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personal - GemStone IV Dwarven Ale language

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a love of ale. It is - you might say - somewhat of an obsession.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Midway through the year 5109, Enkryna Oldvarg-Mithskeller (Brewmaster of the Oldvarg Brewery in Zul RoramI) released just a sample of what is known as the dwarven language of ale. [And you thought we drank it just because of a alcohol content!]  Unbeknownst to the taller races, there is an untold language of ale that is understood by most dwarves. When a dwarf crafts a brew, great thought and care is taken in the selection of notes that can be experienced in the ale's aroma and flavor. Each subtle nuance communicates a message to the taster of what the brewmaster intended for his or her creation. While there are an endless number of tastes that exist within the realm of available ales, the Brewmaster chose to include a mere sample of the most popular flavors of this modern day.

A Mysterious Brew: The Dwarven Language of Ale

Flavour: Acetic
Meaning: Magical sense.
Old dwarven saying: May your facial hair tingle whenever magic is near.

Meaning: Belching power.
Old dwarven saying:May each belch from your mouth be better than the last.

Meaning: Motivation.
Old dwarven saying:You will find renewed vigor as you navigate your way in the twisting tunnels of life.

Meaning: Peace of mind.
Old dwarven saying:Peace of mind will settle upon your soul like the mist of the morning.

Meaning: Singing ability.
Old dwarven saying:Your voice shall be a feast upon the ears of all around.

Meaning: Family wellness.
Old dwarven saying:Prosperity stands ahead in the road of life for your beloved kin.

Meaning: Gem sense.
Old dwarven saying:The gems beneath the rough shall soon be in sight.

Meaning: Artistic sense
Old dwarven saying:Let your eyes see the beauty yet to be coaxed from the stone.

Flavour:Brown sugar
Meaning: Luck in love.
Old dwarven saying:Your heart shall soon find the love that it seeks.

Meaning: Sweet disposition.
Old dwarven saying:May your demeanor always be as sweet as this brew.

Meaning: Dreams.
Old dwarven saying:May slumber bring you an endless treasure trove of dreams.

Meaning: Spirituality and holiness.
Old dwarven saying:Eonak's forge light will shine on you always.

Meaning: Evening energy.
Old dwarven saying:The revelry has only just begun with the setting of the sun.

Meaning: Strong teeth.
Old dwarven saying:No sinewy meat shall be a match for your fearsome maw.

Meaning: General alertness.
Old dwarven saying:Always shall you notice that which needs to be.

Meaning: Good digestion.
Old dwarven saying:No food stands a challenge to your iron stomach.

Meaning: Cooking.
Old dwarven saying:Aromas from your kitchen shall bring kin from both far and wide.

Meaning: Metallurgy.
Old dwarven saying: The beauty of a slab shall be ever evoked from your skilled hands.

Meaning: Sleep.
Old dwarven saying: Let the blanket of slumber cover you quickly each night.

Meaning: Memory.
Old dwarven saying:Even many years past shall be as clear as day for you.

Meaning: Work ethic.
Old dwarven saying:Thousands of years of dwarven pride flow through you in everything that you do.

Meaning: Dark vision.
Old dwarven saying: Let your eyes see even in the darkest of shadows and times.

Meaning: Circulation.
Old dwarven saying: Fingers and toes be warm and nimble, no matter when or where.

Meaning: Neighborliness.
Old dwarven saying:May you always have a good neighbor or friend to share an ale with.

Meaning: Keep away bad spirits.
Old dwarven saying: The spirits of misfortune and woe flee from your home.

Meaning: Money.
Old dwarven saying: Let your pockets never be without the comfort of coins.

Meaning: Wisdom.
Old dwarven saying:May the age of this ale impart you with the wisdom of its age.

Meaning: Healthy beards.
Old dwarven saying: Your beard shall be as robust and vibrant as this brew.

Meaning: Drinking capacity.
Old dwarven saying: May your liver keep up with each drink you take.

Meaning: Battle sense.
Old dwarven saying: May your axe blade be as steadfast and true as your dearest friend.

Meaning: Serene demeanor.
Old dwarven saying: Let all your decisions be made with a head as calm as tavern after closing.

Meaning: Stonework skills.
Old dwarven saying: Let your chisel be true in finding the beauty buried within the stone.

Meaning: Flexibility.
Old dwarven saying: May your joints be as well greased as a beard after breakfast.

Meaning: Writing.
Old dwarven saying:Each day shall inspire your pen with an overflow of words filled with verve.

Meaning: Healthy skin.
Old dwarven saying: Radiant shall be your skin, strong and thick like a foamy brew.

Meaning: Cold tolerance.
Old dwarven saying: The chill breath of winter shall never freeze your will or spirit.


Meaning: General prosperity.
Old dwarven saying: If you seek fame and fortune, for you, it will surely come to pass.

Meaning: Strong muscles.
Old dwarven saying: No hammer is too heavy for your stalwart hands and arms.

Meaning: Humor.
Old dwarven saying: Let yours be the first and last laugh at the humor in life.

Meaning: Good travels.
Old dwarven saying: Eonak guide your path in all the journeys that you shall take.

Meaning: General good health.
Old dwarven saying:Your days shall go without the troubles of sickness or disease.

Meaning: Animal bonds.
Old dwarven saying: Four-legged friends can be as true as those with two legs.

Meaning: Leadership.
Old dwarven saying: Even strangers will follow your charge in the darkest of times.

Meaning: Friendship.
Old dwarven saying: May you always find a friend wherever your path takes you.

Meaning: Mining sense.
Old dwarven saying:The caves hold no secrets for you, veins of gems and metal are as plain as the beard on your face.

Meaning: Precognition.
Old dwarven saying: The misty and ever-changing future parts to reveal a clear path to your eyes alone.

Meaning: Purity.
Old dwarven saying: Your soul is as clear and pure as a perfectly cut crystal.

Meaning: Heat resistance.
Old dwarven saying:The blistering heat of summer shall never burn your will or spirit.

Meaning: Enigmatic temperament.
Old dwarven saying:A mysterious aura will shroud you and obscure your true self like the bushiest of beards.

Meaning: Agility.
Old dwarven saying:Nimbleness and speed are well within your grasp.

Meaning: Strong will.
Old dwarven saying: Determination and a will of iron are the essence of dwarfhood.

Meaning: Sense of smell.
Old dwarven saying:Let there be no aromatic mysteries that your nose cannot solve.

Meaning: Dancing.
Old dwarven saying:Even heavy dwarven feet can be as light as air when dancing with nary a care.

Meaning: Hair growth.
Old dwarven saying:Let your stein never be empty nor your pate be bald.

Meaning: Good harvests.
Old dwarven saying:Feel the bounty of Imaera's touch in your stomach and in your fields.

Meaning: Longevity.
Old dwarven saying:May you live as long as the stone of the DragonSpine.

Meaning: Fertility.
Old dwarven saying:May your brood grow as fast as the hair on your face.

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