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"Site news 2007"

26th March

It's been so long since I revalidated this site that I have no idea whether it still meets the CSS and XHTML validation standards. It's just a case of finding the time to go though the site to reaffirm that it validates fully.

Thanks for all the past support though.

12th March

I received an email from Apex asking where my membership badge was. I responded by asking them to remove me from their list of members. I remember the excitement at joining organisations like that once, and to be fair, I think at one point APEX served a need at a time of my website creation. But to be honest I think I am quite capable of both validating my own competency and integrity without the need to seek that validation from an external organisation. Add to that the fact that simply do not participate in any way and I am led to the conclusion that non membership is a good idea.

Thanks for all the past support though.

1st January

Welcome to another year for this site. As always, I'll endeavour to ensure that the site validates. This will be a prolonged process, so bear with me.

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