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personal - GemStone IV EBON GATE 5011


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -


This festival was one that was thoroughly enjoyed. There are too many elements to record. So I have concentrated on the more literary side of the festival.

Deathly Dirges

[Feywrot Mire, Cedar Clearing]
Draped with soft blankets of moss that flutter to-and-fro of their own accord, spindly cedar trees ring the area. Their branches stretch out overhead, creating a brittle web across the dark sky. In the center of the clearing, the ground is slightly lumpy, though firmly packed, and riddled with a light dusting of ashes. Several blackened cedar stumps jut out of the ground in front of a particurlarly wide arc of grey-green moss. You also see an oak-framed ebon parchment sign and the Jukes disk.
Also here: Aneris, Archales, Jukes, Sir Metadi
>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Death Dirges ~*~
Hosted by: Zeebo
Number of Players: Unlimited

1. If you're interested in singing a song or reading a poem, please tell your host.
2. Participants will have 5 minutes or less to present their piece.
3. Poems and songs should be themed around death.
4. Presentations will be judged on content, style, sticking to the theme, and staying to the time limit.

Zeebo strolls in.
Zeebo waves.
Zeebo deeply says, "I do hope you all are here to join the contest."
Zeebo squeakily shouts, "Please read the sign!"

>l zee
You see Huckster Zeebo the Carnival Clown.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He is very tall and appears to be very young. He has hooded dark eyes and yellowish skin. He has shoulder length, curly red hair pulled into two low pigtails. He has a long, white-painted face, a painted red nose and thick bushy eyebrows.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a knotted grimy black scarf, a grubby prize satchel, a stained black leather vest with a red handkerchief peeking out of a front pocket, a filthy white button-down shirt, a small leather bag, a pair of tattered plaid pants, and a pair of mud-crusted boots.

Speaking to Zeebo, Virilneus asks, "Can I sing about wenches instead of death?"

Speaking to Virilneus, Zeebo says, "Sure but you won't score highly."

Virilneus says, "I scored highly last night."

Virilneus lets out a loud guffaw and slaps his leg, shaking so hard that some fleas pop out of his beard.

Zeebo raspily inquires, "Does anyone wish to volunteer to go first?"

Tdem says, "I'll go first."

Zeebo agrees with Tdem.

Zeebo shrilly shouts, "Very good!"

Zeebo deeply says, "Let's all listen."


Tdem says, "Good afternoon. My offering is called "The slate wiped clean"

Tdem clears his throat.

Tdem recites:
"The graves of many souls here lie
untended by those left behind.
Once strewn with tears from mournful eye,
Only epitaphs left to remind."

Tdem recites:
"Upon this lichen covered plaque,
the once imposing words near gone.
Here lies the person 'such and such',
Beloved father, cherished son."

Tdem recites:
"And there upon another tomb,
a tome of lyrical design,
with icons of religious note,
ridiculous to pure sublime."

Tdem recites:
"But what if once, instead of this,
we wrote with truth how death took hold.
"Here lies the Baker from the town,
who walked in the rain and died of a cold."

Tdem recites:
"Or here lies another, late of this town,
slain by his wife in her dressing gown.
And a buxom woman robbed of life,
When found compromised by that man s wife"

Tdem recites:
"Tis strange how death wipes all slates clean.
Forgetting what those lives had been.
Forgetting oft a life absurd,
Remembered with euphemistic word."

Tdem recites:
"Perhaps this is the living s way,
To remember those our own lives touch.
No longer murderer or fool,
But now beloved 'such and such'

Tdem happily says, ""The End"

Tdem smiles slowly
Zeebo squeakily shouts, "An excellent poem!"
Aneris asks, "I cen go if yah want?"
Zeebo shouts, "Very well!"
Zeebo nods at Aneris.


Aneris nods.
Aneris recites:
"Death can be swift when one fails at survival
Fate can be cruel when there is no revival
What happens when that condition abates
And the soul remains there outside the gates?"

Aneris recites:

"With family deceased and lovers lost
The end of life carries little cost
Acceptance is necessary to move on
And fail to awaken at the coming of dawn"

Aneris recites:
"But those who hold too tight to life
Are careful to avoid the knife
And stay locked within their own stronghold
They waste their days as they grow old"

Aneris pants.
Aneris recites:
"One man, named Fife, he wanted so
To stay around, he would not go
He flipped through pages never stopping
His eyes turned red, his head was dropping"

Aneris recites:
"He had devised a way to live forever
That fragile thread would never sever
An alchemic potion after ages he had found
It cheated death, an effect profound"

Aneris recites:
"Death can be swift when one fails at survival
Fate can be cruel when there is no revival
What happens when that condition abates
And the soul remains there outside the gates?"

Aneris pants.
Aneris recites:
"His genius was his own downfall
To cheat death, one must have gall
Old age took his mortal form
As in some circles is the norm"

Aneris recites:
"He awoke the next day, alive and well
Trapped within an eternal hell
To his corpse his soul was bound
It lay there limp and on the ground"

Zeebo shudders.
Aneris recites:
"His life he had wasted away
And now as a corpse he would spend his days
As week's went by, Fife's body rotted
Tortured, his soul paced there and plotted"

Aneris recites:
"The curse he started, a way to break
He needed a method for his own sake
The procedure to reverse the spell
And break out from this pungent hell"

Aneris recites:
"Return true life, that was his goal
He would not stay trapped as a mere soul!"

Aneris recites:
"He needed help, the only way
But help never came, day after day
For his was a life with no friends led
And all his family long long dead."

Aneris recites:
"With family deceased and lovers lost
The end of life carries little cost
Acceptance is necessary to move on
And fail to return at the coming of dawn"

Aneris recites:
"First his eyes rotted away
He would never again see the day
Next his hearing, his deal would sell
But oh it lingered, that decaying smell "

Aneris recites:
"Eons passed, he thought, he stewed
The worms within his flesh did chew
His body wasted to a skeletal frame
To replace his genius, insanity came"

Aneris recites:
"What happened next was worst of all
The building that held his corpse did fall
And bury him in debris and stone
He couldn't keep going, Fife was truly alone"

Aneris recites:
"Letting go that very day
His soul was free
He wafted away ."

Aneris nods sagely.

Aneris says, "But there's more...."

Aneris coughs.
Aneris recites:
"With family deceased and lovers lost
The end of life carries little cost
Acceptance is necessary to move on
And fail to awaken at the coming of dawn!"

Aneris recites:
"But fate can be cruel when you tamper with life
A lesson learned by dear old Fife
The potion that pridefully stopped death
Reversed his time to before his last breath."

Aneris recites:
"His death, a fate devoid of laughter
Will be repeated forever after
His ambition long replaced by hate
His only longing is to open the gate"

Aneris recites:
"How do I know his story you say?
I came upon his corpse one day
He asked for help, he begged, he pleaded
But time is too precious for the help he needed"

Aneris recites:
"His lesson I will tell at last
Do not let your life go passed
For death will come at some time soon
Quite possibly at the next moon"

Aneris recites:
"And those who try to run away
Will have a very steep price to pay
Yes, death should be the end of life
Or you may end up like dear ol' Fife! "

Aneris nods sagely.
Aneris says, "The end."


Archales says, "I suppose i can go next."

Archales says, "My songs isn't nearly so well thought out."

Archales says, "But it reminds me of my brother."

With nimble fingers, Archales unfastens each of the buttons holding his ebon instrument case closed, and draws the flap open.
Archales gently removes an elliptical mountain dulcimer from the protection of its case.
Archales removes a silver-edged amber plectrum from in his grey silk tabard.
Archales's music swells with exceptional depth and power.
The languid composition falling from Archales's gentle fingers as they caress his dulcimer bestows a musical blessing upon his surroundings.

Archales sings with a rich baritone:

"At the trading post where i lived!
things are growin... growing old"

Like sparkling droplets falling in a pond, a liquid run of notes drips from Archales's mountain dulcimer in descending triplets. Archales gradually increases the intensity but not the speed of the tune he plays on his dulcimer, using fluid arpeggiation in Mixolydian mode. The slow paced pastorale Archales coaxes from his dulcimer is very expressive with contrapuntal bass line and contrasting fortissimo passages.
Archales sings with a rich baritone:

"Loooooong grey hairs are in the buuuttteer!
an the bread has turn to mold"

Archales sings with a rich baritone:

"When the dog died I had sausage!
when the cat died... catnip tea!"

His body swaying as he touches the strings of his dulcimer, Archales draws forth songs that evoke forlorn memories and pensive retrospection. The melody takes on a sweet languor as Archales's plectrum easily caresses the strings of his mountain dulcimer.

Archales sings with a rich baritone:

"When the landlord died I left there
.... spare ribs were too much for me!"

The last chord of Archales's solemn lament reverberates on as he allows his plectrum to drop from his dulcimer.
Archales flippantly tosses back the lapels of his wolf skin cloak and bows with distinction.
Archales put a silver-edged amber plectrum in his grey silk tabard.


Lysistrata says, "I am ready."

Lysistrata shrugs.
Zeebo nods at Lysistrata.

Lysistrata warns, "It is brief, as it was made up just now but..."

Archales says, "No."

Lysistrata shrugs.

Lysistrata continues, "An ode to death in the swamp."

Fungo says, "Go on, pretty lady."

Lysistrata recites:
"The gentle sleep is mine this night.
The bright gibbous moon's slitted eye
Sits on her billowy cloud dais,
The only gaze to watch me die."

Lysistrata recites:
"'Gator rumble sings me to rest.
Black glass water shall be my gown
While mangrove trees close o'er me
With spidery roots to hold me down."

Lysistrata recites:
"Let not my tired soul come back
And find unlife with me once more.
In the fen's embrace please keep me,
Sunk in water, on earthen floor."

Lysistrata inclines her head.

Zeebo applauds Lysistrata.
Lysistrata graciously says, "You all are kind."


Sovine says, "I am prepared also, although it was rather hastily done."

Zeebo nods at Sovine.
Sovine nods.

Sovine recites:
"A forbidden love there once would be
Its outcome none could foresee
Some said forged for gain more then the heart
There worlds too far apart."

Sovine recites:
"Death came quickly to one of the two
The truth so few actually ever knew
It only takes one knowing to start a war
an this war was like.. never seen before"

Sovine recites:
"What came next a wrath that none were spared
A king family an all his heirs
A gruesome battle across the sea
Leavin none to spare and ever walk free."

Sovine recites:
"In the end the wrath of sisters three
Much greater then the assassins fee
Some say today they still roam these lands
Causing great suffering as vengance hand."

Zeebo applauds.

Zeebo shouts, "Such nice deathly stories tonight!"


Ascaris recites:

"My poem is titled "You Would Wish You Were Dead if You Were Him""

Ascaris recites:
"Once some time ago was born
A most special little rolton"

Ascaris recites:
"He had a fleece so soft and fine
Some would say it was nearly divine"

Ascaris recites:
"It was with such great pride
That this little rolton would stride"

Ascaris recites:
"Showing off for all to see
His very special, beautiful fleece"

Ascaris recites:
"Then came a round up most foul
Where all the rolton were corralled"

Ascaris recites:
"One by one his friends were taken away
To a place where bleating and cutting sounds were made"

Ascaris recites:
"Our little rolton assumed the worst
And thought that death was his curse"

Ascaris recites:
"But little did our rolton know
Things worse than death do themselves show"

Ascaris recites:
"For as he was taken into the barn
His fleece was shorn to make some yarn"

Zeebo giggles.

Ascaris recites:
"See our rolton the knowledge he lacks
Is that one day his fleece will grow back"

Ascaris recites:
"See you'd want to drop dead as well
If you thought nudity was your personal hell"

Ascaris recites:
"Whether or not he died of embarrassment is unknown."

Unfastening the waistband of his puppy pelt pantaloons, Aneris loosens the garment and lets it fall down over his legs to the ground in a puddle. He carefully steps out of the pant legs one at a time, then gathers the pantaloons up and shakes out any wrinkles from the fabric.

Aneris waves some peculiar puppy pelt pantaloons around.

Aneris bends slightly, placing first one foot, and then the other, into the pant legs of his puppy pelt pantaloons. Tugging them up over his legs, he fastens the waistband and smoothes out the fabric.

Speaking shrilly to Aneris, Zeebo shouts, "Please don't disrobe. This is not that kind of contest!"


You ask, "Ok me next?"

You remove a dusty purple-spined volume from in your pack.
You smile.
You casually glance around the area.

You say, "My poem is entitled: "Fire's Last Breath"

You say, "I hope you enjoy it"."

You carefully open a dusty purple-spined volume.

You recite confidently:
"The flame haired temptress wilts slightly.
Rapacious fingers still rising upwards,
hungrily consuming all within her path
within the limits of her prison that is the stone hearth."

You recite confidently:
"Her roaring voice, her clarion call
Her tongue venomously expelling shards of herself
in hope of taking root and giving birth."

You recite solemnly:
"But the zenith of her alluring dance has passed.
A tendril shoots upward,
Grasping! Grasping desperately!
Breathing in sustaining air
but finding, cruelly, all food consumed."

You recite solemnly:
"Hunger persists,
and the roar that was once her glorious voice
reduces to a mournful myriad of crackles."

You recite solemnly:
"Insidiously, starvation takes hold,
and what was glorious, struggles to survive,
becoming a shadow of her former undulating self."

You recite solemnly:
"The seductive dance once wonderfully performed,
mirrored in the reflective stone surface,
becomes slower, more morose."

You recite solemnly:
"A reddish hue gives way to yellow.
The buxom redhead becomes the sallow blond,
with hints of blue that reflect her sorrowful state."

You recite slowly:
"As her body shrinks from giant to dwarf,
flickering arms and legs struggle for life,
clinging to the remnants of former glories.
More tamed, but still with unrelenting beauty
even in this pitiful state."

You recite slowly:
"Within the blackened surface at her feet that gave rise to life,
she shrivels, seeking refuge within,
hiding from the world,
but finding no comfort there"

You recite slowly:
"Within her heart, lies warmth's remnants .. the faintest of beats.
A last radiated flicker,
giving way to her gentle sigh, an elongated tendril of smoke
Her final lingering breath slowly expelled."

You gently close a dusty purple-spined volume.

You casually glance around the area.

Zeebo says, "Makes you think."

Zeebo taps his forehead.

You say, "I always see fire as a living breathing element."

Speaking to you, Lysistrata says, "The imagery was lovely even if the reference is missed."


Zeebo deeply says, "Before we divulge the winners...we have special toys for everyone who sang a song or recited a poem..."
You turn to Zeebo and cheer!
Zeebo says, "You can choose either a monster or a wolf pup. Just say which one you want outloud."
We all select our gifts


Zeebo squeakily shouts, "In third place... with a lovely poem that gives one something to think about... Tdem!"

Zeebo deeply shouts, "In second place... with a beautiful poem that was both sad and intelligent... Bremerial!"

Zeebo says, "In first place... a tie..."

Zeebo says, "One poem was a story of cheating death.. and the other a beautiful song about embracing it...."

Zeebo shouts, "Lysistrata and Aneris!"

Lysistrata blinks.
Aneris lets out a cheer!

Winners are led to the winners enclosure

read notice
In the Common language, it reads:

~ Congratulations Winners ~
The prizes are instant redemption. (Redeem it right when you win it. Except the EZscript, which MUST be redeemed by the end of the week or it is forfeit.)
First place will have the first choice from the prize list, second place will have second choice, and third place will have third choice.
Once a prize has been chosen by the first place, it will not be available for the second or third place winners, and so on.

Prize Choices:

Wandering Tattoo
EZscript on an item
Weapon Sharpening (+2 to qualifying weapon. See restriction sign for details.)
Flare Adding (See restriction sign for details. Choice of cold, impact, fire, electric, acid, plasma, or steam.)

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