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personal - GemStone IV diary


Diary - Volume 1Diary - Volume 2Diary - Volume ThreeDiary - Volume FourDiary - Volume FiveDiary - Volume SixDiary - Volume SevenScroll detailing the names of Bremerial's friends and acquaintances   

Diary - Volume EightDiary - Volume NineDiary - Volume TenDiary - Volume ElevenDiary - Volume TwelveDiary - Volume ThirteenDiary - Volume FourteenDiary - Volume Fifteen   Ghorsa Borthuum Chronicals

One of the things I love about Teras is the way people keep items to redistribute to their owner when they are lost. Foxye lost a runestaff today. We searched for it in the temple for 30 minutes and Dfarren also searched. No Joy. An hour later it was returned to her by Takeela who found it. There is a camaraderie about Teras that I simply love.

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time at the recent Mist Harbor East Harbor Festival I have begun to hunt again. I have also rediscovered the art of sheath making. The trick it to create something that is interesting but not too gaudy. I am failing miserably. My first attempt was a silver bound troll skin thigh scabbard inlaid with starstones. The second was a quartz inlaid lizard skin axe frog bound in alum. I confess that I do not like either of these. I have opted to retain the more reserved silver bound troll skin axe frog. The others will be going to the pawnshop.

I took a trip to Wehnimers Landing. The idea was to pass through on way to Nations to retrieve cash from the bank that I had left there some time ago. However I wandered into Zanthie's wagon and received a lightening to my parka. However the following occurred:

She appears to be a Halfling.
She is very very tiny and appears to be an adult. She has bright malachite green eyes and lightly freckled skin. She has long, glossy cinnamon red hair that tumbles down her back in riotous curls.
She has a plump face and wide hips.
She has a daisy chain tattooed on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a bright white embossed leather weapon harness in her right hand.
She is wearing a delicate bright yellow tulip, a tailored pale yellow coat with green topaz buttons, a lightly-boned white linen bodice, a floor-length pale yellow linen skirt beaded with topaz shards at the hem, and a trio of copper anklets entwined with spring wildflowers.

Speaking to Vividarium, Zanthie exclaims, "You win a prize!"

Speaking to Vividarium, Zanthie exclaims, "The worst thing I've ever made, ever!"

Zanthie taps an ancient blood-stained shadowy black golvern studded longcoat bearing the symbol of V'tull, which is in her right hand.

Zanthie giggles.
Gweniveer laughs!
Erreim chuckles.
Riend groans.
Beldin grins at Zanthie.
You chuckle.

Semiera says, "Burn it."

Leandro cackles!
Ariyanaa gags.
Katness chuckles.
Vividarium chuckles.

Haohmaru politely says, "It is very.."

Haohmaru pauses in a moment of thoughtful contemplation.

Haohmaru continues, "Unique."

Zanthie offers Vividarium an ancient blood-stained shadowy black golvern studded longcoat bearing the symbol of V'tull.

I undertook some escorting bounty tasks to Icemule today. It was interesting that after all this time I actually remembered most of the way there. Only a slight wrong turn at the end required me to ask for directions to the gate. I was embarrassingly close too!

I decided I wanted to take my money out of that Elven town - the name of which I can never pronounce. I though i'd take the opportunity to tast some ales in Zul Logoth along the way. Zul's ales are wonderful! Totally varied. I was reliably informed that the Elven town had some ale also but alas the two areas that sold it - the clothier and the Tavern - were shut. What kind of stinking town shuts the doors to places selling ale. It's be unheard of on Teras!

I was sitting in Wehnimer's warrior guild trying to encourage warriors to be interviewed and informing them of the raffle relating to the draw. Risky came in.

Risky just arrived.

Risky asks, "Which draw that be?"

Risky rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You softly say, "It's for a container with undisclosed items of min value of 1 mil guaranteed."

Risky says, "Gots all the items I needs."

Risky removes a razor-edged silvery vultite shortsword from in his threaded war harness.
Risky removes a razern-edged vultite tower shield from in his threaded war harness.
Risky taps a large mithril plaque.
Risky taps an ancient suit of heavily-armored rolaren platemail fraught with battle scars that he is wearing.

You softly say, "The draw is an enducement not the end product."

Risky rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You softly say, "The recording of interview is the end product."

Risky says, "To be honest, it looks like a trick to me."

You softly say, "No presure to be involved."

Risky says, "Gits the sack ,all juke,but worth 1 mil total."

You softly say, "No interest in press-ganging anyone."

You softly say, "Participate... don't participate.. not a problem."

You wink at Risky.

Risky taps a large mithril plaque.

Risky says, "'members yer oath."

Risky bows deeply at the waist, honoring you.

You turn towards Risky and render a sharp salute with your rune-etched claidhmore.

Risky says, "B'well."

You softly say, "You too."

Risky just went south.

T o be perfectly honest his attitude annoyed me. The assumption that the raffle was some kind of a trick and the constant reference to the 'warrior oath' on the mithril plaque - as if I was some kind of swindling scumbucket huckster - really got my goat! I was polite through it all. Politer than his attitude deserved I think.

I escorted a magistrate to Icemule from Wehnimer. One of the funniest things - and I know I shouldn't laugh - was seeing him almost shadow box in the face of a bandit attack. I could almost hear him cry "go on Bremerial.. give him another blow.. that's the way..." Of course he wasn't much practical help!

A halfling magistrate makes fighting motions with his fists, as if trying to sympathetically help you in the fight.

Well this is a fantastic day. I had entered three competitions set for Wehminer House, Wandering Merchant and Mist harbor Artifact and was awarded prizes in all three. I received the prizes today. I love days like this.

Today I publically asked whether people cared about attaining legend status these days. My question was almost answered immediately by Widget and Luxury, a couple who had both achieved Legend this week and who were totally happy about it.

I've been asking publically about the location of ale within the lands, with a view to tasting ales I have not yet spied out. The response has been better than I could have hoped. I now need to set up a travel plan to get round to tasting these ales. This is my preliminary plan

Bloody banditsangry icon - this was painful.

An elven thug leaps out of his hiding place!
[Roll result: 189 (open d100: 165)]
An elven thug kicks his leg at your groin and connects! Waves of pain instantly shoot through your body. Your face seizes up instantly!

I was taken to the 'inner sanctum' to receive an alteration as a competition prize.

*** GameMaster Nebhrail is here to answer your assist. ***
Nebhrail gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Nebhrail says, "Oh no..."

[Kharam Dzu Hall, Entrance]

Nebhrail says, "We going elsewhere."

Nebhrail says, "Not this place."

[Nebhrial is a dark elf]
Nebhrail chuckles.
You chuckle.
Nebhrail gestures and a shaft of scintillating light from somewhere above pierces the ceiling and engulfs him. When the light recedes Nebhrail is no longer there.

The world grows blurry and indistinct. After a moment everything becomes clear again. Looking about, you see...

[Nebhrail's Castle, Secret Study]

A massive grey granite fireplace covers the back wall, an exquisite tapestry hung with pride above it. The expansive chamber is lined on two walls with sturdy bookcases from the floor to ceiling, filled with collections of carefully categorized books, ledgers, maps, scrolls, and tomes. Four large orbs float through the air, their silver light reflecting off the white marbled floor. A fine-grained cherrywood desk sits in the center of the room, its surface neatly organized with an opulent carved mahogany armchair resting behind it. You also see the Tamuz disk, a brass and cherrywood library ladder, a dart board and a hovering blinking red note.
Also here: GameMaster Nebhrail who is sitting, GameMaster Galene, GameMaster Tamuz, GameMaster Izzea
Obvious exits: none
Tamuz points at you!


Nebhrail says, "Warning, do not touch anything on the desk, it will kill you."

You softly say, "Wow -"

Speaking to you, Tamuz says, "I'm sure you're wondering why we've brought you here."

Nebhrail nods to you.

Galene snickers.

You softly ask, "What's the collective term for Gamesmasters?"

Nebhrail says, "Death."

Nebhrail nods.

Tamuz says, "The nomenclature is "A Murder"."

Galene cackles at Tamuz!

Tamuz says, "Like ravens, but we're awesomer."

Nebhrail whistles tunelessly to himself.

You softly say, "Was looking for Swarm."

Nebhrail leans against an opulent carved mahogany armchair.
Galene takes off a wedding lunch pail.

You softly say, "But murder will do."

Galene put a wedding lunch pail in her silk gauze overrobe.

You settle yourself on the carved mahogany armchair for a moment's rest.

Nebhrail asks, "Sooooo you won a contest eh?"

You softly say, "Premium September contest."

Nebhrail asks, "Grats, so what idea do you have for your winnings?"

Izzea exclaims, "We'll alter your face!"

Izzea exclaims, "With our fists of doom!"

You chuckle at Izzea.
Tamuz clenches his fist and glances over at you.
Izzea tries humming a joyful tune.
Nebhrail walks slowly around and behind the dwarf.
Nebhrail removes a darkened mithril claidhmore with a string of war griffin talons dangling from its hilt from in his back sheath.
Nebhrail whistles tunelessly to himself.
You look around, but can't see anywhere to hide.
You softly say, "Darn it."

Nebhrail chuckles.

You softly say, "No where to hide."

Nebhrail put a darkened mithril claidhmore with a string of war griffin talons dangling from its hilt in his back sheath.

You softly say, "Assuming I could anyway."

Nebhrail leans on you.

Nebhrail says, "Cant."

Nebhrail winks.

Nebhrail asks, "So, how can I be of service?"

Nebhrail says, "While the others make fun of me."

You softly say, "Well a slight alteration would be great."

Tamuz points at Nebhrail.
Tamuz laughs!
Nebhrail nods.
Galene points at Nebhrail and jeers. Boooooo!

Galene says, "Okay I must be off."

Galene gestures and a shaft of scintillating light from somewhere above pierces the ceiling and engulfs her. When the light recedes Galene is no longer there. Nebhrail sighs.

Nebhrail asks, "What ya wanting altered up and do you have an idea of what you want done?"

You softly say, "Indeed."

You softly say, "I always have ideas."

You softly say, "And some of them are good."

Nebhrail says, "This i should remember."

You remove a scratched silver symbol from in your blackened parka.

You softly say, "A cylindrical metal symbol engraved with a sytalised 'B'."

Nebhrail says, "Metals..."

Nebhrail coughs.

Nebhrail says, "Sounds like your dept."

Nebhrail nods to Tamuz.
Tamuz starts chortling.

Izzea says, "Id go for a letter I."

Izzea says, "For Izzea."

Izzea says, "Being awesome."

Nebhrail chuckles.

Speaking to Izzea, Tamuz says, "You've got a bias."

Izzea says, "Maybe."

Nebhrail says, "A small one."

Nebhrail winks.

Speaking softly to Izzea, you say, "Ahhh but ye part of a team and there is no 'I' in team."

Nebhrail says, "Maybe we can etch it somewhere on it for ya."

You nod to Izzea.
Nebhrail nods to Izzea.

Nebhrail says, "When the dwarf isnt looking."

Izzea exclaims, "Team Awesome!"

Nebhrail says, "All right, pass em over."

Nebhrail grins.

You see a classical dart board numbered one through twenty, with two special score rings and a standard two ring bull's eye.

You softly ask, "So any darts to go with the board?"

You softly ask, "Or is it decorative?"

You see GameMaster Nebhrail.

He appears to be a Dark Elf.

He is shorter than average and appears to be ancient. He has brooding red eyes and olive skin. He has short, smooth and silky dark brown hair. He has a broad chest.
He has a dark barcode tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a scratched silver symbol in his right hand.
He is wearing a gold star from Izzea, a gleaming gold pin, a golden frog pin, a pitch black back sheath, a black rapture cloak, some ancient Faendryl battle leathers, a persecuted half-elf doll, a persecuted half-elf doll, a dragon-scale handguard, a oversized burlap sack cinched with a fringed piece of rope, and a pair of dark twisted leather sandals.

Nebhrail says, "It is where I put players when we want to have some fun tossing some daggers, swords, axes... at em."

You grin at Nebhrail.

Nebhrail says, "Halfings and dwarves work best though."

Nebhrail nods.

Speaking softly to Nebhrail, you say, "Glancing at you I can understand why Teras was not for you."

You grin at Nebhrail.
Nebhrail chuckles.
Nebhrail says, "Now ya know."
Nebhrail winks.
You grin at Nebhrail.

Nebhrail says, "Though if flannihan asks me to bring death, ill jump on board."

Nebhrail nods.
Izzea suddenly fades out of sight.

Tamuz exclaims, "Poof!"

Nebhrail taps a cylindrical metal symbol engraved with a stylized 'B', which is in his right hand.

You softly say, "Perfecto-mundo."

You accept Nebhrail's offer and are now holding a cylindrical metal symbol engraved with a sytalized 'B'.

Nebhrail says, "Ok let me get ya back to ya drinking and caves."

Nebhrail scoffs.
You softly say, "My thanks."

Nebhrail says, "Good to see ya again."

You softly say, "Great work."

You softly say, "And you."

Nebhrail exclaims, "Enjoy the day!"

Nebhrail says, "Welcome." You let out a cheer!

You softly say, "Bye all."

The world grows blurry and indistinct. After a moment everything becomes clear again. Looking about, you see...

And this is just one of the reasons that I don't like hunting Sentrys..although on this occasion the radical's intervention didn't help matters...

A triton radical brings a hand forward, pointing at you!
CS: +418 - TD: +296 + CvA: -21 + d100: +47 == +148
Warding failed!
You suddenly feel angered beyond all reason, causing you to scream out in rage!

An ethereal triton sentry points an ethereal, clawed finger toward you!
CS: +457 - TD: +336 + CvA: -21 + d100: +92 - +15 == +177
Warding failed!
An ethereal triton sentry glares malevolently at you.
You feel a threatening dark force very close to you.

A dark force tears at your body!
CS: +457 - TD: +396 + CvA: -21 + d100: +80 - +15 == +105
Warding failed!
Bremerial is engulfed in an eerie, dark haze!
She flinches in pain!
You are engulfed in an eerie, dark haze!
... 60 points of damage!
Quick, powerful slash!
Your chest is ripped open!
You are stunned for 8 rounds!

Focusing on your bloodlust, you shake yourself out of the stun!

Today I sent mana to another for the first time. I've trained 17 times in harness power and 3 time in spiritual mana control

send 50 vana

You face Vanai, close your eyes and begin chanting. Suddenly, a small bolt of energy arcs between the two of you. You awaken, feeling slightly drained, but satisfied that 9 points were successfully transferred to Vanai.

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