room and I tried to kill it:

You swing a battle-marred vultite claidhmore at Erienne!
AS: +515 vs DS: +481 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +1 = +67
A clean miss.
Roundtime: 8 sec.

Erienne stares at you.

Hunt with me at your peril! Having said that, should I be admitting that I couldn't bring a waggle finger down to the ground? Does such an admission warrant a revocation of my warrior privileges?

Well its nearly the end of the East Harbor Culinary festival. This has not been the best festival, but it certainly has been one of the most memorable. There was ale by the bucket load on offer, much to my endless joy. In addition I quite liked the availability of coffee. Will be making that for a while. One disappointment. Maetriks won the keg on raffle. Oh, what I could have done with an endless supply of ale! Oh well.

Today is the last day of Frontier Days festival. In general i've been disappointed with it, especially the timing of the raffles. However there is a raffle for Grishom Stones island which I will be entering today.

One of the interesting aspects of coming back to Wehnimer's Landing was coming in to contact with thieves. It had been a while since that had happened. This is a brief synopsis of my contact with one of the thieves:

You notice Candor try to tiptoe silently by you.
You notice Candor slip out of hiding.
You notice Candor reach into your pack and remove a blue crystal!
You turn quickly and grab Candor's wrist, causing him to drop the crystal back in your pack!
Candor just went south.

I caught up with Candor in the stocks in town.

You glance at Candor.
Candor struggles for a bit in the stocks.
Kaillend squints at Candor.
You pick up a piece of rotting fruit and toss it right at Candor! It explodes as it hits Candor in the face!
Kaillend laughs!
Candor snarls at you.

When the fruit ran out, I found a different way to exact retribution.

You give your towel a short snap, flicking it at Candor with a quick motion of your wrist.

Kaillend softly exclaims, "Nice!"

Orsu laughs!

Orsu says, "I wish i had a bamboo rod."

You say, "Bend over for me Candor.... that's right... just like that."

You give your towel a short snap, flicking it at Candor with a quick motion of your wrist.

With the closing of the year, some of the unreported events spring to mind. (1) Ebon Gate Festival where I concentrated solely on games and raffles rather than services. It was interesting but not totally fulfilling; (2) I bought a fix stats potion and changed my starting stats. I've lost my first aid but gained an increase of 21 and 18 in Wisdom and influence respectively. This has had a great positive impact on my hunting; (3) I am still entering contests and have obtain a number of alterations on the back of wins; (4)I've seen some of my submitted ideas for shops appear at EG and the Feast of the Immortals. Quite exciting!; (5) I've received an altered puppet thanks to Fleurs and a great Ezscripted rag, thanks to Jainna; (6) The introduction of the UAC system has changed my training intent - am now training in brawl.

The year 5112 has been a good year. Let hope for more next year! For me it will be be about shedding items I don't use and getting down to the core of a warrior - hunting, socialising and drinking!

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