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Site news 2001

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"Site news 2001"

7th December:

The webmaster has become a full member of CEM

5th December:

Award Sites has upgraded the Assess Risk Web Award program from Level 3.0 to Level 4.0

27th November:

Assess Risk received a three star rating for its award program. The badge is displayed on the awards pages.

27th November:

Assess Risk received a three star rating for its award program. The badge is displayed on the awards pages.

22nd September:

We have created a simple memorial page for the victims of all wars and atrocities everywhere. It will remain a permanent fixture and can be accessed via the ribbon on the home page.

19th September:

The review of the Assess Risk Website Award Program was completed by the United Award Givers officials and the program received a classification of eight (8). Needless to say we are excited and pleased by this classification.

18th September:

Assess Risk was accepted as a member of Apex, the association for positive ethical exchange. Further information about Apex is located within the affiliation section of this site. ( see the awards program for more details )

2nd September:

A formal request has been made in the Awards Program for people who are willing to act as evaluators of sites that are submitted in a language other than English.

17th August:

Apologies to anyone that failed to access this site from 17th -21st August. Our current site host suffered major problems resulting in 404 error messages being displayed. Very inconvenient and very confusing for visitors. The problem has been resolved....we hope.

5th August:

This site's award program today received the award rating of ten (10) from Webs Award

28th July:

A number of you have requested that the rating of the awards received be indicated. The rating was not originally included as a way of encouraging visitors to inspect all award sites, not just the ones that were rated 4 or above. However, as a concession, the rating of each award will be included in the picture properties of each award graphic. This process is under way and should be completed by 5th August. The awards however will continue to be categorised in the order they are received.

24th July:

About 5% of this sites graphics and 1% of the Javascript have been used from other sources, with their kind permission. The aim is to ensure that this site is 759 created by the web-mistress by the end of November 2001

21st July:

A decision has been taken to upgrade the awards program. Although some work will be undertaken in the next few weeks, the new award cannot be fully published for another five months. However some of the criteria will be changed. Anyone that has applied under the old criteria will be judged by that criteria.

20th July:

This site is going through yet another incarnation. The whole look of the site is about to be altered. The process should take about three weeks

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