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personal - GemStone IV diary


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Back hunting today on my beloved Teras after an absence of 3 months. No longer paying high taxes. And am seeing quite a number of new faces on Teras. May have something to do with the emergence of free to play GSIV

The Spitfire is coming today so I am kicking my heels a little in Wehnimers. I've decided to undertake some guild work, which comprises mainly of escorting podgy, surly merchants through bandit territory. I have to admit that the tasks are quite fun, although I am tempted to abandon some of the more annoying merchants. Shame I'd miss out on a payday by doing so!

My days of camping at merchants for services has long gone I have to admit. It was something that I used to get over-excited about. Now merchants are little more than a passing headnote in my life. I still wait in hope that an ale merchant will arrive one day selling fresh new ales to tickle my fancy. The Spitfire seems to have fold excited. I'll be purchasing a few tarts from there with their magical powers and then disappearing back to Teras.

One of the benefits of coming back to Wehnimers is that I did manage to visit Helden Hall and also got to see my old haunt - the Wehnimers Warrior Guild. And I confess, that the people in town seem a lot more friendlier than I remember. Perhaps the Spitfire and the recent elections have been a contributing factor.

Absolutely brilliant pickle festival over the weekend. Really enjoyed the poetry and recipe contests. In addition to that we had some activity on Teras with the Lunatics running riot. Interesting times ahead I hope. On a sadder news front, heard that Zzentar died in RL. There was a memorial for him in Wehnimers yesterday.

I confess that my enthusiam for the lands was considerably reduced by the apparent lack of activity on Teras. Karliah - our guru before the last one - was starting to bring a little excitement back again but alas had to leave the post. We have a new guru called Wakefield - No idea if he is a he or she or anything about this guru. I can only hope that things are happening behind the scenes to make things happen. No to be too pessimistic, but so far, so little.

On a good note, the new incentives for logging into the game are pretty cool. Ive been in for the last 16 consecutive days and am liking the rewards. May even play some of my other characters.

Back to Teras guru though, I thought id list the gurus I remember:

I've posted in the official forum again about a festival for Teras for 2017. I hope someone is listening. As an aside, Ive noticed that executioners are spawing so much better. Its not such a chore to get an executioner task.

I am quite liking the Incentives for play that have been introduced. Quite interesting. This is my 30th consecutive day in the game - a direct result of these incentives.

Its been a long time since a diary entry. I guess its difficult to maintain a diary about something that has been of less interest over the last year. Bremerial has plodded on, trying to raise official enthusiam for an event on Teras. However nothing seems forthcoming. She has sold off many of her 'prized' items to raise funds for external ventures. Now its all about just plodding on, until the reason for plodding on no longer exits. Will see what the coming year holds before any decisions are finally and erevocably made.

On a good note.. and I use the word good in its sarcastic sense, I suffered one of my few deaths of this year a moment ago:

An ethereal triton sentry points an ethereal, clawed finger toward you!
A void rips open in the area, directly above you!
You are sucked into the void!
Rather abrupt decompression causes you to explode!
Billions and billions of tiny bits of flesh shower everything
Quite severely dead.

Well, its been a while since I was able to muster the enthusiam to update my diary. But the Teras celebrations have rekindled the enthusiam.

Kharam Dzu 120th Anniversary Celebration Schedule

Here are scheduled events for the upcoming festivities!
Thursday, 6/1 - Festival opens around 9pm ET. Watch for realm-wide messaging signaling the fun and dramatic arrival of town favorites to kick things off! Refreshment and a souvenir will be available. After the opening announcements, we'll be taking anyone who is interested on a tour of the Stormbrow Gallery. Gift shop will be open!

Friday, 6/2 - Join us around 9pm ET in the museum's newly renovated party area for dance lessons, with or without a partner! If you haven't received a citizen's pin in the past, this will be a chance to get one.

Sunday, 6/4 - Join us once again in the Stormbrow Gallery around 9pm ET for a night of dancing and dining. Schmooze with town dignitaries. Find out who what new Terasian verbs will be available! Wear your finest garb here (check out the cultural accessories in the gift shop if you haven't before!) and prepare for stimulating conversation (though, with dwarves, that could mean anything) and who knows what else might happen!

On top of this, the drinking game will be open 'round the clock during the event, as will a few shops in the NE part of Kharam Dzu. Merchants will be visiting during the event, so watch for announcements!

The opening ceremony was excellent yesterday. Going to stock up on some shopped for items and then hunt.

What a brilliant Festival. It lived up to expectations. Lots of merchants; Great drinking game; Some pretty good shops; Good interaction from the town dignitaries. The hierarchy of Kharam Dzu excelled themselves. Well done all. The opening ceremony and a list of merchants attending the event have been included.

Gift offered a few weeks ago by Simu for a key anniversary celebration

This will be for Bremerial God'thor the Dwarf Warrior. Please use GIFTBOX CONFIRM if you want your gift box.

giftbox confirm

You glance down and notice a ruined glaes spider charm in your right hand.
The new GIFTBOX item is now released in all instances!
They contain the following items:
• a small sentient spider: This is the spider that lived inside the glaes spider charms. The GIFTBOX is a ruined version of the glaes spider charm, which you break open.
• a shimmering violet orb: This is a large RPA award.
• a hazy white note: This is a 1 pound lightener.
• a meteor-etched gold ring: This is a gold ring guaranteed for 30 days.
• a golden feather charm: This is an encumbrance reducing feather for 300 seconds and has 3 uses.
The spider has all the same verbs as the glaes spider charms. It will have even MORE features unlocked in the coming day(s)!
Everything in the GIFTBOX is account attuned to you, except the gold ring and feather charm.

Had a great time looking at the new fishing area in Helden Hall and thought i'd have a go at fishing today. Unsuccessfully it seems - haha.

The fish on the end of your line weaves back and forth, and the deringo fishing rod bends alarmingly as it tugs and tugs, yet you have no more slack to let loose!
You tug sharply on your deringo fishing rod and it wavers frantically and makes sharp zigzag motions!
You manage to stop whatever's on your line from taking out anymore slack!

>pull rod
You tug hard on the deringo fishing rod, but the massive amount of resistance on the end of the line causes your deringo fishing rod to bend sharply, and you fail to bring in any more line!
Your line suddenly twists and then breaks with a sharp, poignant *SNAP*!.

Well I am so excited. Learning spells is fun and today the trainer informed me that I was ready to use the third spell in my slowly increasing repetoire.

You gesture and invoke the powers of the elements for the Elemental Defense II spell...
Your spell is ready.
You gesture.
A bright luminescence surrounds you.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

My contributions to the Pie Shop have in Wehnimers have been accepted some time ago but I've only just been in there to see them:

Biscuity Pear and Apple Pie
Butter Pie
Raisin and Peach Pie

The sign in the shop does expressly state: " The Pie Shop cannot be held responsible for allergy-related deaths or afflictions!" - I reinterate those sentiments!

I've decided to store some containers that I have been wearing for some years. This is to reduce the amount that I have been carrying. For the first time since I can remember, I have minimal encumbrances when unspelled, and none, when I appy my armor support. This should assist the dodging of attacks during the course of any combat.

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