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personal - GemStone IV Family Issues

Over the years I have been to so many weddings, festivals and other gatherings that have been no more than a footnote in my diaries.

I have decided to record these events from this time forward so that there is a formal record for posterity. When memory fails, the written word will prevail! On occasion, I will record my own feelings ( i.e. those of Bremerial's alter ego) along with Bremerial's own thoughts.

NB: OOC - Any logs included will be published using notepad which should make the information accessible to most.


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -


Bremerial's View
I have been looking forward to this Fest for ages. I remember with fondness last year's event and hope to take in the sights and sounds of yet another festival.

View of alter ego
If I'm honest it's the possibility of alterations that is enticing me to the Fest this year... that and the good feeling engendered by the organizers of last years festival. There is nothing that I need to buy per se, but it will be interesting to do some window shopping. Living in England, my timings are going to be off for most of the key events, unless I go without sleep; so that makes me wonder about the wisdom of buying two tickets. I will probably judge the success of this festival by the number of alterations I get if I am brutally honest.

Day 1: Friday 30 September 2009

- Bremerial's View -
I woke early, eager to visit this years Ebon Gate Festival. Last year's festival had been wonderful for me, culminating on the winning of an amazing shield at an auction. I had purchased two tickets, one for myself and another for my distant relative Tdem, with a view to sharing the adventure this year.

By the time I made my way though the gate with 10 million silvers in notes burning a hole in my pockets, events were already under way. There was a bustle about the event... an excitement that was infectious. People rushed from building to building, some aimlessly and others with a clearer plan. I just stood back, took in the atmosphere for a moment and then began to shop.

I this point I have to thank Nilander for her wonderful scrolls. I have no doubt that many others used these scrolls to ease their passage through the maze of shops.

I bumped into Amberain, who I hadn't seen for quite a while. I then wandered into a number of stores, pouncing on a rack of clear potions,  yellow rose snappers  warpaint.

I visited the orchard for some game playing and was pleased to see my name still on the eel game's leader board from last year. I visited the Wren Estates to undertake some trick or treating , before finally spending a good part of an hour digging holes in the graveyard..

All and all, I would say that my first day was an excellent re-introduction to the Ebon Gate Festival.

View of alter ego
Last years map is very useful. However I still  managed to get lost around the festival's alleys and roads. There was nothing I really needed from any of the shops and I didn't really find anything significantly different from last year. But it was early days. Interestingly, I didn't get the same excitement from this Fest that I did last year. I'm not sure why.

Day 2: Saturday 31 October 2009

Bremerial's View
Strangely, one of the first things I did when I awoke was to grab some coins and start digging. It's amazing how the potential for a skink or a newt can make you buy shovels as if they are going out of fashion! Needless to say I found nothing but a couple of rings, some incense and a few shards of something or other. I then carried on shopping, hoping that I might find something that would titterlate, tantalise or generally excite. I have to admit that the toy shop quite excited me. Spinning tops, bits of string, yo-yos and bubbles to melt the heart of even the most hard bitten warrior!

By accident I found myself wandering into the store run by the Ghostly Spirit Valinda. [Elegance for Him]. Valinda was completing some work for waiting folk. I took my seat and waited patiently, more in hope than expectation. It was wonderful to watch her work. Alas I was not selected for any work, but here are the names of the lucky few whilst I was there:

As Cappyn's work was being completed, I heard the call of another ghostly alterer.
" A well-dressed ghost materializes next to you and says, "Mistress Ahalia will be working at her Midnight chamber in the Classical Couture boutique for customers who wish to update their clothing and accessories."

I made my way to the boutique and took my place amongst the other waiting expectantly. Ahalia span her citrine chrysanthemum and selected the following people:

Naturally I was excited as Tdem was altering items on my behalf! My black ankle sheath was altered. Although I was not selected directly, I did eventually leave the room with a sense of well-being. Additionally Tdem had a purchased yo-yo unlocked by Ghostly Spirit Lyntha, and Daefae gave up his yo-yo to me. That was so kind.

View of alter ego
Sorry to say, the first part of this day was not very exciting. I sat Bremerial in a quiet corner for the most part in the hope that a merchant would announce his/her presence in the time I was awake. I suspect most of the action will take place when I am sleeping - as always. However Tdem did manage to get sheath altered which was one bright note on what was otherwise a pretty slow day. On a further positive note, Tdem also got a yo-yo unlocked for tricks and Bremerial was the beneficiary of an act of kindness from Daefae who gave over his yo-yo to her.


Day 3: Sunday 01 November 2009

Bremerial's View
This day started with some minor shopping. My purchases consisted of a few phials of sulpherous perfume and an oak warrior toy. However there was relative inactivity at the Festival and I decided that I would use the quiet time for some hunting on Teras. Having filled my head with knowledge, I decided to annoy the neighbours of the Winter Wren Estate with some trick or treating. In doing so I battled some of the creatures that ventured forth

You attempt to kick a dark legion knight!
MB: 372 vs MB: 275 = 97 -- Gain advantage!
Gained good position.
THT 40, d100 roll: 70, modified: 167
and hits for 42 points of damage!
You hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separates itself from the dark legion knight's body as it rises, disappearing into the heavens. The dark legion knight screams evilly one last time and goes still.

You attempt to kick a dark legion guardian!
MB: 372 vs MB: 333 = 39 -- Gain advantage!
A Bit Stiff! Moved into position.
THT 58, d100 roll: 83, modified: 122
and hits for 21 points of damage!
You hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separates itself from the dark legion guardian's body as it rises, disappearing into the heavens. The dark legion guardian falls to the ground and lies still.

You attempt to kick a phantom arachnoid!
MB: 372 vs MB: 235 = 137 -- Gain advantage!
Quick move! Gained great position.
THT 58, d100 roll: 66, modified: 203
and hits for 29 points of damage!
You hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separates itself from the phantom arachnoid's body as it rises, disappearing into the heavens. The phantom arachnoid collapses to the ground and dies.

This activity was interspersed with a little digging in the graveyard. I did little more than this, this day.

View of alter ego
I have always thought that there is no such thing as boring...just boring people. Slap me if I ever spout such rubbish again. I was bored out of my skull today. I hunted a little, dug a little and left early. I truely can't remember it being like this last year. Perhaps my expectations were a little high this year.


Day 4: Monday 02 November 2009

Bremerial's View
I awoke where I had rested the night before and ventured for a trick or treat session. After a successful hunt I heard the announcement that Ivora was working in her store. I made my way to it, in hope, and sat down in wander, watching her select happy customers to receive the benefits of her skill. Alas I was not one of those chosen, but it was wonderful to watch her work. The following were the 29 beneficiaries of Ivora's skill:

View of alter ego
I waited for three hours 35 minutes for an alteration and didn't get anything. It was frustrating to see people just wander in and get selected randomly after twenty minutes of being there. Yeah, I know that - excluding her toilet break -  that this was 10 people per hour but to be honest, when you're not one of the ten, its annoying. (And I am using a euphemism here.) I wish I could have been one of the folk that just thanked the merchant for her service and walked away. Although for role play purposes Bremerial did not moan about her lot - despite being a dwarf she is not that kind of taciturn character - I was just totally fed up to be honest.
After 1 hour of frustrating screen gazing, I got out my Nintendo Wii fit and started some aerobic exercises with one eye glued avidly for my name to appear during the subsequent spins. I can't help feeling that this day has been a frustrating waste of my time..with one exception. I did happen upon a kakore wand with e-wave. Overpriced but still will be useful. Another merchant did turn up - Jeem -(God bless Jeem's cotton socks!!)  but I was far to late to get on that list and to be honest, at 11:30pm my time, far too tired to hang around for the next potential opening of the list.


Day 5: Tuesday 03 November 2009

Bremerial's View
Oh joy. Within a few moment of my waking I spied the Blades of Steel raffle. Eagerly I rushed for some funds to buy tickets for myself and Tdem. Whilst waiting for the results I stumbled upon a shop selling pins that generate spectral musical instruments. I just had to buy one. I then wandered to the digging ground to see what gems I could dig up. That was fun if not a little unproductive. I did not win any raffles alas but it was fun entering

View of alter ego
I logged on after a hard day at work, but was pleased to see an announcement for a raffle. Entering was fun, I'll admit. At least I felt I'd participated in something. Auratic gave me some useful information about getting into a hidden store area underground and so for 15 minutes there was an element of excitement, doing something new. The end result was disappointing but it passed the time. In the end I ran around entering as many raffles as I could - I think there were six in total. However as you need to be in the lands when the draw is held, I had to stay logged on, with my computer on as I slept. This  was a major distraction and I hardly got any sleep.  Really pathetic when I think about it now. is this the definition of addiction?


Day 6: Wednesday 04 November 2009

I woke at about 6am GMT to the announcement that Jeem was closing his doors to all customers in two minutes. I rushed to his store and managed, with Tdem, to sit at the end of the queue. Jeem announced that he would try to assist all in the room which he did, resulting an an altered flail and case for myself with Tdem's assistance. Others who received the excellent service were:

For some unknown reason I was unusually fatigued and so sat by Valathae pond for a good eight hours. I awoke to echoes of a herald urging a visit to Nikhail's [Insife the Lilac trees] store.
A quavering voice mutters, "The merchant Nikhail will be selling special gems and doing other services in a few minutes. He can be found in Inside the Lilac Trees."
Within a few minutes, Tdem was selected to be the recipient of two altered gems. This was exciting and I hastily began to give advice to Tdem about his options. Other winners included:

Then I had my gnarled oak wand recharged by the Ebon Gate, restoring the 20 charges of spell 130.

From there I saw Ghostly Spirit Rizyn who provided myself and Tdem with altered runestones.

Within a few moments of the work being completed I ventured to the Mallowyr Manor where Ageta's charcoal stick selected me for an alteration and I had her alter a key for me.
Other recipients of her services included:

This was the evening of the masquede ball, to which I had decided not to attend. Instead I entered a single raffle and made my way back to the pond to rest for the evening.

View of alter ego
I woke as the windows to the windows signoff tune. I sprang up to prevent the computer going onto standby and cursed a little. I wanted to scroll my onscreen log to see what I'd missed. Somewhat annoyed I got the computer up and running again and logged back into the lands. I confess that this was an excellent stroke of luck as either myself or Tdem seems to stumble from one alterer / merchant to another. This was definitely the best day so far.

I have to say, on a personal note, I can't help but judge the success of the Fest for me personally by the number of alterations and/or services I get. I know there is more to the Fest than this... but nevertheless, that's how I feel. And on that basis, today was a good day!


Day 7: Thursday 05 November 2009

Bremerial's View
As I have done on so many mornings, I undertook a little digging and also a little trick or treating whilst keeping an ear out for the announcement of any kind merchants. Low and behold Tashra announced that work would be undertaken in her [wood you] store. The following received work

Fleurs was kind enough to identify an alteration error and Tashra corrected the fault.
I hunted a little more, meandered in search of more alterers with Sympatica and Gweniveer and then sat by the pond and rested.

View of alter ego
One alteration done and a little hunting. No prolonged waiting in queues. Now we're getting somewhere! I did log out and have to log back into the lands as I had entered some raffles due to be drawn at 3am. In reality, as I needed to be not just in the lands but able to accept my gift, I should not have bothered entering and could have turned off the computer. To Hades with Elven Time I say!


Day 8: Friday 06 November 2009

Bremerial's View
My final day in the lands was filled with movement from one merchant announcement to another. I completed a little shopping of nic nacs and then left the Fest, vowing to return later to see the gates closed for this year.

View of alter ego
I went from one merchant to the other and was a little green with envy at the people who got alterations on the last day. However a combination of stoicism and fatigue encouraged me to leave for the evening and get some desperately needed sleep. I actually did wake up and notice that there was a tatooist working but to be honest I was so tired (it was 12:30am GMT) that I just logged off.


Day 9: Saturday 07 November 2009

I bought a huge number of twisted Kakore wands for hunting purposes in time to hear one of the final announcements of the day.

"A grating ghostly voice announces, "Thirty minutes from now, the Merchant Consortium's time here this year will draw to a close. If you are a guest that has travelled here by their invitation, please make any final and necessary arrangements before the portals to Velathae close."

I waved a fond farewell the the festival, taking a sad glance around and disappearing through the gate.

View of alter ego

Kakore wands. Buy Buy BUY! That was my last act. I am glad I had the good sense to not only think of role play but of practical items to assist hunting. These wands should come in handy.



I suppose if I had not been working, and if I lived in EST time zone then I may have gotten more from this years Fest. The truth is that I just missed so much because of the timings. I did get some work done and am greatful for that. But given that there were two of us, what was attained was very little.  It is hard to look at things objectively when your character is fruitlessly sitting in a queue for over 90 minutes or more. Also I have come to the conclusion that spinning, no matter how fair in principle, is one of the most frustrating elements. Thank god for the few merchants that operated a room order system. And when I hear someone saying: "thank you for gracing us with your presence" or "It was great watching you", when they have been sitting for three hours with nothing to show but a calloused butt and a fist full of unrealised designs, I do get the urge to give that person a slap... well my alter ego does. Bremerial is much too dignified to do something like that.

I suspect much of  my frustration stemmed from high expectations. It was hard to come down from the cloud nine of Ebon Fest 2008 when 'that' had been so good.

So the 6 million dollar question. Would I come again? Possibly yes. But next time I will: