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"Site news 2006"

12th November

Three additional sections have been added to the site:

2nd September

I have provided an RSS feed for this site. RSS Feed for this siteRSS Feed for this site The link is accessible via the graphic on the base of the front page. I confess to being slightly excited at having accomplished something that until quite recently I did not understand. It's ben a worthwhile exercise researching RSS. Some useful RSS resources are listed below.

17th April

Well I've uploaded the new site. I've done so before thoroughly proof-reading and before checking that all pages validate. The proofreading and validation come next. There comes a time when one just has to bite the bullet and give birth to the updated site....warts and all. if I waited for perfection, I'd still have this new site on my hard drive in 2008! Now to go through it and see what needs improving!

22nd January

The new site has been uploaded in a test section and is currently being beta tested.

07th January

Updates to this site have been delayed because of external pressures. Hopefully March 2006 will see the uploading of all the additional elements of this site..

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