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personal - GemStone IV EAST HARBOR FESTIVAL 5010


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Mist harbor Eastern harbor Street festival 5110

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GUIDED TOUR OF ISLANDS - 16th of Phoenatos

Before the tour starts

[Eastern Harbor, Pier Three]

Ilsola says, "Good morning."

Vandruil smiles.
You turn to Ilsola and cheer!
Laphrael smiles.

Ilsola says, "Hmm.I appear to be at the wrong pier.... This is the building for the Bliss Island Rentals, one of the islands that we'll visit, but we need to be at the docks" [Lady Ilsola moves to Pier One and the three of us follow]

[Eastern Harbor, Pier One]

Lady Ilsola just climbed down a pair of smooth wooden steps.

[Eastern Harbor, Boat Rental]

A lanky and tanned sailor responds to the query by saying, "My name is Nior, pleased to meet you."

Ilsola says, "Greetings, Nior."

Ilsola says, "Let me just give a quick thought to make sure that everyone who wishes to is here."

Ilsola asks, "How are you all finding the festival thus far? I know that it is only the second day...."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you say, "Excellent so far."

Katry says, "The shopping has been wonderful as always."

Sorrowen says, "Enjoying strolling through the Harbor."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you say, "Need more ale in the Eastern section and on some of islands though - I need to pass out some recipes."

Ilsola says, "If you would all step close to me so that Nior knows we are together..."

[We all Join Ilsola]

Ilsola is the leader of your group.
Maleisse is also a member of your group.
Katry is also a member of your group.
Richaard is also a member of your group.
Laphrael is also a member of your group.
Vandruil is also a member of your group.

Ilsola says, "We'll be off and on, actually."

>ask sailor about boat

Grinning through his freckles, sailor looks at you and says, "You can rent a boat and take it out on the waters for 500 silvers. Just ask me again if you want to do that. Pausing, he then says, "Don't worry about return passage, each of the islands has boats that can be used for the return passage"

>ask sailor about boat

Grinning broadly, sailor says, "That's perfect! Enjoy yer ride. Don't forget that these boats pedal through the waters." After his short speech he ushers you towards the boats.

[Eastern Harbor, Boating Dock]
Colorful umbrellas tied to the polished railings provide shelter from the heat of the day and are edged in grey tassels. Anchored at the edge of the docks, several whitewashed pedal boats gently bob up and down with the persistent nudging of the tide.

[Other tourists join]

Ilsola approaches one of the boats. Suddenly one of the crewman on the dock yells, "You try and fit anymore people in dat and its gonna sink!"

Ilsola says, "I see, so we'll have to split up a bit. But I'll guild you. Who would be willing to head out in the second boat? I will compensate your pedaling."

You softly say, "Sure - I don't mind."

Ilsola nods to you.

Ilsola says, "If some of you could please follow closely to Bremerial."

Katry joins your group.
Richaard joins your group.
Vandruil joins your group.

You approach one of the boats. You pick out a suitable boat and take a seat inside it.

The Tour Begins...

[Eastern Waterway]
Crowded with boats, the sunny waterway is bustling with activity as large and small vessels vie for space near the dock. Long rows of white buoys protect the wood from anyone that might come in too fast, while a railing on the opposite side prevents pedestrians from falling into the water. You also see a grumpy mountain spirit that is flying around.

Also here: Laphrael who is sitting in a boat, Maleisse who is sitting in a boat, Rogane who is sitting in a boat, Lady Ilsola who is sitting in a boat

Ilsola says, "Excellent. Now, if you head north and west from here you'll have a good view of the Eastern Harbor's Comorant Lane."

Ilsola says, "Directly south of here leads along the Pier and around towards the Bliss Island Rentals docks."

Ilsola says, "We are going to travel towards the swimming area and follow the line of glass globes that separates it from the main waterway."

Leaning on the tiller, Ilsola turns the boat to a northeasterly heading and begins to pedal.

[Eastern Waterway]
Breezes dance across the waters, their origins the distant surf that spends its fury upon the beach. A series of blown glass globes stretches across the northern side of the waterway and prevents boaters from traveling into the swimming area. Laughter floats across the water from where children play upon one of the small islands that fills the harbor.

Ilsola says, "These glass globes separate that swimming area from the waterway. You can access the swimming area from the beach just off of Cormorant...."

Ilsola says, "It really can be fun because you've got to crest the waves to get into the water."

Speaking to Maleisse, Ilsola says, "I was going to continue southwest towards Black Sands Isle, but I can stop on Furryfoot if you'd like a bit of a break." Maleisse vigorously shakes her head at Ilsola.

Ilsola nods to Maleisse. .

Ilsola says, "Furryfoot is the home of the Furryfoot family. They have a lovely set up here and have much of their home and island open to visitors."

Ilsola says, "But we will be continuing to Black Sands Isle."

[Black Sands Isle, Dock]
Rocky and uneven, the ground of the small island is covered with black sand and very little vegetation. Rising and falling with the tide, the waters of the ocean crash against the rocky shore and splash up on the dock that is surrounded by several whitewashed pedal boats.

Ilsola says, "Welcome to Black Sands Isle."

Ilsola says, "Lorwindinell has not returned to the island yet, but I can show you around and give you a bit of a talk about what this island is about."

Lady Ilsola's group just went east.

[Black Sands Isle]
Stretching across the broad, flat expanse at the center of the island, a grey and purple awning provides shelter from the daunting glare of the sun on the black sands. Colorful urns, filled with palm trees, tropical plants, and flowers, create a verdant wall on three sides of the protective structure and act as an anchor to the blanket stretched between them.

Ilsola says, "As you can see....We have one of our classic grey and purple awnings here."

>look at awning

Supported in the front by twin poles of thick bamboo, the awning is crafted of oilcloth and dyed a rich purple hue. Delicate embroidery creates mist-like whorls that spread from the bamboo supports to the tiny rings that anchor the awning into the posts of the dock's railing. Small globes, each intermittently glowing, provide dim illumination without destroying the intimate nature of the area.

Ilsola says, "This is something that we've attempted to keep the same throughout Mist Harbor's resort areas."

>look at globes

Petite and fragile, the globes that are attached to the purple awning are arranged in alternating hues of violet and silver. Each delicate orb flickers with a soft glow that casts a gentle illumination throughout the area.

Ilsola says, "You'll find a few in the Western Harbor and in Saewhena Lagoon."

Ilsola says, "Once Lorwindinell returns, she'll take up residency here."

>sit on blanket

You settle yourself on the striped blanket for a moment's rest.

You softly say, "Globes on awnings are lovely."

Ilsola smiles at you.

Ilsola says, "Lorwindinell is highly talented in the art of glass blowing, which is why we've such wonderful globes."

Ilsola says, "Black Sands has some of the finest sands around."

Ilsola says, "We export quit a bit of it, though we've tappered that trade since the monsoon."

Ilsola says, "As a result, when Lorwindinell returns, she'll offer services to those interested."

Ilsola says, "If you harvest the sands from one of the surrounding beaches...."

Ilsola points north. Ilsola points east. Ilsola points south.

Ilsola says, "She'll make trinkets, drinking vessels and the like."

Ilsola ponders.

Ilsola says, "Let me see if remember the full bounty of things she can make."

Ilsola says, "If you give her sand and a gem, or flower, or shell, she'll turn it into a trinket that encases the second item given to her."

Ilsola says, "I believe in black glass."

Ilsola says, "She can also turn shells into lockets."

Ilsola says, "Local gems she can turn into baubles, bracelets, rings, anklets, or even runestones."

Laphrael asks, "Local gems?"

Ilsola says, "She can work with copper, bronze, silver, gold and steel."

Ilsola asks, "Oh, yes, did you not hear?"

Ilsola says, "There has been a full compliment of unique gems found in the Southern Wilds, Shimmering Mists, and Monsoon Jungle."

Ilsola asks, "I can share a few colors with you if you'd like. Would you like to see saewehna, mekret, or wraithaline?"

Ilsola asks, "How about the hummingbird saewehna?"

Ilsola scatters a handful of saewehnas on the ground.

[We all pick up a vibrant hummingbird saewehna.]

Ilsola says, "The saewehna comes in Humminbird, two varieties of butterfly, one firefly, one dragonfly, and two moth varieties."

Ilsola says, "Once the Gameswarden finishes his assessement of the area, you'll be able to hunt them down in the locations I've mentioned."

Ilsola says, "Now, as I was saying about Lorwindinell. If you bring her a flower, she can either encase it in a bauble or etch it onto a drinking vessel."

Speaking to Ilsola, Rogane asks, "Any word about local flora?"

Ilsola asks, "What specifically were you looking for?"

Speaking to Ilsola, Rogane exclaims, "Flowers!"

Ilsola chuckles.

Ilsola asks, "Well, there's some fairy blossoms, anthurium, hibi-- oh, you mean on the island?"

Ilsola says, "I'm afraid I'm not versed in that, but you can always explore on your own."

Ilsola asks, "Shall we return to the boats so that we can journey to the Isle of Shells?"

{Rohese Joins the touring party]

Ilsola says, "You are fine, we've only really toured one island and I've done a great deal of talking."

[Back to boats]

Ilsola says, "To the southwest of here are the Teeth of Charl. I'd steer clear of them if possible."


[Isle of Shells, Dock]
Coarsely textured to provide a sure footing, the whitewashed dock stretches outward from the verdant greenery of the island into the slightly choppy surf. Pedal boats bob up and down at the edge of the structure in tandem to the delicate roll of the tide, their moorings clanking quietly from where they are anchored in place. Covered in crushed, white shells, a small pathway winds its lazy way up a hill and deeper into the island.

>go path

[Isle of Shells]
Crushed white shells wind a sinuous path through the foliage to the distant docks, their pearly interiors glistening in the sunlight. Cultivated vines twine up trellises along the northern edge of the island and provide a protective barrier that guards against the dangers of the cliffs beyond them. Bushes, surrounded by small fences, produce a variety of berries that are ripe for the picking.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the Isle of Shells."

>look at bushes

You see some berry-laden bushes. Looking at the bushes, you see a verdant string bean bush, a tangled green pepper bush and a tangled red pepper bush.

>look on bush

On the green pepper bush you see a misshappen green pepper.

You help yourself to a misshappen green pepper.

Ilsola says, "Verdant and perfect for the year round growing, the isle offers a large variety of fruits, vegetables, and some unique recreation."

Ilsola says, "Any of the foods found on the island can be brought to the resident cook, named Giltie, and she'll prepare them for you."

Lady Ilsola's group just went east.

Ilsola waves to Giltie.

Ilsola says, "Giltie is an excellent cook. Everything from grape juice to apple pie to asparagus to stuffed peppers."

Ilsola says, "If you'll follow me..."

Lady Ilsola's group just went south.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the island's fruit trees."

You help yourself to a fuzzy ripe peach.

Ilsola says, "Both of which can be harvested and brought to Giltie. She makes an excellent pie and cobbler."

Lady Ilsola's group just went west.

[Isle of Shells, Muddy Bay]
Slopping gently downward, a small pathway connects the garden above to the secluded beach. Large and small rocks pockmark the shore, the sharp edges of the shoals making it impossible to swim in the water. Moist sand stretches to the east and west, causing the ground to feel spongy and soft. You also see a palm-roofed bamboo shack and a tanned elven fisherman.

Ilsola exclaims, "Good Morning, Flynne!"

The elven fisherman idly laces and unlaces the strings on his tunic.

Ilsola says, "Flynne here can provide you with a rake that will allow you to harvest clams."

>ask fisherman about clamming

The elven fisherman grins at you and says, "Clamming is easy. All you have to do is buy a rake, which I can sell you, and then head over to the beach and PUSH or PULL the rake through the sands. Hard labor, but delicious results. Mind that you look for the soft sand, though."

>ask fisherman about rake

"Sure," says the fisherman. "I know about rakes and I'd be happy to sell you one. You just need to give me 450 silvers for it. They aren't cheap to make, you know!"

>give fish 450

The fisherman accepts your silvers. "Here is your rake!" He quickly wanders over to a large rack, digs up an iron-reinforced rake, and hands it to you.

>push rake

Moving to the water's edge, you take a firm hold of your rake and drop it into the water. Pushing with all your weight, you shove the basket of the iron-reinforced rake into the soft sand and begin to push it rapidly back and forth hoping to draw some clams from the moist depths. You feel the comfortable weight of a quahog in the basket of your rake. in the basket of your rake.
Roundtime: 13 sec.

>l in rake

In the iron-reinforced rake you see a black and white-banded cherrystone, a black and white-banded cherrystone, a black and white-banded cherrystone, a large grey and white quahog, a black and white-banded cherrystone, and a bumpy odd-shaped oyster

Ilsola says, "The larger clams, called quahogs, can be turned into stuffed treats by Giltie, while the smaller ones can be put into a scampi over noodles."

Ilsola says, "There are a few beaches to use the rake on."

Ilsola says, "Here and south and east of here."

Ilsola smiles at you.

Lady Ilsola's group just went east, south and west.

Ilsola says, "And here there are potatoes and corn. All the food can be eaten raw, but can also be cooked. Except for the raddishes. Those she doesn't cook. I think she's allergic."

Lady Ilsola's group just went north and west

[Isle of Shells, Beach]
Large flat stones are arranged along the perimeter of the beach, their smooth surfaces wide enough for easy reclining. Rising and falling with the tide, the surf tumbles gently across the glittering sands and creates damp lines along the shore. Bamboo torches are spread throughout the area, their dormant tops laying in wait for the night, while an enormous bonfire burns fitfully at the center of the clearing. Ilsola says, "Here we are. This beach is for reclining. Enjoying a nice fire and to rest"

Ilsola walks over to the stone and settles down.

Ilsola says, "If you catch fish in the Western Waterways, you can bring them here for cooking and suppliment your meal with many of the varieties found on the Island."

Ilsola says, "Let us move off towards Turtle Island."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you ask, "This and other islands safe? No indigenous life we need to be wary of?"

Ilsola says, "These are very safe. Though, Turtle Island has one resident"

[Back to boats]

Ilsola says, "We'll be heading east and north from here."


Ilsola says, "Just east of here is the Island owned by the Merchant Dawe."

Ilsola says, "She's also opened up large portions of her island for visitors."


[Turtle Island, Docks]
Piled high with rocks, the island resembles a quarry that was lost at sea, rather than an actual land mass. Roughened planks are nailed to long support poles to create a wide dock that is surrounded by several whitewashed pedal boats. Rushing at the shore and splashing over the rocks into the body of the island, the persistent waves make walking through the island difficult. You also see a keen-eyed dusky grey badger.

As rhythmic as a heartbeat, the waves crash against the boulders and send a frothy spray of briny water into the air.

Ilsola says, "This island is completely for recreation and sport. The only way to get beyond the center of the island is to actually JUMP around the island

Ilsola says, "Located in the center of the waterway, it is under constant assault by the cross waves that move through here."

Lady Ilsola's group just went east.

Ilsola says, "The stones surround this larger one. And it can be alot of fun to move about"

Ilsola leaps north to the boulder.

>go North

If you tried to step to the boulder in that direction, you'd fall in the water! You had better JUMP instead. Or, if you really want to get in the water, type JUMP WATER!

You jump into the surf. Cannon ball!
A swelling wave picks you up and drags you helplessly towards the shore!
Finally, another wave catches you and sweeps you ashore! After some coughing and sputtering, you should be all right.

>jump e
You leap east to the boulder and land sure-footedly

Flat and enormous, the round stone rests within kelp beds and is slick from the vegetation that has been squished by previous jumpers. The edges of the enormous boulder are soaked from the constant attention of the surf, while the center is high enough to remain out of the water's reach.

A gigantic dark leatherback turtle pulls himself out of the water and onto the land.

>l at turtle

Pale spots speckle the leathery ink-blue carapace of this gigantic reptile, his bulky looking armor seeming to weigh him down as he lumbers around. Long flattened flippers curve outward from the barrel-shaped body in stark contrast to the considerably smaller paddle-shaped ones at the back, both more suited for the open water than for being on land. Weary eyes gaze about from the top of a large scaly head which tapers into a formidable horny-ridged beak.

>push tur

You tip the leatherback turtle over and he lands with a thud. You knock rapidly on his shell causing his leg to twitch.

>prod tur

You reach out towards the leatherback turtle but before you can even make contact he whips his head towards you and snaps at your fingers with his powerful jaws! Snatching your hand back just in time, you narrowly manage to avoid losing any of your digits.

>kick tur

The turtle snaps his teeth at your foot and then flaps one paddle-like limb.

>lean tur

You tip the leatherback turtle over and he lands with a thud. You knock rapidly on his shell causing his leg to twitch.

You remove a fuzzy ripe peach from in your blackened parka.

>feed turt

You feed the leatherback turtle a bite of your ripe peach, which he lazily munches on.

[rejoin Ilsola] Ilsola says, "The Merchant Council thought that the pure fun of this island would appeal to a great many people and that's why they spent the time putting a dock into place."

[Back to boat and Pedal]

[Eastern Waterway]
Stretching into the gently lapping waves, a long wooden dock allows access to the nearby highland. Barnacles, their white faces tinged with grey, cling to the supporting poles of the dock, while long strands of seaweed are knotted into the buoys that surround it.

Ilsola says, "To the southwest of here you'll find Anemone's perch. This is the property owned by the Lady Chisma and Lord Ruhan."

Ilsola says, "Eybria, Lady Chisma's handmaiden, also resides on the island."

Ilsola says, "We, however, will be traveling to the northeast to the Isle of Species."

Leaning on the tiller, Ilsola turns the boat to a northeasterly heading and begins to pedal.

[Isle of Species, Dock]
Brightly colored pennants are woven through the high, white fence that holds the wild foliage of the island at bay, their ends rising and falling with the gentle breath of the seaborne wind. Several whitewashed pedal boats are anchored to the dock and bob up and down with the rhythmic pulsing of the waves. Encrusted with sea shells, the path to the south leads towards a flagstone patio.

Lady Ilsola's group just went south.

[Isle of Species, Gift Shop]
Square flagstones of blue, red, green, and yellow line the patio that is sheltered from the heat of the day by several enormous umbrellas. Twin booths, both bedecked in colorful pennants, stand side by side along the southern edge of the patio. One is offering treats for the various animals of the island, and the other is offering gifts for visitors.

>look at booth
There appears to be something written on it.

>read booth
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Zebnimby's Gifts ~*~

Ilsola says, "Yes, I'm not certain why he is named that. You might ask him sometime."

>look in booth
In the gift booth you see a slender emerald macaw feather, a cord-strung rainbow clay turtle, a baby rolton stickpin, a patchwork rabbit toy, a ring-tailed lemur toy, a cloth-shelled tortoise toy, a glossy rattlesnake toy, a lop-eared mule toy, a rainbow macaw toy and a fuzzy baby rolton toy.

Ilsola says, "I hear he's an amazing woodcarver. Here we have the gift area of the Isle of Species"

Ilsola says, "There is a snack booth and gift booth."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you ask, "Are the species native the the island?"

Speaking to you, Ilsola says, "Some, like the Lemur, can be found on Mist Harbor proper. Even, the tortoise, but the bunny and rolton are not native."

Ilsola says, "Some of the animals do wander, but most have their own pens."

Lady Ilsola's group just went east.

Ilsola says, "Here we have a relatively nice park to enjoy a snack in."

Lady Ilsola's group just went south.

Ilsola says, "The macaw and rattlesnake are part of the wandering denizens of the Island."

Ilsola feeds thick-shelled tortoise a bite of her red apple, which he lazily munches on.

Ilsola tries to mount the thick-shelled tortoise. The ponderous reptile summons all his energy and quickly darts away, leaving Ilsola on the ground.

>pet tor

You hold your hand in front of the tortoise. He latches on with his mouth and languidly gums your fingers before stopping abruptly and moving on.

Ilsola knocks loudly on the tortoise's thick shell. The startled tortoise cranes his neck around and fixes Ilsola with an aggrieved stare.

Lady Ilsola's group just went east.

[Isle of Species, Petting Zoo]
Ilsola says, "Here we have the baby rolton."

Ilsola softly scratches the head of the brown baby rolton. The small critter bleats in delight, and butts up against her hand in search of food.

Lady Ilsola's group just went north

[Isle of Species, Rookery]

Ilsola says, "Here we have the rookery. I've been told that there will be some exotic bird imports, but that at the moment the Games warden is too busy to actually finish his hunting."

Lady Ilsola's group just went east.

[Isle of Species, Lemur Lofts]

Ilsola says, "And here we have our lemur. "

Richaard scratches the neck of the bright white lemur and she curls her long tail around his arm. She chitters softly from the attention.

Lady Ilsola's group just went west and north

[Isle of Species, Petting Zoo]
Ilsola says, "And now we have the bunny."
Rogane reaches behind the ears of the patchwork rabbit and softly scratches its neck. It rubs up against his hand, clearly enjoying the attention. Ilsola offers Rohese a flaky apple tart.

Ilsola says, "Place that in a container. And then hug the bunny."

Rohese put a flaky apple tart in her alabaster silk robe.

Rohese lifts up the patchwork rabbit and hugs her against her chest. She twitches her nose a few times, then begins to sniff Rohese's clothing. Evidently, the rabbit found something quite interesting. She buries her nose into her alabaster silk robe and begins to nibble on something! A moment later, the rabbit leaps out of Rohese's hands, holding a flaky apple tart in her mouth as she quickly hops off.

Ilsola grins.

Ilsola says, "She has a weakness for tarts."

You softly say, "I had a husband like that."

Ilsola chuckles.

Rohese giggles at you.

Lady Ilsola's group just went west.

[Isle of Species, Patio]

Ilsola says, "Here we have a small cafe."

>look on counter
On the wooden counter you see a citrus and cockatrice salad, a triangular mushroom sandwich, a crisp verdant spring salad, a light and airy cinnamon tart, a glass of iced lemonade, a glass of iced carrot juice, a glass of iced coconut milk and a carrot and cream cheese sandwich.

Ilsola says, "We are going to return to the boats now, for the part of the tour I'm sure you've all been waiting for you..."

Ilsola says, "Coral Island."
A big ugly troll with a surly look on his face comes galumphing up to Rogane and plants a noisy kiss on his forehead. His eyes alight with the satisfaction of a job well done--or eagerness to collect his pay--he turns on his heel and strides off.
Ilsola asks, "That troll pedal'd all the way out here to kiss you?"

Ilsola says, "That's impressive."

[back to boats and pedal]

Ilsola says, "To the Northeast of here is the Island Refuge, I'm not sure which merchant owns that island."

Ilsola says, "I should find out."

Ilsola smiles.

Ilsola says, "To the northeast of here is one of the Bliss Isles. Once repairs are completed, adventurers will be able to rent the island for a week at a time"

Ilsola says, "There are three islands."

Speaking softly to Ilsola, you say, "Bliss islands all seem to have been constructed by the same architect using the same format."

Ilsola says, "Yes, it was intentional."


[Coral Island, Dock]
Hugging the edge of a tiny cove, the dock follows the narrow jetty that protects the inlet's waters from maritime traffic and the native aquatic life. Several whitewashed pedal boats bob up and down with the rhythmic pulsing of the tide from where they are anchored to pillions along the edge of the wooden protrusion. Meandering through the sun-dappled verdant foliage along the northern edge, a slender shell-lined walkway provides access to the distant villa.

Ilsola says, "And here we have Coral Island. Verdant and spacious, the Island has several varieties of fruit that can only be found upon this island."

You see some verdant foliage. Ranging in height, the foliage that spreads across the island is verdant and filled with all manner of fruits, berries, and flowers. While some of the ground-hugging plants are tied back by thin strips of hemp, the larger plants have been allowed to grow free without any restrictions. Looking at the foliage, you see a towering verdant papaya tree, a slender guava tree and a leafy persimmon tree.

Ilsola points at a small rock-ringed cove.

Ilsola says, "The cove was likely built by a meteor in a past age...And now creates a deep bowl that houses the swimming area"

>look at cove
High rocky protrusions filter the water of the harbor as it strives for the distant white sands of the cove's beach. Forming a rough circle, the tiny swimming area appears to be the result of a great force of nature, such as a meteor striking the harbor and causing a bowl to be formed. Water gently flows into the bowl, but aquatic life and debris are unable to flow past the protective ring.

Lady Ilsola's group just wandered up a slender shell-lined walkway.

[Coral Island, Yard]
Ilsola says, "As you can see, large planters decorate the pathway that leads to the villa and beyond this point everything on the island is for private use and viewing."

Ilsola carefully removes the key from around her neck.

Ilsola asks, "Shall we?"

You hear a click as Ilsola unlocks a wide cobalt blue entry.
Ilsola just opened a wide cobalt blue entry. Lady Ilsola's group just went through a wide cobalt blue entry.

[Coral Island, Living Room]
Polished white birch floors support the tongue-in-groove wainscoting that rises to mid wall before giving way to pristine white stucco. Gauze-framed windows occupy the space to either side of a wide cobalt blue entry, while the northern wall is decorated with a plethora of paintings that surround a golden linden door. The eastern wall houses a flagstone fireplace topped with a smooth maple mantle. Arranged in social circles at the heart of the room, a pair of white wicker chairs faces a two-cushioned loveseat over the broad expanse of a low glass-topped table. You also see a dusty river reed basket filled with sticks.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the spacious living room of the Coral Villa."

Rogane breaks a stick into pieces and tosses them into the fireplace.
Rogane just grabbed a wooden stick from the basket of sticks.
Rogane takes some wooden sticks and places them in the fireplace. Using two of the smaller pieces, he rubs them until a tiny flame bursts out. Placing the burning twigs among the prepared wood, he blows gently on them until the flames spread and grow.

A log crashes and falls over into the fire. The flames grow upon it slowly like roses awakening until the whole log is aglow with a garden of embers.

Ilsola says, "The mantle has ample space for storage. As does the glass-topped table"

Ilsola says, "The window has an excellent view of the front yard."

Ilsola says, "Could someone take a seat on one of the chairs."

You take a seat on the white wicker loveseat.

Laphrael takes a seat on the white wicker chair.

Ilsola says, "Try the other chair."

Vandruil takes a seat on the white wicker loveseat.

Ilsola whispers to the group, "Okay, goahead and LOOK."


[Room Changed] Also here: Vandruil who is sitting on a white wicker loveseat, Rogane who is sitting on a white wicker loveseat....

Ilsola says, "There are two chairs and a loveseat."

Ilsola says, "I believe the loveseat will hold a few people."

Ilsola says, "If you'd like to all head towards the kitchen....."

[Coral Island, Kitchen]
Red stucco meets white wainscoting to create a warm and bright kitchen that is illuminated by the golden sunlight that spills through the glassless windows. Standing on opposite sides of the room, an open knotty oak door leads to a small garden, while an open whitewashed door provides access to the villa's guestroom. Positioned beneath an enormous lantern, a large round maple table topped with bowls and platters is surrounded by long wooden benches and round maple chairs.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the kitchen."

>look on table

On the round maple table you see a bird's-eye maple bowl, a polished bamboo tray and a long sterling silver tray.

>look in bowl

In the maple bowl you see a slice of toasted brown bread, a plump poppy and lemon muffin, a handful of sugary almond brittle and a half and half chocolate cookie.

Ilsola says, "There are four chairs and a bench. So you can comfortably feed eight in here."

>look on tray
On the bamboo tray you see a glass of rich nut and berry liqueur, a glass of fruity rum punch, some Vornavian orange juice and a glass of spring water.

>look on other tray
On the sterling silver tray you see a crispy round clam cake, a crabmeat and cheese stuffed mushroom-cap, a tossed cashew chicken salad, a buttered and crosshatched potato, a pepper and mushroom kabob, an egg and spinach pasta frittata, some lemon and garlic sauteed shrimp, a tossed cashew chicken salad and an olive and cucumber sandwich.

Ilsola says, "The oak door leads to the garden, while the whitewashed door leads to the guest room."

Lady Ilsola's group just went through a narrow whitewashed door.

[Coral Island, Guest Bedroom]
Large glassless windows surrounded by gauzy drapes decorate three of the rooms for green stucco walls, while the fourth houses an open whitewashed door that leads into the kitchen. Two mosquito nets occupy the northeastern and northwestern corners of the room and are each suspended over a narrow knotty oak bed and a narrow whitewashed bed. Sharing a space between the two beds, a long golden linden table is draped with a fine white linen cloth and houses candleholders and vases on its smooth surface.

Ilsola says, "Airy and spacious, the beds fit two apiece."

>l on bed
On the knotty oak bed you see a pile of white and blue comforters.
Rogane grasps the comforters tightly, pulling them up to his neck.
Rogane pushes the comforters off of him
Ilsola pulls the comforters tightly across the bed, smoothing out any wrinkles.

>look on table
On the golden linden table you see a small felt-lined box and a smooth round maple candleholder.

>look in box
In the felt-lined box you see a plump blue candle.

Ilsola says, "The beds are topped with comforters that match the rooms decor, but they can be tailored."

Ilsola says, "There are candles in the box for the candleholder."

Speaking to Ilsola, Rogane says, "Can I pre-bid 100m? I'll toss in another 100m and you can have the guestroom."

Ilsola says, "I have my own home, thank you."

[Coral Island, Garden]
Surrounded by a white picket fence, the garden has a spacious, manicured lawn. Cultivated flowers climb trellises along the edge of the villa and frame a whitewashed knotty oak door. Teak benches are recessed amid bushes near a white picket gate that leads to the beach. Scattered throughout the garden are blown glass humming bird feeders and quiescent witch-balls that shimmer in the sunlight.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the garden. Several clematis grow here"

Ilsola says, "And there are hummingbird feeders and witch-balls that illuminate the yard during the evenings."

Ilsola says, "Hibiscus along the fence."

Ilsola points at a flowering hibiscus bush.

Ilsola says, "The bench will comfortably house four people."

>look at witch-ball
Crafted of blown glass, the piece is a smooth cerulean globe with a slender swirl at its crown that forms a solid ring. Tiny air bubbles captured within the surface and skeins of cobalt blue glass threads passing through the heart of the globe to create an intricate web make it a truly unique example of the craft. A narrow silver ribbon winds its way through the solid glass ring at the top, and attaches the piece to a rope that houses other quiescent orbs.

Lady Ilsola's group just wandered out of a white picket gate.

[Coral Island, Private Beach]
Protected on three sides by high, rocky protrusions, the beach has brilliant white sands that fall away from surf that gently laps at the shore. Several white wooden beach chairs are scattered across the area and positioned to face the swimming area. A white picket fence stretches along the edges of the area creating a barrier between the garden, which can be accessed by a white picket gate, and the recreational area. A deep hole filled with pale white sand rests in the shade of the fence and has a small wooden sign half-buried next to it.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the private beach. Again, you can crest the waves to enjoy the water. " Ilsola taps a small wooden sign.

J>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Fun with sand ~*~
We found treasures in here, you should try to find some too!

Ilsola says, "There are six chairs here."

Ilsola whispers to the group, "Let me say again, one second on the chairs."

>get sand

You rummage through the sand searching for buried treasure and wrap your fingers around a large chipped clam shell, which you pull free.

Ilsola takes a seat on the wooden deck chair.

Ilsola whispers to the group, "So many a day. There are about twenty different items in there to dig up.

Ilsola whispers to the group, "Its free digging!"

Ilsola asks, "Shall we adjourn to the house so I can show you the master bedroom?"

[Coral Island, Master Bedroom]
Cool blue stucco decorates the walls of the room above the tongue-in-groove wainscoting that is painted serene white. Twin glassless windows, framed in sheer gauze, provide an excellent view of the sunlit garden while the opposing wall supports a golden linden door. A painted silk privacy screen is arranged in one corner and offers the occupants a discrete place to disrobe or freshen up. Positioned beneath gauzy mosquito netting, a four-poster golden linden bed covered with soft white linens is flanked on the right by a tall golden linden table, while at its foot rests a decorative golden linden cassone.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the Master Bedroom."

Richaard takes a seat on the golden linden bed.
>look on bed
On the golden linden bed you see a plump white cotton comforter, a set of bright white cotton sheets and a pile of blue silk pillows.

Ilsola says, "You'll notice that beyond the screen is a small area for washing."

Rohese glances at a painted silk privacy screen.

Ilsola says, "The hamper can, of course, hold a few items in it."

Rogane pulls a pillow from a pile of blue silk pillows.

Rogane tightens his grip on the pillow, winds up and whips it at Rohese and she never even has a chance to move. The pillow slams into her chest. The pillow rips apart at the seams! Feathers cover Rohese from head to toe!

(OOC) Ilsola's player whispers to the group, "To use the stuff behind the screen you need to make sure you always put behind screen."

Ilsola lightly taps the edge of the basin and you hear the sound of gurgling water.

Ilsola says, "The basin is fully operational."

Ilsola says, "The bed also has sheets and a comforter."

Ilsola says, "As well as the pillows you've found."

Ilsola says, "The Cassone will lock with the key to the doors."

Ilsola whispers to the group, "The pillows are timed, too."

[Back to Yard]

Ilsola says, "The cat must be hiding."

You hear a click as Ilsola locks a wide cobalt blue entry.

Ilsola attaches a coral-inlaid sterling silver skeleton key dangling from braided ribbons to her braided silver hip-belt.

Ilsola says, "I do have another appointment to keep at noon, so we'll need to be heading back to the docks."

[Ilsola pedals us all back to Eastern Harbor Dock]

Ilsola says, "I thank you all for taking the tour with me."

Ilsola says, "I do hope you will continue to enjoy what we've opened for you."

Ilsola smiles.
Ilsola curtsies
Lady Ilsola just went west.

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