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Day 4 - 14th September 2008 - Relaxing Cruise.

picture of a big apple

Day 4: A Cruise around the Island of Manhatten

Taking the three hour Circle Line Cruise around Manhatten.

Personal Commentary

Day Two

For me Sunday has always been the traditional day of rest. Add to this the fact that generally more traditional stores will be closed on a Sunday, this was a good day for us to plan to do something relaxing. We all woke up later today. Certainly no one confessed to being awake earlier than 5am and I actually managed to sleep until 6am. Mum had purchased some bananas the previous evening from the Fairway Market opposite the hotel, and was busy munching away...

picture of Cruise Brochure

We got up and dressed later than usual, and had yet another heavy breakfast at 9:00am. By 10:00am we were on the subway. We got off at our designated 42nd street stop at 42nd and Broadway and then walked down 42nd West Street and over the West Side Highway, to pier 84 for a Circle Line sightseeing cruise. To say it was hot would be an understatement. It was roasting with the temperature in the high 80's. We paid for a $31.00 full island cruise that would take us around the whole of Manhattan. We also paid a few extra bucks (oh my gosh..I am talking like a genuine American!) for a refillable container of soda.

Being one of the first in the queue we managed to snag what we thought were fantastic seats on the top deck, in the open. It turned out that they were not so fantastic. The sane people where the ones who got seats in the front or in the shade. As the cruise got underway we realised that we could not survive in the extreme sun. Mum ventured to the front of the ship for the cooling breeze. Dad went inside a little for the shade. And I stuck it our for a good two hours before eventually admitting defeat and seeking comfort from the sunless interior of the ship.

The cruise itself was excellent...very relaxing. It took us around the island, over 3 rivers, under 7 major bridges, past 5 boroughs and gave us a view of over 25 world renowned landmarks including a magnificent close-up of the statue of Liberty. Ok I am reading from the brochure now. But it was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. I must have taken about 150 pictures just from the cruise, of which only a few are displayed below.

After the cruise we took a taxi back to the hotel. This incidentally was the first occasion that I managed to - somewhat rudely admittedly - grab a taxi from the clutches of another group who were also waiting for one. Hey! I can be as rude ... sorry I mean determined ... as the next person in this city when it comes to getting a taxi! It's just a steep learning curve, is'all!

To be honest all we wanted to do was to chill out, so we stayed in our room, watched Daytime TV and later ate meatloaf...which I have to say is disgusting! None of use finished it..and when we were asked if we would like to take the left-overs home with use we politely declined the generous offer.

I have to say that I had fully intended to venture out in the evening to Time Square to take some pictures. However on balance, the comfort of my bed was more enticing. I resorted to taking more night time pictures from our hotel window and then went to sleep.

useful information

Fact 1: Pace yourself in this city. You can view a lot through a relaxing cruise.

Holiday pictures (18)

01: (link)  Ground Zero.

02: (link)  Manhattan Skyline.

03: (link)  Statue of Liberty.

04: (link)  Statue of Liberty & Liberty Island

05: (link)  Hudson River.

06: (link)  Staten Island Ferry

07: (link)  Rounding the tip of Manhattan.

08: (link)  Rounding the tip of Manhattan.

09: (link)  South Street Seaport.

10: (link)  Brooklyn Bridge.

11: (link)  Manhattan Bridge.

12: (link)  Manhattan Bridge.

13: (link)  Empire State Building.

14: (link)  The Chrysler Building.

15: (link)  Empire State Building from East River.

16: (link)  United Nations Building.

17: (link)  View of Coast from Harlam River.

18: (link)  Dad enjoying cool breeze.

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