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personal - GemStone IV droughtman's challenge


- Ebon Gate 2009 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding -

- Highman Games 5010 -

- Grawood Festival -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles **
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Droughtman's Challenge

Droughtman's Challenge Entry Ticket


One of the most fun aspects of the game is the ability to heckle to challengers as they run. Of course heckling Droughtman and the Blockers is also fun. I thought I would document a snapshot of some of my best heckling moments. Enjoy. I know I did!


You belt out, "I have a spare pair of brown trousers for you Faulkil!"

You hear Kerl call out from a nearby observation box, "His trousers are probably brown already!"

You belt out, "My mother can run faster than that Geijon - oh wait... she's just passed you!"

You belt out, "Geijon are you lost yet?"

You belt out, "All that glitters is not gold - well certainly not in the key department for you Ayas - Mush! Mush!"

You belt out, "Halbrak - didn't even realise you were a contestant - are you even moving?"

You belt out, "Hey I can see the top of your head from here Faulkil - nice bald spot!"

You belt out, "Menos - you annoyed a blocker. Keep it up!"

You belt out, "Ayas - just between you and me - it's southwest three time, west, north tice, pull rope, get gold key, west twice, white door and ye won - would I lie to you?"
You hear Jeril call out from a nearby observation box, "You would Brem!"

You belt out, "Zenton, if you were any meaner you'd be Elven!"

You belt out, "Lyrad - I haven't forgotten you dear - Onmiste - he's there - get him!"

You belt out, "Hey Faulkil i've got the gold key - i'll sell it to you! 2 mil - a bargain!"


You belt out, "Stand back all you pretenders to my heckling crown. I am back!"

You belt out, "Helsfeld - remember it's duck duck weave die - the sequence is important!"

You belt out, "Alti remember that the wand in ye hand is for waving - but if all else fails feel free to imbed in head of chasers!"

You belt out, "Toscani - stay in the entrance box - it's safer!"

You belt out, "Kizalia remember that the blockers are your friends - embrace them... truely!"

You belt out, "The winner gets a date with Sogo - the losers get two dates with Sogo - there's your incentive!"

You belt out, "Helsfeld - I'm going to bet everything I own on you... not making it out alive!"

You belt out, "Doughtman's tricky - watch 'im!"

You belt out, "Remember the old adage runners - If with this maze you hope to cope; Lift the lever, pull the rope!"

You belt out, "Mikoguch - don't let me down now - I want to see blood and lots of it!"

You belt out, "10K for the first person to bring me Droughtman's left arm! - Make that two - With all the commotion we can put it down to dwarven error!"

You belt out, "Crystals ye doing well - Ten more deaths and you match Helsfeld!"

You belt out, "Kizalia - you want a gold key - not a yellow or red or blue - no one explain the rules?"

You belt out, "20K on Helsfeld being the next to dies - odds at 100 - 1!"

You belt out, "Crystals - remember the white door is the one that is not red or blue or green or yellow..."

You belt out, "Ceyrin is taking too much pleasure in the role of Blocker - Just what we want to see!"

You belt out, "- ouch Mikoguchi just sat on a razor blade - will need to alter your clothing now!"

You belt out, "Crystals, crystals crystals... if ye gonna die, can you prolong it please - I paid good money for this seat!"

You belt out, "A kiss from jeril for the first blocker to kill someone - oh wait - am supposed to provide an incentive!"

You belt out, "Kizalia stop playing with that scarab - you don't know where it's been!"

You belt out, "Gentle is in a room with no other people in it - lets change that shall we Blockers"

You belt out, "Crystals - the white door is the one between the blue and red, but beside the green adjacent to the yellow!"


You belt out, "Zyzax - I know I should be cheering a fellow warrior but - what the heck. May the scarab take you quicker than a dwarf takes ale from a bar!"

You belt out, "Dreknar - watch that shard...oh dear! Never mind!"

You belt out, "Prudence - you were misnamed - gonna call you Rash and Impetuous now!"

You belt out, "Broghar - take the left fork .... and then the right spoon!"

You belt out, "Xiandrena stop lying about - and put that scarab down -"

You belt out, "Blaezington - that green door is the wrong door - you want the other green door south west of the position you first thought of!"

You belt out, "Blezington - A scarab is for Life not just for Solstice - remember that!"

You belt out, "Zyzax - come on - all my money's on you...oh sorry. Mistook you for someone else!"

You belt out, "Nitrana - you have to rip off the heads of the scarabs and suck the juices - where are ye table manners!"

You belt out, "Drekna sometimes don't ye just wish ye didn't pull the rope?"

You belt out, "Blaezington - smoke gets in your eyes - and in your case your ears and nose and mouth too it seems!"

You belt out, "Blaezington - the scarabs and spiders are more afraid of you - honest!"

You belt out, "The Droughtsman is standing next to a nice rack!"

You belt out, "Nitana - you think that is shock and pain? Wait til you see your gift!"

You belt out, "You hecklers were pathetic today - do better later on!"


You belt out, "Heckling is an artform - and none of ye have the appropriate brushes!"

You belt out, "Roblar - have you submitted ye warrior interview yet? haha!"

You belt out, "Ye mother wears giantman pants!"


You belt out, "Droit - if I was betting, i'd bet on the person behind you!"

You belt out, "Agec - making up the numbers I see!"

You belt out, "And all ye runner's mothers wear giantman pants!"

You belt out, "Klidar - did you bring a change of underwear?"

You belt out, "Aliney - don't worry - The first 40 minutes are the worst - after that it's a breeze!"
Dreaer laughs!

You belt out, "Noriyaki there are some shears in the rack. You might wanna use em. You'll be on the ground a lot!"

You belt out, "Bregus - hope ye haven't had lunch today - I don't wanna have to look at it when ye in there!"

You belt out, "1 million for the person who kills Droughtman by mistake!"
You hear Renaden call out from the blockers' lounge, "No I like Droughtman he gave me a morning star!"

You belt out, "Terzl is stunned - must have had a whiff of Roblar's socks!"

You belt out, "Noriyaki - ye doing well ... too well - kill him someone!"

You belt out, "Taelin now ye know what a lump of beef feels like!"

You belt out, "Monrico is east, now west, now east, now south east now... making me too dizzy. Stand still and be killed!"

You belt out, "Gravley ye doing well - all you need to do is to find the door, open the door - avoid Roblar's weapon..."

You belt out, "Klidar - got a riddle for ye - what's hairy and shoots webs... no no no not Roblar - the spide ye attached to!"

You belt out, "What had 10 legs and is hairy - a spider attached to Daheus!"


You belt out, "Maleisse try not to trip over ye backpack when you are running!"

You belt out, "Kynthelig - remember luck is a 4 letter word - so unfortunately is Dead!"

You belt out, "Remember there's a 10 million reward for each of the Droughtman's limbs you get to a Blocker!"

Droughtman turns his head toward Bremerial's observation box.
Droughtman raises his fist defiantly.

You belt out, "Vivaldi worked out that the backpack goes on the back - that's a good start!"

You belt out, "Remember if you pull a rope and get killed... it was the wrong rope to pull.

You belt out, "I find it's easier to navigate if you leave breadcrumbs. if you don't have any then drops of blockers blood will do!"

You belt out, "Ask Droughtsman if he's spinning or altering in room order!"

You belt out, "Cappyn ok I will help you out - go west, west, east, southeast, then think of the first number you thought of and double it - the white door is there!"

You belt out, "Karacen - put that scarab down - you don't know where it's been - although I can see where it;s going!"

You belt out, "Cappyn - don't let the door hit you on the way out... and in... and out again... and in!"

You belt out, "Mohrgan get up - it's not Restday for another 6 hours!"

You belt out, "You do know that if you all gang up on Droughtman that your agony will be over? Try it!"

You belt out, "Vivaldi if you mix the blue and yellow keys, you can make a green key which will lead to the white door... got it?"

Vivaldi snickers.

You belt out, "Cappyn am tempted to bet on you... I am a sucker for a lost cause!"


You belt out, "Listen up all of you. 1.1 mil for the person that can bring me a piece of Droughtman's undergarments!"
Ellawyn laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.
Cutley coughs.
Drazner cackles!
Drazner says, "Thats funny."
Drazner chuckles.
Eofora yells, "He doesnt wear any!"
You hear Eofora call out from the entrance box, "He doesnt wear any!"
You hear Tjaluk call out from the entrance box, "How much for the socks?"
Ellawyn laughs!
Drazner says, "He would have our head."
Drazner starts chortling.
Ellawyn grins at Eofora.
Ntere quietly asks, "A dwarven underwear fetish?"
Ntere quietly says, "Eesh."
Drazner starts chortling.
Drazner nods to Ntere.
Eofora throws his head back and howls!
s>yell lets just say, i'm curious
You belt out, "Lets just say, i'm curious!"
s>yell 1.2 million if it's still warm - no questions asked
You belt out, "1.2 million if it's still warm - no questions asked!"
Drazner yells, "Thas just gross!"
You hear Drazner call out from the entrance box, "Thas just gross!"
You belt out, "Haha!"
Eofora quietly asks, "How much for stinky?"
Ellawyn asks, "So anyone can block huh?"
You hear Droughtman call out from a nearby observation box, "You assume a lot Bremerial!"
You belt out, "Reduction in price for stinky - even I have my limits!"
You belt out, "The object is to get Droughtman's underwear - well done you were listening!"
Droughtman places his hand on his bearskin leggings.
Droughtman says, "Nothing comes between me and my bearskin."
You belt out, "Ooo nice!"
Drazner begins chortling at Droughtman.
Ellawyn chuckles.
Lanival cowers.

You belt out, "I hear that one of the prizes is a loaded spinner device for would be Hucksters!"

You belt out, "Tjaluk, my moneys on you... do die first!"

You belt out, "Ntere you are stunning my dear... quite stunning... oh hang on. No - you are being stunned!"

You belt out, "Tjaluk - is that a scarab in ye clothing or... never mind!"

You belt out, "Ello Ellawyn - what's a runner like you doing in a maze like this?"

You belt out, "Daheus you are on a roll... no really. Cutley dropped his bread roll and you're on it!"

You hear Daheus call out from the arena, "Ha ha!"

You belt out, "Cutley that door slammed in ye face - guess you are used to that... No?"

You belt out, "Lanival, if dying was an artform, you'd be hanging in wehnimer gallery!"

You hear Virilneus call out from the arena, "You're supposed to heckle the runners!"

You hear Futtilo call out from a nearby observation box, "You're running too!"

You belt out, "Consider Blocker heckling my contribution to your inspirational work!"

You belt out, "Mischung - you get a free scarab with every rope - what more can ye ask for!"


You belt out, "Droughman - are you married?

You belt out, "Silverone are ye old enough to be let out on ye own?

You belt out, "Ayas - have bet 10 million on you being the first to cry for your mother!

You belt out, "Septus I left breadcrumbs for ye in there - back to the Entrance box where it's safe!

You belt out, "Falcons - fly my pretty - fly!

You belt out, "Droughtman - your're single...i'm single... think of the wonderful offspring!
Rhaegal grins at you

You belt out, "Osbert - you can do it - Die that is!

You belt out, "Septus is all alone - but not for long Mwhahahaaa!

You belt out, "Vrannar am learning a lot from you - How to die with dignity, again and again!

You belt out, "First person to bring me an article of Droughmans clothing can have 100K!"

Droughtman laughs!

You belt out, "First blocker to make it to 20 kills will get a kiss from a bearded dwarf - You're safe now runners!
You hear Draithe call out from the arena, "Who says I don't like dwarves?

You belt out, "Artiminus and Ayas - ye got to keep up the warrior tradition - dye screaming in the maze!
You belt out, "Die even!
The voice of an announcer echoes, "I didn't know warriors liked to dye!"
You belt out, "Haha!

Silverone, two three and ye out!

You belt out, "What's hairy and has artiminus in his power? Who said Droughman?!!

You belt out, "Get up Falcons - this isn't a Restday lie in!

You belt out, "Jozette, ye doing too well - Blockers - get Jozette!
You hear Jozette call out from the arena, "STUFF IT!
You cackle!
You belt out, "Haha - is that a cooking recipe Jozette?
Rhaegal grins at you

You hear Ayas call out from the arena, "This is rigged! I can't find my ropes!
You belt out, "I have all the ropes Ayas - come get em!
You feel bad about lying (Ha-Ha - that was so funny)
You belt out, "I never lie - I am just economical with the truth!

You belt out, "Osbert while ye down there can ye sweep the floor please?

You belt out, "Goodness a focussed tempest - how aweful - Mwhahahhhh!

You belt out, "Xyelin was it all warm and snuggly wuggly by the droughtman? well get back out there!


You belt out, "Crystals - try not to shatter in there - it's no place for the delicate!"
You hear Droughtman call out from the entrance box, "Oh Bremerial, you're so funny!"

You belt out, "Kerl kerl kerl - can't even block a simple scarab! tut tut!"

You belt out, "And Roelon - you have more fun pulling pints at the pub - leave dem ropes alone!"

You belt out, "100K for the first one to de-flea Droughtman!"

You belt out, "They seek him there here - they seek him there - They see Farseeker everywhere - go Blockers!"

You belt out, "Lizz - one word for you dear: SiZZZZZzle!"

You belt out, "Awww cwistals is bwoken!"

You belt out, "Bressler, you are doing far too well for my liking - I paid good money for this seat! More blood!"

You belt out, "Dreknar, ten more deaths and they name the maze after you!"

You belt out, "Baliar I bet you thought I'd forgotten you dear... MwhHahaha!"

You belt out, "Ok I have an announcement - for the duration of the Challenge I will be holding all the gold Keys - sorry, go home now!"

You belt out, "Droughtman Marry me - think how amazing blocking our children will be!"

You belt out, "Crystals get a golden key - you can melt it down and make a bracelet!"

You belt out, "Don't give Droughtman a hard time in there - that's my future husband ye hasstling!"


You belt out, "Galenok go on - you can stand - give it a go - atta boy!

You belt out, "Merll, while ye on the floor can ye pick me some flowers? The blue ones please!"

You belt out, "Evening Droughtie! Miss me?

You belt out, "Julesia, you are going quite well...oopps no..mistook you for someone else!

You belt out, "Arkios, if ye die anymore I may just stop heckling ye. Mama told me not to be cruel to the afflicted!

You belt out, "Am told that if you pull the rope in the following sequence, you find the white door - pull, pull run run pull!

You belt out, "Arkios I am gonna dedicate my tome to you - how to die 1000 deaths and keep smiling!

You belt out, "Runners - if you kiss a scarab, you find the white door! Honestly!


You belt out, "Good luck runners - I am banking on you all to entertain us!

You belt out, "Rtune whilst ye lying down there can ye prune the hedge mate?

You belt out, "Annorax I didn't pay good money to see you lying about... get up and run!

You belt out, "OK one of the runners is in need of a Meirci killing - get to it blockers!

You belt out, "Annorax is being kind and nice and wonderful and caring! Kill him now!

You belt out, "Vivaldi ye clothing needs ironing... oh, ye not wearing anything. My mistake!

You belt out, "Vivaldi when one door closes, another one opens - shame ye can get to it when ye webbed!

You hear Galenok call out from a nearby observation box, "Someone give Droughtman a kiss for me. I owe him.
You belt out, "Hands off Droughtman - he be mine! Grrrrrrrr!"

You belt out, "One gold key, nine dead ducks!

You belt out, "Droughtman marry me!"

You cackle!
Rhaegal grins at you.
Roblar chuckles.
Aubriella smirks at you!
Chalon snickers at you!
You say, "One day he gonna turn up with a ring and scare the crap outta me."


You belt out, "Remember runners - ropes good, death bad!

You belt out, "Trying to make a spidersilk cloak some of you?

You belt out, "Droughtman has a side bet that none of you can find the white door before next Feastday!

You belt out, "The blue door, is yesterday's gold door!

You belt out, "Come on alchemists - just grab a blue key and fake the rest to make it gold!"

You belt out, "Wow 15 million Silvers and more out there between you... Enough to buy you some friends when ye get out Runners!

You belt out, "Ok runners remember it's duck duck, bob bob!
You belt out, "For you artisans you can add a weave in there too!

You belt out, "Ok Runners - tea break - toast and crumpets will be served in the maze entrance!"

You belt out, "Here is an exclusive - Every time you pull a rope a fairy dies! Don't you feel mean now?

You belt out, "Droughtman how about a double wedding - you, me, Memnole and Kwithi?


The voice of an announcer echoes, "I see a door, and a key!"
You belt out, "Scaramoosh scaramoosh!
You hear Ghraag call out from a nearby observation box in Dwarven, " They should make you the announcer, Bremerial, you are funnier than most of them!

You belt out, "I learned everything I know from Droughtman!

You belt out, "Marry me you Dwarven fool you!"
You hear Droughtman call out from the entrance box, "Not likely!"
You belt out, "*gasp*!
You hear Ghraag call out from a nearby observation box in Dwarven, "How rude!
You belt out, "Hehe - well that was a wasted investment on those breath mints!

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