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personal - GemStone IV ale sampling

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a love of ale. It is - you might say - somewhat of an obsession.

I know what some might think. I'm a dwarf. I love ale. So what's new! I am not as pompous as some who profess to know every nuance of every ale. But I do consider it to be a drink best appreciated by the dwarven pallet!

So today [Today is Niiman, day 30 of the month Koaratos in the year 5109] I have set myself a task.... to try every ale in the land, whether stocked by local stores or displayed by travelling merchants. To qualify this, I am interested in 'testing' ales with alcoholic qualities. Ales with medicinal properties will be free from my attentions. I will document each ale's location, description  and taste.  Anyway, it's a dirty job... but somebody has to do it!(In terms of the prices documented you should know that I am a citizen of Kharam Dzu, have no trading skills and my influence is not that great. OOC 73 with a bonus of 1.) 

...and as the giantman bragged of his conquests in bed, Lorspath looked on in dismay. Bremerial however knew that despite his coarse manner, this giantman would be good to have in battle.. CLICK TO EXPAND [graphic by]

 Sign for Teras

Bremerial's Brew - carried in her parka

 Sign for Teras

Bentock's Adventurers Rest

A simple Oak Refreshment Cart

Seedy Tavern, Whining Elf Bar

Brewery, Tasting Room

Marienna's Market, Suniel's Wine Cellar

The Golden Helm

Willow Hall

Welkin Hall

Empath Guild - (purchased by Lord Arrays for me)

Pauper's Crystal Lounge

Chronomage Lobby

Glaesen Star, Citizens' Lounge

Twighlight Hall Party Tent

Modwir (private home/workshop)

Acessed from Teras Ladder but not on Teras


GamesMaster Itzel Home


GameMaster Sherlise, Campsite

GamesMaster Jainna Kitchen

GamesMaster Scrimge Home - a Crazy Calm

Xayle's Portal

The following ale was made available at the Kharam Dzu 120th Anniversary Celebration

Garden Pavillion Eats

Stormbrow Museum - Culture Room

 Sign for Ebon Gate EBON GATE 2012 - 2014

Halfway Midway, Ale of Beauty

Rumrunners' Tavern

Dilapidated Party Boat, Bar

Saa-weet Treats, Food Stand

 Sign for Albatross

 Sign for Wehnimer

Helga's Tavern

Reignbeau's Cavern [inside dying tent]

Hearthstone, Legend's Bar

Hearthstone, Porch

Wehnimer's Travel Office

Wehnimer's Warrior Guild

Silvergate, Lion's Den Pub

House Sovyn

Helden Hall

Willow Hall

Wizard Guild

Solstice 5110 - [House Brigatta Tent]

Solstice 5110 - [House Paupers Tent]

Solstice 5110 - [House Sylvanfair Tent]

Solstice 5110 - [House Sovyn Tent]

Solstice 5110 - [Willow Hall Tent]

Solstice 5110 - [House Phoenix Tent]

Willow Hall Party Tent - 5111

Outside Moot Hall - Landing Honor Celebration 5111

Moot Hall - Mayor's Office

Merchant Hall, Open Market


The Bitter Bite Tavern

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 Sign for Ta'illistim

Ta'illistim Embassy Opening 5112 - Horn and Bell Pub, Barroom

Ta'illistim Embassy Opening 5112 - Horn and Bell Pub, Office

 Sign for Tavaalor

Moonstone Abbey

Malwith Inn

 Sign for Tavaalor

 Sign for Icemule Trace

Night Owl Pub

Honeybeer Inn

Thirsty Penguin

House White Haven

House Brigatta - [Sapphire Lounge]

 Sign for Highman Games 5110

Jirkirl's Hilltop, Meadow

 Sign for Highman Games 5113

The Horn and Bell Pub, Barroom
Notice: Pub was transported from Ta'illistim (see above) but have recorded information again.

The Horn and Bell Pub, Office

Drotta's Ale

 Sign for Grawood Festival

The Pitchfork Pub

 Sign for Rivers Rest

Stone Eye Bar

 Sign for Spitfire 5111

[Luscious Libations]

Read Sign: In the Common language, it reads:
Ever wanted t' speak like a real pirate? Well, that thar grog'll help ye! Fer those not pirate-y enough, try th' ale! - Th' Swashbucklin' Tart

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 Sign for Four Winds Island

Luna Rest Tavern - Firefly Villa

Wisteria Winery

The Tourist Trap - Eastern harbor Street Festival

Festivity Feasts - Eastern harbor Street Festival

Festivity Feasts - Eastern harbor Street Festival

The Brewery [a raven-hued angular tent] - Eastern harbor Street Festival

Punch Drunk - Four Winds Isle Summer Festival

Island Refuge - Manor House Veranda

The Broken Stein, Entry

[Sister Olba's Travelling Wagon] - not exclusive to FWI I suspect

[Khuyler's Keep, Main Store] - East harbor Culinary Collective Festival 5112

[Taste of Turamzzyr, Entrance] - East harbor Culinary Collective Festival 5112

[Brews and Bread] - East harbor Culinary Collective Festival 5112

[The dwarven table] - East harbor Culinary Collective Festival 5112

[Mist Harbor Steins, North] - East harbor Culinary Collective Festival 5112

[Castaways, Workspace] - East harbor Culinary Collective Festival 5112

[Autumnal Emporium] - Week of bandit raids 5113

 Sign for Zul Logoth

Bawdy Bard Inn

Bluerock Brewery, Tap Room

Cindek's Spirits, Zhindel's Post

Tregg's Tavern, Khazar's Hold

 Sign for Droughtman's Challenge

Opal Lounge

The Effects of Ale

This is for those unaware of the more interesting effects of consuming ale. WARNING! Too much ale can turn you into a dwarf!

Initial effects - general enjoyment of ale
* You feel very relaxed
* You feel your nerves loosening as you begin to relax.
* You feel tension draining away, giving way to a very relaxed state.

Secondary effects - taking your consumption to the limit
* You feel your inhibitions drain away as you feel extremely relaxed.
* You blink a few times, suddenly realizing that you're quite drunk.
* You blink a few times, being quite drunk.
* You hold your head and moan

Tertiary effects - Total inebriation
* You try but you're just too drunk to do that.
* You try to drunkenly walk towards the XXXX, but instead find yourself lying on the ground
* You hold out your arms for balance and say, "Every... thing... is... spinning.
* You feel as though the world around you is spinning rather rapidly.
* Your vision suddenly blurs for a second before returning to a semblance of normalcy.
* (from lying attempting to stand) * * You lean forward and try to rise to a standing position, only to fail and fall flat on your back.
* Misjudging your sobriety, you try to spring up on the balls of your feet, and the world spins rapidly around you.
* You smile a silly little glassy-eyed smile.
* You mutter something about dancing green mice.

Final effects - Descent into idiocy and unconsciousness
* You try to pull your lower lip up over your nose.
* You blink a few times and get a silly grin on your face.
* The world around you suddenly begins to blur in a dizzying fashion before everything goes black.
* You drunkenly sing:

~-~ My name is Singing Sam is my name.
~-~ I like to sing songs because its time to sing.
~-~ To sing sooooooongs. Oooooh. Time to sing.
~-~ Time for sings to song Sams!

* You giggle like a little girl.
* You say, "'Bare the way!
* You stumble around with a silly expression on your face.
* Your mind goes completely blank. [as you become unconscious]
* You try to rouse yourself from your sleep but you're too deeply gone to wake on your own.

Cease drinking and give it enough time and...
*Your thoughts slowly come back to you as you find yourself lying on the ground. You must have been sleeping.
* You feel yourself sobering up.
*You've finally sobered up.


It's true. Ale can go bad.

Slight deterioration in taste

smell ale
You sniff your chilled silver ale.
It smells all right.
drink my ale
You take a drink from your chilled silver ale. It has a refreshing fruity aroma.
It doesn't seem very fresh.

Slight deterioration in taste and smell

smell ale
You sniff your apple caramel ale.
It doesn't smell too good.
drink ale
You take a drink from your apple caramel ale. Tart apple flavors break through the heady foam of the smooth, sweet ale.
It tastes faintly skunky.
You have 4 quaffs left.

Undrinkable - even for a dwarf

It is thick with mold.
You have 5 quaffs left.
You actually put that in your mouth?! Not a wise choice, if you care about your health.
Roundtime: 2 sec.
CS: +243 - TD: +243 + CvA: +12 + d100: +51 == +63
Warded off!


Paladins have the power to remove the imperfections from ale by casting purify - Spell 1604


A quick way to sober up is for someone to wave a columnar violet amethyst at you. This can be obtained through backroom access to the gemshop on Mist Harbor

Bremerial appears to have sobered up.
You move to Bremerial's side and wave your columnar violet amethyst at her. You close your eyes and concentrate upon the healing properties of the columnar violet amethyst, and it begins to warm in your hand.

You've finally sobered up.
Tdem moves to your side and waves his columnar violet amethyst at you. As Tdem closes his eyes, you see a swirl of colors rising from the columnar violet amethyst and suddenly feel sober. Tdem lowers his hand.

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