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personal - GemStone IV EAST HARBOR FESTIVAL 5010


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Mist harbor Eastern harbor Street festival 5110

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ARRIVAL - 15th of Phoenatos

I actually arrived at the festival at some god forsaken time in the morning. It could have been not later than 2am elven. Of course the festival had not started but it did not stop me wandering around looking for open tents. Having determined that I was far too early, I decided to visit some of the neighbouring islands. I rented a boat and proceeded to pedal my way from one island to another. There was only one problem. I didn't have a map. This resulted in me becoming hopelessly lost. I somehow managed to make it back to the dock and vowed that I would never attend such a feat of stupidity again. I lay down by the swimming area and closed my eyes to get sufficient rest before the opening ceremony.


[Eastern Harbor, Approach]
Wide cobblestone steps fall in a gentle progression from the picket fence that separates Mist Harbor proper from the Eastern Harbor to the streets below. Following the curve and contrast of the winding stairs are tile-inlaid planters, the vibrant vegetation filling them displayed in a rainbow pattern. Lamp posts wrought in the image of shepherd's crooks, their brightly glowing windows creating pools of illumination, are evenly spaced amid the plants.

You also see a raven-hued angular tent.
Also here: Temairak, Farseeker, Squire Legionnaire Siyon, Squire Legionnaire Nihrvanah, Great Lord Skarrs, Kasia, Squire Legionnaire Hanshayr, Grand Lady Dessedemona, Galenblackbard, High Lady Rohese, Kragdruk, Niadja, Faulkil, Lady Merelle, Jennora, Kizalia, Jeril, Aneris, Ascaris, Isolyn, Anta, Trizlan, Ganolen, Hayatto, Jodia, Erelad, Richaard, Gwaelimir, Shannivar, Vender, Sir Aydan, Alisis, Moredin, Trissah, Vythec, Kretan, Lady Abilene, Drigler, Mikoguchi, Tordane, Maeriel, Telsas, Kateerina, Astari, Lord Strydyr, Corlyne, Maleisse, Eugenides, Laphrael, Lady Gweniveer, Fleurs, Shinod, Lord Sorrowen
Obvious paths: southeast

Ilsola just arrived. Ilsola waves.

{Everyone waves and nod to Ilsola}

Ilsola recites: "Greetings and welcome all!"

You beam happily at Ilsola!

Ilsola recites: "My name is Ilsola and I'm pleased to present to you, the Mist Harbor Street Festival!"

Ilsola turns over her crystalline wand.

You see Ilsola.
She appears to be a Human from Torre.
She is average height and appears to be very young. She has silver-flecked violet eyes and pale skin. She has shoulder length, thick chestnut hair bound back from the left side of her face by a plum-throated blue lotus lily. She has a broad face, a pointed nose and pouting lips.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a multi-hued crystalline wand in her right hand.
She is wearing an open-neck soft teal linen tunic that transitions to white, a slender braided silver hip-belt dangling jade hibiscus blossoms, an ankle-length teal wrap-skirt patterned with bright yellow flowers, and a pair of boiled leather sandals.

Ilsola raises her crystalline wand into the air, and a shimmering orb shoots upward into the sky....

A single light rises up from the ground and explodes in the sky. The purple stars form a giant face that smiles from the heavens. It winks once before melting away into a fall of glittering motes.

Ilsola recites: "We've arranged a wide array of raffles for you that are spread out throughout the festival."

Ilsola glances at a multi-hued crystalline wand in her hand.

Ilsola says, "I seem to be having some minor issues with the wand."

A sales clerk accepts your silvers. A sales clerk makes a quick trip to a back storage area and returns with a small silver paper bag. Handing it to you carefully, a sales clerk says, "Here's your bag. Hope you enjoy it."

You blow into your silver paper bag and fill it with air.

You hold your bag aloft with one hand and deal it a resounding thump with the other. The bag pops with a loud bang as hundreds of tiny pieces of silver paper confetti rain down around you.

Gweniveer giggles at you.

Ilsola raises her crystalline wand into the air, and a shimmering orb shoots upward into the sky....

In the wake of a large boom, a yellow duckling comes to life in a torrent of sparkling stars. It wades in a sea of multi-colored sparks until a single ball of light collides with it, creating a massive explosion that ends with glittering feather-shapes falling to earth.

Ilsola says, "We've also got an auction planned for a few days from now. Six boxes, all trapped in a locker for years on end..."
Ilsola says, "No idea what is in them, but they are going to be auctioned off."

Ilsola says, "Also up for auction....The deed to one of our lovely islands! It has a private beach and swimming area"

Ilsola recites: "Very important detail on that auction.....ONE - You can not already won a property. Two - There is a cat that lives there. He comes with the property.

Ilsola says, "One time only, upon meeting him, the owner may whisper his name to the kitten and teach him a few tricks that he doesn't already know...."

Ilsola recites:" If you need an example of what the cat will appear like, there are two that already live in the eastern harbor. The first lives in the Crystal Lotus. And the second lives on Anemone's perch. They are all sort of related"

Ilsola says, "Yes, and he's a great mouser in the garden. This feline is very cuddly and playful"

Ilsola says, "Other than the auction....we do have some professional items for raffle"

Ilsola says, "But ."

Ilsola says, "Several Tehir items."

Ilsola says, "There should be tent open shortly that will house the rooms that have many of the raffles in them."

Ilsola says, "Mostly, the Tehir raffles are for pelts, carapaces, skins... and a few bottles of their famous dye."

Ilsola says, "There is a kissing booth, also."

Ilsola says, "Which is grand fun."

Ilsola says, "I heard a rumor that there is a....."

Ilsola exclaims, "Siegery tent!"

Ilsola says, "There will be three siegery raffles, too."

Ilsola says, "Oh, there's a couple of weapon raffles."

Ilsola recites: Oh, a note about the items in the basket and on the table.....These are only available for the opening ceremony. Tomorrow they will be gone. If you've not seen it, those of you ladies that are excited for this kind of thing, Nutters for Cutters has gemcutters and patterns.

Ilsola recites: I hope to see many of you on one or more of the tours I'll be providing of the islands. In that tour, I'll be giving a tour of Coral Villa and Island -- that is the property for auction. I'll fit as many people in my boat as I can, but I'll lead and you guys can follow..... If you don't fit in my boat, that is. "

Ilsola says, "I'm not giving the tour now."

Ilsola says, "If you will all excuse me, I'm going to need to set up the first raffles."

Ilsola exclaims, "I hope to see you all soon. Have a lovely evening!"

The aerial snapper rockets into the air with a loud SWOOSH!, and after a second explodes high in the air into a sudden multitude of fountaining water! The water sprays swirl about wildly for a moment before fading away into great mist that quickly evaporates.

Lady Ilsola just went southeast.


The departure of a major figure during a festival always leaves people wondering what to do, where to go. I confess I had no such confusion. I had money in my pocket and wasn't afraid to use it! I hit the shops, repeating visits to the same shops out of fear I had missed something that would be life-changing. Oh the life of a shop-a-holic! Whilst poised over a particularly interesting table leg I heard the following

A slurred voice announces, "Ledirth is in the Eastern Harbor, tinkering with the visual magic of your transporters!"

There is nothing more disconcerting for a shopper than to know that work is being done but being unable to find the person undertaking the work. As I searched - seemingly in vain - my only consolation was the kiss from an ugly troll sent by Sorrowen. (Thanks for that hon!). Eventually I found Ledrith and he changed the visuals on my transportation cameo. I have to say he worked like a Trojan! Line? What Line? No sooner had I geared myself to undertake more shopping when I heard the following call:

The heady fragrance of gardenias fills the area. A voice whispers, "In five minutes, Seamstress Adrowynne will be customizing her laceable wears in Festive Fabric. Come to the Four Winds Street Fair to join the party!"

Having acquired a map from the town boards, I knew where to go and ran to the wagon, leaving all in my wake. The room was full already but spinning was taking place. On the ninth spin I was chosen.

The witchwood stick comes to a stop pointing directly at you!
Adrowynne recovers the witchwood stick and says, "Congratulations Bremerial!"

I purchased a thin-strapped black satin ballgown and a jet-beaded black gossamer underskirt and Adrowynne fashioned my first formal gown - A low-cut black silk gown with a sheer grey gossamer silk underskirt. This I will wear at the next formal occasion to which i am invited!

This was virtually my last act of the evening. I transported to Teras to put away items in my locker and then retired for the evening.

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