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personal - GemStone IV Family Issues

Over the years I have been to so many weddings, festivals and other gatherings that have been no more than a footnote in my diaries.

I have decided to record these events from this time forward so that there is a formal record for posterity. When memory fails, the written word will prevail! On occasion, I will record my own feelings ( i.e. those of Bremerial's alter ego) along with Bremerial's own thoughts.

NB: OOC - Any logs included will be published using notepad which should make the information accessible to most.


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Highman Games 5113 Banner


"Due to continuing problems with the Hammer Throw mechanics, the Hammer Throw Championship for today is CANCELLED. If the field can be repaired before the end of the Highman Games, a new Championship date and time will be scheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please watch for further announcements. Thank you. "

As a result of the cancellation of the hammer throw contest we arranged for an impromtu game of caber toss, with a 1 million silvers note up for grabs.


In the absence of the official hammer throw contest a few of us decided to hold an impromptu caber toss contest

[Jirkirl's Hilltop, Caber Toss]
While half of this clearing is still cluttered with the stubs of long-ago chopped trees, the remainder has been carefully cleaned of stumps, roots, and other impediments. Tiered modwir benches overlook runways that are outlined in white paint and extend the length of the hazard-free section, ending abruptly at the edge of a deep crevasse. A pyramid-like arrangement of logs rests on the other side of the chasm. You also see the Vivina disk, a caber toss field and some large iron basket torches.
Also here: Vivina, Vaikar, High Lady Evia, Lord Roblar
Obvious paths: north, east

Vivina giggles.

Vivina says, "Hi all."

You say, "Viv not played before."

Evia nods to Vivina in greeting.

Evia says, "Oh hoorah."

Roblar deeply says, "Didn't even know about da Games all weekend." Roblar deeply says, "Holymoon on his way."

Roblar shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Vivina says, "First I have heard of them myself."

You say, "If we can't make our own entertainment with all this equipment around there is no hope for us."

You cackle!

Evia says, "Oh my."

You say, "Will wait for stragglers."

(I grab some herbs before we start to repair broken bones and scratches)

You say, "So we go in this order I think - Roblar, Vaikar, Evia, Vivina, Holymoon, bremerial, Traiva

You say, "Ok here we go."

A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 35 points."

Roblar scowls.

Evia applauds.

Vaikar gasps.

You say, "Vaikar next." *Vaikar*
A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 47 points."

Holymoon lets out a cheer!

Evia exclaims, "Well, darn good anyway!"

You say, "47 - good score."

Vivina says, "Nice score there."

Traiva says, "Very nice score."

You say, "Evia next."

A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 17 points."

Evia says, "Oy."

Holymoon exclaims, "Recount!"

Evia stands up.

Traiva chuckles.

Evia starts chortling.

You say, "Oof - unlucky but well played."

You cackle at Holymoon.

Evia wipes the sweat from her brow.

Roblar deeply asks, "Practive iz over?"

Roblar hums a seemingly random tune.

You say, "Viv next."

A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 23 points."

Vivina says, "'poo."

You applaud Vivina.

Traiva says, "Very good."

Holymoon lets out a cheer!

Vivina exclaims, "Not in the 50's!"

Vivina chuckles.

Traiva chuckles.

You say, "Holymoon next."

A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 53 points."

Vaikar gazes in amazement at a caber toss referee.

Evia turns to Holymoon and cheers!

Vivina says, "Wow."

Traiva lets out a cheer!

Roblar gazes in amazement at a scoreboard.

Vivina exclaims, "53!"

Evia exclaims, "Great!"

Holymoon lets out a cheer!

You say, "Nice score."

Roblar deeply says, "Found yer new game."

Vaikar gasps.

Roblar expounds lyrically upon the shortcomings of a scoreboard.

Traiva asks, "Who is next?"

A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 28 points."

You cackle!

A caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 20 points."

Vivina exclaims, "You did! Nice job!"

+ Results +

You say, "So."
You recite:
"In third place Roblar"

Evia applauds Roblar.

Vivina applauds.

You recite:
"In second place Vaikar"

Evia turns to Vaikar and cheers!

Vivina applauds Vaikar.

Holymoon lets out a cheer!

You recite:
"And the winner..."

(Bremerial simulates a drum roll.)

You recite:
"With a score of 53 is Holymoon"

Vivina turns to Holymoon and cheers!

Evia turns to Holymoon and cheers!

Vaikar applauds.

Roblar releases a slow, low whistle.

Traiva turns to Holymoon and cheers!

Holymoon beams!

Evia exclaims, "Hooorah!"

Vivina exclaims, "Huzzah!"

>read my scri
The Borthuum Mining Company scrip has a value of 1010000 silver and reads, "Hold in right hand to use."

You offer your Mining Company scrip to Holymoon, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer. Roblar smacks his lips.

You say, "Congrats."

Holymoon turns to you and cheers!

Holymoon has accepted your offer and is now holding a Borthuum Mining Company scrip.

Holymoon's jaw drops.

Evia exclaims, "Tremendous fun!"

Holymoon exclaims, "Thank you!"

Holymoon grins.


[Jirkirl's Hilltop, Tug of War]
Two large semi-circular patches of bare ground bracket a pit in the center of the field. Discarded bits of rope, in various states of decay, lie scattered on the ground. Nearby benches provide a viewing area for spectators and a red and blue sign is prominently placed at the edge of a field. You also see some pine benches a short distance away, a 10-foot wide pit and a thick 50-foot rope.
Also here: Holymoon, Aubriella, Traiva, Lord Roblar, Skipjack who is sitting, Dendum who is sitting, Jeralyn who is sitting, Jeril who is sitting, Airini, Clan Leader Griva, Great Lord Andoff, High Lady Evia, Morden


I lost in the first round to Evia

The longest tussle by far was between Aubriella and Morden, which lasted 30 minutes and which Aubriella won.

Skipjack sings confidently:

"Straining hard the rope was frozen
two dwarves on a feild were chosen
to tug the line against each other
the two would struggle like sister and brother
their might was clear to all
and their resolve stead fast
but one would fall
and the other outlast"

Roblar beat Holymoon

Evia got Third Place

Jeril beat Roblar to take first place


Jirkirl's Hilltop, Gathering]
Several rows of beribboned benches rest on an immaculately manicured lawn. Running through the center of the gathering area, a small aisle leads up to a dais, which stands four steps high. The stage is neatly tucked between two towering beech trees that have colorful streamers tied to some of the lower branches. Dark blue and thick, a swathe of fabric draped over the podium on the platform has a single star on its center embroidered in shimmering white thread. High above, stars twinkle in the night sky. You also see a striped owl that is flying around, a round woven pine needle basket and a snowy path.

Taverner Drotta just arrived.

Griva grabs Hurdragof's hand.

Drotta grunts in greeting.

Griva grabs Drotta's hand.

Drotta exclaims, "Allo!"

Griva says, "Thanks fer coming to the storytelling circle."

Griva says, "This storytelling is gonna be open to everyone."

Griva says, "If ya wanna tell a story, raise yer hand."

Griva says, "There be there judges."

Griva says, "Myself, Drotta, and Hurdragof."

Griva recites:
"I'm gonna give you some words and a time limit. Ya gotta tell a good story with them words within the time limit."

Griva exclaims, "Let's try this again!"

Drotta removes a bottle of Pointy Ear ale hung on a length of leather cord from her belt.

Drotta takes a drink from her Pointy Ear ale.

Drotta attaches a bottle of Pointy Ear ale hung on a length of leather cord to her belt.

Speaking to Drotta, Aubriella asks, "Is that any good?"

Hurdragof grunts, amused.

Drotta grunts in agreement.

Drotta exclaims, "Aye!"

Griva drops a storytelling list.

Drotta says, "Ain't ta bad, kinda light."

Griva just opened the storytelling list for 40 signups.

Griva says, "If ya wanna tell a story, join the list."

Griva says, "I can't keep track of ya'll otherwise."

Griva starts chortling.

Dendum adds his name to the storytelling list.
You add your name to the storytelling list.
Andoff adds his name to the storytelling list.
Japhrimel adds his name to the storytelling list.
Griva exclaims, "Join the list if ya want to tell a story!"

Drotta plops down to the ground in a sitting position.

Speaking in Dwarven, Hurdragof deeply exclaims, "Join if you have a beard!"

Griva says, "Not a lotta takers."

Griva exclaims, "This is open to all races!"

Drotta hoots at Hurdragof!

J>read list
The storytelling list contains the following names:
(1) Dendum
(2) Bremerial
(3) Andoff
(4) Japhrimel

The storytelling list is open with room for 36 signups.
Leaving the game for more than a few minutes is NOT allowed.
Leaving the room is NOT allowed.
You may only be on ONE list at a time. Joining another will remove you from the first.

Sovine adds his name to the storytelling list.

Sovine says, "Ah."

Griva recites:
"If yer telling a story, read the sign!"

Griva recites:
"Yer story's gotta be 5 minutes or less! I gonna be timing you!"

You remove your name from the storytelling list.

You add your name to the storytelling list.

Speaking in Dwarven, Drotta says, "Now dere's a smart lass."

Drotta grunts in agreement.

Drotta nods to you.

Griva recites:
"And to be fair, yer gonna roll dice to see the order of storytelling."

(Dice are rolled to determine order.)

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Words for storytelling:
Keg, sunfist, giantman, handshake, beard

(The dice have decided the order.)

>read list
The storytelling list contains the following names:

(1) Dendum
(2) Andoff
(3) Japhrimel
(4) Sovine
(5) Bremerial

Griva recites:
"Use all the words. Make yer story make sense."

Griva recites:
"And don't go over 5 minutes."

Sovine asks, "All of what words?"

Griva says, "All of them."

Fleurs says, "On the sign."

Japhrimel says, "All the words on the sign sovine."

Sovine gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Sovine nods.

Japhrimel says, "The words.. are keg.. sunfist.. giantman.. handshake.. and beard.. for those who cannot read."

Griva just closed the storytelling list.

Aubriella appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Griva twiddles her thumbs.

Griva removes a small diamond-encrusted ale keg hung with a calligraphic sign that reads BOB from her neck.

Griva raises her yellow ale keg in a toast!

Aubriella watches you in breathless anticipation.

Drotta removes a bottle of Pointy Ear ale hung on a length of leather cord from her belt.

Griva says, "Bob is ready to hear a good story."

Drotta raises her Pointy Ear ale in a toast!

Speaking in Dwarven, Aubriella says, "The dwarves need to make up for our poor showing here."

Aubriella sighs.

You say, "Dont expect great things - when people do I fall flat on my face."

You cackle at Aubriella.

Speaking to you, Aubriella says, "No pressure."

Speaking to you, Aubriella says, "At all."

Griva exclaims, "Japhrimel, start!"

Japhrimel exclaims, "Okay!"


Japhrimel says, "Today I will share a personal story for you."

Japhrimel says, "A tale frought with drinking and... more drinking."

Japhrimel says, "I call it How Japhrimel Joined Sunfist or Why Someone Should Not Touch Random Shiny Things."

Japhrimel says, "Now, as many of my stories start.. I found myself in a tavern."

Japhrimel says, "Unsure how I got there... Unsure of where I was going to be going next."

With a merry grin, Japhrimel plucks an irreverent, puckish, musical thumb-to-the nose statement on his harp.

Japhrimel says, "Just me.. the road.. and the latest tapped keg."

Roblar lets out a cheer!

Roblar deeply exclaims, "Best story ever!"

Roblar deeply says, "Oh."

Roblar ducks his head.

Japhrimel agrees with Roblar.

Roblar flashes a wide grin.

Speaking to Roblar, Japhrimel exclaims, "Lets make this man a judge, ladies and gentlemen!"

Roblar deeply says, "Heard keg."

Roblar touches one finger to his lips.

Impulsive and impetuous, Japhrimel uses delightfully quirky chord-progressions progressions to make his harp nearly dance as well as sing its way through the blithe little air.

Japhrimel says, "Anyway."

Japhrimel says, "Drowning my sorrows in said keg... sorrows over the keg being almost empty."

Japhrimel says, "I chanced upon a small group of dwarves.. ha ha.. I said small.. sorry, nevermind.. Judges are dwarves."

You chuckle at Japhrimel.

Drotta grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!

Griva grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!

Hurdragof grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!

Aubriella snorts!

Japhrimel says, "Right.. Anyway, I overheard the dwarves discussing an order of which I had never heard of before."

Speaking in Dwarven, Aubriella says, "Poor story already."

Japhrimel says, "Something about a sun and a fist.. punching light.. it sounded very strange."

Japhrimel says, "Being as one should always try new things, I invited myself to their table."

Japhrimel says, "Apparently, after two or three kegs.. Neither dwarves nor dark elves speak much common."

Japhrimel says, "But through widely known hand gestures, I discovered that I was not welcome... and that this Order of Sunfist was for giants and dwarves."

Japhrimel says, "And not us "common" folk."

Japhrimel says, "Now, being something of a giantman in certain areas that I'm not allowed to discuss anymore.. I'm married.. however, in height, I am lacking. So, I decided that I should attempt to join anyway."

Griva exclaims, "Time!"

Japhrimel exclaims, "Oh, that was quick!"

Griva says, "Five minutes."

Griva nods.

Japhrimel says, "Okay, turns out I was too drunk for this."

Japhrimel chuckles.

Dendum starts chortling.

Sovine begins chuckling at Japhrimel!

Roblar deeply asks, "He said he had a giantman's feet?"

Roblar acts puzzled.

Roblar works his fingers under his blackened warhelm and scratches his head.

Drotta makes notes and counts on her fingers, nodding and grunting softly to herself.

Speaking to Roblar, Japhrimel says, "Something like that."

Roblar grins slowly.

Roblar nods.

Dendum quietly says, "This was not five minutes."

Dendum mutters under his breath.

Griva exclaims, "It was!"

Griva stares at Dendum.

Dendum quietly says, "Oi dwarves can not tell time this was not five minutes."


Dendum quietly asks, "Is it my turn then?"

Griva says, "Time starts when ya talk."

Dendum quietly says, "We gnomes sing the song more than we do I will do this...and you will listen or leave and give up."

Dendum starts chortling.

Dendum sings:
"Oi I Dendum, Master of the Sunfist
Who did travel far from River Run s Mist
To the isle of ash and flame
Did come to partake in the Dwarf Game"

Dendum quietly says, "We Gnomes have games of our own you know? They generally involve more Bears and less rolling down mountains...but they are good games. You are not invited."

Dendum sings:
"Mighty Bear Handed Giantman
did fail to keep me from this land
though all of them were struck with fear
when they learned a Gnome had come to compete here."

Dendum sings:
"I ride down the mountain with ice in my beard
This game I do not understand it is very wierd
But still you see my name on the sign
I may have hit a few trees but I think I did just fine."

Dendum quietly says, "Now I just wish to say, even though we are banned from winning your games, I notice you have no trouble with Gnomes coming to heal you as you crash down the mountain in a bloody pulp...we will not forget this.... next year you can try and get kobolds to heal you..and stay dead at the bottom of that hill."

Dendum sings:
"I throw the large stick, though you fill mine with glaess
This is very hard to do, not too my taste
but I go back and throw it anyway
Now the referee will stop making jokes about that day."

Dendum quietly says, "I will hunt the Referee..."

Dendum nods sagely.

Dendum recites quietly:
"I pull the rope with, and drink from the keg
I buy a few things hanging from pegs
Me and the elf have a handshake
after he pulls me in the rolton dung lake."

Dendum quietly says, "This did not actually happen, there was no rolton dung...just for the story yes? Ok."

Dendum recites quietly:
"All in all it was worth the trip
but I will share a little tip
If you wish to have gnomes work at your little game

Dendum recites quietly:
"Stop changing the rules and we can compete all the same!"

Drotta turns an inquisitive ear toward Dendum.

Dendum mutters under his breath.

Dendum sits down.

Traiva starts chortling.

Skipjack applauds Dendum.

Dendum quietly says, "I am done."

Griva nods.

Traiva applauds Dendum.

Roblar laughs at himself!

Roblar shakes his head.

Drotta grunts.

Fleurs applauds.

Sovine nods at Dendum.

Speaking deeply to Griva, Roblar says, "Aye, talk to Keffan for next Games."

Roblar deeply says, "Der is a place for halflings an gnomes."

Roblar deeply says, "We kin use dem on da ranges."

Roblar nods slowly.

Griva nods.

Dendum starts chortling.

Sovine asks, "To catch hammers? or be range markers?"

Roblar deeply says, "As hammers of course."

Roblar grins at Sovine.

Roblar deeply says, "Guud grippin by da ankles."

Roblar deeply says, "Extra points for loudest screams."

Dendum quietly says, "Oi these are very funny Giantmen...then who sets up the course on the mountain? Next time there will be nothing but spiked traps and arrows."

Roblar chuckles to himself.


Griva exclaims, "Andoff!"

Griva says, "Time starts when ya talk."

Andoff says, "This is a tale of a dream being realized,"

Drotta takes a drink from her Pointy Ear ale.

Andoff says, "Of triumph in the face of adversity."

Andoff says, "Ever since he was a young, a human named Andy of Wehnimer's Landing had a dream."

Andoff says, "He learned the ways of the hand and the foot, of the punch and the kick."

Andoff says, "He became athletic and strong, flexible and fast."

Drotta clears her throat.

Andoff says, "One day, when he became older, he wished to demonstrate his prowess to others, and perhaps learn something from them."

Andoff says, "He travelled long and far, across plain and forest, across sea and desert."

Andoff says, "He finally came across a group of worthy people."

Andoff says, "One member of this group was a short dwarf with a long beard."

Andoff says, "Another member was a huge giantwoman."

Andoff says, "Andy greeted the dwarf, and gave the giantwoman a hearty handshake, almost getting his hand crushed in the process."

Andoff says, "Andy said he wished to challenge them."

Andoff says, "But they looked at him and laughed."

Andoff says, "They said, not you, human. You are not worthy. Not now, not ever."

Andoff says, "Andy was dejected. he turned around and walked away."

Andoff says, "He soon came across a circular wooden object. It was a keg, full of ale."

Andoff says, "He looked at it, and then had an idea."

Speaking quietly to himself, Roblar says, "Makes sense."

Roblar chuckles.

You nod at Roblar.

You cackle!

Hurdragof grunts, grinning.

Andoff says, "He returned to the group with the keg in tow. He offered them a drink."

Andoff says, "And without hesitation, they drank."

Drotta grunts and motions for a drink.

Andoff says, "And they drank, and drank, and drank, and drank."

Griva starts chortling.

Andoff says, "Then, they looked at Andy."

Andoff says, "The dwarf said, 'Maybe you aren't so bad after all."

Andoff says, "The dwarf continued, "in the spirit of the pact of Sunfist that made peace between the dwarves and the giantfolk, we hereby allow you to be included."

Andoff says, "In the Highman Games. You, human, may participate."

Andoff says, "And the giantomwan said, "Also, because you look so good, we will move the games to your hometown of Wehnimer's Landing."

Andoff says, "And thus, Andy's dream was realized."

Dendum blinks.

Roblar acts puzzled.

Andoff says, "The end."

Drotta grunts.

Traiva raises her voice in merry laughter.

Dendum laughs!

Japhrimel applauds.

You beam happily at Andoff!

Griva chuckles.

Skipjack applauds.

Drotta grunts loudly in annoyance and impatience!

Roblar deeply asks, "A fantasy tale?"

Drotta ponders.

Andoff grins.

Aubriella starts chortling.

Dendum quietly says, ""Oi this is a good story, the funny ones are best."

Japhrimel exclaims, "I believe that story entirely!"


Griva exclaims, "Sovine!"

Sovine chuckles.

Sovine says, "I shall also tell a story about my experience joining the sunfist."

Sovine says, "I did find the last story entertaining but compared to my lifespan it was a blink in my eye."

Sovine says, "I once was of voln and some may not beleive this, but I faced the first grimswarm."

Sovine says, "It was daunting, I am a first born, an I was unbeleivably suprised. It was in the dark forest outside Illistim, an shortly after some wild ogre eating bunnies an tossing trees came for me, drug me about through portals till I was beaten to death."

Sovine says, "Needless to sasy the end result lit a fire in me, the first born are meant to face the most daunting an greatest challenges."

Sovine says, "I soon after left voln, travelled to meet this grandmaster an joined there legion."

Sovine says, "Although I alwasy will shake hands with the Khanshael, as they are my kin now as there service to the dhe'nar has proven so."

Sovine says, "I now have met many a dwarf with beards or not, that I would share a keg of ale with."

Griva exclaims, "Time!"

Sovine says, "I now seek to rid the land of the Grimswarm, as I must to ascend. I have at times had conflict with some."

Sovine says, "That do not like my kind, but I have yet to meet a many giantmen that dont hold there own or eventially prove themselves."

Roblar chuckles.

Griva shifts her weight.

Skipjack grins.

Drotta squints at the stars.

Griva says, "Thank ya Sovine, fer your story."

Drotta glances at Griva.

Hurdragof grunts, amused.

Roblar applauds Sovine.

Sovine says, "An if they dont, they can have some of the keg of zelias ale I possess."


Speaking deeply to you, Roblar says, "Tell yer tale."

Griva exclaims, "Last is Bremerial!"

You take a few steps towards a podium.

Roblar lets loose a mighty shout!

Dendum turns to you and cheers!

You grin.

Roblar claps his hands.

You say, "Ask any Giantman seated around a keg of beer about the origins of the Highman Games and he will undoubtedly tell you the well known story of Jirkirl's Hilltop.. of the coming together of various clans, seeking refuge from a harsh winter and their decision to replace battle with contests."

Roblar grunts.

Japhrimel chuckles.

Roblar nods slowly to you.

Fleurs turns to you and cheers!

You say, "But this is not the true origin. It is a little known fact that the games were in fact inspired by the tale I am about to recount, which I am assured is true."

You exclaim, "This tale is set before Sunfist was ever conceived... before any of you had a beard. And I do mean the female dwarves here too!"

Skipjack smiles at you.

Roblar furrows his brow.

You notice a vein pulsing in Roblar's forehead.

Aubriella giggles.

You say, "The Giantman Shajin was the youngest of five brothers born to third clan leader of the T'Kirem Bear Clan. Like others of his clan, he was a proud warrior, tested in battle, proud and strong. But alas, being the youngest of his family, his achievements were eclipsed by those of his older brothers in most areas."

You say, "Note, that I say in most areas... but not all. For in one area Shajin excelled beyond reason. He had an eye for the ladies and more importantly, the ladies had an eye for him. Some of you Giantmen here may understand such a gift."

You chuckle to yourself.

Drotta grunts, grinning.

Traiva laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Roblar smirks.

Roblar nods sagely.

Griva starts chortling.

Roblar deeply exclaims, "Da story wins!"

Roblar deeply says, "Oh, not over.."

Roblar coughs.

Traiva just nudged Roblar.

You say, "Or perhaps not."

You grunt skeptically.

Skipjack chuckles.

Roblar ducks his head.

Griva snorts derisively at Roblar!

You say, "One moonlit evening, in the Kiashek settlement on the southenmost tip of the DragonSpine range, a great commotion was heard."

You say, "Shajin was seen running from a tent and through the encampment, carrying a shield and wearing nothing but a smile and a look of urgency."

You say, "He stopped briefly to blow a kiss at the errant wife of a fellow clansman - to whom he'd given more than a handshake I can tell you - and then ran at speed in the opposite direction, pursued by her enraged, axe wielding husband, and others of the husband's family."

You grunt, amused.

Traiva throws back her head and roars with laughter!

Griva grins.

You say, "All were intent on seeing justice prevail. Justice at the end of a blade that is... and they meant to cut off more than his beard.."

Roblar throws back his head and roars with laughter!

You say, "A Giantwoman appeared from nowhere grabbing hold of Shajin arm, and pulling him with surprising force. With a deft twist of his arm, he managed to extracate himself and continued his run."

Andoff chuckles.

Japhrimel chuckles.

Roblar nods sagely.

Traiva claps her hands.

You say, "Shajin made his way up the adjacent mountain and ran along the ridge. He heard a whistle past his ear as a large iron hammer was hurled at his head, missing him by inches. He darted deftly to his left, heading for a clump of trees, cursing himself for not grabbing his kilt and boots."

Griva asks, "Run Shajin, run?"

You say, "With speed and timing that belied his size, he used his strength to push at the remnants of a decaying tree trunk down the mountain, turning to watch it hurtle toward his pursuers, knocking some of them off their feet like wooden skittles."

A pained expression crosses Roblar's face.

Dendum winces.

You say, "However he tripped and stumbled forwards. Instinctively he put his hand out to save himself, his body half landing on his shield. The momentum caused him to hurtle downward toward his pursuers, sliding uncontrollably. The slide was abruptly ended as the naked rider and somewhat battered shield hit the log that had preceded them."

Aubriella winces.

You say, "I have heard slightly differing versions of this story and in none of them is Shajin's end a happy one. But I believe that this story that inspired the idea of the Highman games. Examine the evidence."

Traiva raises her voice in merry laughter.

You seriously say, "The giantwoman pulling at Shajin was clearly the inspiration for the famed tug of war."

You say, "The pushing of the trunk down the hill was the precursor of the caber toss."

You say, "The slide on the shield became the slalom we have come to know."

You say, "The hammer that almost left his brains upon the land, became the modern version of the hammer throw."

Drotta hoots.

Aubriella claps her hands.

You whimsically say, "As for the drinking...The answer is simple. This is a game inspired by and created for Giantkin. And Giantkin need no inspiration to drink!"

Andoff chuckles.

Dendum starts chortling.

Roblar agrees with you.

Skipjack lets out a cheer!

Traiva lets out a cheer!

Hurdragof takes a drink from his bottle of whiskey.

Fleurs lets out a cheer!

Griva grunts and motions for a drink.

You chuckle.

Roblar lets loose a mighty shout!

Dendum applauds.

Andoff applauds.

Holymoon clasps his arms around his knees and rocks back and forth.

Roblar claps his hands.

Drotta grunts and motions for a drink.

Hurdragof raises his bottle of whiskey in a toast!

Traiva applauds you.

Roblar whispers, "Whew thought you were going to say the real story of highman games was another race or something heh good one!"

You plop down to the ground in a sitting position.


Griva deliberates with the other judges.

Hurdragof grunts pensively, deep in thought.

Hurdragof rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Hurdragof takes a drink from his bottle of whiskey.

Japhrimel says, "Perhaps there is a "you need to stop drinking and learn to tell time and not insult the judges" prize.. like Mister Congeniality."

Japhrimel rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "I want some of that point ear ale."

You beg and plead with Drotta!

Griva stands up.

Griva exclaims, "We have our winners!"

Griva says, "In third place..."

Griva removes a bronze-chased rolaren medallion on a blue tartan ribbon from in her storytelling bag.

Griva exclaims, "Dendum!"

Griva says, "In second place..."

Griva exclaims, "Andoff!"

Griva offers Andoff a silver-chased rolaren medallion on a red tartan ribbon.

Griva says, "And in first place..."

Griva exclaims, "Bremerial!"

Roblar gazes hopefully at you.

Japhrimel lets out a cheer!

Japhrimel applauds.

Fleurs applauds you.

Roblar bursts out in a resounding cheer!

Sovine turns to you and cheers!

Traiva turns to you and cheers!

Andoff turns to you and cheers!

Aubriella applauds you.

Roblar claps his hands.

Nindon applauds.

Traiva applauds you.

You stand back up.

You let out a cheer!

Aubriella says, "That was a story for the ages."

Traiva turns towards you and flutters her wings out wide for you to see.

Aubriella nods to you.

Holymoon lets out a cheer!

Japhrimel applauds.

Drotta exclaims, "Thank ya all fer sharin yer tales!"

Drotta cocks her head at you.

Drotta tilts her Pointy Ear ale side to side, making the light play off it.

Drotta carefully pours a little bit of pale violet liquid from her Pointy Ear ale into the white porcelain mug.

You accept Griva's offer and are now holding a gold-chased rolaren medallion on a green tartan ribbon.

You take a deep breath, and look around with renewed vigor. It is good to be alive, and an adventurer in this land.

Japhrimel says, "Congrats you three."

Drotta exclaims, "A taste!"

Drotta carefully pours a little bit of pale violet liquid from her Pointy Ear ale into the bone cup.

Drotta tried to give you a cup made from a hollowed-out leg bone, but you already have an offer pending.

Drotta exclaims, "Thankya fer invitin us Griva!"

Roblar deeply asks, "When da closin ceremony?"

Griva waves.

Roblar peers quizzically at Griva.

You grin at Fleurs.

Drotta takes a drink from her Pointy Ear ale.

Drotta lets a small burp escape her lips.

Griva says, "There is none this year."

Drotta hiccups!

Griva takes a drink from her yellow ale keg.

Roblar sniffs.

Dendum quietly asks, "Oi so this is the closing ceremony?"

Griva exclaims, "Mebbe next time!"

Griva exclaims, "Yea, keep drinkin'!"

Griva waves.

Clan Leader Griva just went south.

Drotta exclaims, "Ya all have a good evenin, keep practicin on ta slalom!"

Drotta raises her fist defiantly.

Aubriella nods enthusiastically at Drotta!

You take a drink from your bone cup. So intensely bubbly, you can't help but to let a small burp escape your lips.
You have 5 quaffs left.

>read medal

In the Common language, it reads:
~ 1st Place - Storytelling ~
~ Highman Games 5113 ~

The evening culminated in some lightening and deepening undertaken by Hurdragof.

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