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Day 3 - 13th September 2008 - Touring and then a show!.

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Day 3.1: Visiting some poignant sites and then taking in a show.

Travel to the World Trade Centre and to Battery Park. Visit the UN Building.

Day 3.2: Majestic Theatre.

See Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre.

Personal Commentary

Day Two

Its amazing how difficult it is to switch off from UK time, despite being fatigued. We all woke at around 3am and exchanged opinions about the semi-disastrous pervious day.

As with the other days we were out of the hotel by 8.30am and were breakfasting at our usual diner. I ordered egg and bacon and got an egg and bacon omelet. It's at time like this that I need to throw away you British reserve, jump up on a table and shout "You cannot be serious! I didn't order this!" However I just said 'thank you' and ate it. So pathetic! By 9:30am we were making our way to the Central Park for a slow stroll through the meandering paths. We walked to Columbus and took the subway there, encountering our daily problem of 'why won't this damn metro card work!' Had I been fit enough I'd have jumped the turnstile..

We took the Number One line to 14th Street, changing to the 'A' Line to Fulton. From there we walked to Ground Zero and the construction that was being undertaken on the land formally occupied by the World Trade Centre. Mum and I had been here before 9-11 so it was a poignant moment standing and watching people lay flowers, hug each other and generally gaze at what once was.

Theatre Tickets

We walked from here along the Hudson River which gave us a great first time view of the Statue of Liberty. We continued towards Battery Park where we were met with a host of memorial services and a variety of activities. It was here that we were stopped by a religious group. I have no idea who they were, but we had to pull dad away as he stopped to chat with them. We had intended to take a trip on the staton island ferry. However the crowds were just ridiculously long. So we took the subway back to 42nd street and then a taxi to the UN building. Unfortunately tours of the UN building did not take place on Saturdays. So we were restricted to walking around some of the outer areas. After about an 90 minutes within the building we made our way back to the hotel.

We rested for a while and then got dressed for the theatre. We took the subway again, much to my mum's annoyance. This was basically because I could not hail a taxi. However the show more than made up for any inconvenience. The phantom of the Opera was fantastic..and we had excellent seats... Seats AA2 - AA6 in the Orchestra, at the Majestic Theatre on 44th Street. We took the subway back in the evening and surprisingly it felt incredibly safe, especially with so many people about at that time in the evening. We fell asleep almost as soon as our heads hit our pillows


Fact 1: Central Park is half a mile wide and two and a half miles long.

Fact 2: New York by foot is wonderful...but it can be extremely tiring. Break up walking sections with activities that are more sedentary. Just sitting and watching the Hudson River or the activities in Battery Park is fun!.

Holiday pictures (26)

01: (link)  Central Park.

02: (link)  Central Park.

03: (link)  Central Park.

04: (link)  Mum and Dad in Central Park

05: (link)  Mum and Dad in Central Park.

06: (link)  Buildings near old WTC

07: (link)  Ground Zero.

08: (link)  Building near Ground Zero.

09: (link)  Building near Ground Zero.

10: (link)  Flag of Honor.

11: (link)  Ground Zero.

12: (link)  Ground Zero.

13: (link)  Ground Zero.

14: (link)  Walk around Hudson River.

15: (link)  Walk around Hudson River.

16: (link)  Wendy taking picture of Hudson River.

17: (link)  Hudson River.

18: (link)  Battery Park.

19: (link)  Flag of Honor, Battery Park

20: (link)  Battery Park.

21: (link)  Battery Park Memorial.

22: (link)  Majestic Theatre.

23: (link)  Mum and Dad - Majestic Theatre.

24: (link)  UN Building

25: (link)  New York Cab

26: (link)  Dad and UN Secretary Generals.

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