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"Site news 2004"

28th December:

Three more pictures have been added to the personal section of this site.

17th December:

A text only version of this site can be viewed by accessing the link at the bottom of each page. Many thanks to Carlos Paula Simões for providing the script. More information about the script can be found by reading the excellent tutorial on his site.

15th December:

We receive today, with thanks, a new Awardsites compliance banner. "Congratulations on your site / Assess Risk Web Award Program complying with W3C. Proudly display the attached compliance rating level banner on your award program as an alternative to the regular one now there."

11th December:

A tad premature perhaps but what the heck. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

merry christmas smilie

9th December:

More photographs have been added to the personal section of this site. Amateur photography...gotta love it!

1st December:

Forgive the script errors that appeared on the site. Although they wouldn't have affected your ability to view the site, they can nevertheless be annoying. Problem resolved now.

27th November:

The new site has been uploaded today. Excuses were being found not to upload...a tweak here, a tweak there. But as all sites are generally works in progress, there comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet, go with what you have and add the additional touches as you go along.

29th October:

The last few pages of the site are to be completed this week. The site will hopefully be uploaded by mid November, following the completion of the proof reading. Applications to the award program will not be permitted until January 2005. This will give us the opportunity to apply to other award programs ourselves and will eliminate 'reciprocal awarding' risks.

25th October:

The guest book has been removed entirely. We will establish a form in the contacts page for any comments to be made.

21st September:

The site is currently being re-worked offline. The award program criteria will be altered.

19th August:

The webmaster has taken the decision to close the site until November 2004. Apologies for any inconvenience.

30th July:

After several attempts to contact the operators of this site's external guest book, we have decided to change the guest book, using a more reliable company. Those of you that have made entries in the past are encouraged to do so again.

13th June:

The forum has been changed back to Delphiforum. This allows for greater interactivity.

20th May:

The health and safety content within this site is due for considerable pruning. It is felt that there is too much content, and therefore bullet points will be used in preference to some of the extensive prose. The pruning should be complete by September 2004

7th April:

The Award Program is up and running again

21st February:

Well... A little beta testing and we should be on our way

27th January:

Good Grief! Hand coding this new site is taking longer than anticipated. It is amazing that people find the time and have the patience to hand code. They have my undying admiration!

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