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personal - GemStone IV EAST HARBOR FESTIVAL 5010


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Mist harbor Eastern harbor Street festival 5110

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MORE SHOPPING - 17th of Phoenatos

I awoke at some god forsaken Elven time and did what any self respecting warrior would do with money in her pocket. I went shopping. I went into the Seaside Shanty an bought myself a pair of brown trousers. They were cheap enough and I figured then when I eventually do summon up the courage to hunt some of the more dominant critters on Teras, that wearing the brown trousers would hide a multitude of sins!

Having survived a passing bite from Jeril, I ventured into the kissing booth to send a few ugly trolls on a mission of mercy. I toyed with the idea of purchasing a raffle ticket for a bolt of teal farszig but the realised that I would undoubtedly be asleep at the time of the drawing.

On the raffle table you see a warning sign, a raffle ticket barrel and some raffle tickets.
>look at tickets
The raffle is for "This raffle is for a bolt of teal farszig.".
The tickets sell for 10000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 22 hours and 44 minutes for 1 winner.

I entered every single tent on every street in the hope of some item I may have missed earlier, only resting to buy a mango sorbet from Tillie.

Tillie dips into her cart and pulls out a dish of sweet mango sorbet. Grinning broadly, she says, "Here you are! One sweet mango sorbet."

I also took a moment to consume a plate of scampi-style pasta covered in a clam-riddled florentine sauce that I had been carrying around for 12 hours following a visit to the Island of Shells. Surprisingly it was still tasty despite languishing in my parka. Not a taste of lint anywhere!

I twiddled my thumbs for a while and then decided that I needed to rest. Shopping can be exhausting. I retired to a seat in the library and began to daydream of ten alters in a sealed room with me as the only customer....

SHOPPING CONTINUES - 18th of Phoenatos

When I awoke the first face I saw was that of Sorrowen.

Sorrowen whispers, "Just arrived."

Sorrowen whispers, "Anything goin on?"

You quietly whisper to Sorrowen, "Same here - been awake for 2 minutes precisely."

Sorrowen whispers, "Everything seems to happen pretty late."

I had to agree with him. Events were happening far too late for me. However, ever the optimist I decided that this was a new day with new and potentially endless possibilities.

After comforting each other at our relative lack of fortune in hunting down alterers - I of course forgetting about Androwyne's work and Ledrith's transporter tweeks - we parted with a hug. I wandered - somewhat aimless this day I confess - and wandered into the Kissing Booth to amuse myself by sending ugly trolls and snakes to friends throughout the land. This lasted until the silvers I carried were not more.

I rested from my shopping exertions for a few hours and then rose to buy a somewhat expensive catapult and a scruffy and muscled warrior miniature. One of the perils of too much time on ones hands is the uncontrolled purchasing of anything and everything. This was evidenced by my purchase of two raffle tickets for items I was unlikely to win due to the time of the cessation of the auction. Having bought the tickets i was not committed to try and stay awake!

A visit to the Tourist Trap provided a nice surprise.

>ask clerk about pavillion
Gesturing with her free hand, the elven clerk says, "This was designed by Jennora. Some of the others were designed by Ondreian, Myharl, Rakisak, Jymamon, Fjalar, Livn, Merelle, Laphrael, Morah, and Bremerial."

I slept on and off, managing to wake long enough to see Strydr win a raffle and to purchase a whip in anticipation off an alteration that did not happen. Vemeon selected a number of people for alterations - of which I was not one.

Vemeon raspily says, "Those chosen, remember, all items from the shop are fair game save the whips. I can change appearances, or weight if you wish."

I smiled the sweet smile of those hoping for selection but not actually selected, and went to bed.

SCHVITZIE, ANDROWYNNE, EYBRIA ... and the big storm - 19th of Phoenatos

I began this day full of purpose. As always I rose at some early elven time and decided to paddle about from island to island again. There was a part of me hoping that somehow I could get into Coral Island's Villa - a forlorn hope I know. But the main point was to refamiliarize myself with all the islands again. Armed with a good map I managed to negotiate my way, avoiding the reputedly treacherous Teeth of Charl rock. The who journey took me about 90 minutes and was thoroughly enjoyable, despite a ten minute people of getting lost. A ranger I am not!

To be totally honest the next five hours were boring. I should have hunted but the thought of missing some big event kept me in a daydreaming state in the library, with one ear pricked for news of any event.

The news came with the hustle of bodies outside the library. By chance I found the cause of the hubbub. Schvitzie had arrived within the Nutters for Cutters tent..

[Nutters for Cutters]
Tiny chains wrap around the tent's supporting frame, suspending several half-finished metal skeletons on display for curious customers. A shoddily crafted table sits in one corner while the opposite houses a twisted steel rack fitted with numerous tiers. Resting upon a wobbly, three-legged stool is a pile of sweat-stained rags.
Also here: Khystra, Kateerina, Lady Nihrvanah, Lord Miaplacidas, Gwaelimir, Squire Legionnaire Siyon, Gweneivia, Katry, Silima, Lord Vandraxas, Maleisse, Laphrael, Schvitzie
Obvious exits: out

You see Schvitzie.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
She is short and appears to be full grown. She has uneven purple eyes and blotchy skin. She has raggedly cut, unruly steel grey hair.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a blood red linen apron embroidered with the image of a fork-impaled cat, a stained red leather smock, a nasty dingy sweat rag, a big belted gem-studded toolbelt, a small sack, a pair of torn dark linen leggings, some dirty blue square-toed shoes, and a little steel buckler emblazoned with the image of a dead kitten on a serving tray.

[I didn't get any work done: I was going for one of the following: trillium-cut black vaalin pattern or wide-eyed black vaalin rabbit]



Schvitzie says, "EASY."

Schvitzie says, "Inothelpyoudesign. Youonyourown."

Schvitzie exclaims, "I goes!"

Schvitzie spins her metal gadget.

The metal gadget comes to a stop pointing directly at Maleisse!
Schvitzie recovers the metal gadget and says, "Congratulations Maleisse!"
[Others who got work were: Jerlon, Khystra, Zoler, Siyon, Katry, Laphrael, Kateerina, Attalia, Rohese, Tarrath, Gwaelimir, Silma, Miaplacidas]

Schvitzie says, "Dis gonna take long times."
Schvitzie sits down.
Schvitzie tries to eat her metal gadget.
You softly ask, "Ok am gonna be exceedingly thick here - but what can be designed from these patterns?"
Schvitzie stares at you.
Schvitzie hisses.
You softly say, "Sorry schvitzie - always a good idea to ask what I don't know I find."
Schvitzie exclaims, "I hears I famous!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "My stuffs is famous!"
Schvitzie asks, "Where you been? Under rock?"
You chuckle.
Schvitzie exclaims, "Someoneedumucatehim!"
You softly say, "I don't get out much."
You grin at Schvitzie.
Speaking in Elven, Nihrvanah asks something you don't understand.
Schvitzie says, "Stoopid elves no learn to speaks commons."
Schvitzie shakes her head.
Schvitzie asks, "Youspectmepokemyself?"
Schvitzie belches.
Siyon says, "Classy."
Schvitzie asks, "You seen dis place?"
Schvitzie glances at Siyon and begins to sweat.
Schvitzie says, "You comes here."
Speaking flatly in Elven to Schvitzie, Nihrvanah says something you don't understand.
Schvitzie says, "Me no goes to yous hoitytoitylands."
Schvitzie whistles tunelessly to herself.
Schvitzie exclaims, "Oooh, elfy being difficults!"
Schvitzie cackles!
Schvitzie works her fingers under her dingy sweat rag and scratches her head.
Schvitzie shrugs.
Schvitzie says, "I no work on FABRICS."
Schvitzie says, "Sack good enuff for Schvitzie, good enuffs for you."
Schvitzie asks, "YouwantgiantSchvitziewarehouse?"
Speaking to Schvitzie, Kerros says, "Ah've ne'er been a porkah, but ye'd make me look like it."
Schvitzie exclaims, "Ok! I charge ten times den!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "And yearly membership fees!"
Speaking to Schvitzie, Kerros says, "Ah dun e'en know what yer chargin' NOW."
Schvitzie exclaims, "10 millions!"
Schvitzie asks, "Wheremycustomersgo?"
Schvitzie says, "Ahas."
Schvitzie removes a navette-cut brushed gold pattern from in her small sack.
Schvitzie snorts!
Speaking to Schvitzie, Kerros asks, "Ten million, yeah? Schvitzie warehouse?"
Schvitzie exclaims, "A month!"
Schvitzie says, "But you has to get dere yourself."
Schvitzie whistles tunelessly to herself.
Schvitzie says, "Hard to do iffen you no flies."
Schvitzie says, "It on Dhu Gillywack."
Schvitzie nods.
Schvitzie exclaims, "Good luck!"
Schvitzie cackles!
Schvitzie says, "Kittees make breath fresh like meat."
Schvitzie says, "KITTEES."
Schvitzie says, "IS ONLY MEATS I EATS."
Schvitzie cackles!
Schvitzie asks, "Ever have tummy mewing?"
Schvitzie says, "Is good."
Schvitzie says, "FRESH."
Schvitzie says, "I likes ears."
Schvitzie exclaims, "Kittee tail pasta!"
Schvitzie accepts Kateerina's promissory note.
Schvitzie says, "Ibeleavingintwentyminoots."
Schvitzie says, "Getyerbuttocksingear."
Schvitzie says, "Kick siyon."
Schvitzie wails!
Laphrael asks, "Is that an order?"
Schvitzie stands up.
Schvitzie exclaims, "YES!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "Doeet!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "Formyloves!"
Schvitzie asks, "HowaboutsIthrowinsanextrapatternofmychoiceferdakickings?"
Schvitzie whistles tunelessly to herself.
Schvitzie exclaims, "Punches den!"
Schvitzie whistles tunelessly to herself.
Schvitzie says, "Orhairpulls! Dat's elfy."
Schvitzie nods.
Schvitzie says, "I'swannaseegirlyelfyfight."
Schvitzie begins pouting.
Schvitzie exclaims, "Elfyfights!"
Schvitzie raises her fist defiantly.
Schvitzie hoots.
Schvitzie hoots.
You softly say, "Handbags at dawn."
Schvitzie nods to you.
Schvitzie says, "Oh oh oh."
Schvitzie exclaims, "I has idea!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "Elfyfights mud tournaments!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "Take place on volcanoland!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "In da mud place!"
Schvitzie says, "I's wanna see elfys wrestle in da muds."
Schvitzie says, "Realy prissy elfies."
Schvitzie nods.
Schvitzie says, "I wantsta see if da greed is greater than prissiness."
Schvitzie cackles!
Schvitzie says, "Mebbe I plans dis next month."
Schvitzie says, "Elfy mud fight on volcanoland."
Schvitzie nods.

Speaking to Schvitzie, Siyon says, "You know, now that I come to think about it.. if you wanted winning our bet you'd have to hold the mud wrestle near Ta'Vaalor. There is a waterfall there.. plenty of mud there too. Then you could get profits from both townships and not one Isle."

Schvitzie exclaims, "Busy! Working!"
Speaking to Schvitzie, Siyon says, "Multi-task then."
Schvitzie exclaims, "Shut mouf!"
Schvitzie says, "You get outta tent."
Schvitzie says, "MY tent."
Schvitzie says, "Yaw."
Schvitzie says, "You no say tings to owner of tent in her tent."
Schvitzie shakes her head at Siyon and clucks her tongue.
Schvitzie says, "Elfy no know manners as guest in my places."
Schvitzie exclaims, "Warehouse in Dhu Gillywack!"
Schvitzie exclaims, "Go dere!"
Schvitzie nods.
Schvitzie says, "Dis not ship."
Schvitzie says, "Dis tent."
Schvitzie exclaims, "Dats it!"
Speaking softly to Schvitzie, you say, "You've just got to do this one 'a beady-eyed vaalin-eared white elf.'
Schvitzie makes a rude suggestion and you give her a firm punch for it.
You grin.
Schvitzie cackles!
Speaking to Schvitzie, Siyon asks, "We friends again?"
Schvitzie exclaims, "Never friends, you is moneys!"
Schvitzie whistles tunelessly to herself.
Schvitzie exclaims, "Kitteeeeees!"
Schvitzie shrieks!
Schvitzie just went out.

I followed Schvitzie out and spent a few moment speaking to Fleurs before sitting once again in the library.

After an hours recuperation, I transported to Teras to purchase some crystal amulets and unload minor items. Within a few moments I was back on the streets of Mist Harbor. Whilst pondering the merits of entering a raffle for a ticket to sanctify a weapon, I met Vrairdrick who enlightened me about miniature items being sold at the festival.

Vrairdrick says, "I like the miniatures that were released, I collect those. Need some customizing work though. They are the combat mini's"

Vrairdrick removes a scruffy and muscled warrior miniature from in his war cassock.

Vrairdrick says, "You raise them to attune. They are reattuneable. Then you place it on the ground. Now if there is another on the ground, and I push mine. They combat. It is a game. Seige weapons and a castle. A normal full game has 3 mini's a seige weapon and a castle on each side. Ya win by destroying the other castle or killing everything. The mini's get better with training too. Bemm is the creator. You can customize them. They have very decriptive attacks. A merchant can improve their combat skills. Defense, Damage, etc. I believe there is a raffle later for 2 custom sets"

You softly say, "Wow - and there was me thinking they were just decorative."

As Vrairdrick spoke I vowed to acquire a full set of the miniatures. This I promptly did after our discussion was complete. I also entered two raffles, vowing to stay awake long enough to watch the drawing. The facilitate my wakefulness I wandered to the Tent called Festive Fabrics, remembering that Fleurs had mentioned that Androwynne would be appearing to alter items. I found the tent easily and was greeted by Fleurs. I sat, expecting only to be a spectator as I had already received work from Androwyne. However Fleurs corrected my misconception.

You softly say, "Alas as I have already had work done here, I am just an interested observer today."

Fleurs whispers, "You can get picked again. Every day's a new day."

With that news trumpeting in my ear I sat and waited, entering in conversation with Fleurs and Vender and rubbing Strydr for luck following his previous day's raffle win. Adrowynne arrived later than anticipated, but arrive she did. She set to her task of spinning for customers. The following were successful: Laphrael, Fleurs, Hildin, Gwaelimir, Riend, Sereh, Soledat, Arcaeris, Corlyne...and finally..

Adrowynne says, "One more."

Adrowynne spins her silver needle.
The silver needle comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
Adrowynne recovers the silver needle and says, "Congratulations Bremerial!"

I suspect that my cheering was heard as far as that Elven City of which I speak little! Amongst the self congratulations and natural euphoria, I began to mentally decide upon the work to be done. When eventually it was my turn I was informed of the limitation imposed on the alteration of my pouch and opted to alter a ring instead. I received my dwarven-forged ring with an empty four-pronged setting and wore it with pride!

No sooner had I finished here, than I heard someone utter: " We must find Eybria!" I moved speedily to the building Shear Delight to find a group waiting for facial alterations.

Also here: Lady Abilene, Ausek, Avalera, Tayte, Tordane, Maeriel, Jennora, Sereh, Jodia, Koikai, Vender, Great Lady Rendena, Vidona, Lady Lysistrata, Corlyne, Laphrael, Soledat, Isolyn, Gwaelimir, High Lady Akoe, Kizalia, Hildin, Jeril, Haohmaru, Handmaiden Eybria, Astari, Naitalya, Richaard who is sitting

Eybria softly says, "There are a great many of you here and I shall do my best to work with as many of you as possible. I will be working until the ninth hour. And I will rapidly do spin and room order"

However the whole town was suddenly incapacitated and beyond two souls, no other work was done... [OOC: The game went down.]

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