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personal - GemStone IV Family Issues

Over the years I have been to so many weddings, festivals and other gatherings that have been no more than a footnote in my diaries.

I have decided to record these events from this time forward so that there is a formal record for posterity. When memory fails, the written word will prevail! On occasion, I will record my own feelings ( i.e. those of Bremerial's alter ego) along with Bremerial's own thoughts.

NB: OOC - Any logs included will be published using notepad which should make the information accessible to most.


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 Banner


Picture of a pickle

River's Rest Pickle Festival!
This event is of interest to GemStone IV Prime players.
Around 9:30pm EDT
Location: River's Rest
General Info: Come on over to River's Rest and celebrate the area's grand pickle-making history! There will be games, shops, contests, and food galore to be had!.

Forum Announcement

River's Rest Pickle Fest! on 07/11/2013 03:15 AM BST

(Ooo. That rhymes.)

Howdy, folks.
Our pickle festival is right around the corner, and I just wanted to drop you guys a line about a couple of events that will be going on during.

Restifarians have always had a great love and a grand talent for extremely...bad...poetry. In honor of this long-standing tradition, there will be a poetry contest. But, not just any poetry contest. A PICKLE poetry contest. Whether you like sonnets or limericks, your verse must be dillish and sour in tone. These will be performed at the festival itself.

Also, there will be a cooking contest. For this, you may (until the 9th of Phoenatos - or August 9th) submit to me at my address ( a recipe of your own creation. The criteria are as follows: less than ten ingredients (a list of which you will have to provide), a name for your dish, at least one ingredient must be pickled (pickles, pickled rabbits toes, pickled eggs, pickled pickles - you get the idea), and two taste messages for the dish.

Prizes for these contests are as yet to be determined. I'm open to creative ideas.

~ X.


Oh, I forgot to mention. The winner of the recipe contest will have his or her dish added to the menu at a fine River's Rest eating establishment, in addition to a spiffy prize.

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