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personal - GemStone IV droughtman's challenge


- Ebon Gate 2009 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding -

- Highman Games 5010 -

- Grawood Festival -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments **

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Droughtman's Challenge

Droughtman's Challenge Entry Ticket


I have listed what to me were some of the key moments of the games. Obviously this is subjective as it relates to my key moment.

Challenges Entered

First run in the maze. This took place at 2pm Elven, and I acquired over 5million in cash. I was extremely nervous

Second run in the maze. This took place at 2pm Elven. I was less nervous and decided to hunt the blockers. I pulled every lever and rope and still accumulated little cash. However I managed to freeze the blockers consistently. That was fun and worth the lack of progression.

Third run in the maze, again at 2pm Elven. This was the run that saw me massacred. I got killed at every turn. I saw more of the floor than I did of the run. It was frustrating being ewaved and killed consistently. However I learnt a valuable lesson. Run faster!

Fourth run at 2pm Elven. (Spotting a pattern?) This run was fun as I managed to dodge the blockers for the most part and managed to find the golden key. However no white door. Shame. But I left feeling that I had achieved something great!

Fifth run and again at 2pm Elven. This run was memorable for two things. Firstly for the overwhelming support and heckling I received. It was so funny. I had to restrain myself from heckling the hecklers. Secondly, I found the white door but did not have the golden key. Bah!

Sixth run took place at 12pm Elven this time. Again I managed to find the golden key and no white door. But by all accounts I accumulated the most money and incurred the least deaths. That is something at least.

Seventh run took place at 2pm Elven this time. The blockers did their jobs well. Rogane in particular killed me over and over and over. I managed to get to the white door, with no golden key and within seconds of seeing the winner make it through.

Eighth run took place at 2pm Elven. It was a very fun game. I didn't wear my armor, and ran around naked. Oooo er! I still didn't get to see the white door or to get a golden key. Clearly naked dwarves hold no sway in the maze!

Ninth run took place at 2pm Elven. I was actually very nervous for this, realising that there were only a couple of sessions left to get to the next round. I died a fair amount but got no closer to the white door. I did opt to freeze blockers which in retrospect I am not sure what a good idea. The gift at the end was nice though.

Tenth and final run took place at 6pm Elven. I actually didn't die too many times - well not as many as I had in previous runs. And I saw the White Door! Alas I had no golden key. And just as I was getting into my stride, I was in the recovery room. 

It's all over.. no semi final for me... but a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Gifts Acquired

Although some of these gifts will inevitably be sold, I hope to use as many as possible either in a practical role or a role-play role.

05 March 2011
[a richly textured chestnut leather valise with a scrimshawed whalebone handle]
l in my val
In the leather valise you see a length of rich ebony velvet, a length of royal blue silk satin, a length of gilt-veined marbrinus, a glinting silvery gold blazestar, a tiny cyan and silver peacock, a quartet of bright vaalin stars and an off-white folded paper note.

Speaking to you, Droughtman asks, "The valise holds several fashionable accessories - did you not look inside?"

19 March 2011
[a triangular red and black bandana]
This blood-red linen square has been folded over into a triangular bandana designed to obscure the lower portion of the wearer's face. Resembling wavy parallel lines at a distance, a repeating pattern of black-painted scimitars has been stamped across the dark crimson bandana. Small onyx scimitars extend from two of the opposing corners, each notched to snap into the other to form a pair of crossed scimitars which holds the bandana in place.

pull, eat (banda), eat item, rub, exhale, smooch

26 March 2011
[a crimson bloodjewel censer with a blackened steel lid]

Speaking to you, Droughtman says, "Has alot of spirite lore bonuses."
Droughtman says, "And has alot of very neat actions."

02 April 2011
[a polished crystal sphere]

Droughtman says, "The polished crystal sphere is a seeing crystal. If you gaze into it, you may be able to tell whether hidden or invisible people are present, and if you are skilled, you may be able to learn something about the hidden."

09 April 2011
[bronze wreath medallion]
Intricate runes intertwine along the edge of the bronze wreath medallion, encircling an empty gem setting in the center of the neckpiece. The medallion seems awkwardly incomplete.

Speaking to Droughtman, you ask, "And this medallion Droughtman? is it simply an item with a setting for a gem?"

Speaking to you, Droughtman says, "Let's see.... this will cast spells based on the gem set inside it."

(Has Loresong and myriad number of gem spell possibilities)

Speaking to you, Faulkil exclaims, "That's very fun!"

Droughtman says, "Once the gem crumbles, you can put a new gem inside it."

Osbert says, "Nice gem eater."

Droughtman says, "Only the gem will crumble, not the medallion."

Osbert asks, "What spells does it cast?"

You say, "Oh - well that sounds quite interesting."

You nod to Droughtman.

Droughtman says, "I'm not sure which gems cast what, but you could have some fun testing."

Speaking to Osbert, Droughtman says, "It is based on the gem placed in it."

You grin at Droughtman.

10 April 2011
[a slender steel skinning knife]

Droughtman gawks at you.

Speaking to you, Droughtman asks, "Aren't you going to open your prize!?"

You fiddle with your brown suede case before managing to lift the latch. Carefully, you flip open the cover to reveal the contents.

>l in my case
In the brown suede case you see a bulbous orange glass jar, a square blue glass jar and a slender steel skinning knife.

Speaking to you, Droughtman says, "The jars are for collecting alchemy components, and the knife will help you a great deal with skinning."

Speaking to you, Virilneus says, "Best prize of the round."

Droughtman whispers, "Don't sell that without finding the value.

23 April 2011
[a pale grey vellum page inked with iridescent red lettering]

Speaking to you, Droughtman says, "The pale grey vellum page inked with iridescent red lettering will allow its reader to cast Spirit Guide once per day."

30 April 2011
[a deep violet-edged deed]

This deed entitles the holder to ownership of "The Twilight Parlor" summoning chamber, which is located outside of Ta'Vaalor, atop Fearling Pass.

07 May 2011
[wide-grained thick ruic long bow]

Speaking to you, Droughtman says, "This bow has 4 enchants and will create its own ammunition."

07 May 2011
[an eahnor scimitar symbol backed by a blackened steel disk]

Speaking to you, Droughtman says, "Your item is self recharging, it can be used twice per day and casts V'Tull's Fury."



Blockers who killed me and the number of times they did so:
Aize         1
Draithe     1
Nuadjha    1
Zzentar    1
Daheus     1
Rhaegal    1
Perivan     2
Fleurs      3
Dhairn      3
Dayko      4
Isola        4
Kerl         4
Balish      8
Roblar    11
Rogane   11
Chalon    13


Magical power storming into me    1
Pressure Wave    3
Void     3
Razor Sharp Shards   3
Sponatenous Combustion   7
Spiked Onyx Scarab   13


Most deaths in one session - 17
Least deaths in one session - 2
Total blocker deaths - 69 (69.7%)
Total self inflicted deaths - 30 (30.3%)


Total ropes pulled -    532
Most in one session -   72
Least in one session -   24


Total Silvers -     13,289,348 
Most silvers in one session - 4,495,255
Least silver in one session - 611, 604


Number of times Golden Key found - 2
Number of times white door found  - 3
Unfortunately.. not in the same run


Lyrad - Dynad - Sarita - Arkios - Endole - Osbert - Ondreian - Rimalon - Valekt - Silvias






To the Challenge Organisers.

Yesterday, on Feastday, the 7th day of Ivastaen my final Challenge run was completed. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a thoroughly wonderful time as a participant in Droughtman's Challenge. I found myself looking forward not only to the runs, but to my role as a spectator (still ongoing) and even my somewhat ineffectual role as a Blocker on a couple of occasions. Being able to participate in so many ways served to increase my sense of enjoyment.

The gifts - from a personal standpoint - have been great, even those few which I will never be able to use - neither in a roleplay or a pratical way. I loved the sense of excitement generated through the drawing a random gift from the treasure pile. Rather unexpectedly, this Challenge has been somewhat educative for me. I found myself learning a considerable amount about spells and weaponry, of which I had no knowledge prior to the challenges. It has certainly broadened my somewhat limited, self-induced warrior knowledge.

I have also made - and reaffirmed - some great friends along the way. When you can have your limbs blasted by a Blocker; be heckled by some unknown voice; and be passed by a fellow runner as a scarab burrows under your armor... and still share a stein of ale with them in the Opal Lounge, you know you have had an enjoyable experience!

There is a tinge of disappointment at no progressing beyond the first round but I wouldn't swap these experiences for anything. I will miss whispering to Droughtman: "When you have time can you tell me what this does?" almost as much as Droughtman will be relieved at not hearing it, I suspect.

Of course I will still be attending sessions, where possible, to provide support - of a sort - to semi-finalists and finalists alike.

In short, a great experience. My thanks to the organiser. May the Huntress keep and preserve you.

~ Bremerial God'thor ~

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