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personal - GemStone IV ZIFKU DRINKING GAME 5111


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

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- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

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Zifku's Drinking Game 5111

Introduction to Game    | Drinking Game 


On Leyan, day 2 of the month Fashanos in the year 5111, I was reading the town boards when I cam upon a posting by Zifku confirming that the postponed drinking game was to be rescheduled for this day. Anyone who knows anything about me will know that I have been positively drooling at the prospect of entering this game, ever since my third place semi-success at the Highman Games. This was my opportunity to do some serious drinking and to live up to my title as one of the 'Drinking Game Champions.'


I made my way to Mist Harbor's Portable Water Hole, Kitchen, unfortunately still drunk from drinking the night before.

Wrapped in canvas and oilcloth, the wagon's roof is supported by enormous sea thrak ribs that are anchored to the low oak walls. A pot-bellied cast iron stove is positioned in a corner behind a long modwir plank counter, its chimney rising between oak and canvas for ventilation. Various copper pots, steel ladles, and cast iron pans are neatly arranged on hooks set into the back wall, and a copper-banded wooden barrel is set nearby.
Also here: Lady Lithyia, Irinn, Fleurs, Lady Gweniveer

Lithyia raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Fleurs exclaims, "You're already drunk!"

Lithyia laughs at you!
Fleurs gawks at you.
Irinn giggles.
Fleurs giggles.

Irinn exclaims, "Y'got time t'sober up!"

Irinn exclaims, "Have a coffee!"

Lithyia exclaims, "No no, the cure is to drink more!"

You say, "Ok I need to find some coffee."

You accept Lithyia's offer and are now holding a mug of very strong coffee.

{I begin to drink the coffee}

You are much too drunk for that.
Fleurs begins to twitch.
You stare with your glazed eyes focused on nothing.
You hold your head and moan.
You topple over.

Naitalya tilts her head down.
You attempt to move yourself into a sitting position, only to fall flat on your back!
Irinn winces.
Lithyia chuckles.

Naitalya asks, "Early start?"

It suddenly dawns on you that you're grinning for no reason, so you attempt to wipe the silly smile off your face.

Fleurs says, "She arrived drunk."

You topple over.
Lithyia laughs!
Fleurs rolls you over.
Irinn stares at you.

Speaking to you, Fleurs says, "Best lie down for a bit and drink that coffee."

You raise your arms above your head and say, "I'm a pixie. Whee!"
You bend your knees and lean back, attempting to sit, only to miss and fall flat on your rear!

Naitalya says, "That woman needs a dose of the columnar amethyst."

You drunkenly say, "Mother."

Niara giggles.
You take a drink from your very strong coffee.
You've finally sobered up.


Artisan Zifku just arrived.

You turn to Zifku and cheer!
Zifku exclaims, "Oh hi o!"

Zifku says, "Or some other strange greeting."

Zifku asks, "Why is there a tiger in my mother's kitchen?"

Speaking quietly to Zifku, Ruh says, "He's house broken, sorta."

Zifku raises an eyebrow.
Zifku glances at a mottled tiger.
(Ruh covers the mess in the corner.)
Lithyia glances at Ruh and cringes.
Zifku leans against a long modwir plank counter.

Zifku asks, "Where is that dwarf?"

Zifku glances at you.
Zifku grins at you.

Speaking to Zifku, you say, "Hope I do justice to my race and clan and drink these pookas under the table."

You grin at Zifku.
Gweniveer giggles at you.
Zifku chuckles.
Zifku snickers.

Zifku says, "I don't know, Brem-my-dear. I can do a fair bit of drinking."

You grin at Zifku.

You say, "I smell a challenge."

Gweniveer grins at you.
Zifku grins at you.

Zifku says, "I'd like to chat for a moment or two before we get to the serious business of drinking...."

Zifku says, "And drinking is serious business."

You agree with Zifku.
Zifku grins crookedly.

Zifku says, "Basically...."

Zifku asks, "What the heck is up with the stupid locals?"

Zifku says, "They have a Mayor, the Mayor tries some stupid experiment gets killed and tries to sink us."

Zifku says, "I'm pretty sure Ilsola is human."

Zifku says, "Then they have a merchant council, and a good one if you ask me ... and I say good cause they left me the blazes alone."

Zifku asks, "And they all quit?"

Zifku asks, "All five, same night?"

Zifku asks, "What in Charl's nappy head is that about?"

Zifku rolls her eyes at Vender.

Zifku says, "This place would go to pot."

Zifku says, "I'm too fond of my drink."

Zerkas asks, "Thought ya were sayin it already had?"

Zifku says, "Heh."

Zifku says, "I just said it was strange."

Zifku says, "I saw Elaenira in her shop. She was all peaches and sunshine."

Zifku rolls her eyes.

Zifku says, "Woman needs less pep. Let's face it, she's peppy. Everytime I go there to sell a bauble I want to smack her upside the head and say, "Stop being so damned nice!"

Ryvicke appears to be trying hard not to grin.
You grin at Zifku.

Zifku says, "At least old Cend was honest. He hated everyone and that's all there was to it."

Zifku says, "Okay, no more elf drama. I don't want to hear it."

Zifku says, "Besides, I think I'm crushing on ol' Bremerial over here."

Zifku raises an eyebrow in your direction as she smiles invitingly, flirting with you.

You say, "Less of the ol'."

Zerkas squints at you.

Zifku says, "I'm a little confused by you though....Yea, why are you wearing a bodice?"

Speaking to Zifku, you say, "Trust me - need to bodice to hold in my dwarven goodness."

Zifku says, "Wait..."

Zifku hesitantly asks, "Are you a girl?"

Gweniveer shuffles her feet.
Irinn giggles.
Niara begins to giggle, then bursts out in a silly laugh.
You gasp.
Lithyia giggles at Zifku.
Dreaer chuckles.
Zerkas lets loose a wild yowl of laughter.
You grumble at Zifku.

Zifku says, "Oh, man. Don't that eat all."

Gweniveer snickers.

Irinn says, "It kinda hard sometimes t'tell with dwarf-folks."

Zifku says, "Someone go buy a few amethysts, I promise my mom you guys wouldn't go home falling down."

Gweniveer raises her deep purple amethyst skyward!

Zifku says, "Excellent."

Delilahrae says, "But if we don't go home falling down then what good is a drinking contest."

Speaking to Gweniveer, Zifku asks, "Does your amethyst make people not drunk anymore?"

Gweniveer bites her lip.

Gweniveer bashfully says, "I've never tried it.."

Zifku chuckles.

Speaking to Zifku, Drigore says, "I will get more."

Zifku turns towards Drigore and renders a sharp salute with her imported krol vodka.

Zifku says, "Good.. uh.. burny blob man."

Drigore just went west.

Zifku says, "That man is ugly."

Lithyia giggles to herself.

Zifku says, "Geez."

Gweniveer laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.
Vender chuckles.
You chuckle.

Amadicias asks, "What one?"

Zifku says, "That guy that just went off in search of crystals."

Zifku says, "I mean, when he comes back, take a good look at him."

Drigore just arrived.
Zifku gazes heavenward.
Zifku hums a seemingly random tune.

Speaking to Drigore, Tabrina says, "Zifku wants us all to stare at you."

l drig
You see Drigore Bruxsa the Shadowmancer.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is average height and appears to be mature. He has ardent, vermillion-veined hazel eyes and skin. He has patchy, black hair with areas of severely burned scalp showing through. He has narrow, scarred pieces of ear-flesh on the side of his head.

Drigore's eyelid begins to twitch and quiver uncontrollably.
Drigore removes a smooth columnar violet amethyst from in his oilcloth cloak.
Drigore offers Zifku a smooth columnar violet amethyst.

Speaking to Zifku, you say, "Ok you were right - nasty."

Zifku grins at you.

Speaking to Drigore, Zifku says, "If I'm not being too personal....but what in Koar's Hairy backside did you do to your face?" Amadicias buries her face in her hands.
Gweniveer blinks.
Dreaer chuckles.
Gweniveer bites her lip.
Drigore twitches and cackles with glee as he glances around.
Gweniveer glances at Drigore.

Zifku asks, "Can you hear me?"

Drigore looks like he was about to say something to Zifku, but he hesitates, obviously having changed his mind.

You giggle.

Zifku asks, "Are you touched? Did someone touch you?"

Speaking to Zifku, Drigore says, "It is a long story, let us leave it at that."

Zifku chuckles.
Zifku agrees with Drigore.

Speaking to Drigore, Zifku asks, "Can you... you know.. hear? Or do you read lips? I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just curious."

Speaking to Zifku, Drigore says, "The inner workings are fine."

Zifku asks, "Didn't I tattoo you once?"

Drigore shows Zifku a sigil-incised ebony choker tattoo.

Drigore says, "Yes."

Zifku says, "Thoguht so. You had ears then."

Zifku scratches her ear.

Zifku says, "Anyway."

Zifku says, "Drinking."


Zifku says, "So... yea.. here's what we are going to do....There's a decanter."

Zifku points at a long modwir plank counter.

l on counter
On the modwir plank counter you see a faceted blown glass decanter and a crudely painted plank sign.

Zifku says, "Everyone has to take one drink, if they are in the game."

Zifku says, "Okay, if you are going to play raise your hand."

{Those playing raise their hands}

Zifku says, "OK so I have ... Lithyia, Rogane, Roelon, Naitalya, Tabrina, Shilaohra, Gweniveer, Malrocky, Mischung, Merjinia, Amadicias, Bremerial, Veni, Kesem, Roelon, Ryvicke, Vender, Cashal, Barjin, Cybille, Drear, Droit, Jodia, Ruh, Zerkas, Turkero, vender, Katry, Zoler, Niara, Tukero, Akoe, Darqwolf"

Zifku says, "Now, since Ruh pointed out....Ruh pointed out that sometimes when you lick a drink, it looks like you've actually had a drink of it. My decanter is designed to give you a shot glass with exactly two ounces of drink in it. So this means, I now have to look at each of your ugly mugs to make sure you actually drink it. Which means, each round is going to be long."

Zifku says, "Blame Ruh."

Zifku says, "Here's how it works....Everyone GETS a shot from the DECANTER. On the count of three, we all drink. Then we'll do another round."

{A moment passes as Zifku makes some adjustments to the game}

Zifku says, "Okay....Everyone that already took a drink, toss it in the barrel. I've made it so that I don't have to look at you, mostly cause Cybille is brilliant."

Cybille grins at Zifku.

Zifku says, "From now on, the decanter will provide you with a glass. As soon as you drink your shot, throw the glass out. If I don't see you throwing it out, then I know you cheated."

Introduction to Game    | Drinking Game 

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