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"Site news 2003"

22nd July:

It is difficult to believe that it has almost been three months since the last update. Basically the webmaster has been implementing strategies for a revitalisation of the design for this site. Watch out for the use of XHTML and CSS as well as W3C validation. ETA? Probably Christmas if we are realistic. It is indeed a challenge!

27th April:

We hope over the coming weeks to develop the 'take the test' series at the end of each health and safety section to enable visitors to test their knowledge on health and safety legislation.

15th April:

From May 2004 the Award Program will no longer be accepting applications from other award programs. There are sufficient award rating systems in the public arena to reward those award managers for their skill and dedication.

5th March:

There can be few things more frustrating than having systems off-line for weeks on end. That was the position we were placed in due to hardware problems. Apologies to those that tried to contact us during the three week absence. We are addressing all correspondence as quickly as possible and to paraphrase may others that havegone before us 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

26th January:

February is clearing house month. In short we will be checking that all sites awarded an Assess Risk Award still retains the award on their sites. From March onwards we will revert to our normal rolling program of checks.

9th January:

The Assess Risk Award Program has been upgraded by Award Sites from 4.5 to 5.0. What an honour! Needless to say we are extremely pleased.

5th January:

This site has a new forum. We felt that it was time to provide a forum which excluded those annoying advertising popup and which could better meet the needs of this site. So take a peek and let us know what you think. The forum can be accessed via links in the health and safety section and the award program within this site.

1st January:

Well another new year dawns with endless possibilities. If you are first time visitors then welcome. If you are old hands, then welcome back.

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