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Day 5 - 15th September 2008 - Shopping and More sights.

picture of a big apple

Day 5.1: Macys and Shopping

Go shopping at Macys and other stores in the vicinity of 34th Street.

Day 5.2: Top of the Rock

Visit the Rockefeller Centre and take in some panoramic views of the city.

Personal Commentary

Day Five

We had a 4:15 wakeup call on this morning. Our internal body clocks were screwing with us. Dad muttered something about having cornflakes in the morning and at about 8:30 went to the store to get some cornflakes and some lactose free milk. I have to admit that this was an excellent idea. Not only did it save us on a bundle of cash, but it was an incredible antidote to the cooked breakfasts we had been eating daily.

Macey's discount ticket and Top of the Rock entry ticket

We left the hotel at 9:00am and took the subway to what I thought was the right line to 34th street. However I had taken us onto an express train that was making very few stops. So we alighted at 42nd Street and waited for another train for 34th Street. Now I know we were in New York and that - according to the film Sex and the City - New York is a shopper's wet dream supposedly. However I hated shopping. Let me repeat. I HATE shopping!! The prospect of wandering around stores to buy presents for my family filled me with a sense of dread! Also I have a low tolerance threshold for browsers..those people who are prepared to gaze at every single item in detail and who mutter to themselves as they try to determine with mathematical precision whether a size 8 or 10 would be better. So now that I have provided the context, the rest will probably seem understandable.

We got out of the subway at Penn Station and walked to Macys store. Then we proceeded to wander. Within five minutes we were confronted by a pleasant good looking young man.
"Hello name is Leone...I'd just like to tell you that there is a visitors discount centre where you can obtain a voucher which entitles you to discounts on items. I'll be over there {pointy gesture made to a space away from us} if you need anything."
We obtained our discount voucher and proceeded to meander, looking for items for my brother in law and family. After about 20 minutes of this I began to get well and truly fed up, my threshold rapidly being met. I found a shirt that I thought 'would do' but mum didn't like it. That was it. I left them to it and decided to explore the world outside the store..It was either that, or wait for my head to explode. I believe I chose the safer option for all concerned!

I wandered along 34th street, taking pictures of anything and everything that moved. As I took a picture of a zebra crossing one man yelled out " you taking my picture?" I smiled somewhat embarrassed and hurriedly turned the camera in another direction.
One hour later I met up with my parents in the lobby of Macy's only to find {surprise, surprise} that they had failed to purchase anything. We proceeded along 34th street to some of the discount stores where we managed to find some items for all three individuals for whom we were looking to buy items. Miracle or miracles!

Making our way back to the subway we saw a hot dog vender - an elderly couple - who produced what I have to say was the best hotdog I have eaten in New York! We stood in the street and stuffed our faces, washing the food down with ice cold water.

We took the subway again, this time getting out at 42nd street and walking to 48th street and onto the Rockefeller Centre. The weather was piping hot and I left my parents to sit in the heat whilst I asked for directions. Armed with the required information we made our way to the entrance of the Rockefeller Centre and purchased three tickets for 'Top of the Rock' Observation Deck of the Rockefeller Plaza. At 2:10pm we entered the observation and all I can say is WOW. Everything came together...fantastic weather... great views...Shear Perfection! We stayed there for a full 90 minutes, taking pictures, enjoying the view and basking in the sunshine, albeit baking.

I will confess that after this we all just wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. My feet were killing me. Mum and Dad went to the store to do some shopping and I went up to the room. We all spent the rest of the afternoon and evening eating bagels and watching US TV.

Holiday pictures (37)

01: (link)  West 34th Street.

02: (link)  West 34th Street.

03: (link)  Entrance to Rockefeller Centre.

04: (link)  Central Park with George Washington Bridge

05: (link)  Central Park & Hudson River.

06: (link)  Central Park and Upper East Side to right

07: (link)  Central Park & Hudson River with George Washington Bridge.

08: (link)  Looking down from 'The Rock' 8th Avenue to Park Avenue.

09: (link)  Mum & Dad and the Vuew of Borough of Queens.

10: (link)  Borough of Queens.

11: (link)  Closeup of Avenue leading to Central Park.

12: (link)  Borough of Queens.

13: (link)  Tof of the Rock, Observation Deck.

14: (link)  Empire State Building, with Financial District in background.

15: (link)  Panoramic View from the Rock.

16: (link)  City Blocks.

17: (link)  Observation Deck.

18: (link)  Wendy taking a picture from the Observation Deck.

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