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Days 6 - 16th September 2008 - Penn Station.

picture of a big apple

Day 6.1: Penn Stations

Take a look around Penn Station and carry out some last minute shopping around Time Square

Day 6:2: Journey Home

Transportation from the hotel to JFK and homeward bound.

Personal Commentary

Return Home

Well this was our last day. We decided to eat cornflakes and bagels in preference to the hearty breakfasts we had had earlier during the holiday. We had a lie in however, not venturing out of the hotel until almost 11am. This gave us enough time to pack our cases and ensure that we had not left anything behind. I had arranged for a shuttle to pick up up at 3pm to take us to JFK airport for our 7pm flight, so that gave us plenty of time for one last look around the city.

picture of a big apple

We took the subway to Penn Station and there wandered around taking pictures. It is a fantastic station, full of grandeur. it was packed with tourists and commuters alike. I would have liked to stay longer to obtain some of the history of the station. However we had presents to buy. We entered the subway again, and got out at 42nd Street. This area is very much like Piccadilly Circus in London with a myriad of flashing lights and tourists all in a hurry to go no-where. We spotted a hot-dog vender on 44th Street and while we ate our last New York dog, I managed to take some pictures of a busker (dressed in nothing but a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and white butt hugging underpants) who called himself the Naked Cowboy. Very nice!

Finally we finished our shopping at Toys R Us, buying a present for my sister and my nephew. We got ourselves back onto the Subway and made the last journey back to our hotel. With time to kill we managed to freshen up, take one last glance around the hotel room and drag our bags down to the lobby, via the lift. There we sat and waiting for our shuttle to the airport, glancing up anxiously at every passing shuttle that drove past the hotel. I managed to take some pictures of the lobby and of the scaffolding that stood against the front of the hotel entrance.

The shuttle arrived later than expected. We all piled in and enjoyed the ride back to the airport, via various hotels from which other travellers were picked up. I could bore you with the details of the journey home but I won't. The journey was totally unremarkable I am glad to say. We arrived at Heathrow on schedule and with the aid of a shuttle bus, managed to get back home with very little problem.

Holiday pictures (14)

01: (link)  Penn Station.

02: (link)  Mum and Dad in Penn Station.

03: (link)  Mum and Dad in Penn Station.

04: (link)  Penn Station Information Booth

05: (link)  Time Square Subway.

06: (link)  7th Avenue

07: (link)  West 44th Street.

08: (link)  West 45th Street.

09: (link)  The Naked Cowboy.

10: (link)  The Naked Cowboy.

11: (link)  New York Cabs.

12: (link)  Enjoying a hotdog.

13: (link)  The Beacon Hotel.

14: (link)  Mum in the Beacon Hotel Lobby.

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