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"Site news 2002"

14th December:

The award program is to alter slightly from January 1st 2003. We will no longer be offering a merit award. There are other ways to reward sites that clearly have that something special but which do not meet the criteria. In addition, we have begun to realise - not before time - that our forum in the safety zone is somewhat underutilized. It is our intention to increase the promotion of this forum as a means of disseminating information regarding health and safety.

25th October:

We would like to extend our thanks for Gianni Panzini for his invaluable assistance in undertaking evaluations of sites for our award program. This is also a good opportunity to announce that we will only be accepting applications in English from now on.

7th September:

We have created a page to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th, within our memorial page

27th August:

New award graphics have been introduced for the awards program. The graphics reflect this site's look and feel. More importantly, their inception and creation are attributable solely to the webmaster. Hope you like them.

3rd August:

We have just finished our personalised 404 page. Hopefully no one will ever see it.

2nd July:

As from 1st August2002, the Assess Risk Award Program will no longer be accepting applications from commercial sites. A public notice has been placed on the program.

26th June:

The Assess Risk Award Program was upgraded to the 4.5 rating level by the AWARD SITES! Rating Panel. I confess that I am excited at elated at the upgrade. It will be a further 12 months before an application for a further upgrade will be made, which should give us sufficient time to 'tweak' certain elements and assess the effectiveness of those 'tweaks', to reach those giddy heights of a further upgrade.

2nd June:

The redesign of the site is now complete - well, in so far as any redesign is ever complete. A great deal of rationalisation has been undertaken. The somewhat humourous 'Ask Rex' section, the free graphics and the jokes have now gone. Also this site no longer creates websites for others. The redesign was brought about through a desire to ensure the site focused on a few areas. Being a Jack of all trades is not so appealing when one has as many time constraints as the webmaster. Better to be a master of some. For our regular visitors, we hope you like the changes. For all new visitors, we hope you find your way around with ease. Feel free to leave comments in our guest book.

1st June:

After one month closure of the award program - for rest and recuperation of the awards manager primarily - it has now reopened to accept applications from June 1st onwards.

12th January:

The Assess Risk Award program has been upgraded from level eight to level ten by United Award Givers.

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